The White Poppy for Peace Campaign A new “Freedom Flotilla” is scheduled to embark for Gaza

A new “Freedom Flotilla” is scheduled to embark for Gaza in two months’ time, organisers said on Tuesday.

The voyage is scheduled to begin in the first half of the year, which means the flotilla could set sail within weeks, Mazen Kahel, an organiser with the European Campaign to end the Siege on Gaza, told MEE.

Like its 2010 predecessor, this year’s flotilla aims to challenge Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip which has been in place since 2007.

Former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki has given his “full support” to the mission. He is expected to take part and will be on one of the boats, several organisers have confirmed.“Marzouki has always been engaged with the cause and has openly supported the Palestinians in his time of power,” Kahel told MEE.

Negotiations are currently underway with other political, religious and business figures, but their names have yet to be confirmed and will be announced at a later date, Kahel added.

Activists from across Europe, the US and the Middle East will participate in the flotilla, organised by a string of civil society groups and NGOs working under the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.”

Former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki is expected to take part, organisers said.

Playboy Model Cathy Schmitz On Why She Fell For 82-Year-Old Multi-Millionaire Richard Lugner The Huffington Post UK | By Natasha Hinde Email

Cathy Schmitz is a former Playboy model and is just 25 years old. Her husband, Richard Lugner is 57 years her senior, at 82.

He also happens to be an Austrian multi-millionaire.

Since the couple’s marriage one year ago, critics have questioned the authenticity of their relationship. In other words, they believe Schmitz is a “gold digger”.

Keen to set the record straight, the couple appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk frankly about their love for one another.

On the programme, Phillip Schofield didn’t hold back on asking Lugner the question on everybody’s lips: “Were you anxious that Cathy just wanted you for your money?”

Lugner responded that he’s “always anxious” and went on to joke that “ladies are very dangerous”.

Despite his fear of women and their “dangerous” streak, Schmitz managed to convince Lugner that they were the perfect match – and the pair married last year in Vienna. Since then, they’ve been living together in the Austrian capital.

And, just like any newly-wed couple, Lugner says that they’ve had to “learn to be married”.

Before meeting her Austrian billionaire beau, Schmitz was hoping to further her career as a TV presenter in Germany. But, after falling for the successful businessman, she faced two options – love or her career.

Or as Schofield puts it: “Millionaire husband or career.”

Obviously she chose love (or millionaire husband). But the former Playboy model insists that despite loving the luxury lifestyle, it isn’t all about the money and that there’s much more depth to their relationship than meets the eye.

“I love everything about him, he’s very charming, he’s lovely, he tells the truth,” she said on the TV show.

“I dated a lot of young boys – and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. But the boys just look after themselves. All they want is to watch football and go out with lots of women.”

“I have a six-year-old daughter, so I need a man who wants to be a man and have a family. Not a boy who wants to just look after himself.”

For those who’ve not heard of Lugner, he’s a successful Austrian businessman who made his millions in the construction industry and is well-known for building the shopping mall in Vienna.

He has often paid female celebrities to attend the Vienna Opera Ball as his guests including Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra and more recently, Kim Kardashian – who he then went on to brand as “annoying”.

Lugner has previously been married four times, but insists that on this occasion he was careful. He said that after his previous divorce he never wanted to marry again – until, of course, he met German Playboy bunny Schmitz.

TOMIE JONES SAYS-57 YEARS AGE DIFFERENCE , MAKES OUR FRIENDS  WHO HAVE HAD AFFAIRS WITH GIRLS 40 odd YEARS AGE DIFFERENCE .WELL AOK . The difference with this old man and our guys  are , he dated her and married her when she was 24 oh and he has pots of money.











Fuckingham Palace has issued a strong denial that the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, has been involved in bizarre hill marching based sexual practices.

Fuckingham Palace has issued a strong denial that the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, has been involved in bizarre hill marching based sexual practices.

According to reports up to ten thousand men are alleged to have been involved in incidents involving the Duke.

One participant, who cannot be named for legal reasons said “Me and loads of other guys were offered money to dress up in early 19th century uniforms and then march to the top of a hill.”

“When we got there we were greeted by an extremely ‘excited’ Prince Andrew. He was very giggly now I think about it.”

“Then, just when we thought it was all over, he seemed keen to make us march all the way back down again.”

Another man, who also claims to have been involved claimed “He was quite firm about it, when we were up we were up and when we were down we were down.”

Denying the claims a Buckingham Palace spokesman told us, “All allegations in this matter are false, and records will clearly show these men were neither up nor down.”

Lewis Hamilton voted Sports Personality of the year !! WHAT A SHIT!

Lewis Hamilton voted Sports Personality of the year !! Even if you ignore the fact that there is not much of a personality there and his pet dog lives a better life than 90% of the population and Lewis actively participates in multiple really horrible shady tax avoidance schemes including turning his back on his own country of birth, to live in exile to save a few quid, then once again another fine choice and role model voted for by the taxed to the teeth general public of Britain to a man who was funded by your taxes in the early years of his career and has given zero back to his country when his skill was nurtured and success came his way !! Just saying, he literally told the country to ” Go fuck it’s self ” and the country gave him an award for it !!

Lewis said in his speech that ” ‘I could not have done this without my amazing team, my family, my dad who once had four jobs to help me and my brother.”

Guess what Lewis !! your dad paid his taxes on everyone of those jobs, the same as nearly 6 million other people do now, who also have multiple jobs, so you and me could be safely born in a NHS hospital, and you could be given the chance and opportunities by your country of birth to become a world champion, and for no other reason than pure selfish greed you deserted your country and gave your taxes to the millionaires playground of Monaco, who did exactly what for you and your family when you had nothing !! Did Monaco allow you to use its hospitals and doctors and educate you while your Dad worked his four jobs ? You should now drape yourself in a Monaco flag because clearly that is where your loyalty now lies..

Wynton Marsalis Jingle Bells – YouTube

Wynton Marsalis Jingle Bells – YouTube.

so here we go jingle bells , i am getting the spirit shall we say of this hols . happy , high happy spirit of xmas ,. till some z…..t barsteward comes and pisses on my parade.!him or the wife !


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 afterJules Bianchi’s terrible crash at the weekend, it’s been said that safer cockpits for Formula One cars were turned down for aesthetic reasons.

 closed cockpits were rejected last year by  the sport’s big teams  they were too ugly, it’ was said..

 FIA’s proposals for closed cockpits were cancelled last year because  the big teams thought they looked unappealing.

 The technology is there to protect the drivers’ cockpit and that   issues with the aesthetic of the new design were the problem. SAFTY FIRST NO THE APPEAL TO THE PUBLIC SEEMS TO BE THE FIRST PRIORITY?

 However, the biggest teams in F1’s  blocked plans for a ‘roll’ structure at the front of the cockpit on visual grounds,  and “shockingly ugly”.

A debate IS NOW TAKING PLACE surrounding safety in the wake of Bianchi’s horrific accident in Japan which left the 25-year-old Frenchman in a “critical  condition in intensive care. it SEEMS THAT IF THE SAFETY MEASURES HAD BEEN BROUGHT IN BIANCHI,S CONDITION COULD HAVE BEEN FAR ,FAR BETTER THAN THEY ARE AT PRESENT .

Jules Bianchi Crash Video Appears To Contradict Official FIA Account

Jules Bianchi Crash Video Appears To Contradict Official FIA Account

Graphic new footage of Jules Bianchi’s crash in the Japanese Grand Prix on Sunday has emerged which appears to contradict an official statement issued following the high-speed incident.

The new video shows the Frenchman’s Marussia car coming off the Suzuka track in rain-drenched conditions and ploughing into the back of a recovery tractor.

Also visible is an official in the top-right of the screen waving a green flag indicating to drivers they have passed a potential danger point.


The moment of impact.

The sport’s governing body, the FIA, had previously said yellow flags – which tell drivers to slow down and expect to stop – were being waved during the F1 race.

The full statement said: “On lap 42, Adrian Sutil lost control of his car, spun and hit the tyre barrier on the outside of Turn 7. The marshals displayed double waved yellow flags before the corner to warn drivers of the incident.”

The Marussia driver remains in a critical but stable condition at the Mie General Medical Center suffering from a diffuse axonal injury, a joint statement by his family and the hospital announced on Tuesday.

Questions have been asked over whether it should have been stopped earlier.

Williams driver, Felipe Massa, said: “I was already screaming on the radio five laps before the safety car that there was too much water on the track, but they took a bit too long and it was dangerous.”


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