Twitter Threads – Symbolism, Mind Control, Hollywood and more

the masonic has and always will be involved

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Here are some twitter threads I have done on various subjects. They are mostly on child abuse and mind control, symbolism and hollywood but there are some on other subjects.

Some are a few months old, and I understand more now than I did then, but they particularly may be useful for people new to the subjects.

Unfortunately I did not save all the threads with the @threadreaderapp and so now some cannot be saved, and some only saved partially due to twitter breaking the threads or some added to after what appears to be an approximate 6 week cut off date for the app to be able to recall the tweets. The thread reader app saved links are marked [a] eg [3a]

I have included links to the partial thread reader app threads, so that they can be used if necessary to find the originals.

I have only done…

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