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cathy fox blog on child abuse

There is a relatively new blog which amongst other subjects covers child sexual abuse.

The author, Jason says he was inspired to cover child sexual abuse by Sammy Woodhouse and her  courage in going public about her abuse in Rotherham.

This courage of Sammy’s to take a step into the poisonous pit of the vipers of mainstream corporate media is huge. They build you up only to knock you down and you have to develop the thick skin to take what is thrown at you.

Hopefully along the way the fact that child sexual abuse is happening is conveyed and how it can happen and the problems for the victim/survivor and the objective of most survivors is to avoid it happening to other children. Well done to Sammy for her bravery and helping to inspire others.

The decision that Jason has made to blog on child sexual abuse is also…

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IDF Soldier Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story of Killing 8 month old Child | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

IDF Soldier Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story of Killing 8 month old Child May 19, 2018 Michael Aydinian News

Unthinkable as this is & believe me, reading what this deluded vermin Yossi Saadon has to say is as gut-wrenching as it gets, this kind of deranged thinking is symptomatic of most Israelis. Along with the fact they’re completely bananas, what’s so disconcerting is the kind of hatred they harbor is what you’d perhaps expect if someone lost a family member through the crazed act of a maniac. Israelis have suffered no such hardship.

IDF soldiers have never entered anything resembling a true war zone where it’s a guarantee combatants suffer psychological ill-effects. They’re not hounded, oppressed or emotionally shot to pieces through years of occupation. Yet this is the hatred they possess even though THEY’RE THE ONES INDULGING IN MASS-MURDER! IDF Soldier Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story Of Killing 8-Month-Old


Zionists possess untold power & influence but what makes this all so troubling is these very same people are actively seeking to erode our civil liberties so that they can eventually establish a New World Order. While many think this is pie-in-the-sky, the harsh reality is they’re well on their way. If you’re not aware of this then please, say nothing. Better still, do yourself a favour & conduct some research. If you do I’m sure you’ll arrive at similar conclusions. To be honest, if after all that’s occurred you still remain oblivious of how the US, UK & a host of Western nations are already occupied territories, then I feel the penny is never going to drop.

The evidence stares you in the face. If what I say is flawed, how could Western politicians & the media not only condone blatant mass-murder by the IDF but to actually have the front to blame the victims? How else could this be if our politicians & media weren’t bought & paid for by Zionists?

So we should beware. 100 years ago the same Ashkenazi Zionists embarked on a course that led to the death of 66 million Russians. Yet forever they play the role of the victim. They have an uncanny knack of blaming others for participating in acts in which they are the master specialists. Then again, which group of people have had to suffer the brunt of 100 years of Rothschild brainwashing than Jews & Israelis, 80-90% of which are East European Zionists?

This is why I’ve always felt they’re the most brainwashed people on the planet. Sure there are many folk who’ve absolutely no idea but this is down to the dumbing down process being a resounding success & the fact Zionists own the media, so what’s presented as news is as fictitious as soap opera drivel. It’s not surprising therefore few people ever learn the shocking truth.  However, with Israelis, Zionists & Jews, they are brainwashed from the get-go & as as result, have this deep-rooted paranoia – ‘everyone wants to wipe them off the map!’

They are fed this crap deliberately. This is why the bullshit of the Holocaust today remains a tool not solely to fool uninitiated folk but to keep Jews & Zionists in no doubt, that whatever actions they take, it’s justified. They should never drop their guard. This is very similar to how fear is used at an early age in order to indoctrinate children into believing the same Religion as their parents.

Damnation in hell awaits those who fail to succumb! One has to bear in mind, the vast majority of parents do not bring up their children with this will to establish an in-built hatred & suspicion of fellow man.

Even Israeli Judges are getting in on the act. The conclusion to the trial of Ben Dery for the cold-blooded killing of 17-year-old Nadim Siam Nuwara is another all too predictable episode of how Israel’s military investigation system whitewashes crimes against Palestinians. He receives a mere 9 months yet Ahed Tamimi received an eight-month sentence for slapping & shoving heavily armed occupation soldiers invading her village.

Killer of Palestinian teen praised as “excellent” by Israeli judge

#Israeli forces deliberately targeted medical teams and ambulances with teargas canisters during their evacuation of wounded protesters at the GreatReturnMarch

It’s just a catalogue of horrors. At least we’ve reached a point where bigger lies cannot be told – unarmed Palestinians protesting against a brutal occupation are mowed down by the callous & cowardly IDF, yet Trump, May & the media have the temerity to blame the hapless victim. It doesn’t seem possible. Not that the UN will do a damn thing when Israel stick two fingers up at it but one can hope the more Netanyahu rides roughshod over everyone, the more people will unite in their condemnation.

UN Jerusalem vote: General Assembly rules against US, declaring recognition of Israel capital ‘null and void’



Good on Sergei Lavrov to step up to the plate but it’s difficult to see how people are ever going to gauge what’s really going on if the media continues to present such a lopsided, if not deceitful view.



Finally I’d love to see someone on TV say –



How anyone can answer this question? Of course whether they say the French had every right to fight the oppressor or not, you could then say – 





Source: IDF Soldier Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story of Killing 8 month old Child | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

Stop talking about the “border”

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

We have a right to defend ourselves” just as any other sovereign nation, proclaims Israel’s leaders as they give the order to use lethal force against peaceful protesters on the other side of the fence with Gaza.

Whether Israel is correct depends on two things:

(1) Does international human rights law apply to these facts or international humanitarian law (rules of war)? The question has been presented to Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Michael Lynk, the special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territory, said the killings on Monday reflected a “blatant excessive use of force by Israel” and likened them to “an eye for an eyelash.”

Mr. Lynk said that protesters appeared to pose no credible threat to Israeli military forces on the Israeli side. Under humanitarian law, he said, the killing of unarmed demonstrators could amount to a war crime, and he added…

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Special Service’s Agent: Attack On Russia is Being Prepared

Special Service’s Agent: Attack On Russia is Being Prepared


While the Pentagon accuses Russia of fomenting false fears of a Daesh/ISIS threat in Central Asia – see Sputnik’s article on this — new reports of an American push to attack Russia militarily via Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and are now emerging.  We’re reposting here Catehon’s May 19 article on this topic by Andrey Afanasyev.

Sources in the Russian law enforcement agencies, citing data from closed communication channels with the Defense Ministries of China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, say that the operation to prepare a large-scale hybrid offensive against Russia through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan is in the final phase.

Reports of this have been received earlier, in particular, this was mentioned at a recent security conference held in Tashkent. Then the head of the Tajik Foreign Ministry Sirodzhiddin Aslov openly announced the activation of terrorists in the region:

The activation of terrorist groups, their advancement to the northern regions of Afghanistan…

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Gaza: UN to launch war crimes investigation into Israeli forces’ shooting of protesters | The Independent

The UN has voted to send an international war crimes probe to Gaza after the body’s leading human rights official slammed Israel’s reaction to protests along the border as “wholly disproportionate”. Israeli firing into Hamas-ruled Gaza killed nearly 60 Palestinians at mass border protests on Monday. “There is little evidence of any attempt to minimise casualties on Monday,” Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein told a special session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Source: Gaza: UN to launch war crimes investigation into Israeli forces’ shooting of protesters | The Independent


There is a cost to Trump. We are seeing it now in Gaza

Imagine the outrage if terrorists were to kill more than 50 Israelis on the streets of Tel Aviv in a single day.

Source: There is a cost to Trump. We are seeing it now in Gaza

There is a cost to Trump. We are seeing it now in Gaza

By Jonathan Steele

May 17, 2018 “Information Clearing House  Imagine the outrage western governments would express if terrorists were to kill more than 50 Israelis on the streets of Tel Aviv in a single day. Yet when it comes to the killing that Israeli forces carried out on Monday at the gates of Gaza – and have been doing for the past several weeks – the silence from most western ministers is deafening. Worse still, there are attempts to justify the deaths as legitimate self-defence.

The Israeli government argues that the crowds of mostly young Palestinians at the Gaza fence offer a lethal threat to peaceful Israelis. The claim is as ludicrous as it is cynical. Even if one or two protesters broke through the fence they would have nowhere to go except into the arms of the Israeli security forces, who could easily detain them. The Palestinian interlopers have no allies on the Israeli side of the fence, nor any transport to take them to populated parts of Israel. Nor are they armed. It is clear from video footage that they have no suicide belts round their waists, or guns in their hands. Occasional stones were the only weapons.

Normal police methods of arrest and trial would be perfectly adequate to handle the issue. Yet instead, Israeli snipers used live ammunition against demonstrators, wounding thousands in the legs but also killing dozens.

In spite of the outrage from international human rights groups on Monday, matched by a few courageous Israeli groups also, there was no sign on Tuesday that Israeli commanders had given their troops any new rules of engagement. With tensions raised as the funerals of victims got underway, the risk of new deaths remained high. A chief cause of the protests is the misery and despair created by 11 years of blockade that the people of Gaza have had to suffer – because they had the temerity to vote in a Hamas government in 2006.

Egypt shares some of the blame for the collective punishment inflicted on Gazans. So too does the Palestinian authority, which held back the payment of civil servants’ salaries in Gaza. But the lion’s share of the blame rests with Israel, which initiated and orchestrated the embargo and has repeatedly refused to end or even relax it significantly.

Offers by Hamas to declare a ceasefire or truce with Israel in return for an end to the embargo have been spurned. The result is the hopelessness that encourages young Palestinians to risk their lives at the border fence.

Hamas certainly encourages the protests, seeking to highlight Israeli intransigence and cruelty; but to dismiss the young demonstrators as though they were robots being manipulated to act as “Hamas’s human shields” – as official Israeli spokespeople do – is to minimise the genuine frustration and agony that many Gazans feel.

The second deep cause for the protests is history. Palestinians see themselves as a sending a reminder to the world that Israel’s foundation 70 years ago involved the deliberate ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Their demands for compensation or restitution have been routinely ignored for decades. Palestinians are struggling to keep the unresolved issue from fading from view.

Yet where the Israelis take aim with ruthless efficiency, Donald Trump shoots from the hip. This week’s carnage in Gaza is not directly linked to the US president’s provocative decision to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem and recognise the city as Israel’s capital. But this move has added to the anger and frustration. Under previous US administrations, official policy on all aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute has always been skewed overwhelmingly towards the Israeli government. Few Palestinians have been naive enough to see Washington as an honest broker. But most US presidents have at least tried to restrain the violence and seek political compromises, however much the terms gave Israel the better part of the bargain. This remains true for any of the variants of the much-vaunted two-state solution that have been put on the table.

Trump is different from his predecessors. He makes no effort to understand the Palestinians’ current proposals for peace, let alone the history of the conflict. Choosing to move the US embassy to Jerusalem on the very day Israelis marked their state’s anniversary while Palestinians mourned their Nakba (“catastrophe”) showed insensitivity at best. At worst it was a deliberate provocation, denying to the Palestinians all pretence of US even-handedness. But then, of course, Trump has form. He has shown that blend of ignorance and arrogance which is the hallmark of many would-be aspirants to the highest office in the United States, and which some who get elected never overcome.

On the nuclear deal with Iran, he took action without considering the consequences. He did not listen to those allies who had negotiated for years with the Iranians. He also chose to ignore the findings of the International Atomic Energy Agency that Iran was not violating any of the nuclear deal’s terms. Trump failed to explain why tearing it up was better than having a less-than-perfect deal.

No two issues in the Middle East are more tense than Israel’s dispute with the Palestinians and the west’s dispute with Iran. They require careful analysis of each side’s legitimate aspirations as well as grievances, and mature discussion and compromise to find solutions. Trump will have none of this.

He failed to consult the scores of experts from his own country or from the Middle East who had warned him that jumping to endorse the current Israeli government’s ambitions for Jerusalem – also held by its settler constituency – would destroy any chance of successful negotiations in the future. Instead, Trump thinks he can simply tell the Palestinians “you’re fired” and they will meekly go away.

Jonathan Steele is a former chief correspondent for the Guardian

This article was originally published by “Guardian


ISIS threatens to behead Spain footballers Messi and Ronaldo at Russia World Cup in twisted posters – Olive Press News Spain

ISIS threatens to behead Spain footballers Messi and Ronaldo at Russia World Cup in twisted postersWARNING DISTRESSING IMAGES: Islamic State propaganda targets the Real Madrid and Barcelona stars ahead of the tournament next monthByElisa Menendez -17 May, 2018 @ 14:27 0

ISIS PROPAGANDA: Messi and Ronaldo in mocked-up poster. Credit: SixgillISIS fanatics have threatened to behead Spain footballers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Cup, in a series of distressing posters.One photoshopped image shows the Barcelona and Real Madrid stars being pinned down by jihadists while they slit their throats on a pitch in a packed stadium.Credit: SixgillThe caption, ‘Your blood will fill the ground’, featured below the shocking poster which shows the two best football players in the world in agony.A second mocked-up image shows an extremist walking into a football stadium filled with thousands carrying what looks like a small bomb in his hand.Above the scene a chilling message reads: ‘Islamic State – Fifa World Cup Russia 2018 – Victory will be ours’.Both of the sickening posters, released by a pro-ISIS group, brandish the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia logo.It comes as Islamic extremists made similar threats earlier this year about the tournament, which kicks off in June.This is not the first time Barcelona forward, Messi, has been the target.Some months ago, an image was released of the Argentinian star in an orange prisoner-style jumpsuit, handcuffed and kneeling down in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium pitch, while an extremist holds him down.MESSI: An ISIS threat from earlier this year. Credit: SixgillThe latest threat was revealed by Dark Web infiltrators, Sixgill – a cyber intelligence platform which tracks ISIS conversations.Sixgill discovered the images on the app Telegram, which is commonly used by pro-ISIS groups.It is expected hundreds of thousands of tourists will stay in St Petersburg for the duration of the tournament.

Source: ISIS threatens to behead Spain footballers Messi and Ronaldo at Russia World Cup in twisted posters – Olive Press News Spain