How come these refuges don’t matter? How come only one country comes to their aid? How come an Israeli solder arresting a Palestinian who tried to murder him is more important to thousands starving to death? Unfortunately I’ll never see this on any of the hate pages and certainly not on the ‘Truthers’ unless that is they can blame Israel?

ABOVE A POSTING ON A TROLL BLOG . let us dissect it, bit by bit, the truth will out. The first sentence.” how come these refuges don,t matter.”It gets your attention .”How come only one country comes to their aid .” Oh which country is this?now comes the sucker punch . “how come  an ISRAELI SOLDER( REMEMBER MR G. HE SPELLS SOLDIER THE SAME AS MAURICE BOLAND SOLDER)ARRESTING A PALESTINIAN WHO TRIED TO MURDER HIM IS more important to thousands  starving to death.” We are now talking about the HARD DONE BY ISRAELI I.D.F. (DISTRACTION).we should be posting about the refugees not the ISRAELI I D F MURDERING PALESTINIANS .”Unfortunately you will not see this on any of the HATE pages and certainly not on THE TRUTHERS”,(DISCREDITING), WHO THE HELL ARE “the truthers”(final punch bringing the poor hard done by Israelis back into the conversation)unless that is they can blame Israel”. If you want to read the rest go to maurice boland italkfm blogspot. we have been distracted , discredited ,in the rest of the post we are given the full monty ,get you to disagree ,divide ,the opinions,TRYS TOdestroy your argument . i call it the 5 ds. whether Maurice boland is an unpaid troll or paid one is of no importance though I have a suspicion if he can get paid he will.

Do not take my word for this go on “you tube” there is a video of these trolls telling the interviewer that they are paid to troll internet and engage any anti Israel postings, they have even infiltrated the flat earth society and bombard their subjects with long winded distractions about the earth being FLAT!!!!! THIS IS STANDARD PRACTICE OF MOSSAD . If you do not know who mossad are they are the dirty tricks brigade( and i mean stop at nothing, murder ,false flag ops mass slaughter(twin towers ) you name it oh let us not forget assassination of public figures , controlling isis conning 40 billion out of the u s a .Just stop and think if the u s a did not give billions of dollars to Israel on a yearly basis. The u s a could support a healthcare service without charge,have prescriptions for medicine free or subsidised. Israel IS THE MILLSTONE ROUND THE NECK OF THE AVERAGE HARD WORKING MAN AND WOMAN OF AMERICA.ANSWER THIS QUESTION MAURICE BOLAND,.Why should the u s a give Israel this vast amount of money . When the sick , needy ,unemployed,go without in the u s a .This money is not a loan it is a free gift to Israel but it is paid for with the lives of the average american who cannot afford healthcare or get a job by no fault of their own.It is blood money, enjoy Israel because soon the plug will be pulled ,then what are you Zionist Jew buoys going to do¿ grovel squeal oink ,oink  elsewhere or accept and return the rights and land to the Palestinians .two equal states ,the money divided equally between Israel and Palestine .live and let live side by side ?If you are wondering why I am always asking Maurice boland questions or mention subject matter relating to his good self ,it is because he not I asked for people to debate  ask him questions on subjects that are relevant to today’s world . I have posted on his site on the comments section but he ignores and refuses to approve them so you cannot see them . If I post them on my blog at least I know he has seen them, though he still refuses to acknowledge them .I know when he has been on my site at what time day month year and what postings he has viewed. It is a system used by hackers to view almost any info .I am not a hacker but I know one or two who have showed me how to do it there is a way to block this but that you might say is a trade secret.


breast feeding in public take off the scarf .THE TSUNAMI OF STUPIDITY

So in France covering up ones head and body is a fine-able offence  .so nuns are going to be fined and made to strip off?breast feeding mothers who place a scarf over breast and baby are going to be fined and made to take it off. motor bikers in full leathers and full face crash helmets are going to strip and remove their helmet?Sikhs will be fined and made to remove their turbans?what about anyone wearing a hooded garment fined and stripped?what about Jewish women going to the synagogue take off the headscarf and fined? how about the skullcap worn by Jews?I could go on and on but I will not.the burka,the full headscarf,the burkini,and the traditional nuns outfit cover the same area of the body more or less.So nuns on the beach will be made to strip off and the brides of christ fined?




This from my eyes and ears on the web, Facebook and Blogs

My dear Maurice Its about time you faced up to the truth. I read this the other day on a Facebook posting:

Andrew G**** B**** PÇ****(IT SEEMS TO BE A GAME OF FILL IN THE BLANKS ,LIKE WHEEL OF FORTUNE) SO HERE WE GO  ANDREW GORDON BENNETT PINK ERR CUNT THAT IS THE FIRST  BIT RUDE GOD , U KNOW MIND YOUR LANGUAGE TIMOTHY)in answer to your comment about Tony blair no he is not but we have a weasel named maurice who does the cleaning looks a bit like gobby out of harry potter. oooooh he is real gobby!

This sicko has a blog called the Cir****B***. (CIRCUSBUOY GOD SICKO?¿You are mentioned by name at least twice a day EVERY day. He is a socialmedia stalker who is totally obsessed with you. His jealousy seems to have now spiraled out of control. It is as if YOU are all that matters in his life. He continues to beg you to answer on his page knowing now you never read it. You know the child who has a fantasy friend your this clowns fantasy. Why else does your name continually appear daily on his page. OK GLOVES OFF SERIOUS STUFF  MOSSAD HAS AN AGENDA A SITE WHICH IS THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY IT DISTRACTS FROM THE ISSUE OF ISREAL AND INSULTS AND DECRYS THOSE THAT POST ABOUT THE PALESTINE SITUATIONDRAGS THESE PEOPLE IN TO THE SUBJECT MATTER FLAT EARTH.Do you see where i am going.back to you god ) He loves insulting by calling you names. These are all characteristics of a stalker

He has no followers , I checked on P765 *** (what page 765 is i do not know sounds like 1984″)He writes to himself using different names like T*** J***.(TOMIE JONES)He is a dreamer, a fantasist. He is destroyed by jealousy oh you always has been and I assume always will be.(THE SENTENCE LOSES ALL UNDERSTANDING HERE HIS EXCUSE IS HE IS DIPSTICKLIP YOU KNOW CANNOT WRITE OR SPELL ,WAIT SLIP THERE GOD WROTE THAT NOT JESUS IT IS JESUS WHO IS DYSLEXIC.OH DEAR MOBO YOU ARE WRITING THIS !)SORRY I HAVE LET THE CAT OUT THE BAG!

He copies and pastes full articles from your blog then changes words to try and make you look silly. If he could I am sure he’d dress like you. (OOOH YES I DO  GOT A 5 EURO WHITE JACKET FROM m&s, a waistcoat with gold chains on always where t shirts you me and alec guinness would look like triplets YOU KNOW THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT?

Is he dangerous?(one thing you do not want to do is underestimate me)I don’t think so. Has he got a mental issue? For sure(yes made in your image god ). Is he sad? Very(well not all the time but now i am lost my best friend it really has broke me up , but you would not understand that maurice being the insensitive cruel ,selfish person you are). Its incredible to think its 7 years since you withdrew from public life and yet , as I said, Everyday without fail your name is on his crazed blog.

Just thought I’d let you know. I suppose he’s paying you a huge compliment to write about you EVERY Day! (yes i am ,still would like answers to my questions that you choose to ignore, .YOU SEE THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF MOSSAD PROPAGANDA DECRY AND DISTRACT



UPDATED 9,5,16.ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS maurice boland

ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS ???? Sadiq Khan to succeed Boris Johnson as mayor.

On Thursday, are Londoners really going to hand one of the world’s greatest city to a Labour party that thinks terrorists is its friends? This is the question asked just four days before Mayoral election.
The greatest city on Earth, which is a global leader in everything from finance to fashion and the seat of the oldest and most respected democracy in the world, would be represented by the man who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for leader of the Labour Party and who has admitted he would do it again.
London’s £600billion economy would fall into the hands of a man who backed Ken Livingstone over his suspension in 2006 for anti-Semitic remarks.
As a lawyer as a lawyer Khan tried to get the banned extremist leader Louis Farrakhan – who described Jews as ‘blood-suckers’ and called Hitler ‘a very great man’ – admitted to the UK.
It would mean aggressive socialism entering Britain though the back door.
WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET: Corbyn has described Hamas and Hezbollah as ‘friends’.
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is a self-proclaimed IRA sympathiser.

Am I missing something here??????




Maurice Boland's photo.

Congratulations to Sadiq Khan on his successful (thankfully) campaign to become mayor of London. Sadiq a true friend of the Jewish communities of London turned out to celebrate the wonderful festival of Hanukkah with his many Jewish friends .; See video below.

Khan joked “The only thing I haven’t done yet is have my bar mitzvah,” he joked

On a more serious note he said: “I readily acknowledges that Labour has lost part of its Jewish support in recent years: You know what breaks my heart? That there are Londoners who think the Labour Party isn’t for them because they’re Jewish – that can’t be right, man, that can’t be right.”

Mr Khan said he wanted to “send a message around the world” by being a Muslim mayor “who does more to protect Jewish Londoners from antisemitism than any mayor ever has before”.
On his opposition to boycotts, he said: “The evidence clearly shows that boycott, sanctions and divestment against Israel do not help us achieve peace – we must not turn our face against Israel.
As the boycotts of Sodastream International showed, boycotts only hurt working people and do nothing to build a lasting peace in the region”

I believe Khan will make a great mayor of London and wish up all the luck and support he deserves.



Maurice Boland FOOT NOTE: Why am I not surprised that the anti Israel lot believe I’m upset that Zak Goldsmith lost his campaign to become mayor of London. They believed that I would have backed him because he was Jewish. WRONG! Zac Goldsmith is NOT Jewish , his mother Lady Annabel was in fact catholic. Therefore making it impossible for him to be Jewish. He was never brought up a Jew and attended a christian education. Let me also add even if he was Jewish I would never have supported him I thought his campaign was a disgrace and full of inaccuracies and lies against Sadiq Khan.


Am i missing something here ,read the two postings of maurice boland.He has done a 360 turn round , does that surprise me ?NO I ASK YOU WOULD YOU TRUST THIS MAN,S OPINION ?I cannot believe the man is so stupid to leave both posts on his facebook page .Still this foe par shows the man for what he is “.Maurice you want to post a rebuttal?feel free,you will not of course. when you get found out what do you do ,?ignore bury your head in the sand like an ostridge. This is not the first and will not be the last , example the x Mayor of Marbella ,he was crowing away saying she had got in and we all had got egg on our faces because she was a wonderful mayor .She did not get in yet Maurice thought she had went off half cock . when asked to explain , not a word head in the sand .

i must be missing something hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  .YOU REALLY ARE GOOD AT DROPPING PLONKERS!

QUOTE – from maurice,s facebook

Maurice Boland Felix hatred towards others will gain nothing. This man deserves a chance and I will certainly give him one and I suggest you should too.

Maurice Boland I’m not going to debate Khan’s past I’m looking to the future and so should we all. End of, NO debate here please. 
T J SAYS-Here he goes burying his head in the sand because felix is asking difficult questions .

TOMIE JONES SAYS-really this is the best you can do? I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU ,Still I suppose we cannot expect anything more .I  had a tiny little amount of respect for your convictions but now ,no, nothing. I DO NOT HAVE HATRED FOR YOU ,THERE IS NOTHING ,A VOID, YOUR EMPTY WORDS WITH NOTHING IN THEM.SHAME ,YOUR HOUSE OF CARDS IS FALLING DOWN .

Maurice Boland Didn’t seem like the ideal man but since he was voted into office. We have to accept him. So instead of mixing things up Pippa I suggest we should be positive and go forward. The alternative is for me to be stubborn and just spread hatred like some people I know and what will that achieve now? Certainly not see him thrown out of office. So I suggest you should keep your energy to climb mountains not try to pull them down


I’ve been accused of being hypocritical because I changed my opinion of the newly elected mayor of London Sadiq Khan as if it was a sin to openly change my mind. I’ve been challenged to what has swayed my decision to support London’s first Muslim Mayor.
There have been certain incites that have opened my eyes to the man certain sayings over the last few days that made me question my opinion of Sadiq Khan and made me realize perhaps I was to quick to make judgment. i.e here are some of the quotes that he used over the last few days: Mr Khan condemned the comments made by Mr Livingstone, describing them as: “appalling and inexcusable”. Senior figures – including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, MPs John Mann and Wes Streeting – had said Mr Livingstone’s comments had a negative impact on the party’s votes.
In interviews with the JC during the campaign, Mr Khan said he would support inter-faith initiatives, Jewish schools and security measures for the community. He has also said he would fight anti-Israel boycott initiatives and look to build ties between London and Tel Aviv.
Mr Khan admitted he changed his position on Israel boycotts after the JC revealed that Mr Khan had repeatedly called on ministers to impose sanctions in 2009.
“I’m going to be the mayor of the entire city. It’s really important that you know I’ll be on your side when it comes to the challenges the Jewish community will face. I am my own person, my own man.”

As Communities Minister during Gordon Brown’s premiership, Mr Khan worked with the Jewish Board of Deputies and other communal groups, particularly on interfaith projects. His own Muslim faith had aided his efforts to understand Jewish ways of life, he explained.

“We have a huge amount in common. We need to see the great work in the past that the Board of Deputies and Muslim Council of Britain have done together on halal and kosher food and male circumcision. I’m optimistic about the future.”
Three times last summer Mr Khan began his Ramadan fast at synagogues, discussing with rabbis ways to make London a beacon for interfaith efforts. He has also cited his past work with Mitzvah Day, former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks and Jewish Labour peer Lord Mitchell.
Is this all a smoke screen? Have i been fooled into a false security by Sadiq Khan? I hope not. So I say to the Jewish community of London. You should support him and hope he fulfills his promises to make London a safer place for all faiths. Here I believe is a real chance, embrace it and set an example to the rest of the world.


TOMIE JONES  SAYS- IT takes a brave man to admit his mistake but it is too soon,we have to wait and see . “fair words doth not make a fine lady.”HE MAY RECANT ,LET US HOPE NOT .AS MAGGIE THATCHER SAID THIS LADY IS NOT FOR CHANGING.I HOPE YOU ARE ALSO THE SAME.WE CAN BUT WAIT AND SEE.still you already have changed your opinion completely in two days so you are easerly persuaded i think.Or was it just one big con because if it was it certainly hoodwinked your followers on facebook ,well nearly all except felix the cat and you are going to delete him so solving that problem.


Sandra H Let’s be clear about one thing. “Mayor” is a political title, not a religious title therefore please do not refer to Sadiq Kahn as a Muslim Mayor -he is Lord Mayor of London.For thousands of years mankind has been mixing religion with politics, thereby causing most of the wars. There should be no religion in politics and no politics in religion

TOMIE JONES SAYS-Maurice,s trial by fire ,over on his facebook page seems to be going well his only strong opposition is going to be deleted by Maurice ,felix squiggly will be gone from there so leaving his jolly band of fans to  pass comments. Why do i not comment there i hear you say. well MAURICE banned me from his facebook site ages ago for posting critical remarks ,I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WAS SAID BUT IT IS OLD NEWS .Though Maurice deletes the opposition leaving a bank of tame followers .

tj says- observation , what has come out of this situation ,well Maurice is now supporting a Muslim ,socialist,and he believes in him and his policies that he intends to implement. If he does not do another u turn THAT IS.This in its self is a step forward maybe just maybe he is beginning to see the light of peace and understanding, or he is just conning us all I TRULY HOPE HE IS NOT DOING THE LATTER.If he is sincere in what he is saying there maybe ,just maybe common ground that the two of us could work out our differences and move on .I need to see that you are sincere .only time will tell…

YES TIME WILL TELL, and you have to give credit where credit is due, Maurice you are slippery as a teflon frying pan .In two days you did a 360 turn round and became a 100% supporter of the Muslim mayor of London.I AM IMPRESSED YOU WILL BE CONVERTING TO ISLAM NEXT ,Seriously though I DO NOT BELIEVE YOUR CONVERSION TO MUSLIM MAN IS FOR REAL.TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.I REALLY DO NOT TRUST YOU .I believe you have a hidden agenda your only interest in this man is that he supposedly supports the Zionist Jews and be careful mobo IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME YOU MAY FIND HE IS PLAYING YOU AND THE Zionists FOR FOOLS THAT YOU ARE.I still think he is the better candidate for lord mayor even though I DISAGREE WITH HIS POLICY REGARDS ISRAEL He is not lord mayor of London to arse lick the Zionists ,and his opinions on the subject are simply to curry favours (A SMALL PUN THERE) It is his other policies that  I look forward to seeing implemented, those that will benefit Londoners and London as a whole.He has to lie down with the devil to achieve his end game,  the devil being the ZIONIST JEWS AND BIBI,S ISRAEL.That is my opinion for what it is worth, I shall carry on monitoring the mayor and your good self to see if your love affair lasts . If this all is a big con on his behalf and yours be careful it may bite you right on the arse when you least expect it.

good luck lord mayor of London let us hope you make a good job of it, just as ken Livingstone did, which I think you will.





thecolemanexperience | The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking

Source: thecolemanexperience | The Clock is Ticking

SO we trolls that report the news that does not get reported like the coleman experience, paedophilia, filthy britain well you get the jist.lora lucero on Israel , gaza strip , palestine, we must not forget my good self on conspiracy theories , chem trails , 9/11  jfk,etc. alison is going to work for her masters to control , eliminate , destroy freedom of expression , . I Should think that you Zionist jew chums of british government will really love this move to restrain ,remove our freedom of speech.well alison you may be able to get at those in the british isles but the rest of the network is out of your control . We will not lie down and give in without a fight, here in the rest of the world, the likes of you facist bastards that want control of the conspiracy theoroists are going to have to fight for it, threats of legal action droconian laws will not stop us.Do your worst i personally have nothing to lose . Health and wealth does not exist the only thing you have in your  favour concerning myself is i am in ill health and will die sooner rather than later, SO DO YOUR WORSE.

MUSLIM PALESTINIANS  SERVING THE ZIONIST ISRAELIS IN THE I D F IS NOTHING MORE THAN COLLABORATION WITH THE ENEMY, ZIONIST JEWS ,ZIONIST SETTLERS,BIBI NETANYAHU,ETC. WANT RID OF THE PALESTINIANS DEAD ,ERADICATED.So if and when this is achieved by the zionists what happens to them?The collaborators they will want rid of them as they will have no further use for them .

Think on what did the nazises do to the jewish collaborators who policed the ghettos when the jews were shipped out to death camps?THEY WERE MURDERED AS WELL,SERVED THEIR PURPOSE .

Why the bloody hell hasn’t Alison Saunders been arrested yet?

Alison Saunders

Establishment hag, Alison Saunders, has announced plans to clampdown on online ‘trolls’.

Oh yeah?

What she really means is that her masters have told her to do everything she can to stop social media reporting on VIP paedophiles in power.

Under the guise of protecting the victims of crime,  Saunders is slyly trying to bring in laws to stop Twitter and other sites ‘harassing’ victims and ‘hurting their ‘ feelings’.

Of course, in reality Alison Sunders couldn’t give a fuck about real victims.

She has in fact  spent her legal life as an Establishment ‘gatekeeper’ very much in the same vein as paedophile-lover Esther Rantzen.

satanic slagheapesther savile















Xpat from the costa del sol is taken from british airport for questioning on historic alledged sexual abuse.

Well known costa del sol celeb. picked up at a london airport and questioned about alleged historic sexual abuse.later released believed to be connected in the recent bcc tony enquiry.The 70 year old immediately flew out of britain back to Spain and has since not been able to be found in the costa del sol.He is believed to be in hiding at a fellow x dj ,retired singer(lives on the costa blanca) ,who when broached at his current work place said I have no comment about the guest I have staying with my wife and I.

Is this the super star mentioned at the enquiry?Is he going to return to britain to face charges of historical rape?would you let your child be groomed to enter showbiz? we do not have a clue ,do you ?let us know if you do .tick tock.THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM SEVERAL SAUCES , HP ,TOMATO,BRANDSTON,DADDIES,






This time it is not the english controlling Ireland it far worse than that .They got beaten to pulp 21-10 at rugby(like american football but without all the protection),IRELAND GOT THE WOODEN SPOON!you could say it was a false flag flop. So how is your day so far?