British Pakistani Child Trafficking and Rape Gangs

grooming has taken place here in Spain on the Costa del sol, Marbella, in fact, the anniversary of this abuse is ten years ago .the man who did this got away with it. How no charges were brought against this over 60-year-old man because the parents found out and took their daughter back to England she was 15 years old but sex did not take place till she was 16 so her parents said and so did the male 60-year-old. no charges were brought on grooming. so the low life got away with it scot-free and .apart from it destroying his marriage of 40 years and yet he often claims what a wonderful wife and marriage he has.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Jennifer from Chesterfield has asked me to take down my post about her, which she wrote, which I have done. She has taken down her own blog and her latest twitter account because of harassment she has received.

This is a shame for her as she had built up a large following. The harrassment and verbal/written abuse she received was horrific, and I know as some was directed at me, and I also see the search terms on the blog, and certainly not something that should be directed at a child sexual abuse victim or survivor.

Child trafficking, in what euphemistically and incorrectly the mainstream mockingbird British media refer to as asian grooming gangs, is going on as we speak.

I shall call them by a more accurate term British Pakistani child trafficking and rape gangs. This is because this type of abuse is overwhelmingly perpetrated by British Pakistani…

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