David Ferrie US Child Trafficking and Abuse Network 1960/1


cathy fox blog on child abuse

This child abuse and trafficking network in about 1960-61 involved David Ferrie taking abused children to Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras.

I shall refer to it as “The Ferrie Trafficking Network” but Ferrie may have been a low level patsy and the operation may well have been controlled by the CIA, or other sinister forces.

This Ferrie trafficking network is information that I have seen nowhere else, and requires a deep dive by other researcherss to unearth some more information on it, as I just pass on the basics here.

It is yet another network in the US that that involves

  • child trafficking
  • child abuse
  • CIA
  • ritual abuse
  • MK Ultra mind control
  • a dodgy Church
  • and an untimely “suicide” of the alleged main perpetrator, David Ferrie

Other networks in the US off the top of my head which also have many of these factors, and may be interlinked with each other

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Rockefellers compromised Prince Charles with Sex Slave

you have done it again Cathy, let us all of us get it out there on social media, reveal the hideous abuse not only coming from prince Andrew but many more of the royal perverted family.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The Rockefellers arranged for a mind controlled sex slave to sleep with Prince Charles and Prince Phillip. They wanted to be able to be able to manipulate and control him. That is what the Illuminati do. Brice Taylor says in her book –  1999 Brice Taylor Thanks for the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free! the Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s mind-Controlled Slave  [1]

“The Rockefeller family set me up with Charles and I was instructed to just be a good listener with him and to report back to them what he said. They wanted to know what his dreams, desires, likes and dislikes were so that they could use that information in the future to control him, and ultimately, his country. They wanted to know his “Achilles heel” so that they could use his weakness to their advantage in regard to political and business dealings between…

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Mother Pimped Out Her Own Children

cathy fox blog on child abuse


Family abuse probably represents about 80% of the abuse that happens according to some estimates. Family abuse brings with it its own set of problems, instead of a loving parent there is a monster.

It is encouraging that more and more victims and survivors are getting the courage and confidence to tell their stories of abuse, and shining the spotlight on the dark world of the perpetrators and the system that allowed the abuse to continue, whether that be Police, Justice System, Media, Crown Prosecution Service, child protection or any other body or people.

If you want to tell your story, you can – write it, record it or film it. Never has there been a better time to do so. I will be glad to publish them. We do however need to bypass the traditional corporate media that has worked with abusers to hide child abuse, and so…

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Prince Andrew Interview Transcript about Epstein

The royals are totally immune to any legal action, in the past, present, and future. undemocratic, elitist, corrupt, archaic, perverted, and they firmly believe they are above the law.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

BBC Newsnight transcript: from  2019 Nov 11 Daily Express Archive Prince Andrew BBC: Newsnight interview – FULL TRANSCRIPT [1]


 Your Royal Highness, we’ve come to Buckingham Place in highly unusual circumstances. Normally, we’d be discussing your work, your duty and we’ll come onto that but today you’ve chosen to speak out for the first time. Why have you decided to talk now?

Prince Andrew:

 Because there is no good time to talk about Mr Epstein and all things associated and we’ve been talking to Newsnight for about six months about doing something around the work that I was doing and unfortunately we’ve just not been able to fit it into either your schedule or my schedule until now. And actually it’s a very good opportunity and I’m delighted to be able to see you today.


 As you say, all of this goes back to your…

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Gay Byrne, TV star who ‘challenged Irish society’, dies aged 85

Tributes pour in for host of long-running, taboo-breaking The Late Late Show.BUT NOT ONE FROM MR MARBELLA AS THE LATE SHOW WAS THE SHOW HE LUSTED FOR BUT WHEN GAY RETIRED HE AND THE NETWORK MADE SURE HE DID NOT GET IT. SAD REALLY AS HE COULD HAVE GOT IT BUT HE TREAD ON TOO MANY TOES .If the truth were know his religion was not the right one for ireland and the network possibly.

Gay Byrne with his wife Kathleen in 2004.
 Gay Byrne with his wife Kathleen in 2004. Photograph: Jeremy Craine/Rex/Shutterstock

It was said there was no sex in Ireland until the The Late Late Show, and for that a nation owed thanks to Gay Byrne.

Generations grew up watching the host of RTÉ’s long-running chatshow blend light entertainment with current affairs and taboo-shattering moments, a cultural rendezvous that dominated Friday night viewing and presaged a new Ireland.

The Gay Byrne era officially ended on Monday when he died at home in Dublin, surrounded by family, aged 85. Tributes flowed.

“Through his work in radio and on television he challenged Irish society, and shone a light not only on the bright but also the dark sides of Irish life,” said the president, Michael D Higgins. “In doing so, he became one of the most familiar and distinctive voices of our times, helping shape our conscience, our self-image, and our idea of who we might be.”

Leo Varadkar, the taoiseach, said: “The story of his remarkable contribution to Irish life is the story of how we changed and evolved as a society over the past 60 years. A consummate entertainer, he also provided a voice for all those who had been silenced or were afraid to speak up, and he forced us to confront things that needed to be challenged in our society.”

Ireland had braced for the death of Uncle Gaybo, as many called him, since he revealed he had prostate cancer in 2016.

Byrne hosted The Late Late Show from 1962 to 1999, one of the world’s longest chatshow runs, as well as a radio show and other gigs such as the Rose of Tralee.

Gay Byrne in 1962.
 Gay Byrne in 1962. Photograph: ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

He was an affable everyman who could banter with guests and audiences while precipitating controversy in a socially conservative society dominated by the Catholic church.

During a quiz item for married couples in 1966 Byrne asked a contestant what colour nightie she had worn on the night of her honeymoon. She hadn’t worn any, she replied.

The bishop of Clonfert, Thomas Ryan, protested in what became known as as the “bishop and the nightie” incident, splitting the country into those who were scandalised and those who roared laughing.

A prominent Fine Gael politician, Oliver Flanagan, was among the former. “Sex never came to Ireland until Telefís Éireann went on the air,” he said.

Byrne seemed equally at home interviewing celebrities, children during the Christmas toy show or guests with stories about seldom-discussed topics such as divorce, abortion and sexual identity. There were awkward moments – not shaking the hands of Gerry Adams; patronising Annie Murphy, who had had a child with a bishop, Eamonn Casey.

Moya Doherty, the chair of RTÉ, said Byrne had worked during a golden age for television and radio when Ireland was grappling with change.

“Gay brought two unique gifts. He was able to see around societal corners and predict what the next emerging social, political, or cultural issue was, the new issue which needed to be brought to the public stage, whatever the ensuing controversy. Most importantly Gay was a listener. He did not so much interview as allow his guests to almost interview themselves while he listened carefully interjecting only to push them on key points.”

Micheál Martin, the leader of Fianna Fáil, said Byrne had left an indelible mark on Irish society. “His intellect and emotional intelligence was unparalleled and his ability to sensitively approach delicate and sometimes controversial issues set him apart from other presenters.”