Zionist Jewess Babara Streisand DEFENDS MICHAEL JACKSON’S ALLEGED ABUSE OF CHILDREN, QUOTE STREISAND SAID OF JACKSON’S ACTIONS “His sexual needs were his sexual needs they were thrilled to be there and the alleged abuse didn’t kill them”

Barbra Streisand has apologised after facing a backlash for comments she made about the two men who claim to have been sexually abused by Michael Jackson as children

In an interview published in The Times, Streisand said of Jackson’s actions: “His sexual needs were his sexual needs.”

She went on to say Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who both appeared in Leaving Neverland to accuse Jackson of abuse, “were thrilled to be there.”

She added that the alleged abuse “didn’t kill them.

tj -says ah well that is ok then Babara they were certainly thrilled in many horrific sexual ways then? you zionist jews make me sick. you will be telling us all next that it is God’s will and they are gentiles so it does not matter.


The perpetrators further their cause; activists argue over detail. This is what actually occurs with false flag events. DUMP THE DETAIL!

Receiving yet another 30 day ban at least gave me time to think about New Zealand & the controversy caused by my two posts. I’m sad I ended up blocking 3 people on FB & getting into an unnecessary rows on my website. I should have tried harder to show they really hadn’t thought things out. By far the most common error was the assumption people made when I said, ‘this has all the hallmarks of another Zionist false flag attack’ & the fact things did not sit right in the videos. Apparently, for many people, I was saying nobody died! The first person who erroneously assumed this was almost confronted with ‘have a problem reading do you?’ Instead I said ‘WHERE DID I SAY PEOPLE DIDN’T DIE? Since when did a false flag event preclude the eventuality of death? Heard of 9/11?’

I’m amazed this bitch didn’t show up in New Zealand!

Again & again, I had to explain the same thing. Frustration built up only for some to say I was getting too uptight. I was but then try sitting my side of the fence – spend hours writing, desperate to unravel fact from fiction, knowing if I get anything wrong, people trying to pick up brownie points are two-a-penny. Having a big following, often when there’s an emotive issue at handyou’re hardly dealing with the odd soul who’s got their wires crossed but several. Comments flying in left, right & center, bear in mind you’re having to tackle those who’ve reached the wrong conclusion & all the time your answer is the same. I suppose that’s the discipline – always stay cool. Easier said than done.

What really does get my gander up though is people trying to make out they care more. Often I’ll say ‘why is it in certain cases people can’t wait to plonk their moral high-hat on.’ Aren’t kids being killed every day in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria & Yemen? I feel I do more than my bit raising awareness so the last thing I need is people insinuating I’m being insensitive. Most annoying of all, aren’t we all supposed to be on the same side yet all we’re doing is giving ourselves brain damage!…… Hang on a minute…… I started thinking & it hit me. JESUS! THIS IS INTENTIONAL!

I can’t believe it took me so long to suss this out. I did the hard part. For years I’ve been saying ‘screw the detail.’ Only now I realise, THEY’RE DELIBERATELY GIVING US THE DETAIL! Please, you’ve got to stop & think about this because here, staring at us squarely in the face, is another Zionist M.O. & it’s gone right over the top of us.The fact we end up arguing with each other is no fluke. It’s all engineered. They give us loose ends & off we go. Just think: Time & again they plan these false flag attacks all over the world; don’t you think they’re also going to consider how best to make us look bad & in the process take the dairy off themselves? Of course they are. They’re not idiots. I’ll put my money where my mouth is & state categorically I’m not speculating here. The dots connect. Consider this –

  1. Is it not a fact that whatever happens, however many loose ends they leave behind, these so-called false flag attacks or I prefer to call them ZIONIST ACTS OF TERROR will continue unabated until they get what they want? Why is that you may ask?
  2. Easy. With the media always riding shotgun for the real terrorists; with the media always burying any patsy that’s put on offer; with the media never allowing any alternative view to hit the airwaves, these bastards effectively have a green light to carry on as they are. WHAT’S TO STOP THEM?
  3. The proof’s in the pudding. All it takes is a little digging on the net & it’s almost inevitable – you’ll realise Zionists are professional terrorists. They’ve committed so many mass-murders it would take forever & a day to list them all. So for now I’ll pick out just 3. In 1963 the assassination of JFK. From the jump it was obvious there was more than one shooter. That means it had to be a set up & significantly the media had to know. Moreover, the two main reasons why JFK was assassinated – Standing order 11110, which took back control of the Federal Reserve from the Rothschilds & JFK’s insistence that under no circumstances could Israel acquire nuclear weapons – WERE NEVER MENTIONED…… which means those responsible for killing JFK & the media ARE ONE! So, is it any surprise the conspirators got exactly what they wanted? 4 years later there was the attack on the USS Liberty. Now what’s interesting here is Israel did not achieve it’s goal. The aim was to blame Egypt for the attack that killed 34 US sailors but this time Israel was caught bang to rights. However, such was their power even back then, the whole sordid episode was hushed up. Then in 2001 the daddy of them all. I’m not going to even start listing all the glaring discrepancies in 9/11. Let’s just stick to the point – if they got away with this lot, then what can’t they get away with? The big giveaway – Mossad’s motto – ‘By way of deception thou shalt do war.’ Don’t we just know it!
  4. Now a fact of my life: My mind is perpetually open to improving the way I go about my business. Often it’s as trivial as it gets yet it’s an improvement nonetheless. It may just be efficiency, saving a little time here or there, what I eat or what I choose to leave out of my diet. It may be something I incorporate into my routine at the gym or perhaps even iron out a bad habit acquired when I write on social media. The point is each small tweak, over the years, amounts to a significant, overall improvement. Now, don’t you think those mulling away in the clandestine pits of Mossad, CIA & MI5 DO NOT THINK EXACTLY THE SAME WAY? Common sense dictates, for good or for evil, one should always be looking to improve how one goes about one’s business.
  5. Their business of setting up false flag events has been going on long before I was born. Cut a long story short, along comes the Internet & with it social media, in other words a means to counter the bile spewed out by mainstream media. Imagine being right in the thick of it in Mossad’s Dirty Tricks Dept. Your job is to make life as difficult as possible for Truthers. Like I said in 1 & 2, being exposed is not an issue because the media will never go down that road. Moreover with the chief protagonists having the Police forces & judicial systems locked up, what route do we have apart from some sort of revolution?
  6. Well, we can also raise awareness & on this front, thanks largely to the Internet we’ve made considerable progress. So naturally those involved in the planning of these false flag operations will think, ‘perhaps it’s a good idea to throw in a few spanners for activists to latch onto & drive themselves mad?’ Remember, these people have been involved in this kind of subterfuge for over a century. Don’t you think they’re going to fine-tune their Modus Operandi, rather like the way a company boosts productivity or the way I try to improve my life? OF COURSE THEY ARE!
  7. So by creating confusion, just as they have in New Zealand, what is the end result? Activists & Truthers opposed to all this mayhem, end up wasting time & energy arguing the toss over detail while those on the outside looking in, observing all this anarchy on the Internet not surprisingly think ‘look at these crazy conspiracy freaks!’ Moreover, while we hurl obscenities at each other the MSM presents a united front. As a result we’re falling woefully short when it comes to raising awareness. Truth is, it’s almost as if the Zionists are deliberately taking the piss.

Aaaahhh there she is again……

Like I said I should have sussed what’s going on. Tell me. How many times have I pleaded on social media imploring people – ‘SCREW THE DETAIL! JUST CALL OUT WHO’S RESPONSIBLE & WHY!’ I said it a million times. HERE IS OUR GOAL! With 9/11 I burst blood vessels. I said stop publicising crap like Dr Judy Wood’s half-baked laser theory. How anyone can be so foolish to fall for it is bad enough yet I stated, ‘even if she’s right, the only outcome will be to create division among those who yearn for the truth.’ I couldn’t have made it clearer. In the end I was so exasperated I said, anyone spreading 9/11 theories would be blocked & boy did the saps fall like flies, almost as if they took pride in their stupidity. What blithering idiots. Talk about being your own worst enemy. You see the one thing that’s undeniable is what we saw with our own eyes – CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS! THAT’S ALL WE NEED. The goddamned detail can be sorted out when the perpetrators are in the dock. A million times I said this.

It goes without saying the elite know humans have weaknesses so obviously they’ll try to exploit them. The flip side to this, anyone who’s able to read through the lines & generally display sound judgement, they’ll also work on. That’s why I say I must be near or bang on the mark because not only has my website taken it up the gearbox but on FB it’s 3 days on & 30 days off! It’s been like this for over two years now. It’s fair to say if you’re not being censored then you’re of no concern to them. They most certainly do not ban people for spreading hate. That’s what they want & Zionists are only too willing to oblige. How else are they allowed to say death to all Palestinians with impunity? I’ve never said death to Israel. I don’t even allow swearing yet I’m the one who’s banned all the time. Do you honestly think they ban dumbos who can’t see the wood from the trees?

What makes Zionists so dangerous is morality doesn’t get a look in. Now I don’t know about all this Lucifer shit. Frankly I’m at a loss why people even mention it. If the Rothschilds want to worship the devil that’s their business. My job is to raise awareness. So I’ve got a choice. I can either say these people have no conscience. Just a delusional belief that they must have their way no matter what, or I can say these cats are heavily into devil-worshiping. Do I have to even ask which method is more likely to get results? Unlike many Goyim though, Zionists aren’t nearly as brain dead. It seems they have the jump on us with mis-information & so often we fall into their traps. Perhaps we get too emotionally involved, after all, it doesn’t take much for the heart to rule over the mind. Oddly enough, many people say they love the emotional aspect of my writing. I suppose it’s all about getting the balance right.
Anyway, we better start wising up. Why do you think at every opportunity I refer to the Bolshevic Revolution, the most brutal massacre in history & all the grief occurring today is down to the very same people who were responsible for butchering 66 million Russians, the Ashkenazi Zionists. Back in 1817 Tsar Alexander pulled the rug from under Nathan Rothschild at the Congress of Vienna. The Rothschilds were hoping to kick-start their plan for a New World Order but the Tsar got wind of it & warned many heads of state who were there. Nathan Rothschild was beside himself with rage. He told the Tsar ‘one day my family will destroy your family.’ Well, the Rothschilds were good to their word. Rumours persist that the NWO’s aim is to have no more than 500 million inhabitants. You do the maths. Far as I’m concerned it’s pretty obvious their goal is to take us back to the days of Julius Caesar where they will be the despotic lords of our planet. 


This is how it works…..

Just to reiterate, what I’ve learned since makes it a slam-dunk. Whatever happened in New Zealand, however many people died, this was a false flag event & the NWO Rothschild Zionists were ultimately responsible. This is all about ushering in gun laws in order to disarm us & hate laws that apart from protecting the real terrorists, the media will use to turn us against each other. It’s called DIVIDE & CONQUER!

  1. The alleged killer was trained in Israel.
  2. There was another attack on a mosque that day but that story was buried by the MSM for obvious reasons – two attacks on mosques in New Zealand on the same day? That means conspiracy.
  3. Most interesting of all, just like 9/11 we were fed the diabolical excuse that on the day ‘exercises’ were taking place. This is why the response to the shooting took over 30 minutes when there was an old Bill station round the corner. Using this excuse once is bad enough…..

Here is an interview from New Zealand with a very interesting chap VINNY EASTWOOD. I listened to all of it & I strongly recommend you put aside the hour you need. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THEY SAY & I GUARANTEE IF YOU’RE CONFUSED & CLOUDED BY FEAR, THIS WILL GIVE YOU THE WHOLE PICTURE. THIS IS WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST! He starts by listing the reasons this had to be a false flag. Put it this way, he does a far better job than I did in my 2nd post. I featured Vinny before & he really impressed me. Well done guys. I bow to you.

From 3.20 – 9.00 minutes (Listen to what he says on 26 – 29 mins & 38 – 40 mins ESPECIALLY! HERE IS THEIR AGENDA).

Here are some articles regarding this event –

NZ shooter was Mossad agent. Major false flag operation. Spread the proof around, call names (Love the call names)

NZ mosque shooting ‘hero dad’ caught texting in rehearsal video

New Zealand False Flag Event by Richard David Steele


I received an excellent comment by Reiner Hickman –

This is the Sandy Hook scenario being played out again. Let’s not forget that if this is a false flag (I think it is) then it was organised by a whole team of professionals months in advance, with careful attention given to every detail. Now, one of those details is the insertion of enough elements giving the appearance of there being no real casualties, with the goal of getting the alternative media community fighting amongst themselves over whether there were casualties or not. That’s one purpose, the second is to then facilitate the discrediting of the whole alternative media community as, you guessed it! a bunch of loony conspiracy theorists. Exactly what happened to Alex Jones re Sandy Hook, for example.

My take on this is, that there were indeed people brutally murdered and that the number of fatalities given is most likely correct. That certain videos and pictures were subsequently put into circulation by the team that organised the event, to give the appearance that there were no real victims. Le’s face it, doing this is a piece of cake. They could even shoot such vids and pics ahead of time, in fact they most likely did. Alternatively, shooting blanks at the windscreen and then swapping out the magazine of blanks for live rounds is a piece of cake for anyone familiar with their weapons. Unfortunately this stratagem seems to work every time, because for some strange reason everyone assumes that people that organise false flags must be rank amateurs.

Well done Reiner. It’s certainly good to know people are on the ball. As for those who had a pop at me, do not for one minute think in my mind you’re not well-meaning folk. Zionists though are all too aware they can further their cause by using your emotions. The harsh reality is whether one person, 50 or 1000 died IS IRRELEVANT! This is mere detail. What matters is recognising who’s responsible & why & THEN TO SPREAD THAT WORD! Don’t ever try & make out you feel more sorry than another person because all you’re doing is playing into their hands. They want you to be shocked but if you really care that much take heed of what I’m saying. If you don’t then more people will die, I guarantee it! The only way to bring a halt to this is always think of the bigger picture & let the media & politicians know you’re onto them. That’s what I do. In my eyes this is the only way to show true solidarity to the victims, especially when you’re certain who the protagonists are. It is imperative we say who’s responsible & why. Dump the detail!

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  • Fredi Hazeem

    Wow. One of your best works. Outstanding. Read every word, and will follow the links tomorrow. WHO & WHY matter, not so much how. I am always spreading those points.

    Sorry you’re gagged again in FB … AGAIN. Seems like NZ is vanishing from the MSM. I read the other day, that facial recognition didn’t match the arrested man, and the person he was said to be. The other day I saw a “Going to Court” photo, and MSM blurred out his face. Not even sure is the alleged perp is a real person. I suspect computer generated.

    So far, I have not seen anything to convince me there was a single causality.

    False Flag, NO QUESTION. People need to unite, and demand a transparent, objective, truth committee.

Report on Child Sexual Abuse at Knottfield Childrens Home, Isle of Man, Oct 2018

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The Report on the Isle of Man’s Social Affairs Policy Review Committee’s inquiry into child abuse at Knottfield has been published today.

2018 Oct 4 IOM Social Affairs Committee  Report on the Isle of Man’s Social Affairs Policy Review Committee’s inquiry into child abuse Historic child abuse at KnottfieldPart 1 [1] 12 MB

2018 Oct 4 IOM Social Affairs Committee Report on the Isle of Man’s Social Affairs Policy Review Committee’s inquiry into child abuse Historic child abuse at KnottfieldPart 2  [2] 12 MB

The reports are now uploaded to this blog as I know Reports have a tendency to go missing from official sites.

2018 Oct 4 [on  cathyfox blog] IOM Social Affairs Committee  Report on the Isle of Man’s Social Affairs Policy Review Committee’s inquiry into child abuse Historic child abuse at KnottfieldPart 1[11] 

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Beecholme Survivors Interim Report

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It is with mixed emotions that I blog the Report into child abuse at Beecholme Childrens Home.

Horror of course at so many people in trusted positions abusing vulnerable innocent children.

However I am heartened that a group of survivors have managed to form a survivors group, hold it together, take on the authorities that abused them and publish a Report outlining and documenting that abuse.

They have revealed truths that no one can deny.

They have exposed this abuse in the face of obstruction from the Councils and Police involved, notably unhelpful and hence named and shamed are Surrey Police and Wandsworth Council.

The Report is a huge achievement by Beecholme survivors.

It is hard to even set up a survivors group for an area or place of abuse and very  few groups have written a report, so huge congratulations to Beecholme survivors.

The link to the report is…

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Acknowledgement and Apology to Ritual Abuse Victims from Australian Prime Minister

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Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison ( twitter @ScottMorrisonMP )  has given a groundbreaking national apology to victims of child abuse.

Not only did it break new ground in terms of a national apology for Australia to victims of child sexual abuse but the Prime Minister also acknowledges and apologises for ritual abuse, probably a worldwide first.

The ritual abuse acknowledgement is a huge step forward for all those ritually abused, the apology another step forward.

Fiona Barnett called for Scott Morrison to acknowledge ritual abuse victims.

Surprisingly Scott Morrison obliged with these words

“The crimes of Ritual Sexual Abuse happened in schools, churches, youth groups, scout troups, orphanages, foster homes, sporting clubs, group homes, charities and in family homes”

For clarity [added 27 Oct]  here are a couple of definitions of ritual abuse that Fiona tweeted

The drawing by Fiona, represents her experiences of ritual abortion & Baal…

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