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Over the years the forward march of the European Union has been widely misunderstood. Without political challenge, national parliaments have become an empty shell. Where once elites drew authority from their own people, today they draw authority from the European Union, and other summits of world leaders. The growth of the European Union runs in tandem with the decline in national politics. As national sovereignty is hollowed out, technocratic administration from Brussels fills the void. ‪#‎JamesHeartfield‬ explains that the rise of the EU is driven by the decline in political participation……in our apathy and lack of participation.

And a new study has shown that two thirds of Britons are on a diet “most of the time”. Is this a type of restraint that we should encourage in today’s culture of over-abundance or is a sad reflection of the sorts of priorities that many people obsess themselves with? We will go to the excellent ‪#‎DrZoeHarcombe‬ to find out.

Regular listeners will know that I have had a weekly feature from the Greek island of Lesvos from local girl ‪#‎CherylTurnerHunt‬ who is one of a multitude of volunteers who have given up their time to head over to the island to provide comfort and sustinance for these poor souls. Another of those people is Cheryl’s son Josh Turner Hunt. Well he is back in Spain temporarily to fire up his big red truck and get crowdfunded to drive back over to the troubled edge of Europe to hand out food and clothes to the migrants. Tune in to hear how you can help.

Last weekend, 150 Somalians were killed in a drome attack carried out as an extrajudicial killling by the United States. According to Pentagon claims, the people were “militants” attending a “training camp”, and they were “planning a large-scale attack” that “posed an imminent threat to US and [African Union] forces”. Karen Jayes, co-ordinator for ‪#‎CAGEAfrica‬, will speak to us about the setting of a chilling precedent for Africa, where the United States is able to simply violate sovereign airspace and execute individuals en masse, with very little argument from African leaders, or from the broader international community.

In Portugal, storks, the birds known in folklore for dutifully delivering babies, have become homebodies. The reason, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal Movement Ecology, is the tasty local landfills in the south-central part of the country. Thousands of birds have chosen to forgo their typical winter migration to sub-Saharan Africa in favor of sticking around to gorge on garbage. We will hear from ‪#‎AldinaFranco‬, a conservation ecologist from the University of East Anglia in England and a co-author of the paper.

And then over to ‪#‎Yemen‬. A spokesman for the Saudi-led military coalition says that major combat operations in Yemen are coming to an end, a year after the start of the alliance’s intervention. The fighting has killed more than 6,200 civilians and displaced millions, pushing the Arab world’s poorest country to the brink of famine. We will have a second contribution from Hisham Al-Omeisy who will speak to us from the Yemeni capital, ‪#‎Sana‬‘a.



THE TRE TELETHON FOR CUDECA , WHICH HAS BEEN AN ANNUAL EVENT IS NOT GOING TO TAKE PLACE it seems. Well  since maurice boland left six years ago   it has had a steady decline to the extent of  a short fall of it,s projected target last year of 50,000€.Also the founder joan hunt has left who was linked very closely to tre and Maurice boland.Also many of the items were desperately being sold off well under the stated value at last year,s event. It took place at the end of march after maurice boland left .This year there is no mention of the telethon on the website or by the presenters, it is conspicuous in it,s absence.Maybe bill padley(station manager) in his infinite wisdom has proposed to the owner mr nathan that it is a good time to part company with the cudeca telethon, move on so to speak. Or maybe not ,they may have taken my advice to hold it before xmas again as it,s move to march was another reason for it,s decline. We do not know there is no information and the presenters acting as if it never existed saying nothing.So come clean tre tell your listeners what is happening or not happening as the case maybe.A posting on your website would be helpful ,still I suppose the bill padley policy of ignore it and say nothing and it will go away will be enacted.We can but wait and see.

It beggars belief, tre website ,charities, cudeca,what do you get ?last year,s promotion by martin nathan for the 2015  cudeca telethon! so that seems to put the lid on the matter as far as I can see tre have thrown cudeca in the can and put the lid on the trash.TRE WILL BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE OR NOT ANYWHERE?Good job Antonio Banderas, and spanish radio raise 100,000,s of euros for cudeca every year.

HAVING MADE SEVERAL PHONE CALLS WITHOUT AVAIL MR PUDSEY IS NOT AVAILABLE, WELL TO ME THAT IS .I struck gold at cudeca the receptionist said she did not know what was happening but she knew someone who did she got through to them and gave me the GOOD NEWS .TRE HAVE TAKEN NOTE OF MY REMARKS MADE AFTER THE 2015 TELETHON AND THEY ARE GOING TO HOLD IT IN THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER .which is when it used to be and was far more successful than in march . I am so glad you have taken up my advice bill it really is the right direction to go.

SO THERE YOU GO I AM SURE AS THE DATE GETS NEARER tre WILL KEEP YOU ALL INFORMED AS I WILL .Maybe you could start by taking down the old 2015 telethon page and posting the date of the 2016 telethon keeping your listeners informed.


.   YET AGAIN I CAN ONLY SAY THANK YOU MR GOD.AND MY STATS HAVE GONE THROUGH THE ROOF ESPECIALLY SPAIN AND IT IS ALL DOWN TO YOU AS YOU HAVE SAID IN THE PAST THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY.PLEASE KEEP IT UP.Oh as the saying goes it takes one to know one,so what does that say about you . Late,s face it your credentials on past performance are -well it is a subject to be discussed in september .6 years on how time flies. Herald among many did an obituary, still 20 september would be the appropriate time to bring it all up in detail.

Max Clifford sentenced 8 years for eight indecent assaults SKY Report & Comments – YouTube

max clifford ,mike souter,stuart hall,rolf harris,jimmy savile have many things in common, they are all in jail for sex crimes(except jimmy savile who is dead),  connected with the costa del sex ,have been connected with english speaking radio in Spain, friends ,business associates, retired showbiz .

thecolemanexperience | The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking

Source: thecolemanexperience | The Clock is Ticking

SO we trolls that report the news that does not get reported like the coleman experience, paedophilia, filthy britain well you get the jist.lora lucero on Israel , gaza strip , palestine, we must not forget my good self on conspiracy theories , chem trails , 9/11  jfk,etc. alison is going to work for her masters to control , eliminate , destroy freedom of expression , . I Should think that you Zionist jew chums of british government will really love this move to restrain ,remove our freedom of speech.well alison you may be able to get at those in the british isles but the rest of the network is out of your control . We will not lie down and give in without a fight, here in the rest of the world, the likes of you facist bastards that want control of the conspiracy theoroists are going to have to fight for it, threats of legal action droconian laws will not stop us.Do your worst i personally have nothing to lose . Health and wealth does not exist the only thing you have in your  favour concerning myself is i am in ill health and will die sooner rather than later, SO DO YOUR WORSE.

MUSLIM PALESTINIANS  SERVING THE ZIONIST ISRAELIS IN THE I D F IS NOTHING MORE THAN COLLABORATION WITH THE ENEMY, ZIONIST JEWS ,ZIONIST SETTLERS,BIBI NETANYAHU,ETC. WANT RID OF THE PALESTINIANS DEAD ,ERADICATED.So if and when this is achieved by the zionists what happens to them?The collaborators they will want rid of them as they will have no further use for them .

Think on what did the nazises do to the jewish collaborators who policed the ghettos when the jews were shipped out to death camps?THEY WERE MURDERED AS WELL,SERVED THEIR PURPOSE .

Why the bloody hell hasn’t Alison Saunders been arrested yet?

Alison Saunders

Establishment hag, Alison Saunders, has announced plans to clampdown on online ‘trolls’.

Oh yeah?

What she really means is that her masters have told her to do everything she can to stop social media reporting on VIP paedophiles in power.

Under the guise of protecting the victims of crime,  Saunders is slyly trying to bring in laws to stop Twitter and other sites ‘harassing’ victims and ‘hurting their ‘ feelings’.

Of course, in reality Alison Sunders couldn’t give a fuck about real victims.

She has in fact  spent her legal life as an Establishment ‘gatekeeper’ very much in the same vein as paedophile-lover Esther Rantzen.

satanic slagheapesther savile

















This time it is not the english controlling Ireland it far worse than that .They got beaten to pulp 21-10 at rugby(like american football but without all the protection),IRELAND GOT THE WOODEN SPOON!you could say it was a false flag flop. So how is your day so far?

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video) – YouTube

The queen of sweet ,sweet charity,as the saying goes charity begins at home. NOT IF YOUR EGO IS BIGGER THAN YOUR ABILITIES AND IT IS TARNISHED,STAINED,BY YOUR SELF IMPORTANCE.Then others have to go away for fear of being tainted,tarred with the same brush.”IT is time to remarket myself as a CORNflake”said he .Yet he has failed to rebrand his product as fresh new and clean,shite sticks and people have long memories .