Illuminati Secrets to Creating Wealth

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I keep meaning to compose an article on Keith Barker, but as they are mostly videos it takes me so long to watch that it keeps being put back in time.

So for now I will just post this video, as, in a nutshell this is how the Illuminati work, and the deception is inherent in their system. The system has been set up as bent.

It is similar to diving in football (soccer) to try to get a penalty. It is cheating, it makes it harder to referee the game and it is deceptive, but if successful it gets results. If the game is not refereed strictly then the divers succeed.

The Illuminati work on the Judas Principle… being two faced, and betrayal, and the system is set up to not be regulated properly.

The video also touches on trauma based mind control, demons and the rules of the…

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