Women at the Table Lora Lucero

Women at the Table

Many things in the world seem to be broken.

Our relationship to the natural world is critically misaligned. Our unquestioning reverence for capitalism is pure folly. And our inability to eschew weapons and all forms of violence is at the heart of the madness we see today in the Middle East and in our own backyards.

Would the world change for the better if women had a seat at the table?

Alaa Murabit, a young Canadian who returned to her parents’ country of Libya to study medicine, gave a TedTalk earlier this year – already viewed more than a million times – where she asked “Why if we are equal in the eyes of God are we not equal in the eyes of men?”  She argues that many of the world’s problems can only be changed by bringing women to the table.  The list of her accomplishments is already very impressive. Imagine what she’ll accomplish in another 10 years.

She has maintained that peace is achievable through communities, “The only real solution, the only way to get that grenade or gun put down safely is the very spirit of this Forum. It is by filling his hands and head with something else. A pencil, a pay check, a diploma, a dream – by building up people, by creating institutions we break down wars. By strengthening local peace builders we give them the tools to change their communities from within.”

  1. Deb Reich6d ago

    Lora — in principle, and in general, I so agree with you… And thanks for the inspiring example you shared here. –What worries me is the brainwashed women politicians and public figures who have been co-opted into the hegemonic male perspective…. Here in Israel there are some really grotesque cases in the Knesset… in the media… women who spout the worst hate talk, the most rabid demagoguery — I find it hard to bear, truly. So I don’t know what the answer is, but keeping women out of positions of power and influence surely can’t be the answer, so working to break through the glass ceilings is something we can do that is worthwhile, even as we ponder the dilemma of these women who reflect all the worst in the male consciousness….

    1. Lora Lucero6d ago

      Deb — you are certainly correct. There are grotesque examples of women in power who are not reflecting the values and example we’re talking about here. At least in politics, I suspect they had to play the “man’s game” to get or stay at the table. What we really need is a matriarchal rewrite of our whole operating system. 🙂

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