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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Here’s a special surprise for my weirdo starkers…They’ll love this

‘I dated Peter Stringfellow when I was 16 and he was 57… we drank Champagne every night and he made me the woman I am today’

MOST 16-year-olds spend their evenings cooped up in their bedrooms playing computer games or hanging out at the local shopping centre.

But for budding Page 3 model Helen Benoist, it was endless nights of drinking Champagne and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tom Jones, Jack Nicholson and Barbara Windsor – thanks to her boyfriend, Peter Stringfellow.

Helen dated the nightclub tycoon, who passed away today aged 77 following a secret cancer battle, for two-and-a-half-years between 1996 and 1998.

She met him at the Stringfellows club in London’s Covent Garden, on the night of her model launch party, and was instantly charmed by the charismatic 57-year-old, who at the time was the dad to daughter Karen, then 32, and Scott, then 29.

“I think he just asked if I wanted to come over to his table and get a drink,” she recalled.

“He was just lovely, very charming – anybody who ever meets him falls in love with him because he’s such a character.

Helen, who lived with Peter at his home in Covent Garden, told how the Stringfellows nightclub in the mid-90s was in its prime.

“I think I spent most of my younger teens in Stringfellows,” she said.

“It had regenerated itself; we had some great times, great parties with friends, family and celebrities that used to come into the club.

“It was Champagne every night for me – I think that’s why I don’t like it anymore!

“Famous people like Mel Gibson, Jack Nicholson, Mick Hucknall, Tom Jones, Freddie Starr, Les Dawson, nearly every single footballer; there was a lot of variety.

“Barbara Windsor used to be a lady always in the club as well, with her husband Scott.

“A lot of women came in – models, EastEnders and Hollyoaks stars; Brigitte Bardot came in a couple of times, there’s so many!

“Everybody was fabulous and glamorous; it was a place you could go where everyone knew your name.

“Suggestions that men went into the club for sex is absolute nonsense, it’s not true at all.

“When I was with Peter it was the nightclub Stringfellows, then he changed into the Cabaret of Angels just after we ended, which became a lap dancing club.

“Peter was such a good person that any time anyone came up to him he would always stand up, greet them and talk to them.

“He would always make time for people, and I think while a lot of people came to the nightclub because it was such an icon, they also came in to see him.

“He never once would turn away from somebody or be rude, he would always make every single person in that club feel special.”

Helen, who is currently single, told how Peter would whisk her off on exotic holidays, joining pals like Robbie Williams on trips to the Caribbean.

“We were very lucky that being in the public eye opened a lot of doors for us,” she admitted.

“He did spoil me, but I spoilt him back.”

She admitted Peter, whose fortune was estimated to be worth around £37million, was a “party animal” when they were together – but she was no shrinking violet either.

“As a boyfriend, he was a wild character but he always had his head on his shoulders,” said Helen, who previously awarded Peter an eight-out-of-10 in the bedroom during a chat with Men and Motors.

“He was a very clever businessman; I’ve learnt a lot from him about running businesses and how to deal and work with people.

“He was a bit of a party animal, but back then I was a bit of a wild child too, so we worked very well together, we complemented each other.”


Here is Maurice Boland – a very good friend of mine and also a very nice man. Maurice and I go back a long way to the opening of my old club The Hippodrome, Leister Square in 1984 (I sold it in 1990).

These days he presents his own radio show on “Talk Radio Europe” whilst living in Marbella.

He is constantly giving all three of my clubs great plugs and is a genuine fan. He joined Bella and me for dinner on Friday with two of his friends. Like me, he rates our restaurant one of the best in London and thinks the steaks are the best in all of London and his American friend Shaun who works at the Pentagon said they were the best he had ever tasted and his other friend Nicholas said the same about his lamb.

O.K… may as well tell you about the rest of the meal, Bella had sea bass and salad with oysters (12!!) to start with. I had fish and chips, which are the best in the world (I should know because I am a northern boy and was brought up on the stuff!!).

Of course, Maurice fell in love with Bella and insisted on having his photo taken with her and not me…. Steady Maurice, don’t forget Wendy your lovely wife. Just for the record, he didn’t have any dancers …but he did a lot of looking.


 tomie jones says-I neither judge or comment on this posting, yes I do have an opinion but if you have read this far you may very well have an opinion of your own, if so please feel free to comment and express it.
I say only this these two men, were friends and were of a similar ilk in there tastes one owned a lapdance club, the other was a DJ  now a real estate agent. sadly the former is dead

The Goal versus the War

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

Trump’s policy of separating young children from their parents when they cross the border has galvanized Americans of all stripes to stand up and fight back. I’m just as appalled but I think we have an opportunity here to really wake up and smell the coffee, and I’m afraid most of us don’t see it.

Flouting the law, and lying about it, has been this Administration’s modus operandi since January 2017. Disdain for human rights, disregard for environmental protections, and disgust for the social safety net have all been blazingly transparent.

The actions at the US-Mexico border are not unexpected, and certainly not in isolation. When a protester’s sign in El Paso caught my attention – “All People in All Countries have Value” – I realized here’s a chance to connect the dots.

Palestinian children have value, Syrian children have value, Yemeni children have value, just as the children from…

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All People Have Value

trump is a nazi ,his policies are a mirroring of hitler.

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

Kids and signsTrump’s policy of separating young children from their parents when they cross the border has galvanized Americans of all stripes to stand up and fight back.

Governors (Democrats and Republicans) are refusing to deploy their state’s National Guard to the border; television journalists are shedding tears on camera; mental health professionals are telling us about the long-term trauma these children will suffer; and members of Congress on both sides of the aisle are telling the Administration to end this outrageous policy while proclaiming that “America is better than this!”

Marchers gathering 3

Protests were organized in many U.S. cities this week. I joined 500+ people in El Paso to March about 1.5 – 2 miles to the detention facility where many immigrants are being processed through the system after their children are removed and taken somewhere else. We chanted, yelled and some swore while the national and international media captured our stories.


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Two separate Tory Politicians have been convicted of Child Sex Offences in the last 48 hours | Evolve Politics

Two separate Tory Politicians have been convicted of Child Sex Offences in the last 48 hoursBy William J Richardson – 20th June 2018 Share Facebook Twitter ReddIt Email

Conservative leader Theresa May, who was herself accused of a paedophile cover-up at the Home Office following the destruction of hundreds of documents concerning a child sex abuse ring amongst high-profile members of Parliament.In two separate cases in the last 48 hours, two predators, both former Tory Mayors, have been convicted of numerous child sex offences, one of which includes the rape of a young girl.Simon Thornton was the Tory Mayor of Godalming and a Councillor. On 18 June he pleaded guilty to over 20 child sex offences and was jailed for 9 years at Guildford Crown Court.When he was arrested in October 2017, in the truest fashion of an arrogant sociopath, Thornton told police, “You know I’m the Mayor of Godalming“.Thornton was involved in a three-year sexual relationship with a teenager aged under-16, and also owned images and videos of children, some of which were the most serious ‘Category A’ categorisation. David Boswell was the Tory Mayor of Pembroke and a Pembrokeshire County Councillor. On 18th June he was convicted at Swansea Crown Court after having been found guilty of raping a child, as well as three indecent assaults against her and another young girl.In all, after being found guilty of further charges of child abuse, Boswell has been convicted of five charges of child sex offences.The attention given to the crimes and their perpetuators was, typically, sharply lacking any real attention in the mainstream media – a fact that did not go amiss on Twitter.Sex abuse carried out by people in positions of power or trust have, unfortunately, increased by more than 80% since 2014.The question, one supposes, is what comes first? Do positions of power attract the kind of sociopaths who would engage in this behaviour anyway, because of the immunity that presumptions of trust and responsibility associated with those positions endow? Or do individuals become somehow distorted by the corrupting effect of power, such that abhorrent practices like child sex abuse become attractive merely because they are the most extreme example of despicable behaviour, and to get away with that is to get away with everything?In any event, perverse behaviour like this is something that goes to the top. Indeed, Theresa May herself, while she was Home Secretary, was accused of a cover-up at the Home Office following the destruction of hundreds of documents concerning a child sex abuse ring amongst high-profile members of Parliament.The cases of the two former Tory Mayors convicted of child sex offences have been all but ignored by the mainstream media, but the endemic issue of these kinds of abuses being close to habitual amongst power circles should not be.Accusations of paedophilia go to the heart of this government and governments before it, comprising scandals going back to Thatcher’s premiership when her government conspired to cover up a paedophile ring. In any event, the conviction of two former elected Tory officials for child sex abuse offences is a step in the right direction, and hopefully now the light is being shone with more purpose and more quickly on trespasses such as these.

Source: Two separate Tory Politicians have been convicted of Child Sex Offences in the last 48 hours | Evolve Politics

Research finds 80% of rough sleepers who died in London in 2017 had mental health needs

Politics and Insights

Image result for homelessness reduction actA research report published on Tuesday by the homeless charity St Mungo’s shows that four out of five (80%) rough sleepers who died in the capitol in 2017 had mental health needs, a huge increase from three in 10 (29%) in 2010. The rise in deaths of rough sleepers with mental health problems have risen sharply over the last seven years, prompting concern that specialist services are not reaching those who need them. 

The number of people sleeping rough has risen by 169% since 2010. Last year in England more than 4,700 people slept rough on any one night, and a far larger number experienced rough sleeping during the course of the year.

The charity is calling on the prime minister to take urgent action to prevent more people dying on the streets and ensure that the deaths are not ignored. The charity says the government need to invest…

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Why won’t ministers come clean about the impact of cuts on disabled people? – Frances Ryan

Politics and Insights

ack in 2014, armed with only a laptop and phone, disabled campaigners started a hunt for the truth. As policies including the bedroom tax, the abolition of disability living allowance, and the rollout of controversial out-of-work sickness benefits hit, War on Welfare (Wow) called on the coalition government to carry out a cumulative impact assessment of the wave of disability cuts to measure the effect on disabled people. It resulted in a debate in parliament – the first time disabled people had secured a debate in the main chamber of the House of Commons – but no action

Now, four years on, Wow has gained the backing of a cross-party coalition that wants Theresa May’s government to calculate…

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