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Hannah Arendt: Born in Conflict, Israel Will Degenerate into Sparta, and American Jews Will Need to Back Away.Here are some prophetic excerpts from two essays of Hannah Arendt’s, collected in The Jewish Writings (2007). Please note her predictions of the Nakba, of unending conflict, of Zionist dependence on the American Jewish community, of ultimate conflict with that American Jewish community, and the contribution of political Zionism to world anti-semitism. Just what Howard Gutman said and for which he was denounced by– Zionists.Zionism Reconsidered, 1944:Nationalism is bad enough when it trusts in nothing but the rude force of the nation. A nationalism that necessarily and admittedly depends upon the force of a foreign nation is certainly worse. This is the threatened state of Jewish nationalism and of the proposed Jewish state, surrounded inevitably by Arab states and Arab people. Even a Jewish majority in Palestine–nay even a transfer of all Palestine’s Arabs, which is openly demanded by the revisionists–would not substantially change a situation in which Jews must either ask protection from an outside power against their neighbors or come to a working agreement with their neighbors…[T]he Zionists, if they continue to ignore the Mediterranean people and watch out only for the big faraway powers, will appear only as their tools, the agents of foreign and hostile interests. Jews who know their own history should be aware that such a state of affairs will inevitably lead to a new wave of Jew-hatred; the antisemitism of tomorrow will assert that Jews not only profiteered from the presence of foreign big powers in that region but had actually plotted it and hence are guilty of the consequences…[T]he sole new piece of historical philosophy which the Zionists contributed out of their own new experiences [was] “A nation is a group of people…  held together by a common enemy” (Herzl)–an absurd doctrine…To such [political] independence, it was believed, the Jewish nation could arrive under the protecting wings of any great power strong enough to shelter its growth…. the Zionists ended by making the Jewish national emancipation entirely dependent upon the material intersts of another nation.The actual result was a return of the new movement to the traditional methods of shtadlonus [court Jews], which the Zionists once had so bitterly despised and violently denounced. Now Zionists too knew no better place politically than the lobbies of the powerful, and no sounder basis for agreements than their good services as agents of foreign interests…[O]nly folly could dictate a policy which trusts a distant imperial power for protection, while alienating the goodwill of neighbors. What then, one is prompted to ask, will be the future policy of Zionism with respect to big powers, and what program will Zionists have to offer for a solution of the Arab-Jewish conflict?…If a Jewish commonwealth is obtained in the near future–with or without partition–it will be due to the political influence of American Jews…. But if the Jewish commonwealth is proclaimed against the will of the Arabs and without the support of the Mediterranean peoples, not only financial help but political support will be necessary for a long time to come. And that may turn out to be very troublesome indeed for Jews in this country [the U.S.], who after all have no power to direct the political destinies of the Near East. It may eventually be far more of a responsibility than today they imagine or tomorrow can make good.To Save the Jewish Homeland, 1948 [on the occasion of war in Palestine]And even if the Jews were to win the war, its end would find the unique possibilities and the unique achievements of Zionism in Palestine destroyed. The land that would come into being would be something quite other than the dream of world Jewry, Zionist and non-Zionist. The ‘victorious’ Jews would live surrounded by an entirely hostile Arab population, secluded into ever-threatened borders, absorbed with physical self-defense to a degree that would submerge all other interests and activities. The growth of a Jewish culture would cease to be the concern of the whole people; social experiments would have to be discarded as impractical luxuries; political thought would center around military strategy…. And all this would be the fate of a nation that — no matter how many immigrants it could still absorb and how far it extended its boundaries (the whole of Palestine and Transjordan is the insane Revisionist demand)–would still remain a very small people greatly outnumbered by hostile neighbors.Under such circumstances… the Palestinian Jews would degenerate into one of those small warrior tribes about whose possibilities and importance history has amply informed us since the days of Sparta. Their relations with world Jewry would become problematical, since their defense interests might clash at any moment .

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BREAKING: British Airways flight from Malaga forced to make emergency landing | Olive Press News Spain

BREAKING: British Airways flight from Malaga forced to make emergency landingBy Joe Wallen – PUBLISHED – 19 Oct, 2017 @ 17:47 LAST UPDATED: 19 Oct, 2017 @ 17:47 0SHARE BRITISH Airways flight #BA2715 from Malaga to London Gatwick has declared an emergency mid-flight.Reports state that it immediately underwent a rapid descent over France but is thought to have landed safely at Bordeaux Airport despite passengers being told to adopt the brace position.The flight was due to arrive at London Gatwick at 16.20.

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In unprecedented move, eight European countries to demand compensation from Israel for West Bank demolitions – Israel News –

Home   >   Israel NewsIn Unprecedented Move, Eight European Countries to Demand Compensation From Israel for West Bank DemolitionsIn a letter, the countries seek $35,000 in compensation for confiscating and demolishing structures they had built in Area C, under full Israeli controlBarak Ravid Oct 19, 2017 11:44 AM 0comments   Zen Subscribe now 11682share on facebook  Tweet send via email reddit stumbleuponA Bedouin man gestures toward the debris of his destroyed tent after Israeli troops dismantled 15 tents and huts in the village of al-Qadesya, West Bank, July 19, 2010. SAIF DAHLAH / AFPIgnoring court case, Israel seizes solar panels powering Bedouin school in West BankIsrael threatens to demolish Bedouin homes despite High Court orderEditorial Stop the forced uprooting of Bedouin communities from the West BankEight European Union countries wrote an official protest letter to Israel, demanding over €30,000 ($35,400) in compensation for confiscating and demolishing structures and infrastructure which the countries had built in Area C of the West Bank, which is under full Israeli control.A senior European diplomat told Haaretz that the letter, which is the first of its kind, was expected to be delivered to senior Foreign Ministry officials within a few days.>> Get all updates on Israel, Europe and the Palestinians: Download our free App, and Subscribe >>Ads by ZINCAccording to the European diplomat, Belgium was leading the move. The other countries involved in drafting the letter are France, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland and Denmark. All eight countries are members of the West Bank Protection Consortium, a body through which they coordinate humanitarian assistance to Area C.The countries were protesting the confiscation of solar panels they had installed in Bedouin communities and the demolition of mobile structures that were financed in various Bedouin communities to serve as classrooms.Updates on Israel and the West Bank: Sign up to our newsletterEmail*Sign up>> Israel says will not negotiate with Palestinian government supported by Hamas  >>The existence of the protest letter was first reported by the French newspaper Le Monde. In the letter, the eight countries stressed that if Israel does not unconditionally return the equipment it seized, they would demand compensation. The demolition and seizure of humanitarian equipment, including school infrastructure, and the interference in the transfer of humanitarian assistance contravenes Israel’s obligations under international law and causes suffering to the Palestinian residents, the letter said.The letter is the second step these countries are taking on this issue. A month and a half ago, diplomats from the eight countries came to meet with the head of the Foreign Ministry’s Europe desk, Rodica Radian-Gordon, to protest Israel’s actions against Bedouin communities in Area C. According to a senior Foreign Ministry official, Belgian Ambassador to Israel Olivier Belle said during the meeting that if Israel did not return the equipment it had seized, his country would formally demand compensation. Belle was the only one at that meeting to raise the issue of compensation, but in the ensuing weeks he apparently managed to persuade his colleagues to turn the demand into a joint agreed-upon position that would be officially conveyed to Israel.Israel categorically rejects the demand for compensation. Israel’s position is that the European activity in Area C is not humanitarian assistance but illegal development that is being done without coordinating with Israel and with the aim of strengthening the Palestinians’ hold on Area C. The European position is that under the Geneva Convention, Israel is responsible for dealing with the everyday needs of the Palestinian population in Area C, and since it is not doing so, the European states are stepping in with humanitarian aid.

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Hamas accuses U.S. of trying to thwart Palestinian unity after statement by Trump’s envoy – Palestinians –

Hamas Accuses U.S. of Trying to Thwart Palestinian Unity After Statement by Trump’s EnvoyHamas calls the appeal by Jason Greenblatt to recognize Israel and disarm a ‘blackmail attempt,’ accuses U.S. of meddling in internal Palestinian affairsJack Khoury Oct 19, 2017 3:57 PM 0comments   Zen Subscribe now 208share on facebook  Tweet send via email reddit stumbleuponMembers of Hamas attend a funeral in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, August 17, 2017. IBRAHEEM ABU MUSTAFA/REUTERSU.S.: If Hamas wants any role in Palestinian government, it must disarm and recognize IsraelIsrael says will not negotiate with Palestinian government supported by HamasHow Palestinian reconciliation could put U.S. in legal bindHamas issued a statement on Thursday rejecting what it called the “blackmail attempts” by the U.S. administration and the one-sided support of Israel, reflected in remarks made earlier by Jason Greenblatt, U.S. President Donald Trump’s special envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.According to Hamas, Greenblatt’s statement constitutes a blunt pursuit to meddle in internal Palestinian affairs and was meant to throw a wrench in the works of Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. Hamas added that it was determined to continue with all aspects of the rapprochement efforts and that any bids to thwart or delay the process will not distract the organization. A member of the PLO’s executive committee and an advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas struck a similar tone on Thursday, saying that Greenblatt’s position constitutes a blatant intervention in internal Palestinian affairs.Ads by ZINCGreenblatt issued Washington’s first official response to the reconciliation deal earlier on Thursday, just hours before landing in Egypt to discuss the agreement and Israeli-Palestinian peace with officials in Cairo. According to Greenblatt, any Palestinian government must “unambiguously and explicitly” commit to the conditions set by the Quartet: Refraining from violence, recognizing Israel, and accepting previous agreements, including disarming terrorists and committing to peace.Get updates on Israel and Hamas: Sign up to our newsletterEmail*Sign upThe statement was released two days after Israel’s security cabinet decided that the country will not engage in political negotiations with a Palestinian unity government, if such a government is indeed established. The ministers set conditions that must be met for Israel to negotiate with the Palestinian government, including the demand that Hamas abides by the Quartet’s conditions of recognizing Israel and ceasing terrorist activity.On Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that while Israel would not recognize or accept the reconciliation agreement, it would refrain from preventing its implementation or breaking off relations with the Palestinian Authority.

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Israeli-backed terrorists reverse all Syrian Army advances in West Ghouta

Israeli-backed terrorists reverse all Syrian Army advances in West GhoutaBy Andrew Illingworth – 20/10/20172BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:45 P.M.) – Al-Qaeda-linked militants have repelled a major offensive push by Syrian pro-government forces in the countryside of West Ghouta following a recent breakthrough by the latter.Two days ago, the Syrian pro-government forces scored a major operational victory against Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists of the Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham jihadist group near the strategic town of Beit Jinn in western Rif Dimashq (Damascus) province, capturing the key hilltop of Tal Bard’ayyah.However, within 24 hours, jihadist militants near Beit Jinn re-grouped and launched a powerful counter-attack employing anti-tank guided missiles and receiving air support from Israeli warplanes.AdvertisementAfter heavy clashes, Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham managed to drive Syrian forces from Tal Bard’ayyah, effectively reversing all army gains in the region.Having been so firmly rebuffed and after having endured significant losses in armor, it remains unclear if Syrian pro-government forces will attempt another push on Tal Bard’ayyah which is key to liberating Beit Jinn.

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israel are back in the forefront supporting the terrorists against Syria they want Syria lock stock and barrel to become part of greater Israel let us hope the Russians who support Syria, makes moves to stop Israel,s intervention,destablizion tactics.

People are claiming a fracking company contaminated their drinking water. So Dennis Skinner just waded in. [VIDEO] | The Canary

People are claiming a fracking company contaminated their drinking water. So Dennis Skinner just waded in. [VIDEO]OCTOBER 19TH, 2017 Residents in a Derbyshire smallholding settlement have accused a fracking company of contaminating their drinking water. And thanks to a veteran Labour MP, the issue just went very public.The Beast is not happy Immediately after PMQs on Wednesday 18 October, Labour MP for Bolsover Dennis Skinner asked Theresa May if she was:aware that Ineos, the fracking company, have been accused… of creating a massive deterioration in the water supply run by Severn Trent?Skinner’s question related to an exploratory fracking site in his constituency. Since 5 October, residents of the Oxcroft Estate in Bolsover have claimed their drinking water is contaminated. And many of them blame a fracking company which is working in the area:Petrochemical company Ineos has applied for planning permission to do exploratory work near Bramleymoor Lane between the villages of Apperknowle and Marsh Lane, in north Derbyshire. If the council grants permission, Ineos would be allowed to carry out “underground drilling and investigation but not the process of fracking”.Seismic surveyingCurrently, Ineos is carrying out 3D seismic surveying across 35 square miles of Derbyshire, which it can do without planning permission [pdf, p4]. This involves two main techniques. One is using ‘vibroseis’ trucks, which sweep the area sending out simultaneous vibrations into the earth. The vibrations bounce back and are recorded to give an indication of the type of rock, minerals etc below the ground. The other way is ‘shotholing’, which uses small amounts of dynamite to create the same vibration effect as the vibroseis trucks. The holes for the dynamite to be put in are created using “lightweight 6WD Polaris quad bike or small tractor”, according to Ineos [pdf, p16]:Ineos planned to use both in Derbyshire [pdf, p24]. And as its Notification Report for Seismic Surveys says [pdf, p26,28]:Protection of utilities… will involve ensuring utilities service providers are aware of the survey… Vibration could also affect utilities such as buried pipelines…And it’s this seismic surveying which residents are blaming for their contaminated water.Severn Trent WaterSevern Trent Water, responsible for the supply in the Oxcroft area, has said it reviewed Ineos’s proposals. A Freedom of Information request (FOI) from April, though, shows that Severn Trent has had “no correspondence” regarding the main site on Bramleymoor Lane as of July 2017. And residents were told by Severn Trent Water on 6 October that it was “unaware” of any seismic surveying being done in the Oxcroft/Bolsover area.Residents have also spoken of the history [pdf] of the Oxcroft Estate, claiming that their water pipes run between the houses, through, and adjacent to, the fields, and beneath Oxcroft Lane and the private roads. But residents say they believe Severn Trent Water and Ineos are unaware of this.Ineos claims that its seismic surveying was being carried out “more than” 3km from the leak. But residents disagree, citing this map they have produced (nb. the houses coloured pink are those where drinking water has been discoloured, and the dashed black lines are the routes taken by the trucks carrying out the survey; all based on eyewitness accounts):Where are the leaks?Originally, Severn Trent Water told residents on 6 October that a leak at Mooracre Lane in Bolsover was causing the water discolouration. But this is just under two miles away from the Oxcroft Estate, and residents told The Canary that eyewitnesses claim there were no water works, or leaks, on Mooracre Lane; and also, that this leak never showed up on Severn Trent Water’s interactive mapping app.Eventually, on 13 October, Severn Trent Water identified the location of a leak in the Oxcroft Estate, which residents claim is 300m away from a survey area, and which has sections of pipework within 150m of a survey area:But residents have told The Canary that, on 16 October, Severn Trent identified a second leak, in a field where Ineos was actually surveying on 5 October. And they also claim an engineer told them he was “fully convinced” that seismic surveying could have caused the water disruption.Ineos ShaleResidents claim that the ‘vibroseis’ trucks which do the surveying were seen on the Oxcroft Estate just before the water discolouration began, around 5 October:And around the same time, residents claim shotholing tractors were also in operation; again in the Oxcroft Estate area:A spokesperson for Ineos Shale told The Derbyshire Times:Ineos takes its responsibility for all its works very seriously and takes into account all relevant environment and infrastructure before working on site. Undergr

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Breaking: Israel bombs Syrian Army in Golan Heights amid new advance against Al-Qaeda


BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:05 P.M.) – The Israeli Air Force bombed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inside the Golan Heights this evening after accusing them of shelling the occupied areas.

According to the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade, an Israeli warplane bombed the SAA’s positions at the town of Qaws Al-Sandiyanah, which is located approximately 1km south of Harfah.

As a result of the Israeli airstrike, the Syrian Army’s 130mm field artilley gun was destroyed – no casualties reported

The Israeli airstrike comes just hours after the Syrian Army advanced against the Al-Qaeda linked Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group in the Beit Jinn pocket of the Golan Heights.