President Putin: Russia will bomb Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age life unless Riyadh desists from supporting terrorism

Moscow—According to Russian daily Novaya Gazeta, Mr. Dmitry Peskov ,the press spokesman for the Russian President, lambasted the Saudi regime in his weekly press conference for sowing terrorism and backing al-Qaeda inspired guerrillas throughout the crisis-hit Syria.

“the Saudi leadership clings to power and hope they can possibly impede the inevitable collapse of their primitive, barbaric and inhumane political system by targeting the stability and welfare of other neighboring nations,” Pravda quoted the Russian official as saying on Monday.

Earlier, the Russian president emphasized that his country can’t remain at rest vis-à-vis the Saudi mischievous interference in Syria which blocked any Syrian-Syrian peaceful settlement.

” …Russia will defeat Saudis in Syria which became the epicenter of their [Saudis] malevolent plots. It is imperative for all Syrian parties that believe in a peaceful resolution for their country’s five-year civil war to sit down at the negotiation table and denounce the Saudi destructive role,” said President Putin, adding that Russia will bomb Saudi Arabia back to the Stone Age life when nomad Arabs were in the habit of living in tents unless the regime gives up assisting radical terrorists in the Middle-East.

The Russian President added that strong actions against Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are justified and crucial due to the fact that Saudi/Israeli-backed ISIS poses a major international security threat. At the same time, the international community should be under no illusion about the detrimental and suspicious U.S.-Saudi alliance.

Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family

Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family

Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family

Vladimir Putin says he has proof that the royal family killed Princess Diana

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a call-to-action to the people of Britain, saying that following the murder of their beloved Princess Diana 18 years ago, the country must prosecute the Royal family after conclusive proof has emerged that they were responsible for her assassination.

During a solemn Christmas luncheon at the Kremlin, Putin accused Queen Elizabeth, the late Queen Mother, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles of arranging the murder of Princess Diana via MI6 agents in Paris. He says that after speaking with Elton John on the telephone last month, he was privy to irrefutable evidence that the royal family had blood on their hands.

WATCH: Banned Princess Diana Documentary ‘Unlawful Killing’

During an informal and reflective speech, Putin told a select group of colleagues and esteemed state-approved journalists that Diana’s brutal assassination brought him unfathomably to tears at the time in 1997, and that he knew deep down that her death was due to foul-play.


Putin, who vows to destroy the Illuminati in 2016, said that the late great Princess Diana was a thorn in the side of the corrupt British establishment, and served as a constant threat to their existence due to the fact she knew way too much about what the illuminati had in store for humanity.

Holding back the tears, Putin stood up at the table with a glass of Vodka raised, and proclaimed:

She was about to go on the world’s stage and tell a very shocking truth”, he told the crowd who had just finished their blini appetiser.

And now, friends, I know this truth and I am prepared to let the world know too,” he warned, before slamming the drink back.

He continued, “That person sitting in Buckingham palace isn’t some innocent wrinkly old monkey. She’s evil incarnate. The whole rotten family needs to abolished”.

According to one of the journalists present, the crowd erupted into spontaneous applause at the man they have affectionally dubbed ‘The Illuminati Killer’ in Moscow.

Bodies of murdered Palestinians are being returned by israel with organs missing

Israel ‘harvesting Palestinians’ organs’

The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says the Tel Aviv regime is harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied territories.

Riyad Mansour said in a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday that the bodies of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are “returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.”

“A medical examination conducted on bodies of Palestinians returned after they were killed by the occupying power found that they were missing organs,” Mansour wrote in the letter.

The Palestinian envoy further protested Israel’s “persistent aggression against the Palestinian people” over the past month and the regime’s “insistence on use of violent force and oppressive measures.”

The issue of organ theft by Israel was first brought to the fore in a report published by Sweden’s most highly-circulated daily Aftonbladet in 2009.

US daily The New York Times also said in an August 2014 report that transplant brokers in Israel have pocketed enormous sums of money. Based on the Timesanalysis of major organ trafficking cases since 2000, Israelis have played a ‘disproportionate role’ in organ trafficking.

The Palestinians whom Mansour was referring to were killed amid tensions in the occupied territories, which have dramatically escalated in recent weeks.

This file photo shows an Israeli soldier checking the identity card of a Palestinian woman crossing the Kalandia checkpoint between al-Quds (Jerusalem) and the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. (Photo by AP)


The Israeli regime’s imposition of restrictions in August on the entry of Palestinian worshipers to the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) has become the lightning rod for the surge of recent confrontations.

According to the latest figures by the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 74 Palestinians have lost their lives at the hands of Israeli forces since the beginning of October. At least 11 Israelis have also been killed during that period.

The bodies of the Palestinian victims are most often held in Israeli custody for long periods of time before they are returned to relatives.


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tomie jones says -enough you Zionist Jewish bastards.killing palesItian men, women, and children, You steal the organs from the bodies for transplant and then only then do you return to their loved ones IF THEY ARE LUCKY. The unlucky ones do not even get that. I WANT TO WRITE MORE MUCH MORE BUT NOT NOW. I am too depressed and upset. I really do not know what to do.




Today is Friday and so RADIO JONES is back at 12pm GMT…..on talk radio europe


Today is Friday and so RADIO JONES is back at 12 pm GMT…..on talk radio Europe

Today we will start by looking at the ongoing FIFA scandal which seems to be so much darker then anybody could have imagined. ‪#‎JamesMDorsey‬, a journalist, and academic at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, smelled several rats many years ago and is unsurprised by the current bans imposed upon Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. He will join me today to discuss the situation in detail, and in the light of the brilliant Panorama program broadcast last week.

And the love affairs that many an ex-patriot have had with Spain was first well-documented by the English author who wrote novels and travelogues based on his experiences traveling around Europe. His best-known work The Bible of Spain accounts his extensive travels in the country delivering the Scriptures to the Catholic masses, which quickly brought him into conflict with the Catholic Church and the conservative authorities. Borrow aficionado, Peter Missler, brings to life this colourful character.

‪#‎DrVinhChung‬ is an American doctor of pharmacology and theology who found himself in the USA as a young child having been one of the original Vietnamese Boat People. Several decades later he is passionately grateful for the opportunities that he was given by his adopted country and is very well-placed to comment on the issues in and around America´s attitudes to accepting refugees. He will answer the questions about whether all refugees are created equal?

And how can we let this week pass without a look at the unique and controversial Donald Trump. The brilliant author and campaigner ·‪#‎RaymondBechard‬ is the best person to bring us this analysis.
He writes: ¨Who else do you know who is a billionaire, real estate magnate, best-selling author, game show host, with a clothing line and a board game? It is the spirit of # DonaldTrump’s message that his supporters connect with, not the “facts” he states. His supporters aren’t really worried about facts, subtlety, complexity or nuance. He understands that the enormous, complex issues we face today are looked upon with suspicion by millions of Americans who want simple, broad answers. While this is not a terribly evolved way of thinking, it is their worldview and Trump, reflecting it masterfully, is their champion. Trump is the quintessential Public Relations Showman. He has been well known to Americans for over three decades. He times his headline-grabbing messages to capture the news media at least once a week. In fact, the pattern of his “stay in the news” messaging is about every six or seven days. The news media finds him irresistible because he gets ratings and reporting on him is very inexpensive. He dominates the coverage of the long Presidential process because he is and always has been an entertainer. And the only thing Americans love more than being entertained is the entertainers themselves. (Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sonny Bono are some examples of Republicans who were elected President, Governor and Congressman respectively). This all has to be very frustrating to the other Republican candidates because they are boring and seem oddly out of touch in comparison to Trump. All of this being said, his biggest supporter has to be Hillary Clinton. This is because Trump is destroying the Republican’s process of finding a nominee for the general election AND the fact that he could never win the general election in November 2016.¨

Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.


Russia says Turkey’s Erdogan & family involved in illegal ISIS oil trade

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan © Umit Bektas
Turkey is the main consumer of oil smuggled by Islamic State from Syria and Iraq, and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family are involved in the criminal business, Russia’s Defense Ministry has сlaimed.

“We are absolutely convinced… that the final destination of the stolen oil is Turkey,” said Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, as he presented proof concerning the illegal oil trade by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Ankara’s ties to it.

“According to our data, the political leadership of the country [Turkey], including President Erdogan and his family, is involved in this criminal business,” Antonov told the journalists in Moscow.

READ MORE: Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade

The deputy minister pointed out that Russia had warned about “the danger of flirting with terrorists” on numerous occasions, saying Ankara’s actions were “adding fuel to the fire.”

“A united team of criminals and Turkish elites, involved in stealing oil from its neighbors, is acting in the region. This oil in being supplied to Turkey on a large industrial scale via improvised pipelines composed of thousands of oil truck tankers,” he said.

Despite the evidence presented by Russia, Erdogan is unlikely to keep his promise to resign if his links with Islamic State and illegal oil trade are proven, Antonov said.

“The Turkish leadership, particularly Erdogan, won’t resign and won’t acknowledge anything even if their faces will be smeared with the stolen oil,” he stressed.

“We know the true value of Erdogan’s word. He has already been caught lying by Turkish journalists, who uncovered supplies of arms and ammunition to the terrorists by Turkey under the guise of humanitarian convoys. For doing this, the journalists were jailed,” deputy defense minister said.

Antonov explained his “harsh” tone by saying that “our guys were killed at the hands of the Turkish military,” referring to the downing of Russia’s S-24 jet by the Turkish Air Force last week, which led to the death of one of the pilots and a marine from the rescue team.

The deputy minister stressed that the release of evidence by the Russian military wasn’t aimed at forcing the Turkish president to abandon his post.

“I emphasize that Erdogan’s resignation isn’t our goal. It’s for the people of Turkey to decide. Our goal… is to curb the sources of funding of terrorism by joint actions,” he explained.

Antonov promised that Russia will “continue to provide evidence of Turkey’s plunder of its neighbors.”

He also said that Russia is aware of three main smuggling routes used by IS to deliver oil to its final destination in Turkey, providing satellite images to back his claims.

Erdogan said that no one had the right to “slander” Turkey by accusing it of buying oil from Islamic State and reminding him of his promise to step down.

The Turkish president, who was speaking at a university in the Qatari capital of Doha, added that he didn’t want relations with Moscow to deteriorate even further, Reuters reported.

On Monday, Erdogan said that he would leave office if there was proof of Turkey’s cooperation in the oil trade with IS.

“We are not that dishonest as to buy oil from terrorists. If it is proven that we have, in fact, done so, I will leave office. If there is any evidence, let them present it, we’ll consider [it],” he said, as quoted by TASS.

Kadyrov promises to avenge Russian citizen beheaded by ISIS terrorists

Kadyrov promises to avenge Russian citizen beheaded by ISIS terrorists

Head of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. © Said Tsarnaev
The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has confirmed that the man killed by Islamic State terrorists on their latest video was a Russian citizen from Chechnya and promised that lives of those who committed this crime won’t last long.

Kadyrov told reporters on Thursday that the victim of the beheading was a Russian citizen and an ethnic Chechen, but noted that there was no confirmation of the man’s previous connections with the Islamic State group (previously ISIS/ISIL).

The Chechen leader also promised to avenge the killing. “Chechens remember, know and will not leave this unanswered. Those who slaughtered our citizen will not live long,” Interfax quoted him as saying.

READ MORE: ISIS video claims to show beheading of alleged ‘Russian spy’

On Wednesday, ISIS released an Internet video with a reported confession and beheading of a man claiming to have arrived in ISIS-controlled territory with an assignment from Russia’s Federal Security Service, the FSB. The victim identified himself as 23-year-old Magomed Khasiev from the Chechen capital, Gronzy. He said that that he was operating undercover in both Syria and Iraq, gathering information on Russian citizens fighting for ISIS terrorists, under orders from the Russian security services.

In the final minutes, the video switches to an outdoor location where an Islamic State militant threatens Russia and Vladimir Putin with attacks on Russian soil. The jihadist then appears to cut the prisoner’s throat with a knife and behead him.

Russia is currently conducting a major Air Force operation against ISIS in Syria at the request of that country’s government. According to the Defense Ministry, air raids have already destroyed thousands of terrorist strongholds, arms depots and other infrastructure. The operation has resulted in the halving of the terrorists’ revenues through illegal oil sales – from $3 to $1.5 million per day.

Ramzan Kadyrov is known for his strong anti-ISIS stance and has made repeated statements in which he expressed his readiness to join the anti-terrorist operation in Syria together with Chechen special operations units.

READ MORE: Kadyrov asks Putin to allow Chechen infantry to fight in Syria

In mid-November, Kadyrov called on Muslims across the world to unite and destroy the Islamic State terrorist group. He also reiterated his point that the current Middle East crisis was masterminded by the United States and other Western nations to distract public attention from numerous problems in the region and incite hatred toward Muslims all over the world.