early new year,s resolution. it worked for me.


A buddist monk said that in order to have inner peace in our lives, we should always finish things that we start. Since we all could use more calm in our lives, I looked around my house to find things I’d started & hadn’t finished.

I finished a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of Chardonnay, a bodle of Baileys, a butle of wum, tha mainder of Valiuminun scriptins, an a box a choclutz. Yu has no idr how fablus I feel rite now.

Sned this to all ur frenz who need inner piss. An telum u luvum.

ooh moblice i lub u, cause umock melaff, ustopid oldefarter, sileegit! sword yourfota , ulub em welyung , bñode, anwat udoin wityor and¿ oftopub nowon inmy brombrom -.

Did Michael Brown | Beat and Rob An Old Man – YouTube

Did Michael Brown | Beat and Rob An Old Man – YouTube.

does what occurs on this video warrant what  occurs on the next video? the two occurrences do not relate or justify death ? 6 bullets somewhat overkill. Those that are pushing this video are right brown was not an angel , they are saying look look see he was a bully beats up an old man . so they say he deserved to die. OVERKILL , RADICAL, HE BEING BLACK DESERVED TO DIE, LEAST THAT IS WHAT OUR WHITE RACIST ,ZIONISTS ARE IMPLYING ,YES THIS VITRIOLIC LANGUAGE THAT IS BEING EXPRESSED IS COMING FROM A SELF-CONFESSED ZIONIST .ONE OF THOSE THAT AGREES WITH THE GENOCIDE ISRAEL IS COMMITTING ON THE PALESTINIANS. WATCH BOTH AND MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP.

remarks passed elsewhere  “Well  what I say is,Michael Brown , the so call ‘innocent‘ (scumbag).That Michael Brown that was shot by a white policeman that  started riots across America. He was known  as The gentle GIANT Yea? Yea well he wasn.t he was a scumbag and got what was coming “. This remark and more are coming out of one of those that are pushing out the video. There not biased , white rasict extremists oh no not at all.

Ultra-Orthodox Men Cause Flight Delay By Refusing To Sit By Women, Again

tomiejones-  this year seems to have been the year of the ultra orthodox religious PRATTS. Whatever religion, though the Jews seem to have the edge for being top of the list , you have the Zionists who are intent on slaughtering the Palestinians , oh sorry there not Palestinians ,they are Arab people who are living on the Zionist Jews promised land, who says this they do. So it,s kick the not Palestinians out contain them in Gaza a huge death camp and wipe them off the face of the earth.But that is ok as it is all done in god,s name.

Oh then you have the ultra orthodox Jews who will not sit next to women on air planes . Then don,t fucking fly, we have to sit next to you pratts, but no ,what you do is complain, delay the flight till you get your fucking way.You know the last time i flew, the seats in front of me were empty they had more leg room,when we took off i asked the stewardess could i sit there as i have poor circulation and i could stretch my legs out . ·”of cause you can sir that will be another 50 pounds for you and your wife to sit there!yet the  jewish gents got these seats on their flight so the plane could take off, clever boys religion always gets its way at the expense of the rest of us . Still i am a non believer so i deserve all that i get.

So you religious zealots of whatever faith have a fucking good 2015 but come judgement day you all are in for a big shock, why ?because there is not going to be one you are all going to be dead, nothing more ,nothing less.





An international Delta Airlines flight was reportedly delayed for roughly half an hour when several ultra-Orthodox Jewish men refused to sit next to female passengers.

Israel Radio first reported that Delta Flight 468, bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport from John F. Kennedy Airport, took off 30 minutes after its scheduled departure time due to commotion onboard. Several Haredi, or ultra-Orthodox men, refused to sit in their assigned seats, which placed them next to women. But other passengers also refused to swap seats with the men, causing the prolonged delay.

In Ultra-orthodox Judaism, physical contact between men and women is forbiddenunless they are first-degree relatives or married to one another.

HuffPost reached out to Delta Airlines for comment but did not hear back.

A similar incident affected an El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv in September when Haredi men began asking women seated next to them to move and even offered compensation for seat changes. Many called the flight an “11-hour long nightmare” and several women started a Change.org petition after the experience to pressure El Al to prevent future harassment of female passengers on its flights.

Israel has made 600,000 Palestinians homeless and is turning Gaza into a super-max prison

According to the UN, 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, leaving nearly one in three of Gaza’s population homeless or in urgent need of humanitarian help.

Gaza homeless

IT IS ASTONISHING that the reconstruction of Gaza, bombed into the Stone Age according to the explicit goals of an Israeli military doctrine known as “Dahiya”, has tentatively only just begun  after the end of the fighting.

According to the United Nations, 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, leaving 600,000 Palestinians – nearly one in three of Gaza’s population – homeless or in urgent need of humanitarian help.

Roads, schools and the electricity plant to power water and sewerage systems are in ruins. The cold and wet of winter are approaching. Aid agency Oxfam warns that at the current rate of progress it may take 50 years to rebuild Gaza.

Where else in the world apart from the Palestinian territories would the international community stand by idly as so many people suffer – and not from a random act of God but willed by fellow humans?

The reason for the hold-up is, as ever, Israel’s “security needs”. Gaza can be rebuilt but only to the precise specifications laid down by Israeli officials.

We have been here before. Twelve years ago, Israeli bulldozers rolled into Jenin camp in the West Bank in the midst of the second intifada. Israel had just lost its largest number of soldiers in a single battle as the army struggled through a warren of narrow alleys. In scenes that shocked the world, Israel turned hundreds of homes to rubble.

With residents living in tents, Israel insisted on the terms of Jenin camp’s rehabilitation. The alleys that assisted the Palestinian resistance in its ambushes had to go. In their place, streets were built wide enough for Israeli tanks to patrol.

In short, both the Palestinians’ humanitarian needs and their right in international law to resist their oppressor were sacrificed to satisfy Israel’s desire to make the enforcement of its occupation more efficient.

It is hard not to view the agreement reached in Cairo this month for Gaza’s reconstruction in similar terms.

Donors pledged $5.4 billion – though, based on past experience, much of it won’t materialise. In addition, half will be immediately redirected to the distant West Bank to pay off the Palestinian Authority’s mounting debts. No one in the international community appears to have suggested that Israel, which has asset-stripped both the West Bank and Gaza in different ways, foot the bill.

The Cairo agreement has been widely welcomed, though the terms on which Gaza will be rebuilt have been only vaguely publicised. Leaks from worried insiders, however, have fleshed out the details.

One Israeli analyst has compared the proposed solution to transforming a third-world prison into a modern US super-max incarceration facility. The more civilised exterior will simply obscure its real purpose: not to make life better for the Palestinian inmates, but to offer greater security to the Israeli guards.

Humanitarian concern is being harnessed to allow Israel to streamline an eight-year blockade that has barred many essential items, including those needed to rebuild Gaza after previous assaults.

The agreement passes nominal control over Gaza’s borders and the transfer of reconstruction materials to the PA and UN in order to bypass and weaken Hamas. But the overseers – and true decision-makers – will be Israel. For example, it will get a veto over who supplies the massive quantities of cement needed. That means much of the donors’ money will end up in the pockets of Israeli cement-makers and middlemen.

But the problem runs deeper than that. The system must satisfy Israel’s desire to know where every bag of cement or steel rod ends up, to prevent Hamas rebuilding its home-made rockets and network of tunnels.

The tunnels, and element of surprise they offered, were the reason Israel lost so many soldiers. Without them, Israel will have a freer hand next time it wants to “mow the grass”, as its commanders call Gaza’s repeated destruction.

Last week Israel’s defence minister Moshe Yaalon warned that rebuilding Gaza would be conditioned on Hamas’s good behaviour. Israel wanted to be sure “the funds and equipment are not used for terrorism, therefore we are closely monitoring all of the developments”.

The PA and UN will have to submit to a database reviewed by Israel the details of every home that needs rebuilding. Indications are that Israeli drones will watch every move on the ground.

Israel will be able to veto anyone it considers a militant – which means anyone with a connection to Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Presumably, Israel hopes this will dissuade most Palestinians from associating with the resistance movements.

Further, it is hard not to assume that the supervision system will provide Israel with the GPS co-ordinates of every home in Gaza, and the details of every family, consolidating its control when it next decides to attack. And Israel can hold the whole process to ransom, pulling the plug at any moment.

Sadly, the UN – desperate to see relief for Gaza’s families – has agreed to conspire in this new version of the blockade, despite its violating international law and Palestinians’ rights.

Washington and its allies, it seems, are only too happy to see Hamas and Islamic Jihad deprived of the materials needed to resist Israel’s next onslaught.

The New York Times summed up the concern: “What is the point of raising and spending many millions of dollars … to rebuild the Gaza Strip just so it can be destroyed in the next war?”

For some donors exasperated by years of sinking money into a bottomless hole, upgrading Gaza to a super-max prison looks like a better return on their investment.

told you so Pulling Back The Curtain On Bill Cosby’s Dirty PR Game




tomie jones 23 women so far have stepped forward to accuse bill cosby of rape .sexual abuse , what does he do employ private dicks to dig up shit on these women to get them to back off . IT IS NOT GOING TO WORK MR COSBY YOUR GOING TO TRIAL. I HOPE THEY THROW THE BOOK AT YOU AND THE KEYS TO THE JAIL

Bill Cosby has reportedly hired a battalion of private detectives to dig up negative information about the 23 women who have publicly accused him of sexual assault, according to a New York Post story published Sunday.

Citing various unnamed sources, The Post reported that the legendary comedian is “paying six-figure fees to private investigators for information that might discredit his alleged victims,” deploying a “scorched-earth strategy in which anything negative in his accusers’ pasts is fair game.”

It’s a strategy that has been successful thus far, one source who “has worked with Cosby for at least a decade” said, noting they had already found negative information about two accusers, including supermodel Beverly Johnson.

“We found out that Beverly never told her live-in lover of several years what she’s now telling the media and we found that to be strange,” the source is quoted as saying. The investigators also reportedly dug up information about accuser Katherine McKee, including old internet posts which complimented Cosby and his stand-up act.

While the Post’s reporting has not been confirmed by Cosby or his attorneys, the hiring of private investigators to embarrass or discredit accusers bears a similarity to the comedian’s responses so far. Cosby’s attorneys have deemed supermodel Janice Dickinson’s rape account a “defamatory fabrication,” and threatened accuser Tamara Green with publishing “damaging information” about her if she continued to make her claims. A New York Times investigation published Sunday characterized Cosby’s legal strategy as “an organized and expensive effort that involved quashing accusations as they emerged while raising questions about the accusers’ character and motives, both publicly and surreptitiously.”

Since the multiple long-standing sexual assault and rape accusations against Cosby were revived earlier this year, more women have gone public with similar stories. But the comedian himself has been largely silent, breaking only to suggest that he has been treated unfairly by the media. His wife Camille has implied that all of the accusations are untrue.

Attempting to personally discredit an alleged rape victim by combing through her past statements is a common tactic. Kadeen Griffiths puts it succinctly for Bustle: “Often when a woman speaks out against their sexual abuser or rapist, people seize upon anything about either the victim or the circumstances of the rape in order to say that the victim wasn’t really raped at all,” she writes.”That phenomenon of victim-blaming or victim-shaming is how we get stories like the case of alleged victim Linda Joy Traitz, whose criminal history was cited as a reason not to take her story seriously.”

The majority of Cosby’s accusers tell a similar story: that he drugged and sexually assaulted them after they were seeking or were promised career help.

Cosby has never been charged with rape. Most of the alleged rapes took place many years ago — too long ago for the comedian to be charged. Cosby did settle a lawsuit in 2006 filed by one of his accusers out of court. The terms of the settlement remain confidential.