Gary Lineker hounded after retweeting video of Israeli soldiers locking Palestinian children in cage | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

Gary Lineker hounded after retweeting video of Israeli soldiers locking Palestinian children in cage December 13, 2017 Michael Aydinian NewsWell done Gary Lineker for having the balls to say, seeing the IDF cage young Palestinian boys was ‘sickening’. If you read his response to the obligatory hounding any time anyone criticises Israel, well done again Mr. Lineker. Sure. Palestinian kids throw stones. The Israelis & their deluded supporters have an unhealthy knack of justifying their barbaric acts by singling out & moaning about the one thing these young Palestinian boys do, while conveniently suffering Amnesia when it comes to the wholly justifiable reasons behind their actions.  Let’s get one thing straight – anyone who says this thinking they’re putting forward an adequate argument is a complete & utter blithering idiot. Sure, throwing stones is at the very least an anti-social, criminal act. However, in this case how can one not take into consideration the fact the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force is a foreign army that’s invaded & is occupying Palestinian land? This changes the whole equation! Don’t we all think the same way – all bets are off when someone invades your country? For instance, let’s now revert back to 1940 when the Nazis invaded & occupied France. Imagine if they were able to impose a total blockade around France so that they could somehow ensure the French resistance had scant few weapons to fight back with. This is precisely the situation the Palestinians find themselves in. Now ask –WOULD ANYONE HAVE COMPLAINED HAD THE FRENCH RESISTANCE BEEN LEFT WITH NO OPTION BUT TO THROW STONES AT THEIR NAZI INVADERS? SO WHY ARE THE ISRAELIS ALLOWED TO SIDE-STEP THE REAL ISSUE & THE FACT THEY ARE 100% IN THE WRONG? Of course we know why the media does all it can to present this ludicrous lop-sided view of this dilemma. Here are a couple of links regarding this story. For years Gary Lineker has presented the BBC’s prestigious MATCH OF THE DAY. Hard as tried, I was unable to locate anything on the BBC news feed. However, I’d like to bet the Zionists in charge of the BBC will slowly but surely find a way not to renew Gary Lineker’s contract. This is precisely how these bastards operate! Therefore we should do all we can & throw our support behind him.

Source: Gary Lineker hounded after retweeting video of Israeli soldiers locking Palestinian children in cage | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian


UK Labour leader receives peace prize amid media silence | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

UK Labour leader receives peace prize amid media silence December 12, 2017 Michael Aydinian News At a time when our standing in the world has plummeted, you’d think the UK media would at least have something to say about Jeremy Corbyn being awarded an international peace prize? This was for a speech he made at the UN no less, arguing the case for disarmament & peace. How can it be? Time & again, we see Netanyahu at the UN spouting pure, unadulterated bile, almost begging for more war. Bad enough the media turns a blind eye to all his lies but what makes it all so sickening is how the media portrays this vermin who’s the epitome of evil as a man of credibility & that what he says is of the utmost importance. This is how the Zionist controlled media works – a man of peace is treated atrociously, while the greatest dog of war is donated an unchallenged platform.   UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attends a ceremony to receive his Sean MacBride Peace Prize, Geneva, December 8, 2017. And so it is in Britain too – while the media continues to keep the public as misinformed as possible about Theresa May’s truly disastrous tenure as prime Minister, as well as all the lies they’ve told about the Labour leader, any good news regarding Jeremy Corbyn is totally ignored. The proof is in the pudding – I’ll say it again – this is an international peace prize for one of our leaders yet not a dickie bird about it in the ‘news!’ Of course the media has long since realised criticising JC any more than they already have would only prove to be counter-productive. There are scant few morons left to fool!

Source: UK Labour leader receives peace prize amid media silence | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian


Moroccan lorry driver dies after horrific A-7 crash | Olive Press News Spain

Moroccan lorry driver dies after horrific A-7 crashThe driver crashed through barriers in a section of the motorway notorious for accidentsBy Joe Wallen – PUBLISHED – 10 Dec, 2017 @ 21:35 LAST UPDATED: 10 Dec, 2017 @ 21:35 0SHARE A LORRY driver has died after crashing through roadside barriers at La Cala de Mijas after losing control of his vehicle.The Moroccan driver, who was apparently transporting a cargo of tomatoes, then plunged down an embankment off the A-7, overturning onto the beach.Firefighters attempted to free the driver from the vehicle but the Moroccan had already died from the injuries sustained.“After falling down the precipice, he was captured inside the vehicle,” Manuel Morales, Mijas Fire Chief told the press.“They tried to revive him after taking him out but were not successful.” The tragic incident occurred near kilometre 202 on the coastal road, an area which is known as an accident blackspot.A similar incident occurred in January of this year when another truck crashed through barriers on the same section of the road, crashing onto the rocks below.On that occasion the driver survived.

Source: Moroccan lorry driver dies after horrific A-7 crash | Olive Press News Spain

FLIGHTMARE : Globetrotting journalist shares his recent Spanish flight nightmare | Olive Press News Spain

FLIGHTMARE : Globetrotting journalist shares his recent Spanish flight nightmareWrites David AndersonBy Staff Reporter – PUBLISHED – 10 Dec, 2017 @ 11:55 LAST UPDATED: 11 Dec, 2017 @ 10:11 0SHARE I HAVE flown around the world from Moscow to Mauritius and from Uganda to the United Arab Emirates with very little hassle.But to mark our wedding anniversary, we decided to stay closer to home and picked our favourite island – magical Mallorca where we lived when I was editor of the Majorca Daily Bulletin.We booked a return flight to Palma with Ryanair, but only a few days before we were due to fly came the dramatic news … they didn’t have enough pilots!The threat of cancellations because of pilot shortages stopped us in our tracks.We had been dropped in it at the last minute by this airline many times before, so we did not want to take any chances. We forked out more cash and booked another single flight with EasyJet.So we had two flights booked to Spain, eventually picking EasyJet. No problems with that flight and we had a lovely anniversary, visiting our old haunts in Palma, Illetas and Palma Nova. But then on our very last day came the bolt from the blue. As we were packing late in the afternoon ready for next morning’s flight back to Newcastle, we got a text from Ryanair – your flight has just been cancelled!Because of the French Air Traffic Control strike we were left high and dry. That night we desperately tried to get a flight back to the UK, but to no avail. So next morning – Tuesday Oct 10 – we decided to hop on our pre-booked 5am shuttle to try potluck at Palma airport.STRIKE: For French traffic controllers It was absolute chaos. Some of our fellow passengers were told that Ryanair could help them – they could catch a flight to Milan, stay over, then catch a flight to Edinburgh.We did not fancy that and just wanted to get back to the UK asap.After trailing round many airline desks, it seemed a mission impossible to get home on the day of the strike.But just as we had given up all hope, Spanish airline Vueling came to our rescue – they could get us back to Cardiff that afternoon. It was quite a way from Newcastle, but at least we’d be back on British soil.We paid €189.98 euros for the 15.45 flight, a further?85 pounds to stay overnight in a Cardiff hotel and?48 pounds for the coach travel home the next day. What a relief!Well, we waited and waited, then our take-off time suddenly vanished from the board. We were told that our afternoon flight had been delayed until 20.00 hours – remember we’d been at the airport since 6am!Finally, just as we were due to board, came the bombshell – the flight had been cancelled – our second in 24 hours!Why did the Spanish company sell us tickets at the airport in the first place on the very day of the strike, knowing that the plane would almost certainly never take off?Angry passengers – some parents with babes in arms – were then told to collect their luggage and go to the Vueling desk where we waited for another two hours for new flight information, but still could not get a flight home.QUEUES: Added to Anderson’s tumultuous timeThe earliest and nearest flight to home was Thursday morning Oct 12: Palma to Barcelona then Barcelona to Manchester at 13.25 – a five-hour wait!We then queued up yet again to find out which hotel we would go to and the company laid on a bus for the hour-long drive to Porto Petro, where we stayed for two nights.The company promised us an early morning pick-up back to Palma airport on Thursday – fair enough.But no information was sent to our hotel about the return pick-up and all attempts to get in touch with Vueling failed.We anxiously waited through the night for a call from the company. Other airlines had posted pick-up messages for their customers but ours never came.So at 3am, we decided to go it alone and make our own way back to the airport by taxi, which cost us €79.15.Good job we did, as the flight to Barcelona was on time. Then we had the five-hour wait for the Manchester plane … and another long wait in Manchester coach station for the bus back to the North East.Ryanair eventually refunded our flight money, but Vueling said the strike was out of their hands. We lost more than €200 euros, what with hotel and coach bookings, taxi and airport food, and gained a few grey hairs.After complaining several times, the company reluctantly sent us €60 euros which didn’t even cover the taxi fare!

Source: FLIGHTMARE : Globetrotting journalist shares his recent Spanish flight nightmare | Olive Press News Spain

Floods, howling winds and power outages expected across Spain tomorrow as cyclone hits Europe | Olive Press News Spain

Floods, howling winds and power outages expected across Spain tomorrow as cyclone hits EuropeBy Laurence Dollimore (News Editor) – PUBLISHED – 9 Dec, 2017 @ 19:46 LAST UPDATED: 9 Dec, 2017 @ 19:46 0SHARE A HUGE storm is set to hit Spain and western Europe later Sunday into Monday with winds strong enough to cause power outages, travel disruptions and localized damage.The storm, named Cyclone Ana by Spanish weather agency AEMET, will sweep in from the Atlantic Ocean to affect a large area of western Europe.It is the first time AEMET has named a storm.Rainfall in areas of the mainland is forecast to exceed 100 millimetres per hour.It is expected to be more dispersed and weaker along the Valencia and Murcia coasts and in the Balearics. Winds are predicted to be up to 100 kilometres per hour, and these are due to affect the Balearics, producing very rough coastal conditions in parts of the islands.Many communities will be subject to wind gusts between 70 and 95 km/h (45 and 60 mph). These winds are strong enough to cause tree damage and power outages.Christmas lawn decorations that are not properly secured can get tossed around and damaged.Disruptions to rail and airline travel may occur. Ferry services may also be impacted as the winds stir rough seas. Drivers of high-profile vehicles should prepare for dangerous crosswinds.The winds will sweep from west to east across the Iberian Peninsula and France later Sunday into Monday.The strongest winds are expected on Sunday evening in Porto, Portugal; overnight Sunday in Lisbon, Portugal, and Madrid; on Monday morning in Montpellier, France; and on Monday in Paris.The winds will combine with the rain being produced by the storm to reduce visibility for motorists further. Those traveling by foot will find it difficult to hold onto umbrellas.Motorists may face standing water and a heightened risk for hydroplaning where the rain pours down heavily.Across the northwestern Iberian Peninsula, the heavy rain will commence well ahead of the strongest wind’s arrival and may trigger flash flooding.“The greatest concern for flooding will be across northwestern Spain and northern Portugal, where there can be widespread rainfall totals of 2-4 inches with locally higher amounts from Sunday into Sunday evening,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said.“In addition to the flooding, mudslides may result.”Residents in Porto, Portugal, and Vigo, Spain, should prepare for low-lying and poor drainage areas to become inundated with flood waters quickly.Streams may become swift moving and may overflow their banks.Drier and calmer weather will gradually build across the Iberian Peninsula and France for Tuesday.Storms that follow later in the week may also impact the Iberian Peninsula.

Source: Floods, howling winds and power outages expected across Spain tomorrow as cyclone hits Europe | Olive Press News Spain

Load of bull | Olive Press News Spain

Legal to kill bulls again on the Balearic Islands BULLFIGHTERS can kill again on Mallorca.The ban on killing bulls in the ring was short lived It comes after the constitutional court suspended the Balearic law against the mistreatment of animals, which was approved last July. But now the law, which banned bulls being killed during bullfights and disallowed minors from fighting, has been found to be ‘unconstitutional’.The government’s appeal says the regional law violates certain aspects of state laws on intangible heritage and bullfighting. They argue the Balearics do not have the authority for creating laws for specific animal protection.The suspension of the law comes after an appeal was filed in November. Within five months, the courts have to make a decision on the case, either granting the appeal and allowing bulls to be killed in the ring or finding the ban constitutional.Other benefits of the law that are no longer enforced include heath checks on the animals after a fight, time limits and limitations on numbers of animals involved. The Balearic government has assured people that they ‘protect their decision’ and will defend the law before the courts.

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