How come these refuges don’t matter? How come only one country comes to their aid? How come an Israeli solder arresting a Palestinian who tried to murder him is more important to thousands starving to death? Unfortunately I’ll never see this on any of the hate pages and certainly not on the ‘Truthers’ unless that is they can blame Israel?

ABOVE A POSTING ON A TROLL BLOG . let us dissect it, bit by bit, the truth will out. The first sentence.” how come these refuges don,t matter.”It gets your attention .”How come only one country comes to their aid .” Oh which country is this?now comes the sucker punch . “how come  an ISRAELI SOLDER( REMEMBER MR G. HE SPELLS SOLDIER THE SAME AS MAURICE BOLAND SOLDER)ARRESTING A PALESTINIAN WHO TRIED TO MURDER HIM IS more important to thousands  starving to death.” We are now talking about the HARD DONE BY ISRAELI I.D.F. (DISTRACTION).we should be posting about the refugees not the ISRAELI I D F MURDERING PALESTINIANS .”Unfortunately you will not see this on any of the HATE pages and certainly not on THE TRUTHERS”,(DISCREDITING), WHO THE HELL ARE “the truthers”(final punch bringing the poor hard done by Israelis back into the conversation)unless that is they can blame Israel”. If you want to read the rest go to maurice boland italkfm blogspot. we have been distracted , discredited ,in the rest of the post we are given the full monty ,get you to disagree ,divide ,the opinions,TRYS TOdestroy your argument . i call it the 5 ds. whether Maurice boland is an unpaid troll or paid one is of no importance though I have a suspicion if he can get paid he will.

Do not take my word for this go on “you tube” there is a video of these trolls telling the interviewer that they are paid to troll internet and engage any anti Israel postings, they have even infiltrated the flat earth society and bombard their subjects with long winded distractions about the earth being FLAT!!!!! THIS IS STANDARD PRACTICE OF MOSSAD . If you do not know who mossad are they are the dirty tricks brigade( and i mean stop at nothing, murder ,false flag ops mass slaughter(twin towers ) you name it oh let us not forget assassination of public figures , controlling isis conning 40 billion out of the u s a .Just stop and think if the u s a did not give billions of dollars to Israel on a yearly basis. The u s a could support a healthcare service without charge,have prescriptions for medicine free or subsidised. Israel IS THE MILLSTONE ROUND THE NECK OF THE AVERAGE HARD WORKING MAN AND WOMAN OF AMERICA.ANSWER THIS QUESTION MAURICE BOLAND,.Why should the u s a give Israel this vast amount of money . When the sick , needy ,unemployed,go without in the u s a .This money is not a loan it is a free gift to Israel but it is paid for with the lives of the average american who cannot afford healthcare or get a job by no fault of their own.It is blood money, enjoy Israel because soon the plug will be pulled ,then what are you Zionist Jew buoys going to do¿ grovel squeal oink ,oink  elsewhere or accept and return the rights and land to the Palestinians .two equal states ,the money divided equally between Israel and Palestine .live and let live side by side ?If you are wondering why I am always asking Maurice boland questions or mention subject matter relating to his good self ,it is because he not I asked for people to debate  ask him questions on subjects that are relevant to today’s world . I have posted on his site on the comments section but he ignores and refuses to approve them so you cannot see them . If I post them on my blog at least I know he has seen them, though he still refuses to acknowledge them .I know when he has been on my site at what time day month year and what postings he has viewed. It is a system used by hackers to view almost any info .I am not a hacker but I know one or two who have showed me how to do it there is a way to block this but that you might say is a trade secret.


breast feeding in public take off the scarf .THE TSUNAMI OF STUPIDITY

So in France covering up ones head and body is a fine-able offence  .so nuns are going to be fined and made to strip off?breast feeding mothers who place a scarf over breast and baby are going to be fined and made to take it off. motor bikers in full leathers and full face crash helmets are going to strip and remove their helmet?Sikhs will be fined and made to remove their turbans?what about anyone wearing a hooded garment fined and stripped?what about Jewish women going to the synagogue take off the headscarf and fined? how about the skullcap worn by Jews?I could go on and on but I will not.the burka,the full headscarf,the burkini,and the traditional nuns outfit cover the same area of the body more or less.So nuns on the beach will be made to strip off and the brides of christ fined?


NICE ATTACK President François Hollande called the attack “terrorism of opportunity

President François Hollande called the attack “terrorism of opportunity” at a 4am address, and announced three days of mourning and an extended national emergency. He now faces political backlash over the country’s struggling security services.
The attacker was named as Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a chauffeur and delivery driver who was born in Tunis but had lived in France for years. Three police officers exchanged fire with Lahouaiej-Bouhlel during his rampage, and found him dead in the passenger seat of the truck, Molins said.


Islamic State has claimed responsibility. In an online statement through news agency Amaq, it described the attackers as one of its “soldiers” carrying out the “operation in response to calls to target nationals of states that are part of the coalition fighting Islamic State”CLAIMED IS THE IMPORTANT WORD , IT IS NOT A CONFIRMED FACT AS YET.


Police found two automatic weapons, ammunition, a mobile phone and documents in the truck, the prosecutor said. They also found fake weapons and more documents at Lahouaiej-Bouhlel’s residence.
Lahouaiej-Bouhlel had a history of threats, violence and petty theft, Molins said, dating from 2010 to 2016, and had been sentenced this year to six months in prison for a road-rage incident.
Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was unstable and sometimes violent. His father Monthir Bouhlel, in Tunisia, told RTL he took him to a psychiatrist, and he took his treatments and had a “serious illness”. Since his son moved to France, he had not seen him for four years.
But he was “totally unknown” to French anti-terror officials, Molins said, and so far authorities have not found links to terror groups or evidence of radicalisation.
Five people have been arrested. x-wife was taken.

Israel and Turkey Joint Support of FSA, al Nusra and ISIS 

Israel’s strategic partnership with Turkey, a known supporter of Islamic foreign fighters in Syria (see details below), puts Israel squarely in the frame with US and GCC-backed Islamic insurgent fighting groups, including Islamic State terrorist (ISIS/ISL).

Among other sources, the Jerusalem Post reported one testimony from an ISIS fighter confirming that Turkey is funding the Islamic terrorist group. As a NATO member and close ally of the US, it is now widely understood how Turkey has played the pivotal role in helping foreign terrorist fighters and ISIS militants, in its wider effort to help destablize and exact the official US foreign policy of regime change in Damascus, Syria.

I ONLY WISH TO CONFIRM THE FACTS REGARDS ISIS AND ISRAEL.1/Israel with turkey has bought black market oil from ISIS. FACT.2/ISRAEL have had their military officers advising ISIS, photographic fact3/Israeli medical staff have been tending to Isis wounded photographic fact.3/ ISRAEL HAS BEEN USING THEIR MILITARY AID FROM THE U S A  FOR FUNDING AND SUPPLIES FOR ISIS . OH WITH THE COVERT SUPPORT OF THE U S A ZIONIST JEWS IN CONGRESS.


This statement will get the normal reaction from the Zionist jews in and out of Israel.but they will not confirm or deny the above documented facts  of their control of Isis,they use them to distract , destroy ,destablize the middle eastern arab countries.How can Isis be islamic terrorists?When the last five attacks (not france)have been against their fellow muslims.Most arab muslim nations have had some form of attack from Isis.Israel the non muslim country in the middle east claiming to be a jewish democracy has not had one single attack by Isis, MAKE NO MISTAKE HAMAS ARE NOT ISIS.


What you are getting from Mossad yes men outside of the middle east is this.(Remember no confirmation yet this was an ISIS CONTROLLED ATTACK)


Friday, 15 July 2016

You just have to love this: Not a word about the massacre in Nice on most of the conspiracy theorists blogs, not one word on the anti Semites or the Israel haters Facebook’s. It sad really. But then again they are all waiting on a way to blame Israel yet again for this atrocity which shouldn’t take long…

It’s beyond belief really. The Israeli army arrest a child for throwing rocks at cars (I suppose they think that wouldn’t happen in there own country that the police would give the child an ice cream and thank him) and they start cry out about the brutality of the IDF on children but dozens of little children lying dead on the streets of Nice and on over 50 in critical condition many with arms and legs torn off as they were dragged along the street by the terrorist lorry. Yet this doesn’t even deserve a mention on these morons social media sites.



THIS GUY MANIPULATES THE FACTS TO SUIT MOSSAD,S CAUSE AND EFFECT.He has been found out though for his constant 360 degrees turnaround to suit his current opinion.One minute he is quoting john and yoko “give peace a chance the next minute he is saying this

Maurice Boland

18 hrs ·


This headline really angered me!!!

‘He drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs. He was NOT a Muslim – he was a s***’: Truck terrorist’s cousin reveals he is an ‘unlikely jihadist’ who beat his wife and NEVER went to the mosque…..Sorry this headline is trying to make some type of sickening excuse that he is not a terrorist!!! As far as I’m concerned whether this piece of shit is directly or indirectly part of ISIS they and they alone stand 100% responsible in my eyes for his barbaric subhuman act of cold blooded murder. Those that are easily influenced or have some serious mental problems will look towards ISIS as they carry out copycat atrocities. Yes ISIS are responsible for this there is no doubt in my mind.

SO  NO DOUBT IN HIS MIND  IT IS ISIS FINE AN ASSUMPTION ,OPINION ,FACTS FEW AND FAR BETWEEN AN EMOTIONAL STATEMENT.Let us accept it to be true as true as the facts that have been stated about Israel,s control, support  of ISIS.



Hardly a surprise anymore yet had this shocking event occurred before 9/11 one can be certain the reaction would have been totally different. For sure the question everyone would have been asking is – WHAT MADE THIS MAN DO SUCH A TERRIBLE THING? For now I believe this awful incident is similar to what occurred when Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed Germanwings flight 9525 into the Alps killing 149 people. Both men allegedly were depressed. In the kind of world we live in today, small wonder these type of events are occurring with ever-increasing frequency.

Yet the reaction to these two incidents couldn’t be more contrasting. In short, the man who killed 149 innocent people wasn’t a terrorist whereas the man who killed 84 innocent folk was. This one, we are unreliably informed by the Zionist controlled media, was a terror attack. I ask, what is the difference? Simple. Lubitz was Jewish whereas Lahouaiej Bouhlel was a French resident of Tunisian origin. Once again we see the reaction that we’ve come to expect from Zionist puppet Hollande – France vows to retaliate. Mysterious to say the least, Tunisia wasn’t mentioned but then Bouhlel was a French citizen. Worse still – who is in the firing line? Iraq & Syria…… again!

Now there may be a simple reason for this but I thought it was worth noting France being a country where they drive on the left-hand side, you can naturally see the steering wheel on the left. Well…… how come all the bullet holes are on the right?…………. Just saying…… Craig Considine though took the words out of my mouth. This is what people should be concentrating on….. 2nd caption……

One thing for sure – Israel was responsible for 9/11; the West’s Zionist puppets created this war of terror for the benefit of Israel & the establishment of a New World Order. When you bomb countries to oblivion on a false premise creating pain & suffering on a scale scarcely imaginable there can be but one result – total, utter resentment. This is the climate the Zionists wanted to create – Arabs & Muslims naturally resent us for destroying their countries for no reason. The media know the score. They are entirely complicit in the deaths of these people in Nice. Their job is to make sure ordinary folk never realise who is really responsible for all this carnage & crucially keep attaching the blame to Jihadist extremists that they’re desperate to foster.

People have to start thinking for themselves. Ignore everything the media says; better still, blame the media! The harsh reality is throughout history, madmen all over the world have committed one-off atrocities. Where was the outpouring of grief when Anders Breivik mowed down over 70 people in Norway. Did Norway declare a war on terror? Why wasn’t Andreas Lubitz declared a terrorist? Most significantly, when are we going to conclude that people like Obama, Cameron & Hollande are absolutely useless at fighting terrorism? Are we ever going to utilise plan B? Is there even a plan B? These are genuine questions people should be asking of the media. As I said at the beginning of this piece, what we should be asking is why this man did such a terrible thing? At least RT tries to report news……

Click caption for links & captions……












































































maurice boland updated 16/6/16 spouting forth about english football fans gets taken to task for getting it completely wrong.


Brexit? Why on earth would they want us to stay? Drunken England fans spend a second night in violent battles with Marseille locals and rival Russian fans ahead of tonight’s Euro 2016 opener. Arrest everyone of them, empty their pockets of all the cash they have. use their credit cards to buy airline tickets and pack them back to UK. Then notify every airline, boat and Euro train of their passport numbers and bar them from flying out of UK for the next 10 years.

Chris WhewellMaurice Boland – Would you like to retract your earlier statement that Russian fans were not involved, after newspapers and tv all have agreed that England fans were provoked, attacked and ambushed?

I’m not condoning anything. Certainly not the bottle throwing and goading the police. But what has offended me is your automatic assumption that the England supporters were to blame. I can’t change your mind for you. All I can do is present information which completely contradicts what you have said.

Press Association: UEFA are to open disciplinary proceedings over the fan violence in Marseille. They say Russia are facing stronger sanctions after Russia fans attacked England supporters in the stadium after the final whistle.

Images are starting to surface which appear to show England fans climbing out of their enclosure to escape from what we believe to be advancing Russian supporters.

And she’s not happy with the way members of the England contingent have been treated…

Rebekah Vardy @RebekahVardy
That has to be up there with the worst experience EVER at an away game! Teargassed for no reason, caged and treated like animals! Shocking!
11:13 PM – 11 Jun 2016

Chris Whewell
Chris WhewellI wrote that.” I don’t condone their response. But Maurice appears to believe that there was no provocation and no Russians or French Arabs marauding round the port and kicking english fans.Russia, and NOT England have been charged over the incidents before, during and after the match
Maurice Boland

Maurice BolandOkay, okay Chris the English fans have behaved impeccably. In fact they always do!     (tomie jones  he is reverting to sarcasm to distract and belittle you ,he does that when he has been shown up)

Chris Whewell

Chris WhewellI haven’t said that Maurice. How dare you put words in my mouth? Your typical knee-jerk reaction has once again seen you shoot from the lip before your brain was connected, and once again made a fool of you.

It is now clear that Russians WERE involved, and that the violence WASN’T instigated by the English. That’s all I complained about. Your continual insistence that it was ALL England fan’s fault.

I didn’t try to whitewash over the contribution made by the England fans to this mayhem, didn’t condone it at all. I simply pointed out that they had been attacked and ambushed by groups of French and Russian thugs, and then tear-gassed when they defended themselves.

I gave you an eye-witness report from a friend of mine – Irish as it happens, (who was actually there) after you ‘called me out’ for not having been there myself. But of course, Maurice Big Mouth Boland; you, in Marbella, (close to Marseille only in the road atlas) had 20/20 insight into what really happened. Well, you were wrong. Again.

And so you decide to patronise me to deflect the fact that you should be making an apology for your foolish comments. And not only to me. You posted the photo of a young boy ‘flipping the finger’ and were pulled up on the point that it was a young Dutch Feyenoord supporter.

Sometimes you are a lovely fellow Maurice. Sometimes you are a POMPOUS TWATT. I will leave you to decide which you have been in this instance.

Maurice Boland
Maurice Boland I don,t know you, I don’t even know if I’ve ever met you, but I do know that a part of the traveling football fans are nothing but thugs looking for trouble. They set a bar on fire a few days ago. Now the FA are saying that they are taking very seriously UEFA threat to expel England if their fan behavior continues the way it has. (Tomie jones -this statement is made to distract from the remarks he has already made that are untrue and incorrect.)
Maurice BolandBrexit? Why on earth would they want us to stay? Drunken England fans spend a second night in violent battles with Marseille locals and rival Russian fans ahead of tonight’s Euro 2016 opener. Arrest everyone of them, empty their pockets of all the cash they have. use their credit cards to buy airline tickets and pack them back to UK. Then notify every airline, boat and Euro train of their passport numbers and bar them from flying out of UK for the next 10 years.


tomie jones says- you are a marked man CHRIS WHEWELL.  You have got away with it this time, but you can be sure that anymore disagreeing with Maurice will get you deleted, you have to be a yes man to stay a friend on his facebook page .I LOVE HIS COMMENT ” Chris , you now have turned to name calling how sad is that! I don’t.”TALK ABOUT THE KETTLE CALLING THE POT BLACK!ON HIS BLOG HE IS ALWAYS NAME CALLING, VEILED REMARKS ,threats of suing ,the vitriolic language abounds.He does not like it if he is proved wrong and made to look a fool, which you have done . interesting that he does not know you. may be you should use your alias may dupname.that would get you deleted!

Maurice Boland's photo.
Chris Whewell


Chris WhewellHere’s the report from The Independent

Dr Geoff Pearson, a senior lecturer in criminal law at the University of Manchester who is in Marseille, told The Independent In England that England fans were being attacked by groups of Russian “ultras”.
“They are running around looking for bars full of English people and looking for a fight and the police are always a few steps behind,” he said.

“The England fans are very much on the back foot here – they’re getting attacked by Russians, there is no protection from the police and they are continually getting tear gassed. There are quite a few serious injuries.”
Dr Pearson said he had seen small numbers of English tourists throwing bottles but said the police response was “disproportionate” and was increasing tensions between football supporters and security forces.

“The England fans are furious,” he added. “I don’t think it’s going to calm down.”
Other witnesses said women and children were caught up in the violence, with many reporting the presence of a group of around 20 Russian fans attempting to start fights.…/graphic-content-english-fan…

But I suppose a senior lecturer in criminal law from the University of Manchester (who is actually THERE) is not to be trusted either Maurice?

update–  from the circumcised dick squad led by the pompous twatt 16,06 ,16

maurice boland

Didn’t someone start calling me silly names because I dared to say the English mob fans (a small but violent minority’s) were yet again causing trouble abroad. I suggest a read of this article might put argument to rest.

Chris Whewell
Chris Whewell Once again Boland proves to be a crack shot when shooting himself in the foot.

It was you who stated that last Saturday there were NO RUSSIANS involved and it was this point that I contested. I have not condoned the moronic actions of some of the England ‘support’ and hope that they are dealt with severely.

What I asked was that the events were viewed with a little less prejudice and narrow-mindedness.

The English WERE attacked. By firstly French and afterwards by Russians. Whenever they defended themselves, they were tear-gassed.

Much of the blame lies with the French police for not maintaining adequate segregation.

And yes, much of the blame lies with the England fans who once again have tarnished the reputation of the country.

However, over 1800 banning orders for offenders are in force, and clearly more thugs and fools will be weeded out after these events. Gradually, things are improving.

Contrast that with Russia and Putin striking deals with leaders of the Ultras. Contrast it too with a member of the Russian football association congratulating their hooligans on their victory.

The truth is Maurice, the supporters who were attacked were not England’s hardcore hooligans. They were a bunch of ordinary people, probably being over-loud and obnoxious having drank too many beers in the hot sun.

I think that the British press have reported the violence with a degree of accuracy, but have indeed over-egged the pudding with their baby-eating fire-breathing Spetznaz Russians portrayal, and their blinking-in-the-first-rays-of-morning-light portrayal of the English.

What I’m most concerned about is that France will now see hordes of numbskulls from across Europe regard it all as a bit of a challenge to prove their manhood, and not an actual football tournament.

Maybe the imminent arrival of the Daesh death-squad will take care of the lot of them!