Yes coming to your tv the sewer olympics coming from RIO THE CAPITAL OF BULLSHIT (AND HUMAN FECES)Yes your favourite olympians will be battling it out up to their eyeballs in SHIT!

Athletes in next year’s Summer Olympics will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games, an Associated Press investigation has found.

An AP analysis of water quality revealed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from human sewage in Olympic and Paralympic venues – results that alarmed international experts and dismayed competitors training in Rio, some of whom have already fallen ill with fevers, vomiting and diarrhea.

It is the first independent comprehensive testing for both viruses and bacteria at the Olympic sites.

Brazilian officials have insisted that the water will be safe for the Olympic athletes and the medical director of the International Olympic Committee said all was on track for providing safe competing venues. But neither the government nor the IOC tests for viruses, relying on bacteria testing only.

Extreme water pollution is common in Brazil, where the majority of sewage is not treated. Raw waste runs through open-air ditches to streams and rivers that feed the Olympic water sites.

Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn.BUT ISRAEL DOES NOT DECLARE ITS NUCLEAR WEAPONS , DO NOT HAVE THEM ,HA HA HA ZIONIST JEWISH LIES .

Nuclear missiles

ISRAEL,S  undeclared nuclear arsenal

We – Iran and its interlocutors in the group of nations known as the P5+1 – have finally achieved the shared objective of turning the Iranian nuclear programme from an unnecessary crisis into a platform for cooperation on nuclear non-proliferation and beyond. The nuclear deal reached in Vienna this month is not a ceiling but a solid foundation on which we must build. The joint comprehensive plan of action, as the accord is officially known, cements Iran’s status as a zone free of nuclear weapons. Now it is high time that we expand that zone to encompass the entire Middle EasT


Body of Palestinian baby burned to death in Molotov cocktail attack by ‘Jewish extreme Zionists’ is carried through the streets of his West Bank village

The body of a Palestinian baby burned to death in an arson attack by suspected Jewish Zionists has been carried through the streets of his West Bank village for his funeral.

. The assailants entered the village of Duma, near Nablus, in the early hours, where they torched two houses and scrawled Hebrew graffiti including ‘Long live the Messiah’ and ‘price tag’ as the attacks are known.


Palestinians carry the body of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha during his funeral in the West Bank after he was killed in an arson attack by suspected Jewish extremists

Palestinians carry the body of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha during his funeral in the West Bank after he was killed in an arson attack by suspected Jewish Zionists

Burned alive: A relative holds up a photograph of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh who died in an arson attack by suspected Jewish extremists

Burned alive: A relative holds up a photograph of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh who died in an arson attack by suspected Jewish extreme zionists

The attack further stoked tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, two days after Mr Netanyahu controversially approved 300 new settler homes in the West Bank for the zionist jewish population.

The Palestine Liberation Organisation said it held Netanyahu’s government ‘fully responsible’ for the toddler’s death, arguing it was ‘a direct consequence of decades of impunity given by the Israeli government to settler terrorism.’

have opinions changed since 1914 yes , since 1938 NO. we are the uncaring racist society we were in 1938 thanks to the likes of Maggie Thatcher and david cameron ,both tory prime ministers.

a clipping from a 1914 article in The Times, in which the editor calls for the people of Folkestone to financially assist refugees who have been forced out of their home countries.

A photo of a clipping was shared on Facebook in a group called Stand with the Calais Migrants, who are planning a demonstration in Folkestone to “show their support for their fellow human beings”.

it seems we were more compasionate in 1914.

Daily Mail 1938
“The way stateless Jews and Germans are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage. I intend to enforce the law to the fullest.”

In these words, Mr Herbert Metcalde, the Old Street Magistrate yesterday referred to the number of aliens entering this country through the ‘back door’ — a problem to which The Daily Mail has repeatedly pointed.

The number of aliens entering this country can be seen by the number of prosecutions in recent months. It is very difficult for the alien to escape the increasing vigilance of the police and port authorities.

Even if aliens manage to break through the defences, it is not long before they are caught and deported.jews then .

Comparisons are being drawn between a 1938 Daily Mail article on German Jews entering the UK, and media coverage of the Calais migrant crisis 77 years later.

With the headline “German Jews Pouring Into This Country”, the article warns of “aliens” entering the UK through the “back door.”

The clipping also appears to talk about a woman who was charged with “knowingly harbouring” a migrant man who she intended to marry.

Immigration has become an increasingly salient topic in Britain.

research continues to show there is a substantial gap between what the public thinks to be true and what the reality of the situation is.

nine  facts about UK immigration.that proves the reality to be true  not the fiction .

  • Foreign-born residents make up almost 16 percent of the 31 million-strong labour force. Of the total number of overseas workers, 60% were born outside the EU. 16% are from western Europe, while 15% are from eastern Europe. The two poorest EU countries, Romania and Bulgaria, accounted for 3.8% of workers.
  • 2
     share of immigrants in the total population is 13%,  UK’s  Statistics.
  • Immigration has risen in the last 20 years, spiking most recently after a decade of stability.
  • 4
    The UK isn’t the largest EU port of call for migrants.
  • 5
    And despite all the talk about “Polish plumbers” and Ukip leader Nigel Farage’s call to leave the EU  most people  to settle in Britain come from outside the trading bloc. The top two arriving nationalities are in fact Chinese and Indian.
  • Foreign arrivals come mostly to work or study and about two-thirds of those moving for employment already have job offers when they arrive.
  • 7
    While legal foreign residents are eligible for social welfare, 97% of the 5.3 million people claiming aid, such as jobseekers’ allowance and disability benefits, have British nationality.
  • 8
    only three EU nationalities are among the top 10 benefit claimants of foreign birth.
  • 9
    Seventy-six percent of Romanians and Bulgarians who arrived in the U.K. last year came for work. That compares with 61% of people from the original 15 EU members and 67% of people from the eight eastern European countries that joined the bloc in 2004.

tomie jones -if you have reached here I applaud you for your staying power, sense of fair play and going the extra yard (or should that be metre now?)to see the whole picture. thank you .

Israel has not “changed its barcode to defeat BDS”

A note on barcodes: Israel has not “changed its barcode to defeat BDS”


Stories and images have been doing the rounds on social media sites claiming that Israel has changed its barcode from 729 to 871 (or other numbers like 500) in order to fool people looking out for the 729 barcode.

This mistaken belief stems from a misunderstanding of how barcodes work. A barcode only tells you which country a company is from, not where thecontents of the product originate.

What appears to be happening is that 871 is the Dutch barcode (and 500 is the UK one) and Israeli products are being sold by Dutch and UK (and even Irish)-based companies. To take a concrete example, in the case of Tesco ‘meat free mince’, Tesco is a UK-based company so the barcode is 500, even though the product inside is manufactured and packaged in Israel. What is important for barcode purposes is where the company who sells the goods are registered, NOT where the contents of the goods are produced, manufactured or packaged.

A country can’t simply change its barcode assignation because it feels like it, it doesn’t work like that and barcode assignation is a complicated and regulated international process.

This is just another reason to always look for the country of origin of a product and not rely solely on barcodes. Similarly, some things that may be made in a third country are sold by Israeli-registered companies with the 729 barcode, even though they may say (eg) ‘Made in Taiwan’ on the packaging. These should be boycotted too.

Day #24 – July 30, 2014 – Capitol Hill Briefing

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

A year following Israel’s Operation Protective Edge —- its 51-day assault on Gaza —- members of the U.S. Congress have received precious little information about the impacts of Israel’s military campaign, the one they generously funded and restocked on this day in 2014. ABC News reported (7-30-14):

On July 20 Israel made a foreign military sales request for munitions that included an undisclosed amount of 120 mm tank rounds and 40 mm illumination rounds for grenade launchers. The defense official said the ammunition was sold to Israel as a “routine” foreign military sales request and not an emergency request to tap into the U.S. military stockpile in Israel.

The Israeli request to purchase the ammunition was made just days after Israel launched its ground offensive into Gaza. The fighting in Gaza since has resulted in the deaths of 1,340 Palestinians and 59 Israelis, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. More…

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In NY Times the Fate of One Israeli Soldier Trumps Massive Suffering in Gaza


“Black Friday: Carnage in Rafah,” a new report by Amnesty International, has drawn international media attention with its accounts of destruction and suffering during four days of the Gaza conflict last year. Headlines worldwide announce charges of Israeli war crimes, and photos present readers with towering columns of smoke, smoldering ruins and grieving Palestinians.

It is a story of suffering on a massive scale, but in reporting this narrative The New York Times has chosen to look not at Gaza and its agony but, once again, at Israel. Thus we find an article that gives focus to Israeli losses—a soldier missing in action, his comrades at arms and his bereaved family. The photo is of two Israeli parents grieving by a tombstone.

In her story, “Signs of War Crimes Seen in Israeli Hunt for Ambushed Soldier,” Isabel Kershner imposes this twist on a story of Palestinian suffering and Israeli atrocities…

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