By Paul Waugh, HuffPost UK. Tuesday February 25
A lack of Steel
Back in 1981, Liberal party leader David Steel infamously told activists at a conference rally that they should “go back to your constituencies and prepare for government!” It took nearly 30 years for his successor party to actually get into power, via the Cameron-Clegg coalition. But if the Liberal-SDP Alliance had indeed somehow got into government after the 1983 election, Rochdale MP Cyril Smith would have been angling for a ministerial role.‌
Given all that is now publicly known about Smith’s paedophile activity, the prospect of him being anywhere near national power is a scary thought. Yet just two years before Steel’s conference bravado, in 1979, the Liberal leader had had a conversation in the House of Commons during which Smith effectively admitted he had fondled teenage boys a decade earlier.‌
Thanks to the brave journalism of Private Eye (itself derived from pioneering report by the Rochdale Alternative Press), Steel had read that Smith had abused his position of power to access Cambridge House boys’ hostel. It was here he had administered ‘inspections’ where he cupped boys’ testicles and dished out punishments in the form of smacking their naked bottoms. When questioned by his leader, Smith simply said the report was ‘correct’, but that although police had investigated him they had taken no further action.‌
We only know about this conversation thanks to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse, before which Steel appeared last year. We also know that Steel, by his own admission, decided that was the end of the matter too. He went on to recommend Smith for a knighthood in 1998, without “confronting him to ask if he was still committing offences against boys”, as the inquiry’s new report put it today.‌
That report is certainly scathing. “Lord Steel should have provided leadership. Instead, he abdicated his responsibility. He looked at Cyril Smith not through the lens of child protection but through the lens of political expediency. …. When attending the inquiry, far from recognising the consequences of his inaction, Lord Steel was completely unrepentant.”‌
A close look at his evidence confirms that verdict. Steel’s justification, wait for it, was that the conduct described in Private Eye had taken place before Smith had joined the Liberal Party (he was a former Labour councillor then independent councillor at the time of the abuse of the teenage boys). “He was not an MP at the time, he wasn’t even a member of my party. So I didn’t feel that I had any locus in the matter at all,” Steel said.‌
Amazingly, he even referred to the fact that Smith had maintained his parliamentary majority over the years. “My point was that he had gone on since then to be Mayor of Rochdale, to be given the MBE for services to local government, then he joined the Liberal Party, he’d been elected as MP with increasing majorities I think four times. So I saw no reason, or no locus, to go back to something that had happened during his time as a councillor in Rochdale.”‌
Steel was pressed by the inquiry lawyer on what he felt about being told by Smith that the Private Eye report was correct: “He could, for all you knew, have been still offending against children?” In one of his most jaw-dropping bits of testimony, Steel replied: “I have to admit, that never occurred to me, and I’m not sure it would occur to me even today [my italics].”‌
As I’ve said before, as a Rochdalian and a reporter, I admit I’m close to this story. Here’s what one former boys’ hostel resident Barry Fitton told me (read HERE my 2012 report that got this issue on the record in the Commons): “He was big and he was heavy. You’ll have seen the size of his hands. Imagine how that would feel slapping you around. I was crying and he said ‘oh, there, there’ and he stroked my arse and fondled my buttocks. I was scared, Cyril Smith was God in Rochdale.”‌
Most important of all, Smith’s activities at Cambridge House hostel in the 1960s were not isolated incidents. The inquiry heard that in the 1980s – when he was a Liberal MP – Smith went on to rape and assault boys at Knowl residential home, an institution where he was governor and had keys to all the rooms.‌
Last March, the Lib Dems suspended Steel after hearing his admission to the inquiry, with their federal structure meaning the ‘executive’ of the Scottish Lib Dems conducted an investigation. But within barely three months, the party concluded there were no grounds for disciplinary action. Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie said at the time this followed a ‘careful consideration’.‌
Fast forward to today and Steel announced he was quitting the party and the House of Lords and withdrawing from public life. Rennie had a new line that “Cyril Smith’s acts were vile and repugnant and I have nothing but sympathy for those affected. This is a powerful report that has lessons for everyone including David Steel, the Liberal Democrats and the wider political sphere.”‌
But what was perhaps most damaging for Steel today was his own statement. On the one hand he finally showed some recognition of Smith’s conduct. “Knowing all I know now, I condemn Cyril Smith’s actions towards children.” But then he added: “Not having secured a parliamentary scalp, I fear that I have been made a proxy for Cyril Smith.”‌
That phrase ‘parliamentary scalp’ and Steel’s hint that he was himself another victim left a truly bitter taste in the mouth. Smith’s victims never got the justice they so badly deserved, as he died in 2010. But his actions have ensured a warped new meaning for the phrase Liberal guilt. 

Allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster – IICSA Report

keep up the good work. fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

IICSA have released their Report into Allegations of child sexual abuse linked to Westminster. Westminster for those that do not know is where Members of Parliament meet. So this is an important Report into Government and MP child abuse which has been covered up.

Pdf download available from cathyfoxblog [1] or direct from IICSA [2]

I have not read it yet, so will not comment, but reproduce it here as ..

  • Reports have a habit of going missing from national and local Government and police websites only months after publishing.
  • Corporate media, very rarely give a source for their reporting as they take their Mockingbird media job seriously. They act as though they do not want you to think and read for yourselves but just to read their opinion, so they shape your view.  Since most were complicit in the cover up, they minimise nearly all abuse and never give…

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Prince Andrew brazenly ‘groped girls’ on a balcony on paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s paradise island, claims top US lawyer


PUBLISHED: 22:05 GMT, 15 February 2020 | UPDATED: 14:43 GMT, 16 February 2020

1.8kshares37View commentsPrince Andrew brazenly 'groped girls' while staying at the so-called 'Paedo Island' home of his friend, convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a top prosecutor has claimed. He is pictured on a yacht of Corsica in 2011+4

Prince Andrew brazenly ‘groped girls’ while staying at the so-called ‘Paedo Island’ home of his friend, convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a top prosecutor has claimed. He is pictured on a yacht of Corsica in 2011

Prince Andrew brazenly ‘groped girls’ while staying at the so-called ‘Paedo Island’ home of his friend, convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a top prosecutor has claimed.

Denise George, Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands, where Andrew was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s private island Little St James, alleged the Duke of York never sought to shield his activity from the disgraced financier’s staff.

Ms George, who is taking legal action against Epstein’s £500 million estate to prevent his lawyers from ‘hiding’ his assets, told Vanity Fair magazine: ‘An employee told me that he saw Prince Andrew on a balcony out at Little St James groping girls right out in the open. He said he remembered walking up to him and saying, ‘Good morning, your Highness.’

The claims cast further doubt on the Prince’s judgment in remaining friends with Epstein even after the billionaire admitted procuring an underage girl for prostitution in a controversial 2007 plea deal.

An American woman, Virginia Roberts, has accused Epstein of ‘forcing’ her to have sex with Andrew on three occasions, the first in London in 2001 when she was 17 and the following year in New York and during an orgy at the financier’s island home.

Prince Andrew has vehemently denied all her claims, with Buckingham Palace saying: ‘It is emphatically denied that the Duke had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts. Any claim to the contrary is false and without foundation.’+4

Denise George is taking legal action against Epstein’s £500 million estate to prevent his lawyers from ‘hiding’ his assets

In court papers, Ms Roberts, 37, who now goes by her married name of Giuffre, said of her alleged island encounter with the Prince: ‘Epstein, Andy, approximately eight other girls and I had sex together. The other girls all seemed and appeared to be under the age of 18 and didn’t really speak English. Epstein laughed about the fact they couldn’t really communicate, saying they are the easiest girls to get along with.’

During his now infamous Newsnight interview last November, Andrew denied ever meeting Ms Roberts despite being photographed with his arm around her waist. Virginia Roberts’ lawyer urges Prince Andrew to give evidenceLoaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:00PreviousPlaySkipMuteCurrent Time0:00/Duration Time0:34FullscreenNeed Text




Epstein took his life in jail last summer just weeks after New York prosecutors announced he would face multiple child sex charges.

In the interview with Vanity Fair on Friday, Ms George said former employees of Epstein should be released from non-disclosure agreements they had signed with him.

She claims lawyers acting for his estate have said they will only compensate his victims if they agree not to sue anyone else associate with his crimes.Denise George, Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands, where Andrew was a frequent visitor to Epstein's private island Little St James, above, alleged the Duke of York never sought to shield his activity from the disgraced financier's staff+4

Denise George, Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands, where Andrew was a frequent visitor to Epstein’s private island Little St James, above, alleged the Duke of York never sought to shield his activity from the disgraced financier’s staffUS prosecutor: Andrew uncooperative in Epstein investigationLoaded: 0%Progress: 0%0:00PreviousPlaySkipMuteCurrent Time0:00/Duration Time0:34FullscreenNeed Text

‘These are victims who have been raped by other people. They’re trying to protect their friends and it’s not fair to the victims,’ she said. ‘

Prosecutors in the US have vowed to continue the investigation into Epstein’s alleged ‘co-conspirators’ including Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite and his purported ‘madam’.The claims cast further doubt on the Prince's judgment in remaining friends with Epstein even after the billionaire (above) admitted procuring an underage girl for prostitution in a controversial 2007 plea deal+4

The claims cast further doubt on the Prince’s judgment in remaining friends with Epstein even after the billionaire (above) admitted procuring an underage girl for prostitution in a controversial 2007 plea deal

Geoffrey Berman, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, which is leading the American case, has accused Andrew of failing to co-operate with the FBI. He disputes that claim.

Ms George’s comments come at the end of yet another bruising week for Andrew, who will celebrate his 60th birthday on Wednesday.

Last Thursday, another of his billionaire friends, Canadian fashion tycoon Peter Nygard, 78, was charged with raping and sexually assaulting 12 women, some as young as 14, at his Bahamas home.

While there is no suggestion that Andrew knew of Nygard’s alleged crimes, he was photographed at his home in 2000 during a holiday with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughters Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

Last night, Buckingham Palace declined to comment.  

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netanyahu backs away from soleimani murder

Netanyahu backs away from Soleimani assassination, warns ministers to ‘stay out’ of purely ‘American event’ – RT

Michael AydinianNews

The large rat has spoken. Now that the fuse has finally been lit, let’s eliminate any idea Netanyahu & Israel had anything to do with thiswhen the truth is they had everything to do with it! The threat of war with Iran would not exist but for Netanyahu & his war-mongering cohorts. Of course, only blithering idiots aren’t aware these mass-murderers of cataclysmic proportions, along with the entire media apparatus, have all the treacherous politicians they need in the West to sing the continuous war-mongering lullaby Zionists crave.

The plan for Greater Israel was conceived. The fact General Wesley Clark revealed the intention all along was to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations clearly shows Zionists intended to see this plan through. Now all we have to wait for is the ‘Iranian response’……. which if they have any sense they’ll never initiate for they know this assassination was planned with the hope of a knee-jerk response from them. The Iranians aren’t fools.

However, the Israelis & the Zionists stooges in the US know Iran would be crazy to retaliate. Therefore, the chances are the next event will be a ‘false flag attack’ on American soldiers, (which in all likelihood has already been planned). In other words US leaders will once again sanction the murder of their own people. Immediately the media will then do what it does best – LIE THROUGH ITS BACK TEETH, by blaming Iran for the attack. Then its simply the case of how much of Iran they will destroy.

At least some are speaking out. NBA Warriors coach Steve Kerr said –
“One thing I’ve learned in my lifetime is to not believe our government when it comes to matters of war
,” he tweeted Friday“Johnson and Nixon lied about Vietnam. Bush and Cheney lied about WMD’s in Iraq. Now Pence is lying about Iran/Soleimani’s supposed involvement in 9/11.”

Well done Steve Kerr. Kudos to you sir. Sadly, I’ve long lost hope. Bad enough Julian Assange languishes in jail with no end in sight to his horrendous plight, yet this complete & utter maniac Netanyahu still remains in office? No wonder the world is in such a mess.

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  • Bryan rosenbaumJanuary 7, 2020 at 9:00 pmMany sources did tell me Soleimani was a Zionist agent playing his part to try to start their planned war between Christianity and Islam.  The important thing is to not let them fool us into killing each other so that we become weak enough for final enslavement by the Zionists.Reply
  • brianJanuary 8, 2020 at 7:16 amMichael welcome back Nutanyahu faces prison for very serious crimes, so he blackmailed trump with info supplied by epstein, trump fet he had no choice stupid manReply
    • Michael AydinianJanuary 8, 2020 at 1:15 pmThis I can well believe. I’ll say it & I’ll say it again – this is how Zionism works – it is akin to the most virulent carcinogenic strain & it’s currently rampaging through mankind.Reply
  • CorascendeaJanuary 8, 2020 at 10:44 amThe question is not what the West does with Iran, the question is what will the planet do about Israel. Is the species called “humans” really going to eat up one another on its behalf? Or do we want to finally live in peace with nations that never harmed us and never started a war.Reply
    • Michael AydinianJanuary 8, 2020 at 1:22 pmEvery step taken is a step toward achieving the New World Order. This is what it’s all about. It’s simply a question of tackling each obstacle as the Rothschild banking dynasty sees it. Iran is a major obstacle. This is why the Rothschild entity known as Israel has been relentless in pushing America into a war with Iran. One should not underestimate the role of the Zionist controlled media. The fact is, Iran last invaded another country in 1798 yet the picture being painted in the media is that somehow Iran is to blame.Reply
  • EileenJanuary 8, 2020 at 1:11 pmGood to see you back again Michael. Netanyahu would want to wash his hands of this, though
    it’s perfectly clear that his cohorts are behind it along with him.
    I recently read that Iran does NOT have nuclear weapons, on the contrary to Israel, whose weapons are
    financed by the US.Are you no longer posting on MeWe now? I liked sharing your posts on that site but haven’t seen anything
    lately unfortunately.Reply
    • Michael AydinianJanuary 8, 2020 at 1:24 pmThanks Eileen. I do not intend to contribute to other sites or indeed continue to write on FB. I just don’t have the time or the will. The best I can say is I will contribute with the odd post.Reply
  • CBJanuary 8, 2020 at 7:09 pmTHE KHAZAR HORDE IS DEMANDING A
    Assassination of Gen. Soleimani is
    an archetypal “Gleiwitz incident”,
    except that, this time, the “little
    Poland” – Iran – is expected to
    attack the “great Reich” – and
    perhaps it will – if one of the 5th
    Fleet ships happens to blow up –
    not entirely unlike USS Maine in
    Havana Harbour. The full length
    of this Jew porn-and-mayhem
    movie is yet to be played out.Yet, even at the time of the original
    Gleiwitz incident, Hitler, seemingly
    the main protagonist – featuring as
    a “King” on the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ chessboard – was nothing
    more than the Jews’ biggest puppet –
    even if a self-programmed one.And Donald Trump never was
    anything but a puppet. His own
    daughter is a Jew’s whore – quite
    literally. He is a “billionaire” only
    for as long as the Jew gangsters’
    credit is being extended to him.For example, Trump was the punter
    that paid for the dubious privilege
    of bedding a prostitute/porn actress
    with giant silicon boobs, and then
    paid again to buy her silence, which,
    in the event, his money failed to buy.Trump’s order to carry out the
    assassination may well have little
    to do with Trump himself – and a
    great deal more with Netanyahu,
    the scumbag who overstayed his
    welcome even with his fellow Jews –
    and is desperate not only to hold on
    to power, but to stay out of prison,
    as well.Although, holding on to power and
    staying out of prison is Trump’s
    motivation, too, even if not half
    as urgent and acute as Netanyahu’s.“If Obama was a slave of the Jew
    liberals (Rothschilds), Trump is
    wholly owned by the Jew Chabadniks –
    the mange upon the Jew mange.”
    Next to Chabadniks, Trump is a tiny
    little dwarf in New York real estate.And in the Jews-only ‘democracy’
    of I$raHell, the Jew Chabadniks are
    the closest accomplices of the Jew
    Likudniks – and Netanyahu personally.The Jews studied Mein Kampf and
    went on to fund the Nazi Party – just
    as they funded the communist coup
    in Russia – and could usually see
    Mr Hitler’s next move in advance –
    just as they must have foreseen
    the putative gas chambers, as well.And now, having studied the “book
    of the Ayatollahs”, the Jews presume
    to know what Iran’s next move will be.With or without Netanyahu, the Jews
    need a world war – at least in the
    shape of a total war against Iran –
    any ostentatious peace-mongering
    by the Jew liberals notwithstanding.The kosher swine of Tel Aviv that
    originated this truly Talmudic murder
    plot always welcome any amount of
    anti-American hostility – and always
    profit from it.For example, had the Jews entirely
    succeeded with their ‘licensed’ mass
    murder of Americans aboard the
    USS Liberty, Egypt would have been
    A-bombed by the 6th Fleet – and the
    Suez Canal ‘awarded’ to the Jews.Indeed, had the Jews succeeded
    with exterminating all Americans
    aboard the Liberty back in 1967,
    Cairo would have been nuked –
    and the Suez Canal would have
    been the Jews’ property ever since.(And, in acknowledgement of the
    Suez Canal’s very nearly having been
    a Jewish possession, perhaps Egypt
    should cede 51% of the Canal shares
    to the Jews as a restitution?…)In fact, it is incumbent upon the
    Egyptian authorities to disclose
    the truth to their citizens – and
    write it into their history textbooks
    that the reason why many Egyptians
    today are alive and largely free of
    birth abnormalities and radiation-
    induced cancers is because the
    Jews failed to sink the USS Liberty
    and murder all of her valiant crew.There is no reason why Egypt
    shouldn’t set up a national memorial
    commemorating this Jew-engineered
    nuclear Holocaust in Egypt – that
    was only prevented from happening
    by the brave American sailors of
    the USS Liberty, who are being
    snubbed, harassed and lied about
    to this day – in their own country.Reply
    • Michael AydinianJanuary 9, 2020 at 7:57 pmThanks very much CB – I agree with all you say except I feel the use of the word Zionist rather that Jews (who in fact are the most brainwashed people on earth) would best describe the vermin we’re up against.Reply
  • LynneJanuary 8, 2020 at 9:23 pmLovely to see you back Michael, you have so much knowledge in this area. I have a ‘gut’ feeling that this is the start of the end of this whole evil fraternity and that our lives are going to be transformed. Truth is building in momentun and it is unstopable now. People online…digital soldiers. I reckon it will take 3-4 years to undo and the results will be breathtaking. I say to all…just hang on in and have faith.Reply
  • CyndyJanuary 20, 2020 at 1:09 amThe General did not murder American troops, he actually saved the lives of thousands of US troops in Afghanistan against the TalibanGeneral Soleimani had helped US upstage Taliban in Afghanistan post-9/11 AND THE UNITED STATES WORKED TOGETHER TO BEAT ISIS General saved Christians in Syria
  • HorsemanFebruary 15, 2020 at 10:10 pmAnd how doe this Corona Virus inChina fit in with the NWO…if at all????Reply
    • EileenFebruary 16, 2020 at 12:46 amWITH MAJOR UPDATE! Coronavirus Patent Granted To Bill Gates Funded Institute In 2018 Gives More Credence To The Theory It Might Be A Bioweaponhe new fad disease called the “coronavirus” is sweeping headlines.Funny enough, there was a patent for the coronavirus filed in 2015 and granted in 2018.This assignee of this patent was the government funded Pirbright Institute out of the UK.And would you look at that, some of their major funders are the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Funny how the WHO recently said that vaccine hesitancy was one of the leading threats to global health in 2019.And how much funding has the Gates Foundation given to vaccine programs throughout the years?Was the release of this disease planned?
      Is the media being used to incite fear around it?
      Is the Cabal desperate for money, so they’re tapping their Big Pharma reserves?
      Are there vaccines already being manufactured to “fight” this? Coordinated all along?
      Interesting timing of when this disease is hitting the headlines.
      During the Senate impeachment trials.
  • EileenFebruary 16, 2020 at 12:39 amI have read that the Corona Virus is a Bio Weapon and that Bill Gates Foundation is also involved in it. He wants to reduce population and stated that fact on a video on YouTube some time ago.The vaccinations he was giving children in India were killing them and he was kicked out of India because of that and is now in S. Africa doing the same there.Reply

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How to convince people 9/11 was an inside job

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GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

BBC Reporter Liz MacKean Who Sought To Expose BBC Pedophilia Ring Found Dead

Michael AydinianNews

This is yet another example that clearly indicates how the greatest gangsters of the planet are in control & why the world now teeters on the edge of the precipice. It’s as if we’ve got everything upside down. Doing the right thing at best can drastically jeopardise one’s career; at worst, it can result in one’s untimely death! Doing the wrong thing though often means you’ll do just fine. Media whores who blatantly lie to the public, indulge in the cover up of murders & election fraud are, at the very least, guaranteed extremely well paid jobs for life.

However, it all but seems the greater the crimes one commits, the more one has to gain. War-mongers, pedophiles, gargantuan fraudsters are testament to this. Even when there’s mountains of irrefutable evidence stacked against them, all it requires is one word to the chief of police & suddenly open & shut cases are put to bed. Tony Blair & Larry Silverstein are just two who are living proof of how this is indeed the case. Long gone are the days where bent courts give out ‘not guilty’ verdicts to ginormous crooks. Why, after all, should they offer so much adverse publicity?

I came across this particular story only recently. On the one hand you have Liz MacKean; on the other you have Mark Thompson. The former was an award winning investigative reporter who helped expose Jimmy Savile & the fact the BBC was a safe haven for a rampant Pedophile ring. The latter was the Director General of the BBC from 2004-2012 at the very time Savile & his evil cohorts were indulging in a reign of terror upon children. There’s a wealth of information in this article….

What happens? Liz MacKean is left with no option but to resign after the BBC big-wigs refused to air her ground-breaking investigation into Jimmy Savile & the pedophile ring which included a string of high profile politicians, even royalty. To add insult to injury MacKean was branded mad & dangerous by the so-called establishment but lo & behold, we then discover she was right all the time. Was she reinstated? Were there any apologies? Hell no. Instead, perhaps to send a chilling message to all would-be whistle-blowers, in 2017 MacKean was found dead. I would like to bet every penny this brave woman was murdered.

But what of the Director General of the BBC, this evil little wretch Mark Thompson? All this occurred under his watch yet even though it is unequivocal at the very least he was involved in the cover up of the pedophile ring that festered under his nose, zero pressure was applied by the rest of the media. Incredible that even the BBC’s competitors weren’t sticking the boot in. Of course privately he was probably told his position at the BBC had become untenable. What happens? Only an even greater lucrative position as the CEO of the New York Times. It should be enough to make you sick!

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