breast feeding in public take off the scarf .THE TSUNAMI OF STUPIDITY

So in France covering up ones head and body is a fine-able offence  .so nuns are going to be fined and made to strip off?breast feeding mothers who place a scarf over breast and baby are going to be fined and made to take it off. motor bikers in full leathers and full face crash helmets are going to strip and remove their helmet?Sikhs will be fined and made to remove their turbans?what about anyone wearing a hooded garment fined and stripped?what about Jewish women going to the synagogue take off the headscarf and fined? how about the skullcap worn by Jews?I could go on and on but I will not.the burka,the full headscarf,the burkini,and the traditional nuns outfit cover the same area of the body more or less.So nuns on the beach will be made to strip off and the brides of christ fined?




This from my eyes and ears on the web, Facebook and Blogs

My dear Maurice Its about time you faced up to the truth. I read this the other day on a Facebook posting:

Andrew G**** B**** PÇ****(IT SEEMS TO BE A GAME OF FILL IN THE BLANKS ,LIKE WHEEL OF FORTUNE) SO HERE WE GO  ANDREW GORDON BENNETT PINK ERR CUNT THAT IS THE FIRST  BIT RUDE GOD , U KNOW MIND YOUR LANGUAGE TIMOTHY)in answer to your comment about Tony blair no he is not but we have a weasel named maurice who does the cleaning looks a bit like gobby out of harry potter. oooooh he is real gobby!

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Is he dangerous?(one thing you do not want to do is underestimate me)I don’t think so. Has he got a mental issue? For sure(yes made in your image god ). Is he sad? Very(well not all the time but now i am lost my best friend it really has broke me up , but you would not understand that maurice being the insensitive cruel ,selfish person you are). Its incredible to think its 7 years since you withdrew from public life and yet , as I said, Everyday without fail your name is on his crazed blog.

Just thought I’d let you know. I suppose he’s paying you a huge compliment to write about you EVERY Day! (yes i am ,still would like answers to my questions that you choose to ignore, .YOU SEE THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF MOSSAD PROPAGANDA DECRY AND DISTRACT



donald the duck,off he went with a trumpety trump,trump ,trump, trump.the scary trumpie cheer leaders ,

Want to see something REALLY scary? The remix.



If you’ve heard or seen the “The Freedom Girls” perform the official Donald Trump jam, then check out the remix of it with one of the most famous scenes in cinema. It’s a whole different kind of scary.


This Woman Is Free-Bleeding Outside Parliament to Make a Great Point MicBy Julie Zeilinger

Tampons are not a luxury. While the TORIES disagree — and recently decided to uphold a 5% tax on tampons to that effect — one woman is fighting back. Charlie Edge, 22, stood outside Parliament, refusing to use any sanitary products while on her period (or “free-bleeding”), in order to prove just how non-essential these products are.LEEDING TORIES AT IT AGAIN !

“Everyone keeps saying ‘haha omg how quickly would we get free tampons if everyone stopped wearing them?!'” Edge wrote Friday in a Facebook post. “So, I’m giving it a go. … Maybe bleeding on their doorstep will get the Tories to do something about this?”

Since Edge started her protest, she has been “getting lots of dirty looks” from passers-by who also yell at her “to get a job,” she wrote. But she refuses to give up.

This Woman Is Free-Bleeding Outside Parliament to Make a Great Point

Source: Charlie Edge/Facebook

The tampon tax: “It is absurd that while men’s razors, children’s nappies and even

products like Jaffa Cakes, exotic meats and edible cake decorations are

free from VAT, women are still having to pay additional costs on what

is already an expensive yet vital product,” MP Alison Thewliss told the BBC in October.

The U.K. isn’t alone in perpetuating this tax: While most U.S. states allow exemptions for non-luxury items deemed necessities, like groceries, medical purchases or even clothes in some states, state governments rarely include tampons in this list, according to Fusion. In fact, only five states (Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and New Jersey) have actively decided not to tax tampons, according to the report.

But many women argue that tampons are not only essential to their daily lives, but the inequitable cost with which they’re saddled hardly superfluous. Tampons are expensive: The Huffington Postestimated that the average woman spends $1,773.33 on tampons over the course of her reproductive life.

This Woman Is Free-Bleeding Outside Parliament to Make a Great Point

Source: Charlie Edge/Facebook

Evidence of broader sexism: While Edge is notably targeting this specific tax, the problem she’s targeting is ultimately much bigger than menstruation.

“I think it’s important to note that this isn’t just a women’s issue — not all women have periods and not all people with periods are women,” Edge wrote in an update, People reported. The response to her actions and the issue itself, she continued, points to ingrained sexism and double standards.

“How would you feel if you were taxed on the disposal of sperm?” Edge mused of the double standard at play. “Every time you released sperm. Every. Time.”

What’s more, “all the hate I’m getting is based in sexism as is the tax itself,” Edge wrote, adding that she can’t “help but wonder if there would have been as much hate

directed at me and my friends personally if we were young girls.”

It’s high time, therefore, that archaic double standards surrounding women’s periods end — not only on a social level, but political and economic levels as well.

“I get it, periods are yucky,” Edge said in her recent post, according to People. “But I’ve been dealing with them every month for almost 10 years now … Get over your internalized misogyny quick and grow up.”

Qataris respond to Dougie Wallace’s photographs of Britain’s wealth tourism.

Qataris respond to Dougie Wallace’s photographs of Britain’s wealth tourism Written by David James

( TOMIE JONES SAYS fat cats made of plastic do not like being photographed TOUGH SHIT!)

All images from the series Harrodsburg © Dougie Wallace/INSTITUTE

Described as an “exposé of the emergence of an ultra-affluent elite”, Dougie Wallace’s new body of work, Harrodsburg, shows another London: one of million pound sports cars, routine plastic surgery, pancake make-up, jewel-studded Rolexes and the all-encompassing stench of economic privilege.

“Disgusting”. “Perverted.” “The British Judiciary should hold him accountable for what he’s doing.”

These are just a handful of reactions to Dougie Wallace’s new body of work: Harrodsburg.

Lauded for his documenting of the puke-tinged hedonism of Blackpool in Stags, Hens & Bunnies,  the “total fucking chaos” of Shoreditch Wild Life and the Bombay cab driver portraits Road Wallah, Harrodsburg findsWallace on the hunt for richer prey.

For Harrodsburg, Wallace prowled the pavements of London’s richest post-codes, flash and camera primed, waiting for a suitable subject. When he spots one, he approaches, snaps a quick close-up and is gone before they’ve had time to process what’s happened.

Neatly, the roots of Harrodsburg come from this very publication. December 2014’s Cool and Noteworthy issue mentioned (incorrectly) that you might spot Dougie working outside Harrods. This germ of an idea dovetailed neatly with an existing project that contrasts the people of Knightsbridge, London and Calton, Glasgow.

Dougie explained that a resident of leafy Kensington can expect to live to their 80s, whereas in the Calton area of Glasgow, near to where he grew up and just a few minutes drive from the city centre, life expectancy is just 54, the lowest in the United Kingdom.

The results make for disturbing viewing; the tanned, moisturised, Botoxed hides of the Kensington set contrasted with the Glaswegians’ blown-out capillaries and baked-in frowns.

Both extremes of the economic spectrum shock, but there’s something especially eerie in the Kensington pictures. Narrowing his focus, Dougie decided to concentrate on the monied pedestrians in the vicinity of Harrods. This is a story, he says, of “glut, greed and the wealth gap playing out on the streets of a city which has seen a 400 per cent rise in demand for food banks in the last year.”

The result is a freakshow of privilege. Woman in ten-thousand pound outfits and pancake makeup balefully gaze through the the plastic surgery masks that stand for their faces. Men who look like they’ve stepped out ofJeeves and Wooster brandish fistfuls of cash.

Hours of effort and piles of cash have been spent trying to look fashionable, but Wallace’s flash slices through this facade like a razorblade.

“It’s like a safari,” Dougie says. “I can spot the facelifts, the pumped-up lips, from the other side of the street. My hit ratio of someone with a bad facelift is one a day.”

As he pores through his work, he doesn’t mince his words: “She looks like an alien”, he says. “Look how stretched she is”, they’re covered in scratches.” Yet there’s also notes of kindness: “Ah,” he says, “they’re just old women – what would they look like without surgery?”

But these wealthy, inner city London aristos are a dying breed, their swanky avenues under assault from what’s been called ‘lights out London’. In 2015, the Evening Standard reported that 70 per cent of properties on Ashburn Place (near Gloucester Road) are not classed as a main home, lying empty as investment opportunities for the global megaelite. Bought less for housing and more for a safe investment, these Georgian three-story terraces lie semi-abandoned.

Those responsible are the petrochemical megarich, the Qataris, Emirates, Saudis and Russians that make up a distinctive second tribe in Dougie’s series. Anyone familiar with Knightsbridge will know the high-octane thrum of Bugattis, Lamborghinis and Ferraris: “They go round and round and round in circles, it’s like a Scalextric,” he says.

Their wives, arms heavy with designer shopping bags, march from chauffeured Mercedes to the shop door.

The pictures have kicked up a stink in Qatar’s capital Doha. The Doha News ran a story on Harrodsburg which resulted in 425,000 unique visits to the online collection. The story linked to the hashtag #دوغي_والاس, where native commentators discuss ways to deal with Dougie’s presence. They say, (via Google Translate): “No one has the right to photograph any person,” “May God curse him” and, perhaps most hurtfully for the man who calls himself ‘Glasweegee’, “English moron”.

This controversy resulted in a barrage of calls from CNN, ITV, the Wall Street Journal and London Tonight, all eager to have Dougie over to talk about “pissing off the Arabs”.

He’s unrepentant about his methods. “They come here because the rule is they can do whatever they want,” he says. “Well, the rule of law [in the UK] says that I can photograph them.”

Dougie, as a result, is having to deal with his newfound notoriety: “They come up and start Snapchatting with me now,” he says.

“I’m just showing the wealthy, I’m taking pictures of them to highlight things like food banks in Glasgow.” Whether you agree with his methods or not, it’s difficult to argue that Dougie isn’t  utterly sincere. The gap between the haves and have-nots has become a Grand Canyon size chasm, and what use is art if it’s not confronting these inequalities?

Aggressive, confrontational work like Harrodsburg righteously peels back the skin of an ultra-rich one per cent who may as well live on a different planet to the rest of us.

Wonderfully grotesque, darkly humourous and beautifully exhibited; this is impressive work.

Israel’s assaults on Palestinian education amount to genocide

Israeli policies violate Palestinians’ most basic right to education.

Mahfouz Abu TurkAPA images

A strike by staff and students at 47 Palestinian Christian schools in Israel had been taking place for a few weeks before the American broadcaster NBC took notice.

According to NBC’s headline, the protest was about “discrimination.” That it felt the need to put quotation marks around “discrimination” was indicative of how the mainstream media in the United States continuously fail to acknowledge that Israel is, fundamentally, a racist state.

The Christian schools represent some of the few independent spaces for Palestinian political, cultural and economic life within Israel. So the cuts in government funding that triggered the strike must be understood as the latest move in the Israeli assault on Palestinians’ right to education.

That assault began at the time of the Nakba, the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Its effects can be seen in the recent cuts (the schools have seen the proportion of their operating costs covered by the statefall from 70 percent to 29 percent), the violation of the freedom of movement of schoolchildren and teachers in the occupied West Bank and harassment by Israeli settlers and soldiers, the targeting and arrest of politically active students, theraiding of Palestinian universities at will and the firing of tear gas into campuses, the bombing of schools in Gaza, the denial of exit visas and travel permits to Palestinians wishing to study abroad or even elsewhere in Palestine and of entry visas to Palestinians with American and other citizenship who wish to teach in their homeland.

These assaults on education are part and parcel of a larger structural assault on the very heart of Palestinian social life. Meanwhile, semi-private Jewish religious schools, which fall in the same category as the Christian Palestinian schools, have seen their government funding increase to 100 percent of their operating costs.

The historical context of today’s crisis in Palestinian education is critically important for a full understanding of why the recent cuts are viewed as the latest attack in the ongoing assault on Palestinian culture, identity and leadership. It also helps explain the Palestinian call for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel, until educational apartheid is ended, as well as the broader demand that the Palestinians’ right to education be guaranteed.

Devastating impact

The Nakba had a devastating impact on Palestinians and their education, and as with all examples of Palestinian dispossession, the harm is ongoing.

In the mid-1940s, there were 478 schools governed by the British Mandate authorities in Palestine. There were also 317 private schools, of which 135 were Islamic religious schools and 182 were Christian religious schools.

In 1948, after the establishment of Israel, only 45 Arab elementary schools and one high school survived. Islamic private schools were eliminated, because Islamic Waqf endowments — religious endowments by a Muslim council established in 1921 — were terminated. Waqf property was considered “absentee property” according to Israel’s law and these schools came under the jurisdiction of the state.

Israel allowed some of the Christian schools to reopen on condition that they operated under the auspices of the state’s education ministry. Until 1957, Israel did not recognize any of the Christian schools or their certificates.

Today, Palestinian schools in racially segregated towns and villages inside Israel are severely underfunded. Some Palestinians don’t get any education services at all.

More than 90,000 Palestinian Bedouins who live in villages “unrecognized” by Israel in the Naqab (Negev) and Galileeregions do not receive the full services normally provided by the state, including education. Even when such villages are granted “recognized” status by the Israeli government, as happened in 2003 to Abu Tulul and seven other villages, the authorities have dragged their feet, delaying the lengthy process to build a school.

Educational apartheid in Israel must be understood for what it is: an attempt at cultural genocide. Under the United Nations’ 1948 definition of genocide, this crime may include imposing conditions of life on a racial or ethnic group with the intent of wholly or partly destroying that group.

Denying essential services to Palestinians, or forcing them to accept a lower quality of education than provided for Israeli Jews, fits that description.

With the exception of a handful of mixed schools, schools in Israel serve Jewish Israelis and Palestinians separately. This separation is within secular government-funded schools, not just the religious schools.

Discrimination in East Jerusalem

Because East Jerusalem has been illegally annexed by Israel since 1967, the educational situation for Palestinians there is in a bizarre category of its own.

Separation and unequal funding policies governing the education sector in East Jerusalem are designed to maintain the economic gap between the Jewish (largely settler) population and Palestinians there. The infrastructure is pitiful, creating unsuitable conditions for learning, which must sometimes be conducted in rented houses or apartments, and frequently lacking in equipment and specialized rooms such as science labs.

The al-Tur neighborhood is an especially disturbing example.

The neighborhood is densely populated and the land reserve on its western edge, which had been zoned for a Palestinian girls’ school, was bought in the early 1990s by Irving Moskowitz, a wealthy American businessman whose “philanthropy” seeks to create a Jewish majority in East Jerusalem. Today, a yeshiva (Jewish religious school) stands there, as well as Beit Orot, the first Israeli settlement to be built in the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood of East Jerusalem.

The neighborhood’s remaining land reserve has been zoned by the Israeli-controlled Jerusalem municipality for a nature reserve and national park.

Only half of Palestinian children in Jerusalem were enrolled in the public school system, a study conducted in 2010-2011 found. Meanwhile, costly private schools are largely unsupervised and often fail to provide basic learning conditions. Palestinian children have limited opportunities of going on to study in Israeli universities or to obtain jobs with decent pay.

The Israeli government recognizes only one politicized curriculum — its own Zionist one.

This curriculum uses Zionist terminology to describe geographic areas in Palestine, like Judea and Samaria for the West Bank and Temple Mount for Haram al-Sharif, the compound that houses al-Aqsa mosque.

The Jerusalem municipality has offered a financial incentive of $550 per student to Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem not under its control — including Christian schools — to follow the Israeli curriculum, The New York Times reported last year.

The paper added that Israel revised the Palestinian Authority textbooks used by more than 32,000 Palestinian children who study under Israeli control, taking out, in a third-grade history textbook, for example, large sections of text and several images, including the Palestinian flag, text from the Quran, and information about the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Education must be empowering, enriching, liberating. Yet the Israeli government is using discriminatory funding and red tape to deny Palestinians this basic right.

Parents, teachers and human rights activists must stand up to this latest attempt at cultural genocide, and hold Israel accountable for its violation of the right of Palestinian children to learn their own history.

One strategy to hold Israel accountable is heeding the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions until Israel respects the right of Palestinians to equality, dignity and sovereignty. Otherwise, Israel’s education system will remain one in which the indigenous people of Palestine are required to learn the Zionist rationales for the racism inflicted on them.

Photo of the Week: Day 1 post-massacreSami Kishawi • #Sabra and Shatila •

Photo of the Week: Day 1 post-massacre

Photo credit: Unspecified AFP Photograph
Date taken: September 19, 1982
Location: Sabra Refugee Camp, Beirut, Lebanon

A Palestinian woman cries while civil defense workers remove the body of her relative from the rubble of her home in the Sabra refugee camp in the hours following a three-day massacre that claimed the lives of thousands.

Under the order and protection of the Israeli military, Christian Phalange forces carried out a three-day slaughter of the populations in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon, killing more than 3,000 Palestinian civilians in chilling, ruthless fashion. Declared three months later by the United Nations as a deliberate act of genocide, the massacre, which began on September 16 and lasted until September 18, sought to cause as much lasting damage and trauma as possible. Aside from the execution-style killings, many male bodies were castrated, many women were torn up their torsos, and the limbs of infants were found scattered in piles of garbage. Hundreds of men were ushered away from their homes and, in many accounts, toward a stadium, never to be heard from again. Meanwhile, Israeli military personnel keeping ongoing tabs on the massacre did nothing but encourage further bloodshed.

Unless one has survived something of this nature in the past, it is impossible to fathom just how dark those three days must have been. Just the name itself is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Personally, it took many years for me to finally read up on the Sabra and Shatila massacre. I’ve written about that here: The element of familiarity that rears its ugly head in Sabra and Shatila. But the more I learn, the more unfathomable it all becomes. How does one rebuild after something so horrific?

Topless protest sees women ‘free the nipple’ in 60 cities around the world.well done girls i am with you all the way.

Nipples were freed all around the world this weekend
Around fifty people took their tops off on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile for two hours yesterday, to stand up to women’s right to go topless all over the world (Picture: Rex)

Nips were freed across the world yesterday.

The 8th annual GoTopless Day took place in 60 cities around the world as part of the ongoing campaign to free the nipple.

‘Our goal is for equal gender topless rights to be enforced worldwide, freeing women’s nipples,’ said Rachel Jessee, the actress and model who leads theGoTopless group in NYC, where a topless pride parade took place on the streets of Manhattan.

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 23: (EDITORS NOTE: Image contains nudity.) Rachel Jessee speaks into a microphone as she bares her breasts in the GoTopless pride parade in Bryant Park Manhattan August 23, 2015 in New York City. The GoTopless group fights for women to have the same constitutional right that men have and go topless in public. It is currently legal to go topless in New York City. (Photo by Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

Rachel Jessee speaks at the GoTopless pride parade in Bryant Park, Manhattan (Picture: Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

Despite the fact it has been legal for anyone to walk around topless in New York since 1992, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton are currently trying to get topless, body-painted women banned from the city’s Times Square, declaring them ‘a nuisance’.

GoTopless Day 2015 Parade in New York City Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 23 Aug 2015 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

A GoTopless Day parade took place in New York (Picture: Wenn)

Several streets in mid-Manhattan were blocked to traffic yesterday so around 300 topless protesters could parade through the city.

GoTopless Day 2015 Parade in New York City Where: New York City, New York, United States When: 23 Aug 2015 Credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/ **Not available for publication in Germany, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia**

Around 300 men and women walked topless through NYC (Picture: Wenn)

In Edinburgh, approx. 50 people took their tops off and staged a sit-in protest on the Royal Mile for two hours.

Around fifty people, mostly women, take their tops off on Edinburgh's Royal Mile for two hours, to stand up to women's right to go topless all over the world. "Free The Nipple" is an expression of body equality and freedom of expression. August 23 2015

Fortunately, the weather was warm in Edinburgh yesterday (Picture: Rex)

The Scottish weather, fortunately, held out for them.

Around fifty people, mostly women, take their tops off on Edinburgh's Royal Mile for two hours, to stand up to women's right to go topless all over the world. "Free The Nipple" is an expression of body equality and freedom of expression. August 23 2015

Men and women in Edinburgh called for an end to the sexualisation of women’s bodies (Picture: Rex)

Around fifty people, mostly women, take their tops off on Edinburgh's Royal Mile for two hours, to stand up to women's right to go topless all over the world. "Free The Nipple" is an expression of body equality and freedom of expression. August 23 2015

The Scots staged a sit-in for around 2 hours (Picture: Rex)

Many of the protests took place in the US, where GoTopless Day takes place every year on the closest Sunday to Women’s Equality Day ( August 26), the date in 1920 when American women earned their right to vote.

MORE: Miley Cyrus gets naked to support the Free The Nipple campaign

In Washington, one women stood topless in front of the White House, posing as the Statue of Liberty.

Topless activist Kaila J. walks through the rain following a "Free the Nipple" demonstration in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire August 23, 2015. Hundreds of bare-breasted women are expected to converge on a popular New Hampshire beach on Sunday to push for greater acceptance of topless sunbathing, much to the consternation of some local residents and officials.REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Topless activist Kaila J. walks through the rain following a “Free the Nipple” demonstration in Hampton Beach (Picture: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

And at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire, bare chested men and women defied the rain to take part in a photocall showing their support for the Free the Nipple movement, which fights against female oppression and censorship around the world.

Topless activists pose for photographs for onlookers during a "Free the Nipple" demonstration in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire August 23, 2015. Hundreds of bare-breasted women are expected to converge on a popular New Hampshire beach on Sunday to push for greater acceptance of topless sunbathing, much to the consternation of some local residents and officials. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Topless activists pose for photographs during a ‘Free the Nipple’ demo in New Hampshire (Picture: REUTERS/Brian Snyder)

The Free the Nipple campaign was started by US actress, director and activist Lina Esco, with a little help from pop provocateur Miley Cyrus, in protest against the fact that in America it is still illegal, a criminal act, for a woman to be publicly topless in 37 states.

GoTopless spokeswoman Rachel Jessee said: ‘It’s liberating and empowering for women to free their bodies from repression. Freeing nipples and bodies frees minds as well, restoring self-image and self-esteem.’