Michael Aydinian via The GMM uk – Michael AydinianRegarding the crash of Russian Flight 7K9268..

Those of us who’ve been able to see through the blatant lies of our politicians know precisely what’s going on.

1) We know all along their aim in Syria was regime change.

2) We know ISIS is a CIA/Mossad invention just as Al Qaeda was.

3) We know what ISIS was REALLY doing – destroying all the nations Israel wanted to see destroyed – in total accordance with ODED YINON’S plan to create Greater Israel.

4) We know this because General Wesley Clark revealed the plan was to take out 7 nations, who all just happened to be opposed to Israel.

5) We know the Zionist controlled media has been lying through every orifice regarding ISIS mainly by claiming it was an Islamic Terrorist Group that we were in fact trying to combat.

6) Yet all the while ISIS went from strength to strength. How could this possibly be with all the sophisticated satellite data & the military muscle that was available to US forces?

7) Just as Assad was about to capitulate he invited the Russians to help him in fighting terrorism.

8) The Russians duly accepted. After all, had they not, the West media would have been quick to accuse Russia of not wanting to fight terrorism. At least the Russians had been invited by the Syrians. The US & UK never had an invitation!

9) Within two weeks of the Russians entering the theatre of operations, ISIS was retreating in every direction.

10) Not only that, this was all being done without the assistance of the very people who were claiming they were fighting this terrible enemy ISIS for over a year. Bizarrely, no assistance whatsoever was offered to the Russians. How can one claim they are fighting terrorism when they refuse to assist the very people who have proved to be most successful at doing the job?

11) Moreover, rather than praise the Russians for successfully routing ISIS, which the media never stopped telling us was this greatest terrorist threat ever, instead they inexplicably poured scorn over the Russian campaign by saying they were attacking non-existent moderate rebels.

12) Therefore, this proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the US & UK weren’t just in cahoots with known terrorists but were actually supplying them with arms & ammunition.

Now, lo & behold, a Russian plane carrying 240+ people, mainly Russians, crashes in Egypt? Bear in mind, EGYPT LIKE UKRAINE SAW A DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OVERTHROWN BY THE WEST IN ORDER TO INSTALL A ZIONIST PUPPET! I’m sorry but I don’t like coincidences & the only ones I believe in are ones that are proven beyond any shadow of doubt to be mere coincidences. What worries me is the timing of this is perfect for it to be Zionist retribution to Russia, plain & simple for destroying ISIS, Israel’s band of mercenaries. I can only hope & pray this is a coincidence but already I have my doubts even though the consequences of this being just another deliberate terrorist act by Western governments who are in the pockets of Zionist bankers, are simply too monstrous to even think about! For a full report click caption –

Regarding the crash of Russian Flight 7K9268….. Those of us who’ve been able to see through the blatant lies of our politicians know precisely what’s

Women at the Table Lora Lucero

Women at the Table

Many things in the world seem to be broken.

Our relationship to the natural world is critically misaligned. Our unquestioning reverence for capitalism is pure folly. And our inability to eschew weapons and all forms of violence is at the heart of the madness we see today in the Middle East and in our own backyards.

Would the world change for the better if women had a seat at the table?

Alaa Murabit, a young Canadian who returned to her parents’ country of Libya to study medicine, gave a TedTalk earlier this year – already viewed more than a million times – where she asked “Why if we are equal in the eyes of God are we not equal in the eyes of men?”  She argues that many of the world’s problems can only be changed by bringing women to the table.  The list of her accomplishments is already very impressive. Imagine what she’ll accomplish in another 10 years.

She has maintained that peace is achievable through communities, “The only real solution, the only way to get that grenade or gun put down safely is the very spirit of this Forum. It is by filling his hands and head with something else. A pencil, a pay check, a diploma, a dream – by building up people, by creating institutions we break down wars. By strengthening local peace builders we give them the tools to change their communities from within.”

  1. Deb Reich6d ago

    Lora — in principle, and in general, I so agree with you… And thanks for the inspiring example you shared here. –What worries me is the brainwashed women politicians and public figures who have been co-opted into the hegemonic male perspective…. Here in Israel there are some really grotesque cases in the Knesset… in the media… women who spout the worst hate talk, the most rabid demagoguery — I find it hard to bear, truly. So I don’t know what the answer is, but keeping women out of positions of power and influence surely can’t be the answer, so working to break through the glass ceilings is something we can do that is worthwhile, even as we ponder the dilemma of these women who reflect all the worst in the male consciousness….

    1. Lora Lucero6d ago

      Deb — you are certainly correct. There are grotesque examples of women in power who are not reflecting the values and example we’re talking about here. At least in politics, I suspect they had to play the “man’s game” to get or stay at the table. What we really need is a matriarchal rewrite of our whole operating system. 🙂

Benedict Cumberbatch stuns theatregoers with anti-government speech Hamlet actor tells London audience to ‘fuck the politicians’ amid criticism of ministers over their handling of the migration crisis

The actor Benedict Cumberbatch has shown his growing frustration over the migration crisis during a speech after his Hamlet performance – reportedly saying “fuck the politicians”.

The Sherlock star has been giving nightly speeches after his curtain call at the Barbican in London and asking for donations to help Syrian refugees. So far, audience contributions have raised more than £150,000 for Save the Children.

Cumberbatch has been particularly critical of the British government’s decision to accept only 20,000 refugees over five years.

During the speeches, Cumberbatch has been reading a poem called Home by Somali poet Warsan Shire, the same one he read in the introduction to Help is Coming, Save the Children’s charity single, released in the summer. It includes the line: “No one puts children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

Cumberbatch has told theatregoers of a friend’s experience volunteering on the Greek island of Lesbos, where 5,000 people had been arriving every day.

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Benedict Cumberbatch asks the Hamlet audience to make donations to Save the Children

“Everywhere on the horizon there was nothing but boats and on the shoreline nothing but lifejackets,” he said. “We are saying, as citizens of the world, we see you … and at least some help is coming.”

Several members of the audience on Tuesday said they supported Cumberbatch’s frustration with politicians, which led him to use the swear word.

“Out of nowhere came this ‘Fuck the politicians’ remark,” one theatregoer told the Daily Mail. “It’s not quite what you’d expect when you go for an evening with the bard, but it got a few cheers.”

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Cumberbatch introduces Crowded House charity song for refugees

Cumberbatch has previously expressed a desire to meet the home secretary to discuss the refugee crisis. “I don’t think the government is doing enough, I’m glad to say that,” he told Sky News at the premiere of his new film, Black Mass, this month. “I would like to sit down with Theresa May and really get an idea of how her economic and political model works.

“There is a huge crisis and not enough is being done. Yes, we need long-term solutions; yes, we need to get people out of the camps so they don’t make a perilous journey; yes, it’s a good idea to actually have a specific solution, I suppose, once they arrive here. But to say 20,000 over five years when 5,000 arrive in one day? We’ve all got to wake up to this.”

This article was amended on 30 October 2015. An earlier version said the Lib Dem peer Shirley Williams was in the audience for Hamlet on Tuesday, and included an embedded tweet from someone who had said Lady Williams was there. Williams’ office has been in touch to say she was not in the audience for Hamlet, and had been at the Barbican that day for a different event, a recital by the pianist Stephen Hough. Nevertheless, she completely agrees that the UK government needs to do more to help refugees from the Syrian crisis.

Labour MP Gerald Kaufman accuses Government of being swayed by ‘Jewish money’ He also said ‘more than half’ of the recent stabbing attacks against Jews in Israel had been fabricated

Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman has allegedly accused Israel of fabricating some recent stories about knife attacks against Jewsin Israel, and claimed the Conservative party is influenced by “Jewish money,” in a speech at a pro-Palestine event at Parliament.

As reported by The Jewish Chronicle, Kaufman, MP for Manchester Gorton and Father of the House, told the audience at a Palestine Return Centre event that the Government has become more pro-Israel in recent years due to donations from Jewish groups.

“It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party – as in the general election in May – support from The Jewish Chronicle, all of those things, bias the Conservatives,” he said.

“There is now a big group of Conservative members of Parliament who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does.”

He added: “They’re not interested in the fact that Palestianians are living a repressed life, and are liable to be shot at any time. In the last few days alone the Israelis have murdered 52 Palestianians and nobody pays attention and this government doesn’t care.”

Kaufman then went on to claim “more than half” of the stabbings that have recently happened in the West Bank, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel were fabricated, in comments that were recorded by blogger David Collier.

Medics attend the scene of a stabbing in Jerusalem in October 2015

Reading from an email from a friend who lives in East Jerusalem, Kaufman said: “More than half of the stabbing claims were definitely fabricated. The other half, some were true, the others there was no way to tell since they executed Palestianians and no one asked questions.”

“Not only that, they got to the point of executing Arab-looking people and in the past few days they killed two Jewish Israelis and an Eritrean just because they looked Arab.

“They fabricated a stabbing story to justify the killings before they found out they were not Palestinians.”

Kaufman was referring to an incident which took place earlier this month, in which an Eritrean man was killed by an angry crowd who incorrectly  believed he was the accomplice of an Arab attacker.

The Palestine Return Centre, who organised the roundtable event where Kaufman made the comments, is a consultancy which focuses on issues relating to dispersed Palestians and their return to Israel.

Kaufman has been an MP since June 1970, making him the longest-serving MP currently in the House of Commons. He is Jewish, and has long been an outspoken critic of Israel and the Israeli government.

the Israelis are the most evil people on the planet via The GMM uk – Michael Aydinian

I’ve always believed the Israelis are the most evil people on the planet & before I get inundated with lame accusations of anti-Semitism there’s a simple explanation – the Israelis are the most evil people on the planet because for the world it seems they regularly want to show everyone what bastards they are. Harsh words? Maybe. Justified? 100%! In fact they remain so far out on their own I often wonder whether they’re deliberately trying to be the most hated people on the planet.

This morning, for instance, I listened to a report on RT about how for 3 days the Israelis have attacked a Palestinian hospital & get this – they admit they are doing this because they want the medical files of a 15 year old boy!!! Like I said – they’re going out of their way to be despised. Scream & shout all you like – you could be the Lord God Almighty – attacking hospitals? I don’t care if they’re harboring Genghis bleedin’ Khan! Israel, the US & UK forever claim the moral high ground yet recently, hospitals have been bombed in Afghanistan, Yemen & Gaza. I’m sorry but there’s no justification whatsoever for attacking hospitals & anyone who tries to defend this in any way is depraved!

For plenty more – several important links that I’ve been sent regarding the shocking execution of 17 year old DANIA ERSHEID; academics & JK Rowling’s stance on the BDS movement; articles on how the Israeli arms industry is taking a battering & how the BDS is turning the tide on Zionist extremism.

The tide is turning against Zionist extremism. I’ve always believed the Israelis are the most evil people on the planet

Fukushima Has Now Contaminated 1/3 Of The Worlds Oceans Urgent Need To Assess Impact On Food & Water

the pacific ocean is thought to have been contaminated from the leak out from the fukushima  nuclear disaster

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The Pacific Ocean is thought to have been contaminated from the leak out from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.
The Pacific Ocean – in fact almost one-third of the Globe – is thought to have been contaminated from the leak out from the Fukushima  Nuclear Disaster.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), seeking to promote the peaceful use of Nuclear Power, in 2011 established with the Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) Member States, a joint IAEA Technical Cooperation (TC) project in the region of the Pacific Ocean. It was established after the Fukushima disaster when a tsunami caused by a major earthquake on 11 March 2011, disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident. As a result a large quantity of radioactive material was admitted into the Pacific Ocean.

Of no surprise, this caused great concern to countries based around the Pacific Ocean due to the potential economic and environmental implications. The TC project’s aim was therefore, to monitor the presence of radioactive substances in the marine environment.


The first annual review meeting held in August 2012 demonstrated predictive hydrodynamic models and they predicted that the strong current, known as the Kuroshio Current and its extension, had the ability to transport the radioactive substances across the Pacific Ocean in an easterly direction. However, the concentration of radioactivity was not as high as originally thought.

 a field study found that two filter cartridges were coated  which showed elements of cesium  a radioactive substance

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A field study found that two filter cartridges were coated, which showed elements of cesium, a radioactive substance.
The massive expansion of ocean had diluted it substantially so radioactivity remained at low levels but there was still concern over contamination of seafood even at these low levels. The marine monitoring project was therefore, established to ensure that the seafood of the region was safe for consumption and to maintain a comprehensive overview and full facts of the situation, considering its grave implications.

The TC is due to conclude this year. A few results have caused concern. A field study they conducted on 2 July 2014, revealed from two sets of seawater samples, found that two filter cartridges were coated, which showed elements of cesium, a radioactive substance.

Then recently, trace amounts of cesium-134 and cesium-137 turned up in samples collected near Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The samples collected were separate from the monitoring project set up by IAEA but it is thought the only possible source of these radioactive elements is Fukushima, according to the Integrated Fukushima Ocean Radionuclide Monitoring(InFORM) Network. This is the first time that traces of cesium-134 had been detected near North America .

While these are trace amounts, the danger of radioactive material in any amount cannot be underestimated. However, the experts say that these levels detected cannot really harm us, they are still lower than those we could be exposed to from a dental x-ray for instance.

Having said that, every possible exposure, in any small amount, adds up. The problem with nuclear energy and fallout, the radiation and radioactive materials can travel far and wide with the wind and with the sea. Therefore, we should aim on a global level to keep these levels at zero. In any event the continuous monitoring of oceans will need to be conducted, according to Ken Buesseler, a marine chemist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

What Buesseler says should be taken on board beyond 2015, particularly since the advice from the IAEA is to dump even more contaminated water into the sea. This is apparently more desirable than holding it in tanks. Any discharge will have to be controlled and continuous monitoring would be needed, in particular near the plant to improve data reliability. This is causing concern and not just to state authorities. Consider the fishermen. Every time they catch fish in the ocean, the fish need to be tested for radioactivity.

Before any further dumping is done, the IAEA and Tokyo Electric Power Co., who control the plant, need to consider not only the environmental impact but socio-economic impact as well. Livelihoods could be affected as well as long-term health of the region and global community eventually.