Those calling the shots today will stop at nothing to stay in control. It’s up to us to stop them | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

Those calling the shots today will stop at nothing to stay in control. It’s up to us to stop them March 29, 2018 Michael Aydinian News

What happens when pathological liars are found out? They keep lying in an attempt to cover their tracks. With credibility & reputation finally shot, these people either end up in jail as fraudsters or have no option but to move on to fresh pastures. The lies continue & so on.

The very best con artists manage to do this for a living. Now the problem for us is we have pathological liars at the very top of the tree. They have untold resources. They are the banksters who own the media, most politicians in the West & just about anything else that matters. As a result, they answer to no one & therefore cannot be held to account. So what option have they but to keep lying?

This is why some 5 years ago I said much the same thing & predicted the lies will become so obvious, increasing numbers of people will recognise this. So here we are now where these liars have nowhere to go. They won’t stop because they cannot stop. It’s up to us to say enough is enough. I’m not sure what the answer is because we’re in uncharted waters. I do however believe violence is what they want! However, I’m in no doubt the ball is in our court! WE HAVE TO STOP THEM BY BOYCOTTING THEIR PRODUCTS & WITHDRAWING OUR LABOUR & DO SO IN UNISON!

Believe you me, if we fail to do this, either our lives will become worthless in a police state or WWIII will take place.  We’re in a dire situation but in a way so are they. They have to be. Look at the lies they’re telling! It can’t get any more obvious! One simply has to question – why are they so anti Corbyn? With local elections coming up & polls suggesting the Tories are in deep shit,      it’s no surprise Zionists are suddenly making themselves very busy.

First, I’m sure MI5 were instructed to take out this Russian spy in order to blame Putin & significantly, portray Teresa May as ‘being tough!’ This ‘assassination’ was to distract people’s minds away from how bad the Tories really are. Then these bastards turned their attention to Corbyn. As the caption below from the JEWISH VOICE rightly states, ‘the most passionate anti-racist campaigner for the last 40 years is actually pro-racist & anti-Semitic!’

Not to forget & this is extremely important, a few weeks ago Corbyn was a Czech agent, then a ‘Putin stooge’, a ‘Kremlin appeaser’ & apparently a traitor to boot. NOW HE’S AN ANTI-SEMITE…………… AGAIN!

Two days ago I happened to see a front page headline in the Daily Mail. It read – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH CORBYN labelling him a racist & anti-Semitic. I saw red. It prompted me to phone the Daily Mail & I unloaded. 3 times the phone was put down on me. It took me a while to calm down & then I spoke to the managing editor & did so in a more civil manner. I felt I got through to him when I said –I mean, don’t you realise where this is all heading? Don’t you have children & families? Perhaps you think those who work in the media are immune to nuclear radiation. He let me speak & finally he said put that in a letter, so I did.

Please by my guest to use any part of it. It goes without saying we need to pile the pressure on with emails & letters, especially to media & politicians

.Dear sir or madam The Royal Charter decrees media outlets have to be both IMPARTIAL & TRUTHFUL. I believe the media is the most important institution/entity in the world. Therefore journalists & reporters have an abiding duty to fully comply with the operating requirements of the Royal Charter.  I’m 61 & never voted Labour in my life but yesterday when I saw the Daily Mail headline – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH CORBYN accusing the Labour leader of being anti-Semitic, that was it. So long as he remains leader, I’m not only going to vote Labour but will encourage others to do so.

10 years ago if someone said I’d do this, I would have laughed & retorted, that’s impossible. It goes without saying the media isn’t paying a blind bit of notice to the Royal Charter. Frankly I’m at a loss understanding why anyone bothers to buy papers or listen to the news anymore. I feel I’m not exaggerating – regarding impartiality, the media couldn’t be more biased if it tried. As for truth, seemingly no lie is big enough. The proof is in the pudding:

For over a year mainstream media told a pack of lies in order to wage war in Iraq! Now what can be more evil than that? What we weren’t told is the US & UK were instrumental in installing Saddam as Iraq’s leader. Making matters infinitely worse – the end result of this war was the destruction of a country that believe it or not had nothing like the crime rate most Western nations are bedevilled with.

Between 1-2 million innocent Iraqis lost their lives; millions more lost their homes & livelihoods. Then, after this catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions, did the media ever once bring themselves to apologise? NO! So now I ask, why should I, or anyone for that matter, ever believe anything the media says?

And since when was it the media’s job to offer opinions? Bad enough Corbyn is having to endure this media onslaught but each & every accusation & slur is presented as if it’s damning evidence, yet if identical claims were made at the Old Bailey, they’d be laughed out of court in two seconds flat. What’s more, you know this!
He’s unelectable was the first claim. however, over 35 years, his Islington North majority went from 5000 to well over 20,000. Smear after smear followed yet no mention that he had among the lowest expenses in Parliament. I’m sure the public would have appreciated knowing that. Why not highlight his wish to redress the enormous gulf between the wealthy & the not so fortunate or to close tax loopholes for billionaires or the fact he was right about the Iraq war? He was even awarded a peace prize but you wouldn’t know it! He became the first MP, Labour or Conservative, to win a leadership contest on the first ballot, moreover doing so under the backdrop of media vilification the likes of which I cannot recall, while members of his own party stabbed him in the back.
On the other hand, what’s Theresa May got to boast about? Behind closed doors, the Tories saw to it no one opposed her. She became leader not just of her party but the country. The media made nothing of this but now, here’s the bad news –
While the attacks on Corbyn continue with zest, the Prime Minister, who after all is the one calling the shots, seemingly remains immune from criticism. Ludicrous? Astonishing? Even impossible? Yet, apparently what the most powerful person in the country initiates matters not one iota! The media’s hell bent on telling us how bad the opposition leader might be.
And what exactly is our Prime Minister doing? ONLY HER LEVEL BEST TO MAKE AN ENEMY OUT OF RUSSIA! Of course she could never do this if the media was permitted to do its job. You see the craziest aspect of this all is, once again, these allegations against Russia totally & utterly lack credibility. There’s the distinct lack of motive & true to form, zero evidence is presented. It’s all talk. Just like the WMD’s.
So we have Theresa May inexplicably risking our lives & then to add insult to this treachery, when Corbyn says, ‘err can we perhaps gather the evidence before we go making outlandish accusations’, all hell breaks loose!
I’d just like to point out even if the Russians were bang to rights I’d still ask, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING? Apart from the ungodly sum we’ve squandered through sanctions, we’re moving ever-closer to nuclear annihilation, How can we want this? I pinch myself wondering do these journalists have children & families? Or perhaps they think they’re immune to nuclear radiation? I’ll go further – SO WHAT IF RUSSIA KILLED A SPY? Isn’t Treason an offence punishable by death? Moreover, whenever Israel commits targeted assassinations, nobody says a Dickie bird! In fact, we’re often given the impression Israel has a right to do this!
What I find so astonishing is not only have we arrived at this ghastly juncture, we’ve done so with relative ease & there seems no end in sight. Most worryingly, while the media charges ever further into this abyss, its current structure literally forbids any questioning or any opposing voice. It’s the stuff of nightmares except we awake to the dawning realisation this is all for real! How did we allow this situation to get so far? God help us!
Yours sincerely
I just came across this caption – 


Source: Those calling the shots today will stop at nothing to stay in control. It’s up to us to stop them | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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