Manchurian Candidates – MK Ultra Mind Control Assassins

stand up and be counted

cathy fox blog on child abuse

As we get nearer to the climax of the Illuminati’s plan to introduce the New World Order and things do not seem to be going as well for them as they had planned, then there will be an increase in planned chaotic events to divide and rule, and encourage violence so they can bring in their “order out of chaos” intended to get the public begging them to impose their solutions.

Part of this will be the use of mk ultra slaves to carry out false flags, violence and assassinations. This can happen with or without the knowledge of the CIA and FBI, who know well this goes on.

The illuminati /NWO plan so far has succeeded to some extent with the NWO / WHO / mockingbird media coronavirus hype psyop. Social distancing, mask wearing subservience has gone very well for them with their media mass induced fear.

However it…

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