breast feeding in public take off the scarf .THE TSUNAMI OF STUPIDITY

So in France covering up ones head and body is a fine-able offence  .so nuns are going to be fined and made to strip off?breast feeding mothers who place a scarf over breast and baby are going to be fined and made to take it off. motor bikers in full leathers and full face crash helmets are going to strip and remove their helmet?Sikhs will be fined and made to remove their turbans?what about anyone wearing a hooded garment fined and stripped?what about Jewish women going to the synagogue take off the headscarf and fined? how about the skullcap worn by Jews?I could go on and on but I will not.the burka,the full headscarf,the burkini,and the traditional nuns outfit cover the same area of the body more or less.So nuns on the beach will be made to strip off and the brides of christ fined?




This from my eyes and ears on the web, Facebook and Blogs

My dear Maurice Its about time you faced up to the truth. I read this the other day on a Facebook posting:

Andrew G**** B**** PÇ****(IT SEEMS TO BE A GAME OF FILL IN THE BLANKS ,LIKE WHEEL OF FORTUNE) SO HERE WE GO  ANDREW GORDON BENNETT PINK ERR CUNT THAT IS THE FIRST  BIT RUDE GOD , U KNOW MIND YOUR LANGUAGE TIMOTHY)in answer to your comment about Tony blair no he is not but we have a weasel named maurice who does the cleaning looks a bit like gobby out of harry potter. oooooh he is real gobby!

This sicko has a blog called the Cir****B***. (CIRCUSBUOY GOD SICKO?¿You are mentioned by name at least twice a day EVERY day. He is a socialmedia stalker who is totally obsessed with you. His jealousy seems to have now spiraled out of control. It is as if YOU are all that matters in his life. He continues to beg you to answer on his page knowing now you never read it. You know the child who has a fantasy friend your this clowns fantasy. Why else does your name continually appear daily on his page. OK GLOVES OFF SERIOUS STUFF  MOSSAD HAS AN AGENDA A SITE WHICH IS THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY IT DISTRACTS FROM THE ISSUE OF ISREAL AND INSULTS AND DECRYS THOSE THAT POST ABOUT THE PALESTINE SITUATIONDRAGS THESE PEOPLE IN TO THE SUBJECT MATTER FLAT EARTH.Do you see where i am going.back to you god ) He loves insulting by calling you names. These are all characteristics of a stalker

He has no followers , I checked on P765 *** (what page 765 is i do not know sounds like 1984″)He writes to himself using different names like T*** J***.(TOMIE JONES)He is a dreamer, a fantasist. He is destroyed by jealousy oh you always has been and I assume always will be.(THE SENTENCE LOSES ALL UNDERSTANDING HERE HIS EXCUSE IS HE IS DIPSTICKLIP YOU KNOW CANNOT WRITE OR SPELL ,WAIT SLIP THERE GOD WROTE THAT NOT JESUS IT IS JESUS WHO IS DYSLEXIC.OH DEAR MOBO YOU ARE WRITING THIS !)SORRY I HAVE LET THE CAT OUT THE BAG!

He copies and pastes full articles from your blog then changes words to try and make you look silly. If he could I am sure he’d dress like you. (OOOH YES I DO  GOT A 5 EURO WHITE JACKET FROM m&s, a waistcoat with gold chains on always where t shirts you me and alec guinness would look like triplets YOU KNOW THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT?

Is he dangerous?(one thing you do not want to do is underestimate me)I don’t think so. Has he got a mental issue? For sure(yes made in your image god ). Is he sad? Very(well not all the time but now i am lost my best friend it really has broke me up , but you would not understand that maurice being the insensitive cruel ,selfish person you are). Its incredible to think its 7 years since you withdrew from public life and yet , as I said, Everyday without fail your name is on his crazed blog.

Just thought I’d let you know. I suppose he’s paying you a huge compliment to write about you EVERY Day! (yes i am ,still would like answers to my questions that you choose to ignore, .YOU SEE THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF MOSSAD PROPAGANDA DECRY AND DISTRACT



Photo of mom breastfeeding at a wedding goes viral











A few days ago, Naomi Jael Covert posted an Instagram photo of her at a wedding reception. The photo has since been liked more than 3,500 times and has more than 250 comments. In the photo, the mom was breastfeeding her 10-month-old son, TJ. WELL WELL BABY NAMED AFTER ME RIGHT ON ROCK ON TOMIE!

Source: Photo of mom breastfeeding at a wedding goes viral











Bernie Sanders Thanks Breastfeeding Moms at rally

Source: Bernie Sanders Reportedly Thanks Breastfeeding Mom At Rally

bernie sanders is a pro advocate of breast feeding in public, and those that condemn women for breast feeding in public (a completely pure and natural expression )as unnatural are the ones who are having impure thoughts and are committing sexual abuse on those women they decry and ridicule.

The Dick-Read School for Natural Childbirth

The Dick-Read School for Natural Childbirth
Honouring Dr Grantly Dick-Read MD, 1890 to 1959 and
Jessica Dick-Read, 1912 to 1998
School “Maintenance Man”: Dr Leigh Dick-Read, PhD (Natural Childbirth)
This work is – and it must be, totally Evidence Based and Transparent.
Society IS as Society Births!
0422 56 1214

A brief interim report

I have been meeting with many Homebirth and Hospital Midwives, Doulas, Birth-Support Workers, Mothers and their Partners, Families and Friends traveling along the East Coast of Australia. I been talking with and listening to them all. They have more than reinforced my best and worst prejudices, fears and hopes.

Avoidable and unnecessary medical interventions during birth are harmful.

Too many obstetricians and gynaecologists, and some midwives just do not understand how we humans have been designed to have and to support the having of our babies. The life-long consequences of ill-informed, arrogant, heartless interference are obvious. They keep too many of us counsellors in business!

Childbirth affects us all physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. How we have babies largely determines how we all are able to birth our whole lives. This is because REAL Natural Childbirth (RNC) requires a Mindset that predisposes us to be totally non-violent (unless defensively), cooperative, mutually respectful and self-governing.

He best of our midwives and obstetricians are threatened by ill-informed, dictatorial and powerful colleagues who just cannot understand what the late, great Dr Marsden Wagner, former head of Women’s and Children’s Services at WHO, told us:

Far too many of the birth problems birthing mothers are experiencing are caused by obstetricians!

Obstetricians are our highly skilled Remedial Therapists. It is our best, most informed, most skilled, most humane, most trustworthy and very brave, midwives and obstetricians who must lead us away from the horrors within the Obstetric-Industrial Complex. We cannot fight enormous money and power any more than we could hope to breach the walls of Jericho with a Gazoo! We must join together to BYPASS ‘the System’ and let its horrors wither from disuse while preserving and enhancing its ever-greater research and support benefits. We must freely avoid inappropriate imposed technology applied against our will.

One midwife said something that is so obvious to so many of us:

“We have too many obstetricians!”

REAL Natural Childbirth (RNC) is having babies as Nature intends, according to Nature’s design!

Research and the, usually ignored, stories of countless women worldwide are continually telling us that RNC is safe, healthy and joyful throughout. RNC is largely, often entirely, free of pain, bleeding and tearing – and any need for medical interference and management!

It is now time for all women to get the facts and take back the TOTAL and COMPETENT control of ALL childbirth – especially their own.

It is now time for all men to get the facts and to fulfil their biological role – protecting all birthing environments – Sacred Spaces – to ensure that all women can have the facts and self-deliver their babies how and where each woman wishes without any uninvited, unwelcome and unnecessary interference.

The ideal time for us all, as girls and boys, to begin to learn all about RNC is in infancy. This happens in our family and in many other families worldwide. Most of us have a bit of catching up to do!

The last place ANY healthy woman should have a baby is exposed to hospital infections – both microbial and attitudinal!

It is KNOWLEDGE that enables us to suss out our most skilled, honest and trustworthy birth workers when we genuinely need their help.

During February I will be circulating a full report on this trip. When our film is ready we will distribute it worldwide.

I am often asked what I do. Somewhat flippantly I may answer: “Teach women how to have babies”. In fact what I really do is help women and men to get and check the facts so that they can have and support the having of our babies without need of my help!

This is the work that will continue worldwide till we get Birth and, therefore, Life right.

Like this? Work with us!

Don’t like this? Challenge me to show my evidence – and I will challenge you to do the same!

More soon from me – and many others!

Leigh Dick-Read

A no-strings basic income? If it works for the royal family, it can work for us all

A no-strings basic income? If it works for the royal family in britain, it can work for us all

A living wage for all of us, whether we’re in work or not, could rebalance the economy and create a generation of entrepreneurs


My first response to the notion of a universal basic income (UBI) was: “Well, really. That is never going to happen! I mean, it’s completely unaffordable. I mean, it would be political suicide for any progressive party suggesting it.” And then I may have started to froth at the mouth slightly and ask if it would be paid to refugees.

Yet this year will see a UBI paid to residents of Utrecht and 19 other Dutch municipalities. Everyone will get about £150 a week, whether working or not. The unemployed won’t find themselves penalised for finding work, and the hope is that the state will spend less money snooping on benefit claimants, moving on the homeless or locking up those driven to crime. Advocates of this radical idea are keen to quash any notion that recipients of free money will just use it to lie around all day getting stoned. This is why it is being piloted in holland.

The idea is so refreshingly contrary to the petty conditionality that is killing the welfare state that it began to fill me with optimism that there may be a few people lying in this political gutter still looking at the stars. Once upon a time, universality was the underpinning principle of welfare. Every mother got child benefit; every child got free school milk, until that was snatched away by … Oh, I can’t remember – I’m not one to bear grudges.

In Britain we’ve already experimented with a system in which one group of people receive a guaranteed income with no obligation to work for it. But what if this was extended beyond the royal family? Imagine now if everyone in the UK started out with a guaranteed minimal amount of money each week.  All other benefits would be done away with, along with the stigma and entrapment that came with the old system of welfare (and the expense of policing and administering it).

The idea of the UBI is so contrary to everything that has been drummed into us about preventing the “something for nothing society”, it’s worth advocating it just to see the Daily Mail and Iain Duncan Smith implode with outrage. The predictable argument that will be rolled out is that it will turn the masses from “strivers into skivers”; it will lead to welfare dependency, a lack of initiative and lots of programmes on Channel 5 called Fat Ugly People Spending Your Money on Crisps and Big Tellies.

But in fact it is the current situation that prevents initiative and holds back entrepreneurs. Anyone who ever invented or created anything did so with a modicum of financial security behind them. That’s why so many of our statues are to upper-class white men; that’s why Virginia Woolf needed “a room of her own and £500 a year” (slashed to £27.85 after that spare room fell under the bedroom tax). For centuries we have tapped the potential of only a small proportion of the British people; the rest have been powerless to initiate or discover where their true talents lay. With the UBI, innovators would be given the room to experiment knowing they would still have something to fall back on; it would see more small businesses and less grovelling on Dragons’ Den.

Vitally, it would begin to redress the chronic imbalance in today’s labour market. There’s a reason why call centre workers sound so miserable when they claim to be sharing really exciting news about your phone tariff. Since the decline of the unions, workers have been increasingly powerless to refuse longer hours and less money, with only the food bank to fall back on if they walk away from an exploitative job. With a guaranteed state income to keep the wolf (or Wonga) from the door, employees would regain the bargaining power to demand civilised working conditions and reasonable rates of pay. In a flexible labour market with millions of short-term contracts, this might be a more effective lever than attempting to unionise Uber drivers (whose membership subs would only be undercut by a new union startup operating online).

Meanwhile the rest of us could feel confident that beggars had no reason to approach us on public transport. We wouldn’t have to do that thing where we shake our heads and pretend we haven’t see them at the same time. Overnight, our labyrinthine system of benefits and tax credits would disappear along with an army of benefits snoopers and all the stigma of signing on, with its degrading culture of blame and humiliation for those at the bottom of the pile.