“Are there ordinary people living in Syria?”

I’m just ashamed. Here are people just trying to live an ordinary life.

And then the screwed up West, with their Neo-Con/Zionist aggression, trying to destroy the very good of the people, let loose their missiles.


by KJaquesson

Just days before Kari Jaquesson traveled to Syria, she told a a woman she wanted to give a voice to ordinary Syrians. The woman exclaimed “Ordinary People? Are there ordinary people living in Syria??” Here, Kari reminds us that there are.

Two women, both mothers, from two different countries, one in war, one in peace, but with much in common – not least the love of our children and the fear all mothers have for something to happen to the children.

Since the start of the war against Syria, newspapers and television channels have been unequivocally conveying dramatic images and films from Syria. The reoccurring meme is the so called «regime»‘s bombing of areas besieged by terrorists, usually called «rebel forces» or «opposition forces» in our media. The attacks of terrorists against the civilian population in non-besieged areas have hardly been discussed, despite the fact that these violent…

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