maurice boland on the subject of cliff richard.

Maurice Boland


 I can’t tell you how happy I am that Sir Cliff Richard has been found NOT guilty of ANY crime.

I was so glad to see Sir Cliff Richard has had any charges that might have been against him for so called historical sex crimes dropped.

tomie jones says-your statement is not true boland case dropped because of insufficient evidence so if more evidence comes to light  he could be charged and go to court he has not been found guilty or not guilty.


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Steve Truglia

Steve Truglia4 different people? Not enough evidence. 4 people all made it up? I smell a rat. How easily people are biased because they are a fan.

 tomie jones says- actually  it was 9 and one was a convicted rapist, many abusers have been abused  in their childhood, and the abused becomes the abuser . don,t take my word for it ,check it out, the medical profession have stated this fact many times.sexualy abused  children often ,not always become sexual abusers.


Maurice Boland

Maurice BolandHow people are biased because they are NOT a fan !


Maurice Boland

Maurice BolandAdded to that, out of the ‘4’ we know one of them is UK’s worst serial rapist! So now let’s find out about the other 3 and how reliable they are! Yep I smell a rat okay !tomie jones says you are firing from the lip again you need to get your facts straight first.

Sir Cliff Richard’s accuser ‘is one of Britain’s worst serial rapists’ | Daily Mail Online

The man was one of nine to come forward and accuse the veteran pop star of abusing him at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, West London, where VIPs were said to have abused boys. So you see 9 not 4 you really do go off half cock maurice .the charges have been dropped by the crown prosecution on the grounds of INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE. So if and when more evidence is found the case could be brought up again.he has not been found not guilty or may think it is over but it is not by a long chalk!


Steve Truglia

Steve TrugliaI’ve always liked him, but I’m a realist. If Police didn’t have good reason, the case would never have taken this long. Not enough evidence on historical crimes like these alleged, are often difficult to prove. I still smell a rat.


Maurice Boland

Maurice Bolandwell Steve look at my answer above and blow your nose!


Steve Truglia

Steve TrugliaStill not convinced. If it’s true there may be others, guess time will tell


Maurice Boland

Maurice BolandMeanwhile unfortunately for YOU you’ll need to sit and wait


Maurice Boland
Maurice BolandIn time if he’s found guilty of any crime you can then start dancing on his grave but until then the debate is closed for you on my Facebook.
tomie jones says- as you can see the boland ban being applied if you do not agree with the guy  you are banned.the list gets bigger.of those who have dared to disagree with Boland


Steve Truglia

Steve TrugliaWhat happened to freedom of speech? 😏😏 , honesty.

TOMIE JONES SAYS-The reason i have posted this and commented is because I CANNOT POST ON BOLAND,S SITE BECAUSE  YES YOU HAVE GUESSED IT I AM BANNED..

Nick Holland-Morgan

Nick Holland-MorganI’m not questioning that he’s a nice guy but no charges were dropped. The CPS said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute, which in legal speak in a completely different thing than dropping charges. I’m not saying he’s guilty but pointing out there is a difference.


Johnny Westwood

Johnny WestwoodCliff already said that in his statement.But he also states that he IS innocent and this is why there has been insufficient evidence so why bring it up.?


Nick Holland-Morgan
Nick Holland-MorganJust pointing out the difference because Maurice said any charges were dropped which isn’t entirely accurate, that’s all!
Jimmy NolanSir Clement Freud springs to mind.
Maurice Boland

Maurice BolandHere we go Jimmy, you are just tarnishing Cliff with the same dirty brush as Freud. Why are you doing that? It’s so unnecessary and a cheap shot! I expect better from you!

Jimmy Nolan

Jimmy NolanThe bit that springs to mind Maurice is” I found him charming, amusing and impeccably mannered “ring a bell. Also as you would be aware in Ireland this week with developments in the Philip Kearns case and similarly with Sir Clement all does not reveal sometimes until after the departure from this world of the protagonist.

Maurice Boland

Maurice BolandJimmy, whats this got to do with the Cliff Richard case.

 TOMIE JONES SAYS Well the comparison between Freud and Richard  .Freud succeeded in keeping a lid on the situation till he died all has now been revealed now , like Jimmy savile I might add.Richard is not out of the woods so to speak but he may survive it all ,when he dies his guilty secrets may well be revealed .As they say dead men tell no tails.
Angie N Gray Salt Lots of nonces who like underage kids get away with things. I don’t think we should celebrate the end of a police investigation. Many guilty were lucky and got away with stuff….and a few innocent people have had their names blackened. But after Saville police have to investigate…..without interference from Joe public or the press. If we all stuck to a simple rule….if you could have fathered or mothered them then leave them alone. All would be good.

 tomie jones says”If you could have fathered or mothered them  then leave them alone. all would be good”so applying this adage 16 to 60 would is in that field. what you think maurice do you agree?

Sally John
Maurice Boland
Maurice Boland Exactly and that is the way it should remain.

Sally John
Sally John And he must live with his demons. And the victims,
Susan Hutchinson Couldn’t say I am a Cliff fan , but the whole historic sex offences problem needs a line drawing under it. Think these “celebrities” have mainly been set up. Most of their “victims” were willing participants at the time.(maurice boland likes this)


.   YET AGAIN I CAN ONLY SAY THANK YOU MR GOD.AND MY STATS HAVE GONE THROUGH THE ROOF ESPECIALLY SPAIN AND IT IS ALL DOWN TO YOU AS YOU HAVE SAID IN THE PAST THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY.PLEASE KEEP IT UP.Oh as the saying goes it takes one to know one,so what does that say about you . Late,s face it your credentials on past performance are -well it is a subject to be discussed in september .6 years on how time flies. Herald among many did an obituary, still 20 september would be the appropriate time to bring it all up in detail.



This time it is not the english controlling Ireland it far worse than that .They got beaten to pulp 21-10 at rugby(like american football but without all the protection),IRELAND GOT THE WOODEN SPOON!you could say it was a false flag flop. So how is your day so far?

Kadyrov promises to avenge Russian citizen beheaded by ISIS terrorists

Kadyrov promises to avenge Russian citizen beheaded by ISIS terrorists

Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. © Said Tsarnaev
The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has confirmed that the man killed by Islamic State terrorists on their latest video was a Russian citizen from Chechnya and promised that lives of those who committed this crime won’t last long.

Kadyrov told reporters on Thursday that the victim of the beheading was a Russian citizen and an ethnic Chechen, but noted that there was no confirmation of the man’s previous connections with the Islamic State group (previously ISIS/ISIL).

The Chechen leader also promised to avenge the killing. “Chechens remember, know and will not leave this unanswered. Those who slaughtered our citizen will not live long,” Interfax quoted him as saying.

READ MORE: ISIS video claims to show beheading of alleged ‘Russian spy’

On Wednesday, ISIS released an Internet video with a reported confession and beheading of a man claiming to have arrived in ISIS-controlled territory with an assignment from Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB. The victim identified himself as 23-year-old Magomed Khasiev from the Chechen capital, Gronzy. He said that that he was operating undercover in both Syria and Iraq, gathering information on Russian citizens fighting for ISIS terrorists, under orders from the Russian security services.

In the final minutes, the video switches to an outdoor location where an Islamic State militant threatens Russia and Vladimir Putin with attacks on Russian soil. The jihadist then appears to cut the prisoner’s throat with a knife and behead him.

Russia is currently conducting a major Air Force operation against ISIS in Syria at the request of that country’s government. According to the Defense Ministry, air raids have already destroyed thousands of terrorist strongholds, arms depots and other infrastructure. The operation has resulted in the halving of the terrorists’ revenues through illegal oil sales – from $3 to $1.5 million per day.

Ramzan Kadyrov is known for his strong anti-ISIS stance and has made repeated statements in which he expressed his readiness to join the anti-terrorist operation in Syria together with Chechen special operations units.

READ MORE: Kadyrov asks Putin to allow Chechen infantry to fight in Syria

In mid-November, Kadyrov called on Muslims across the world to unite and destroy the Islamic State terrorist group. He also reiterated his point that the current Middle East crisis was masterminded by the United States and other Western nations to distract public attention from numerous problems in the region and incite hatred toward Muslims all over the world.


Jeremy Corbyn will respect the views of his party members by declaring Labour party policy is opposed to airstrikes in Syria. In keeping with his inclusive agenda, however, he will allow MPs afree vote on the issue in parliament.

The decision to make the official position of the Labour party an anti-bombing one is based on a poll the party initiated last week. Labour members were emailed and asked their views about the potential airstrikes. The poll attracted almost 110,000 replies, with around 75% opposed to bombing Syria.

Canvassing members on this important issue, and more to the point, listening to their responses, make for a refreshing change to the way political decision-making is usually done in the UK. It is also desperately needed after the rampant disrespect Tony Blair showed for the public and for parliament, when he ignored one million people marching on the streets in opposition to the Iraq war.

And it is, after all, citizens who will suffer the consequences of military action. Members of the public will be the people who fall victim to retaliatory attacks, if they take place. The public will also be the ones asked to bear more cuts to services, when too much money has been blown on bombs.

The free vote that has been given to Labour MPs regarding these airstrikes should then take the views of their citizens into consideration. As representatives of their constituents, and in particular their party members, their consciences should be firmly aligned to the wishes of those who elected them. It seems this message is already hitting home with some MPs. According to an article in The Guardian, a senior Labour source said:

Labour MPs seemed to have become more wary of backing military action over the weekend for fear of “marking their card” and getting singled out as targets for possible de-selection by activists.

Note the choice of words here. ‘Activists’ are those MPs fear, meaning citizens who are active in the political sphere. Jeremy Corbyn was elected on a huge mandate largely due to the fact he encouraged ‘active’ engagement in politics by the public. As The Canary recently highlighted, this has resulted in Corbyn being voted the most popular political leader in the UK in Ipsos-MORI’s latest poll. MPs would do well to learn from his example, but as Corbyn recently said himself:

I feel there are some people who haven’t quite got used to the idea the party is in a different place.

The Labour party are also demanding a delay on the vote for airstrikes in Syria, and a two-day debate on the issue, to give time for their concerns about David Cameron’s proposals to be addressed. Clarification has been requested about how strikes would actually strengthen Britain’s security, who exactly Cameron is suggesting would take control of Daesh’s territory once freed from their control, and how the bombing would contribute to a political settlement in Syria.

In fact, Corbyn has consistently advocated for a political and diplomatic settlement for the situation in Syria. This would include a negotiated arrangement for governance in Syria, which is currently being debated by a coalition of world powers. It would also require seeking to sever the supply line of money and arms to Daesh, in which Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar have alreadybeen implicated.

Most importantly, the consequences of Britain joining the coalition of nations making airstrikes – already involving eight countries – on Syrian civilians need to be seriously considered. As Corbynexplains here:

One war doesn’t necessarily bring about peace, it often can bring yet more conflict, more mayhem and more loss.

It seems the Syrian people agree. The Observer recently published opinions on the possible UK airstrikes from Syrians, and one woman from Raqqa – one of the places Cameron wants to target– had an unequivocal message to send:

Absolutely no, please tell the British parliament

Surely it is incumbent on the UK to listen to the people whom we insist we are trying to save, just as it is on MPs to heed the views of their constituents. After 14 years of the ‘war on terror’, attacks have escalated by 6,500% and much of the Middle East lies in ruins. We should explore avenues that do not go through the barrel of a gun, and applaud the anti-bombing stance Labour have taken. After all, in a democracy, it is what their citizens have asked for.

BREAKING!! Russian Nuclear Units On The Move, Non-Essential Civilians Told To Leave, Putin’s Ready To Nuke ISIS and its Zionist supporters.Israel on red alert.

BREAKING!! Russian Nuclear Units On The Move, Non-Essential Civilians Told To Leave, Putin’s Ready To Nuke ISIS.


In response to the purported downing of a Russian civilian airliner in the Sinai in Egypt, the Kremlin is now poised for a nuclear strike on sites controlled by the Islamic State. Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hotspots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region. The Russian military have been called up to help evacuate Russian nationals within these hotspots and have ordered non-essential civilians to leave Syria, Iraq, the Gulf states and other nations in the Arab world.

 Although Russia’s poising to use its nuclear weapons on ISIS, Russia held a secret meeting with NATO, reassuring them that Russia has no intentions on using nuclear weapons on either Georgia or the Ukraine, citing that attacking either of them would invoke a nuclear strike from NATO. Also Russia had consulted with the Syrian government as well as the governments of its allies in the region, who in turned told the Kurds and other allied militias of a possible nuclear strike, warning them to move allied civilians from areas that might be struck by Russia’s nuclear weapons.

A meeting of allied nations and Russia was held in Teheran within hours of the downing of the civilian passenger airliner in the northern Sinai- in which media reports have said that there was no in-climate reported at the time of the crash and witnesses on the ground claim a line of smoke went from the ground in the direction of the airliner before the ground to air missile hit the airliner. SITE has reported that a video purportedly made by either ISIS supporters or ISIS themselves that shows the downing of the airliner. The White House has declined to make a statement about this incident and the Kremlin’s use of nuclear weapons. However, the Kremlin says the use of nuclear weapons is justified to protect its citizens and its interests, namely helping to sustain the government of Bashar Al-Assad and keeping the its allies in power in Iraq and Iran, which are considered allies to Russia. Their common interest in destroying ISIS motivates them to work together.

 However, the US has stated its fears that deploying nuclear weapons near the region would spur an nuclear arms race in other nations in the region, namely Saudi Arabia and the nations within the Gulf Cooperation Council, a group of Sunni Muslim nations located in the Persian Gulf region, which have aided in the creation of ISIS and continue to support it like the way they supported Iraqi insurgents during the Iraq War (2003-2011). Both the US and the UN are concerned that the conflict in the region could lead into a wider conflict, possibly a world war.
(multiple intel reports concerning the downing of the Russian civilian airliner in northern Sinai, ISIS’ purported claim of responsibility and Russia’s official response)


tomie jones says no comment suffer fools gladly, though fools like these could end up causing the holocaust in the middle east .Fact Israel are playing a very dirty game by backing ISIS.So we have reached the stage where greater Israel is taking on Putin ?

Hating Arabs is not Racism – it’s Values…… Nice people. Didn’t their parents teach them well.

Hating Arabs is not Racism – it’s Values…… Nice people. Didn’t their parents teach them well.

The truth

The last thing I want to do is talk about this evil, deluded wretch who said this. What I will say is what kind of organisation is Facebook? Not only have I experienced suspension on a number of occasions merely for telling the truth, FB have made sure only a minute percentage of my 5000 friends & 1900 followers ever get to see my posts whereas every Israeli racist under the sun gets to see her brainchild!  


The good news:


The bad news:


The even worse news:


No fear

Bear in mind we are talking about a nation that’s in the business of not only committing genocide but causing unimaginable grief throughout the world. Israel is responsible for ALL the trouble in the Middle East. Everything that’s happening today is a direct result of 9/11 & THEY DID IT! The event itself required media control & the reason why the world is in it’s current malaise is almost entirely down to the fact corporate media is Zionist controlled. Had it not been, the truth would have come out!
And speaking of anti-Semitism there are far more Semitic Arabs than Jews & most the people in Israel are Zionists from Eastern Europe. The whole situation is absurd. Whenever I’m accused of this meaningless term I know I’m talking to a deluded, brainless moron. This Israeli woman is allowed to spread hate & no one says this is anti-Arab. This hatred is treated as normal behavior for these people but as soon as you criticise Israel it matters not if you have all the evidence under the Sun – these vermin label you a racist. 
But just to show all the horrible people who come on my website to time & again accuse me of being anti-Semitic, there is a massive difference between that woman & myself, & for now let’s forget about right & wrong with the Israeli/Palestinian situation – this woman hates all Arabs. Good character & heart doesn’t come into it! This is racism down to the bone. Whereas me, I’m not going to name a whole list of Jews who I would love to have as friends. Here’s just one lady who is above all this delusional hatred –  

Nurit Peled-Elhanan: Israel has reached an unimaginable peak of evil. Dr. Nurit is an Israeli professor of language and education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a human rights activist. She is a 2001 co-laureate of the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought awarded by the European Parliament. She is known for her research on the portrayal of Palestinians as terrorists, refugees and primitive farmers in textbooks. Her brother, Miko Peled is an activist for Palestinian rights, and author of the 2012 book, The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. Their father, Matti Peled, was an Israeli Major-General, scholar of Arabic literature, a member of Knesset and a noted peace activist.

The truth

It takes one to know one –

The Great Miko Peled

Putin calls America’s Bluff over ISIS and the USG is caught in its own big lies BE CAREFUL iSRAEL YOU MAY END UP BEING THE SCAPE GOAT ABANDONED BY THE u s a and left to the mercy of PUTIN THAT IS AFTER HE HAS EXTERMINATED YOUR CREATION ISIS.


This is a fantastic article from Veterans Today. The band of mercenaries the media christened ISIS & our so-called elected representatives who had us believe this Islamic terrorist group was so terrible our fundamental rights had to be stripped away in order to protect us – well Obama & Cameron – you’re being found out fast. How does it feel? We’re coming to get you. And Mr. Rothschild – go shove your New World Order up your arse!

Of course anyone with half a brain should have known something seriously stunk when the only people ISIS were killing were Arabs & Muslims & the only countries they were attacking were ones Israel wanted to see destroyed. Well you’re running out of time Netanyahu, you lousy, lowdown piece of shit. You watch your buddies start dumping you. Soon the hunter will become the hunted. Thanks to Jonathan Trapman for this link.

Like is like


  • Jon de Kerguelen

    PUTIN IS THE MAN! He has done what the cowards in Washington have refused to do….TO TELL TRUTH ABOUT THE JEWS AND THE NWO. It time’s to remove the criminals (Obama, Congress in general, Rothchilds, Bush, Cheney and etc.) from society for good. It’s time to act now!

    • Here here to that. Finally finally finally we may start exposing the real terrorists – in fact the only real terrorists – the Israelis! You cannot even compare their terrorism to the IRA for they had a genuine cause whether we like it or not. The Israelis though are in a different league. They did 9/11 in order to create what’s happening now. God knows how many millions have died already. I never thought I’d say this but thank God for the Russians & to a lesser extent the Chinese. If we ever get out of this without WW III a lot of heads have got to roll.

      • Jon de Kerguelen

        Finally, the truth is getting out there for all to see. Your right heads must roll over this one, especially 9/11 the false flag event planned and executed by the US and Israel. What sick minds they have!

        • It sure looks like it Jon. And yes – it’s all about the truth of 9/11 – none of this could have happened if the media hadn’t covered up the real conspirators. We have to flush out all those involved.

  • Umrana Mozley

    Any chance of the leaflets being distributed in Europe and USA ? How else could one wake up the sleeping public? We know the main media is working overtime to spread their lies and deception.

    • That’s a great idea Umrana. People are alway dishing out leaflets in the street. Maybe we should start doing the same thing. I’m sure over half the people out there still don’t realise how much the media is lying.


Putin calls America’s Bluff over ISIS and the USG is caught in its own big lies.

By Preston James


In one of the craftiest acts of diplomacy and statesmanship in history, Vladimir Putin has called America’s bluff over ISIS which is now being referred to as the Islamic State.

And in the process President Putin has created a complete checkmate against the secret mercenary army ISIS which is attacking Syria and the Kurds on behalf of secret Intel factions in America, Israel, the Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

And the result? The Establishment disguised as the USG and its secret terrorist CIA mercenary army called ISIS have been caught and are now trapped in their own big lies with no easy way out. And this amazing checkmate created by Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is generating more and more exposure of Big USG Lies by the day. Unless this CIA mercenary army is immediately evacuated it will be completely decimated in the coming days and weeks along with Israeli and Saudi mercenaries who are also part of ISIS.

As soon as ISIS becomes a real embarrassment to the CIA, you can bet they will then aid in their quick disposal to prevent exposure. But this time it could be different. Some ISIS squad leaders may escape to European nations and come forth and squeal on Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and America who set them up, trained them, supplied them and paid them laying out everything on the Internet for the whole World to read about.

Putin has done all this by announcing the formation of a broad international coalition to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq and by taking the initiative of sending significant military aid to Assad’s forces in Syria.

During his visit to America this last week President Putin has just ask President Obama to bring America into this international coalition. So far President Obama has neglected to pledge the American Military to join while instead continuing to call Assad a tyrant who drops barrel bombs on his own people, now proven to be a Big USG Lie.

And in the meantime Putin has sent advanced high tech arms to Syria including MIG-31’s to help in President Assad’s battle to defeat ISIS and make certain he is not displaced by ISIS on Israel’s behalf.


Putin believes that the people of Syria elected Assad in a free election and want him to stay in power and that Assad is the legitimate leader of Syria.

And the Chinese have apparently also just announced they are sending military aid to Assad in his fight against ISIS, and we have at least one report that French air power has successfully attacked ISIS on the ground.

Up until now the only ones fighting ISIS were Assad’s military and the Kurds. Although the US claimed to be dropping supplies to anti-ISIS forces, it is now apparent that almost all of these equipment and arms drops went to CIA backed ISIS mercenaries. Purely a coincidental mistake I’m sure.

And on more than one occasion Israel has attacked Syrian forces instead of attacking ISIS as you would think they would want to do since they claim that this new Islamic state is their arch enemy. This is as suspicious of ISIS working for them as can be. Of course what Israel’s leaders really desire is to manipulate America into fighting ISIS as just another war for Israel as a part of its secret “Greater Israel” master expansion plan.

The USG and Israeli officials have been harping for months now that strong action must be taken to stop ISIS. And yet as we now know for certain ISIS itself was set up by Israel and American Intel, with help from the Saudis and the Turks in a sort of secret factional coalition.

We also know that ISIS was supplied by the American Army with large ammo and equipment dumps in Iraq that were purposely left behind and made conveniently available to this group of mercenaries.

Yes, ISIS (aka ISIL, Daesh, El Nusra, etc.) like Al Qaeda (aka Al CIA Duh) is actually a group of mercenaries assembled, trained, paid for and supplied by a secret coalition of American, Israeli, Saudi and Turkish Intel factions.

General Wesley Clark has revealed that the US DOD has had a secret agenda to take out seven Mideast nations. ISIS is a part of that Agenda which is really an extension of the *RKM’s World Zionist Agenda which has unfortunately infiltrated and hijacked much of the Pentagon, the US Congress and the US Administration.

Fortunately there are some new folks in the American High Military Command and American Intelthat refuse to continue to allow America to be used as Israel’s war machine and they are making sure that this incriminating information is being leaked and used to checkmate this illegal, unConstitutional and treasonous use of the American Military to fight any more wars for Israel and the RKM World Zionists.

The secret but powerful influence of this new group of American heroes over the US Administration is now evident to all in President Obama’s refusal to deploy American Military Forces into a full scale war against ISIS.

Were President Obama ever to allow the RKM stooges in the Pentagon to proceed with their intended air and ground war in Iraq, Syria and Iran, it would actually be phony cover used to actually take out Assad, Syria, the Kurds and then Iran, as the RKM and the Likudists have been pushing him to do.

Some American Intel insiders have claimed that ISIS has been deeply aided by Senator John McCain and at least three retired US Generals, and point to actual photographs of some of these individuals consorting with ISIS commanders. If true, this is a very serious offense and a serious threat to real American National Security. Many would call it Treason, a capital offense.

In reality ISIS was masterminded by the RKM World Zionists and the Likudists whose strategy has been to create a strong need for American and European intervention against ISIS, but with the actual goal of manipulating America into waging a major air and ground war against ISIS as a disguise for eliminating Assad and destroying Syria, the Kurds and then Iran.

This massive immigration to Europe of civilians displaced from ISIS war zones has been orchestrated and financed by these same entities under RKM control and their objective is to manipulate Europeans to turn against Islamics in general. And to support a major effort to stop the claimed cause of this displacement of persons from the Mideast, Islam and stop a growing European movement supporting the idea of a free independent Palestine without Israeli settlements, back to the original 1947 boundaries.

Some insiders believe that this mass immigration to Europe from the Mideast has been engineered as a punishment against European nations which are participating in the boycotting, divestiture and sanctioning of Israel (BDS movement) over its Apartheid, blockade, imprisonment, torture and genocide against Palestinians. The numerous movies now being watched by many in the Europeans on the Internet showing IDF snipers shooting unarmed, harmless little Palestinian children has been a major factor in the formation of this European BDS movement which is now spreading to America, Canada and the whole World, as did information about the cold blooded murder of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli bulldozer driver.

After all, it was the RKM controllers that ordered ISIS into these areas to mass-murder and oppress innocent civilians. And it was also these same controllers that made sure the immigrants were provided with travel money to take the dangerous journey northward to Europe.

It is now obvious that Israeli, CIA, Saudi and Turkish mercenary forces (referred to as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda) have now painted themselves into a corner with no easy way out. Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have entrapped themselves in a classic diplomatic “double bind” with no easy exit. Essentially they are damned if they do and also damned if they don’t. “They” here refers to Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

If “they” do which means joining in the new International Coalition to fight and destroy ISIS on the ground in Syria and Iraq, they will be helping destroy their secret mercenary armies which they spent billions of dollars on and many years recruiting as young orphans off the streets of Saudi Arabia and other Mideast nations and training in special mind-kontrol terrorist training camps run by Israelis. This could set off some serious “revenge” attacks by these mercenaries against Israel and Saudi Arabia once they figure out they are being abandoned and set up for destruction by their main supporters and controllers.

If “they” don’t which means refusing to join in the International Coalition to fight and destroy ISIS on the ground in Syria and Iraq, of if they strongly suggest Putin withdraws support from Assad, or perhaps even sending in air power to attack Russian provided aircraft which are attacking ISIS, they will be exposing their secret plan to destroy Assad and take down Syria and Iran. They will also be exposing their total hypocrisy for the whole World to see and understand, and this includes their own constituents and previous supporters. Remember, Israel and the RKM’s “owned” USG officials have been harping for many months on how serious an international terror problem these ISIS folks are and have labeled them as major World Terrorists that must be eliminated by a big ground war (with the secret agenda of turning it against Assad, Syria and then Iran in the process). So when they now have a serious opportunity to aid the destruction of this supposedly great enemy of theirs, the Islamic State or ISIS, how incriminating it is that they do not immediately join Putin’s International Coalition to destroy ISIS. This hesitation and refusal clearly shows their complete hypocrisy and their secret hidden agenda as RKM stooges, owned and manipulated by AIPAC to serve as Israel’s war machine in the Mideast.

Of course their secret agenda all along right from the start has been to build up ISIS and use it to eliminate the legitimate governments of Syria and Iran in the process of claiming they are destroying ISIS, and even up until now they continue to secretly support ISIS and build it up in its fight against Assad, Syria and Iran.

Yes, they planned to pretend to be fighting ISIS while aiding it and fighting with it against Syria and Iran, thus using a phony war against ISIS as deceptive political cover, all the while claiming Syria and Iran are supporting and training ISIS, one of the biggest lies ever told in history.

Let’s be clear about this. ISIS is actually a secret RKM/Israeli/Saudi/CIA(BCC) proxy army created, trained and supported and supplied to destroy Syria and then Iran. All in order to fulfill the secret RKM World Zionist plan for what is called “Greater Israel”, which engulfs almost the whole Middle East. This plan calls for genocide of all nations that are targeted fro destruction, including Palestinians, Syrians, Kurds, Iraqis, and Iranians, all to be either mass-murdered or driven from their ancestral homes. Certainly this is about an evil a motive for the construction of greater Israel by the RKM that could ever be imagined or conceived, an obvious attempt to create mass death and pure Hell on Earth for the whole Middle East.

Now with the Russians and perhaps the Chinese military involved in this International Coalition to destroy ISIS, this using a phony war against ISIS to take down Syria, the Kurds, Irag and Iran is now just about impossible to continue. This hard cold fact of Putin’s big trap and checkmate of course is now driving Bibi Netanyahu, the Likudists and their America Zionists in the USG and Pentagon crazy, but they just don’t know what to do because there is no longer any clear way out. Their “kings” have been craftily placed in checkmate by master-statesman and master-chess-player Vladimir Putin.

It certainly looks like it’s going to soon be bye-bye time for ISIS mercenaries and the previously unmitigated, out of control power of the RKMers, the Likudists, Saudis and American Zios in the USG and AIPAC, and as well the CIA (aka known as the Bush Crime cabal BCC). Stay tuned this is going to get very interesting fast.



When President Putin refers to assembling an international coalition to fight and defeat ISIS, what this really means is a new international effort spearheaded by Russian Federation and Chinese might to create a complete checkmate against RKM World Zionist power and their cutouts Israel and the American CIA (aka the Bush Crime Cabal BCC).

This master statesman President Putin has now clearly trapped President Obama, the CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in their own monster lies about ISIS. If President Obama really believed what he stated about ISIS, he would jump at the opportunity to join and participate in the new international Coalition now being assembled against ISIS.

What this major checkmate means in real terms is the certain coming end of City of London, RKM, and World Zionist Hegemony, including their Cutouts the Likudists, the Saudis, and the Bush Crime Cabal (aka the CIA), as well as American Homeland Security (DHS), the private police State Stasi-style army inside America.

Along with this checkmate expect to see the end of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency and the eventual dis-empowerment and end of the private Federal Reserve System which is the main money power source of the RKM World Zionist system.

Yes, it is now obvious that the master statesman Vladimir Putin has fully exposed Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for its blatant lies about ISIS and terrorism in general. Soon all the World will know that all terrorism is synthetically engineered by the RKM and its surrogates and cutouts (Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and Turkey) to drag the whole World into wars, chaos and mass death, all for massive profits for the RKM and its soulless associates.

ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda etc. are all engineered false-flag constructs of Israel, America, Saudi Arabia and other Intel factions and are designed to serve as provocations to justify illegal, unprovoked wars for profit and access to other nations’ natural resources and land.

Obviously the whole ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda phenomena is nothing more but secret false-flag terror, but this time the perps have gotten trapped, caught, and exposed in their own lies by a very crafty master statesman, Vladimir Putin.

This is the age-old secret state tactic of creating terror attacks against one’s own nation or an allied nation, wrongly blaming it on one’s enemy, and using it as an excuse to go into a completely illegal, unjustified war against that “framed” enemy.

This is what the 9-11-01 attack on America was, simply a false-flag attack done by Israel and Traitors in the USAF, JCS, NORAD, the FAA, and the US Administration and Pentagon as a false frame on Osama Bin Laden (Col. Tim Osman), and Afghanistan, and Saddam Hussein and Iraq. The true perps have so far skated but more and more American High Military Command learn this as each day passes. And the foreign press is now beginning to cover this story truthfully.

Never before in recent US history has such massive hypocrisy of the CIA (BCC) and American leaders been so clearly exposed for all the World, including Americans, to see. By any estimate, President Putin has now hit a grand-slam home-run. This one will go down in the history books as one of the greatest acts of statesmanship and diplomacy ever attained by any World leader.

Could we expect less from a man who is a master chess player and black belt in martial arts? Perhaps it’s time for America’s leaders to get serious about separating themselves from the RKM and Israel and stop allowing to them use America as their surrogate and provider.

This means no more Members of the US Congress taking AIPAC Loyalty Oaths to Israel anymore and a refusal to honor any previously taken ones.

Certainly Bibi Netanyahu and the AIPAC Directors must be furious that so many Members of Congress already chose to violate their illegal, treasonous AIPAC Oaths to Israel by siding with President Obama in his approval and support of the P5 + 1 Iran Nuclear Power Agreement.

What less could Bibi really expect from your typical Two-faced bought and sold, human compromised Member of Congress who can’t even keep their original Oaths of Office?

syria_1239573_439139399532839_1526373832_n (2)* RKM is an abbreviation to represent the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, a term coined by VT Financial Editor Mike Harris after extensively researching the true but hidden history of the nation of Khazaria and its connection to Rothschild World Zionism now centered in the City of London. The RKM operates out of the City of London, a separate nation inside the UK which has its own police force and diplomats and pays no taxes to the UK government, like the Vatican. The RKM has deeply infiltrated America and hijacked its manufacturing and distribution of money and most of its institutions of government, uses the US Military to fight its proxy wars for massive profits and uses its Intel agencies to traffick in illegal narcotics, also for massive profits.

The modern state of Israel was a creation of the RKM as a safe-haven and action-agent for World Zionism and serves as its main Cutout along with America and most European nations, many of which are now attempting to separate themselves the the RKM Worldwide web of debt and deceit. The private American Federal Reserve System, is a franchisee of the City of London RKM Banksters and is their main source of World money power using the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

Much of the World is now organizing and forming coalitions to form major firewalls against this US Petro Dollar hegemony and are well on their way to weakening it and eliminating it as the World’s Reserve Currency. Right now Russia and President Putin are spearheading a major checkmate against the World Hegemony of the RKM.

tomie jones says- Well I never,all the crap Ihave taken from the zionist jew brigade of Israel for stating from the begining that Israel have been running isis. and a jewish hater and am and have been blaming Israel  for all the problems.

Well hear it all from preston james (oh and Putin)

  • Preston James, Ph.D

Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement...Show Less


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Cilla Black Dead: TV Presenter, Singer And Showbiz Legend Dies, Aged 72,friend of CLIFF RICHARD AND AT ONE TIME ROLF HARRIS,-

TV personality, singer and all-round showbiz legend Cilla Black has sadly died, at the age of 72.

A spokesperson for the Spanish police has confirmed that Cilla died overnight, while on holidayat her house in the Spanish Costa del Sol.cilla black

Cilla Black

She said: “I can confirm the death of British national Priscilla White, aged 72.

“We are still awaiting autopsy results but everything at this stage is pointing towards her death being the result of natural causes.”

Cilla’s career began in the 1960s, after rising to prominence as a singer, with a string of hit singles to her name, including ‘Alfie’, ‘Step Inside Love’ and ‘Anyone Who Had A Heart’, which came to be known as one of her signature songs.

cilla black 1965

Cilla in 1965

Over the years, she later made the break from the world of music to TV, fronting hit shows like ‘Surprise, Surprise’ and ‘Blind Date’, among others.

Cilla was married to her manager, Bobby Willis, for over 30 years, until he passed away in 1999, after suffering from lung cancer.

Together, she and Bobby had three sons, Robert, Ben and Jack.

More recently, a three-part TV biopic about the early days of Cilla’s career aired on ITV, with Sheridan Smith in the leading role, which eventually earned her a National Television Award for Best Drama Performance, as well as a TV Bafta nomination.

The entertainer had been suffering from arthritis and deafness and told the Daily Mail last December she was “falling apart”.

Black said she no longer felt able to work despite getting a series of offers following the ITV drama Cilla, in which Sheridan Smith depicted the early stages of her career.

cilla,s secrets about jimmy savile , rolf harris and cliff richard are safe now;but are they ?Cilla kept diaries ,what will they reveal? we can but wait and see.