Xpat from the costa del sol is taken from british airport for questioning on historic alledged sexual abuse.

Well known costa del sol celeb. picked up at a london airport and questioned about alleged historic sexual abuse.later released believed to be connected in the recent bcc tony enquiry.The 70 year old immediately flew out of britain back to Spain and has since not been able to be found in the costa del sol.He is believed to be in hiding at a fellow x dj ,retired singer(lives on the costa blanca) ,who when broached at his current work place said I have no comment about the guest I have staying with my wife and I.

Is this the super star mentioned at the enquiry?Is he going to return to britain to face charges of historical rape?would you let your child be groomed to enter showbiz? we do not have a clue ,do you ?let us know if you do .tick tock.THIS INFORMATION IS SOURCED FROM SEVERAL SAUCES , HP ,TOMATO,BRANDSTON,DADDIES,




Queen – Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video) – YouTube

The queen of sweet ,sweet charity,as the saying goes charity begins at home. NOT IF YOUR EGO IS BIGGER THAN YOUR ABILITIES AND IT IS TARNISHED,STAINED,BY YOUR SELF IMPORTANCE.Then others have to go away for fear of being tainted,tarred with the same brush.”IT is time to remarket myself as a CORNflake”said he .Yet he has failed to rebrand his product as fresh new and clean,shite sticks and people have long memories .

Greens want to end EU trade deal with Israel they get my vote.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett launching the manifesto (Photo: BBC)Green Party leader Natalie Bennett launching the manifesto (Photo: BBC)

The Green Party would suspend the European Union’s trade agreement with Israel, according to the party’s election manifesto.

Launched in London on Tuesday morning by Green leader Natalie Bennett, the policy document highlights the approach that would be taken to the Middle East.

“We seek a just, sustainable and peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, based on mutual recognition of the rights to independent statehood for Palestinians and Israelis,” the manifesto states.

It adds: “We condemn human rights violations by both parties and the oppression and disproportionate use of aggression by the Israeli government against the people of Gaza.

“We seek to suspend the EU-Israel Association Agreement.”

That trade deal was signed in 1995 and is now worth more than £1billion a year. Its suspension has previously been backed by the Trades Union Congress.

The only Green MP in the last parliament, Caroline Lucas, repeatedly campaigned for a boycott of Israel and protested outside an Israeli-owned store in her constituency in Brighton.

The manifesto also calls for the mandatory labelling of meat products regarding methods of slaughter. a ban on the shechita religious slaughter method.

The White Poppy for Peace Campaign A new “Freedom Flotilla” is scheduled to embark for Gaza

A new “Freedom Flotilla” is scheduled to embark for Gaza in two months’ time, organisers said on Tuesday.

The voyage is scheduled to begin in the first half of the year, which means the flotilla could set sail within weeks, Mazen Kahel, an organiser with the European Campaign to end the Siege on Gaza, told MEE.

Like its 2010 predecessor, this year’s flotilla aims to challenge Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip which has been in place since 2007.

Former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki has given his “full support” to the mission. He is expected to take part and will be on one of the boats, several organisers have confirmed.“Marzouki has always been engaged with the cause and has openly supported the Palestinians in his time of power,” Kahel told MEE.

Negotiations are currently underway with other political, religious and business figures, but their names have yet to be confirmed and will be announced at a later date, Kahel added.

Activists from across Europe, the US and the Middle East will participate in the flotilla, organised by a string of civil society groups and NGOs working under the Freedom Flotilla Coalition.”

Former Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki is expected to take part, organisers said.


all for a 100 quid ,two weeks inclusive of being robbed and killed.

Three British grandmothers shot at by masked gunmen in Malaga

THREE British grandmothers have dodged death in Malaga after being shot at by a masked gunman.

The trio – who had arrived in Spain just hours before for a week’s holiday – were ambushed outside their holiday home by two men wearing balaclavas.

One woman – a grandmother of 14 – tried to grab his gun, but the gunman shot at her at close range.

“The bullet was head height and hit a wall behind us. He was less than six feet away when he fired. We came very close to going home in a body bag,” said the woman, who is remaining anonymous pending an investigation.n

“When I turned round and saw a man with a balaclava I had this sickening realisation he wasn’t playing.

“I began to shout for help, reached for the gun to push it away from us and swore at him. It must have been the adrenaline rush.

“I took a step back when the gun came free and he took a step back and fired. I think it was out of anger at being frustrated by what he’d assumed would be a soft target.”

It is believed that the man mistook the women, all in their 60s, for their friend who worked at a nearby bar in Malaga and who had walked home with the night’s profits.

Just an hour later, a 56-year-old bar owner was shot and killed in nearby Colmar. The father-of-two’s wallet had been stolen, and €100 was missing.

Two Spanish men – Juan Montoya, 38, and Jose Mechine, 44 – are being held in custody for both the failed armed robbery and the murder of bar owner Tarek Nagib Botros.

An investigating magistrate is expected to recommend a formal charge after a short trial.

it is maurice the model not John Thomas, we are looking at the cavalier of Paris fashion.

While we’ve all been fixated on the Page 3 topless model debate, one fashion designer seems set on exposing another body part: the penis.

At Paris Men’s Fashion Week, Rick Owens (or should we say Dick Owens) decided to send a handful of his male models down the catwalk commando.

And we’re not sure how we want  to feel  it.

willy fashion


WELL one thing is certain Maurice the male model is not Jewish!he bols, them over on the front row, it could have, landed,  him in a balls up but did not.

The garments had carefully placed peep holes and cascading hems to give the front row an eyeful.

Regardless of Owens’ motives for his ‘Dick Chic’ debut, one thing’s for sure – it’s certainly got people talking… LOOK AT THAT, DICK!


Jimmy Jules – The New Year – A MUSICAL INTERLUDE.

Jimmy Jules – The New Year – YouTube.


hmm. some nice balanced opinions so far from our fellow bloggers

I always get the feeling I’m in a home for the mentally challenged whenever i visit these Zionist blogg sites.


James Hewitt Was Prince Harry’s Real Father

A new West End play about Princess Diana SAYS – Prince Charles is not Prince Harry‘s real father.

‘Truth, Lies, Diana’ will reignite persistent rumours that former Household Cavalry officer, James Hewitt, fathered the fourth in line to the throne during his affair with Diana in the 80s.

The show’s writer, Jon Conway, SAID Hewitt himself made the admission and has backed the play by allowing it to form part of the script.

Conway said: “There is a startling revelation that James Hewitt makes and he has allowed me to make it in the play.

“This is the fact that his relationship with Diana started 18 months before Prince Harry was born.”

Rumours of Harry’s true parentage have been rife ever since details of Diana and Hewitt’s affair became public in the mid-90s.

In the play, Hewitt tells a journalist: “Diana and I started our relationship more than a year before Harry was born.

” It’s just the inconvenient truth.”

Hewitt himself  Admitted “the red hair is similar to mine and people say we look alike.”

prince harry

James Hewitt on ‘Larry King Live’ in 2003

The play follows a journalist’s investigation of the the 1997 car accident that killed Princess Diana.

Hewitt was interviewed for the play.