THE TRE TELETHON FOR CUDECA , WHICH HAS BEEN AN ANNUAL EVENT IS NOT GOING TO TAKE PLACE it seems. Well  since maurice boland left six years ago   it has had a steady decline to the extent of  a short fall of it,s projected target last year of 50,000€.Also the founder joan hunt has left who was linked very closely to tre and Maurice boland.Also many of the items were desperately being sold off well under the stated value at last year,s event. It took place at the end of march after maurice boland left .This year there is no mention of the telethon on the website or by the presenters, it is conspicuous in it,s absence.Maybe bill padley(station manager) in his infinite wisdom has proposed to the owner mr nathan that it is a good time to part company with the cudeca telethon, move on so to speak. Or maybe not ,they may have taken my advice to hold it before xmas again as it,s move to march was another reason for it,s decline. We do not know there is no information and the presenters acting as if it never existed saying nothing.So come clean tre tell your listeners what is happening or not happening as the case maybe.A posting on your website would be helpful ,still I suppose the bill padley policy of ignore it and say nothing and it will go away will be enacted.We can but wait and see.

It beggars belief, tre website ,charities, cudeca,what do you get ?last year,s promotion by martin nathan for the 2015  cudeca telethon! so that seems to put the lid on the matter as far as I can see tre have thrown cudeca in the can and put the lid on the trash.TRE WILL BE LOOKING ELSEWHERE OR NOT ANYWHERE?Good job Antonio Banderas, and spanish radio raise 100,000,s of euros for cudeca every year.

HAVING MADE SEVERAL PHONE CALLS WITHOUT AVAIL MR PUDSEY IS NOT AVAILABLE, WELL TO ME THAT IS .I struck gold at cudeca the receptionist said she did not know what was happening but she knew someone who did she got through to them and gave me the GOOD NEWS .TRE HAVE TAKEN NOTE OF MY REMARKS MADE AFTER THE 2015 TELETHON AND THEY ARE GOING TO HOLD IT IN THE BEGINNING OF DECEMBER .which is when it used to be and was far more successful than in march . I am so glad you have taken up my advice bill it really is the right direction to go.

SO THERE YOU GO I AM SURE AS THE DATE GETS NEARER tre WILL KEEP YOU ALL INFORMED AS I WILL .Maybe you could start by taking down the old 2015 telethon page and posting the date of the 2016 telethon keeping your listeners informed.

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