The Dick-Read School for Natural Childbirth

The Dick-Read School for Natural Childbirth
Honouring Dr Grantly Dick-Read MD, 1890 to 1959 and
Jessica Dick-Read, 1912 to 1998
School “Maintenance Man”: Dr Leigh Dick-Read, PhD (Natural Childbirth)
This work is – and it must be, totally Evidence Based and Transparent.
Society IS as Society Births!
0422 56 1214

A brief interim report

I have been meeting with many Homebirth and Hospital Midwives, Doulas, Birth-Support Workers, Mothers and their Partners, Families and Friends traveling along the East Coast of Australia. I been talking with and listening to them all. They have more than reinforced my best and worst prejudices, fears and hopes.

Avoidable and unnecessary medical interventions during birth are harmful.

Too many obstetricians and gynaecologists, and some midwives just do not understand how we humans have been designed to have and to support the having of our babies. The life-long consequences of ill-informed, arrogant, heartless interference are obvious. They keep too many of us counsellors in business!

Childbirth affects us all physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. How we have babies largely determines how we all are able to birth our whole lives. This is because REAL Natural Childbirth (RNC) requires a Mindset that predisposes us to be totally non-violent (unless defensively), cooperative, mutually respectful and self-governing.

He best of our midwives and obstetricians are threatened by ill-informed, dictatorial and powerful colleagues who just cannot understand what the late, great Dr Marsden Wagner, former head of Women’s and Children’s Services at WHO, told us:

Far too many of the birth problems birthing mothers are experiencing are caused by obstetricians!

Obstetricians are our highly skilled Remedial Therapists. It is our best, most informed, most skilled, most humane, most trustworthy and very brave, midwives and obstetricians who must lead us away from the horrors within the Obstetric-Industrial Complex. We cannot fight enormous money and power any more than we could hope to breach the walls of Jericho with a Gazoo! We must join together to BYPASS ‘the System’ and let its horrors wither from disuse while preserving and enhancing its ever-greater research and support benefits. We must freely avoid inappropriate imposed technology applied against our will.

One midwife said something that is so obvious to so many of us:

“We have too many obstetricians!”

REAL Natural Childbirth (RNC) is having babies as Nature intends, according to Nature’s design!

Research and the, usually ignored, stories of countless women worldwide are continually telling us that RNC is safe, healthy and joyful throughout. RNC is largely, often entirely, free of pain, bleeding and tearing – and any need for medical interference and management!

It is now time for all women to get the facts and take back the TOTAL and COMPETENT control of ALL childbirth – especially their own.

It is now time for all men to get the facts and to fulfil their biological role – protecting all birthing environments – Sacred Spaces – to ensure that all women can have the facts and self-deliver their babies how and where each woman wishes without any uninvited, unwelcome and unnecessary interference.

The ideal time for us all, as girls and boys, to begin to learn all about RNC is in infancy. This happens in our family and in many other families worldwide. Most of us have a bit of catching up to do!

The last place ANY healthy woman should have a baby is exposed to hospital infections – both microbial and attitudinal!

It is KNOWLEDGE that enables us to suss out our most skilled, honest and trustworthy birth workers when we genuinely need their help.

During February I will be circulating a full report on this trip. When our film is ready we will distribute it worldwide.

I am often asked what I do. Somewhat flippantly I may answer: “Teach women how to have babies”. In fact what I really do is help women and men to get and check the facts so that they can have and support the having of our babies without need of my help!

This is the work that will continue worldwide till we get Birth and, therefore, Life right.

Like this? Work with us!

Don’t like this? Challenge me to show my evidence – and I will challenge you to do the same!

More soon from me – and many others!

Leigh Dick-Read

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