.   YET AGAIN I CAN ONLY SAY THANK YOU MR GOD.AND MY STATS HAVE GONE THROUGH THE ROOF ESPECIALLY SPAIN AND IT IS ALL DOWN TO YOU AS YOU HAVE SAID IN THE PAST THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD PUBLICITY.PLEASE KEEP IT UP.Oh as the saying goes it takes one to know one,so what does that say about you . Late,s face it your credentials on past performance are -well it is a subject to be discussed in september .6 years on how time flies. Herald among many did an obituary, still 20 september would be the appropriate time to bring it all up in detail.

Max Clifford sentenced 8 years for eight indecent assaults SKY Report & Comments – YouTube

max clifford ,mike souter,stuart hall,rolf harris,jimmy savile have many things in common, they are all in jail for sex crimes(except jimmy savile who is dead),  connected with the costa del sex ,have been connected with english speaking radio in Spain, friends ,business associates, retired showbiz .



This time it is not the english controlling Ireland it far worse than that .They got beaten to pulp 21-10 at rugby(like american football but without all the protection),IRELAND GOT THE WOODEN SPOON!you could say it was a false flag flop. So how is your day so far?

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust (Official Video) – YouTube

The queen of sweet ,sweet charity,as the saying goes charity begins at home. NOT IF YOUR EGO IS BIGGER THAN YOUR ABILITIES AND IT IS TARNISHED,STAINED,BY YOUR SELF IMPORTANCE.Then others have to go away for fear of being tainted,tarred with the same brush.”IT is time to remarket myself as a CORNflake”said he .Yet he has failed to rebrand his product as fresh new and clean,shite sticks and people have long memories .

another huge earthquake is set to hit the Costa del Sol .

another huge earthquake is set to hit the Costa del Sol .property prices plummet to a third of original price

incredible Mansion apartments have come up for sale at San Roque golf resort.

The properties – that measure nearly 400m² in total size each – are up for sale at less than a third of their original price.

It comes after rumours rocked the coast that another big quake similar to the one on Monday morning would cause considerably more destruction.

Tremors have continued to rumble along the coast following the 6.1 magnitude earthquake that centered 132km from Malaga in the Alboran Sea at 5.22am.

So far, more than 160 aftershocks have been recorded in Malaga since Monday’s quake, leading to expats along the coast to fear another big quake like the one in the city of Lorca, in Murcia in 2011.

Today is Friday and so RADIO JONES is back at 12pm GMT…..on talk radio europe


Today is Friday and so RADIO JONES is back at 12 pm GMT…..on talk radio Europe

Today we will start by looking at the ongoing FIFA scandal which seems to be so much darker then anybody could have imagined. ‪#‎JamesMDorsey‬, a journalist, and academic at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, smelled several rats many years ago and is unsurprised by the current bans imposed upon Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. He will join me today to discuss the situation in detail, and in the light of the brilliant Panorama program broadcast last week.

And the love affairs that many an ex-patriot have had with Spain was first well-documented by the English author who wrote novels and travelogues based on his experiences traveling around Europe. His best-known work The Bible of Spain accounts his extensive travels in the country delivering the Scriptures to the Catholic masses, which quickly brought him into conflict with the Catholic Church and the conservative authorities. Borrow aficionado, Peter Missler, brings to life this colourful character.

‪#‎DrVinhChung‬ is an American doctor of pharmacology and theology who found himself in the USA as a young child having been one of the original Vietnamese Boat People. Several decades later he is passionately grateful for the opportunities that he was given by his adopted country and is very well-placed to comment on the issues in and around America´s attitudes to accepting refugees. He will answer the questions about whether all refugees are created equal?

And how can we let this week pass without a look at the unique and controversial Donald Trump. The brilliant author and campaigner ·‪#‎RaymondBechard‬ is the best person to bring us this analysis.
He writes: ¨Who else do you know who is a billionaire, real estate magnate, best-selling author, game show host, with a clothing line and a board game? It is the spirit of # DonaldTrump’s message that his supporters connect with, not the “facts” he states. His supporters aren’t really worried about facts, subtlety, complexity or nuance. He understands that the enormous, complex issues we face today are looked upon with suspicion by millions of Americans who want simple, broad answers. While this is not a terribly evolved way of thinking, it is their worldview and Trump, reflecting it masterfully, is their champion. Trump is the quintessential Public Relations Showman. He has been well known to Americans for over three decades. He times his headline-grabbing messages to capture the news media at least once a week. In fact, the pattern of his “stay in the news” messaging is about every six or seven days. The news media finds him irresistible because he gets ratings and reporting on him is very inexpensive. He dominates the coverage of the long Presidential process because he is and always has been an entertainer. And the only thing Americans love more than being entertained is the entertainers themselves. (Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sonny Bono are some examples of Republicans who were elected President, Governor and Congressman respectively). This all has to be very frustrating to the other Republican candidates because they are boring and seem oddly out of touch in comparison to Trump. All of this being said, his biggest supporter has to be Hillary Clinton. This is because Trump is destroying the Republican’s process of finding a nominee for the general election AND the fact that he could never win the general election in November 2016.¨

Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.


 Spanish law dictates that gas bottles should be kept up right at all times particularly in a vehicle…..IF stopped by the spanish police you will be fined over 100 euros and your bottle confiscated.Please do not be caught out by this con trick.
Maurice Boland's photo.


‘Call me Pepe’: Exclusive interview with new Marbella mayor Jose Bernal The Olive Press meets Marbella’s new headbanging mayor Jose Bernal, after sacking his predecessor’s FIVE bodyguards, €20,000 in personal parking spaces

By Iona Napier (Reporter) -olive press

“I SUPPOSE my heavy metal days are now pretty much behind me,” Marbella’s new mayor Jose Bernal admits with a long Ozzy Osbourne-style cackle.

“But I’m never going to forget my favourite band AC/DC and will never throw away my treasured concert T-shirt.”

It is one of several light-hearted moments during a drink with the new socialist charge, where I momentarily forget I am interviewing the coast’s hottest new politician, not an old friend.

From chatting football to whistling the Monty Python Life of Brian theme, a film he watches at least once a year ‘because it’s the greatest ever made’, Jose comes across as a very normal bloke

Although ‘normal’ is a discredit in many ways. His impeccable taste in pop culture alone elevates him, with favourite film La Vida Es Bella and preferred read Love in the Time of Cholera being two cases in point.

Bernal – or ‘Pepe’ as he insists I call him – is only slightly embarrassed to admit he supports Malaga CF (‘and Marbella, honest’) and Sunday football matches are etched in his Leganitos-based childhood memories.

In fact, politics is (hopefully) lucky to have him, since nearly all of his relatives, with his father, uncle, cousin and nephew all having played professionally or semi-professionally.

I was expecting to meet the new mayor, who got into power last month through a pact with three other parties, at his office. But, I am soon being dragged out to a leafy cafe, appropriately in the town’s central Plaza de los Naranjos.

This seems to be his way of doing things.

Open and friendly, Bernal is clearly a sociable and popular character, who grew up in Marbella and has a busy social life there.

It quickly becomes apparent that he is a man of many interests and is, clearly, quite different to the cabal of politicians who came before him.

For starters he lists his favourite pastime as walking in the nearby countryside with his wife and three-year-old son whom he regrets seeing less of due to the new post.

Bernal with reporter Iona Napier

Secondly, he has visited a number of global cities, including London, plans a five-day trip to Italy this summer and insists that he is going to get his level of English up, having just started a series of classes.

Forget his work dinner with Eva Longoria (in Marbs for one night only) because, if he’s brutally honest, the mayor happily admits ‘I’d much rather spend the evening with a group of friends’.

But since he picked up the mantle of pulling Marbella out of decades of the very worst institutionalised corruption, Bernal hasn’t had much of a chance to enjoy his hobbies.

So seriously is he taking his new role, the 40-year-old is averaging just four hours sleep per night.

“And that’s when I can get to sleep – with responsibility as big as this comes adrenaline and there are days when your body is shattered but your mind simply doesn’t stop,” he says.

However with a strong support network (I meet his father-in-law fleetingly who insists on paying the tab), good intentions and ‘absolutely no illusions’, he is as well-placed as any to handle the job.

It has certainly been a stressful couple of months particularly as he was anything but a dead cert to land the job.

While his bitter rivals, the PP party and the former mayor Angeles Munoz won 14 seats, the PSOE was forced to pact with Costa del Sol Si Puede, the IU and OSP in San Pedro to get into power.

Bernal talks to the Olive Press Maria Gonzalez

It was anything but easy, with, in particular, Bernal having to spend many days attempting to woo OSP leader Manuel Osorio with the offer of San Pedro mayor.

It is the first time in 24 years that the socialists have been in power in Marbella and brings eight years of PP control to an end.

It is fair to say that massive change is in the air.

One of his first moves was to send Munoz’s five bodyguards (‘yes, five’) back to roles in the police force from where they came from previously fighting domestic violence and robberies.

“I just think it’s far more important for the city’s safety and if a crazy person wants to harm me… well, I’ll be ready,” he says.

But that is not the only change he has made.

He’s also scrapped the former mayor’s car in favour of a vehicle available to any town hall member who should need it – even the opposition!

He has also cancelled the PP’s six parking spaces which cost the taxpayer a cool €20,000 per year, as well as an unpopular plan to build the new San Pedro bus station just 13 metres from a school.

“We don’t yet know what the space will be used for but we will be led by parents participating.”

And that isn’t all.

He has already made steps to remove all traces of former dictator Franco, and is introducing new rules on transparency and integrity, which are ‘numbers one and two’on his agenda.

This starts with publishing his new salary, which will be €53,000 per year before tax – 2,000 less than his predecessor – and ‘not a cent more’.

Last, but not least, I ask him about what he plans to do for the huge numbers of expats who live within his town.

“The Guiris are everything,” he says, without a second’s thought. “Previous mayors just wanted foreigners to get enrolled in the town to boost the numbers and get more public money to spend… but we want to take care of them.”

Pepe, we will mark your words!

TOMIE JONES.- Fine words and token action taken, ie 5 bodyguards muñoz is big but that big to need 5 bodyguards, 20,000€ on parking spaces.this woman was supported by one of the biggest (that is ego) irish jewish guiris in Marbella thankfully he is a discredited has been ,and no credence is taken, apart from his loyal band of Facebook lovelies who hang on his every word.Moñoz is discredited and a has been also ,they should make good company for each other ,oh but wait a minute 30 years plus resident in spain and our guiri does not speak a word of spanish and she no irish oh dear.maybe yiddish?

Bernal i hope you do a good job and turn Marbella into a haven of equality and good fair goverment. for the people .


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