Watch it here! Mainstream media refuses airtime to Corbyn’s anti-press rant (RANT INCLUDED) | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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I really don’t believe the media can do any more to harm Jeremy Corbyn. I feel their actions will only serve to drive more folk away from mainstream media. I’m sure they’re aware of this. So why do they continue with a policy that’s all but failed? Well doing nothing would surely result in more voters deserting the Tory Party so what else can they do? They’re stuck between a rock & a hard place. Sure, these smears will cast doubt. Thankfully we’ve arrived at a point where only those with the brains of a rocking horse will believe such clap-trap. No. What drives me mad are the fools who so readily dismiss the media’s actions with the banal assumption ‘aaahh, it’s always been like this!’ The sad reality is an integral reason we’re in this dire predicament today is because we’re surrounded by morons who think nothing of the fact media outlets are bound by the Royal Charter which states they have to be truthful & impartial. If not their license can be revoked. Yet, what we’re seeing today is a media that couldn’t be more biased if it tried. Maybe if more of us weren’t so damn selfish & bone idle we wouldn’t be in this mess. Making matters infinitely worse though is the way the media has simply become a mouthpiece for the super wealthy & a propaganda tool for those who really control us & are seeking world domination. Our politicians are supposed to represent us; the media is supposed to keep us informed. On both fronts we couldn’t be further from where we should be. We’re not just being sold short. Along with having the proverbial piss taken out of us, we’re slowly but surely being thrown to the wolves. We not only have to wake up to this but each & everyone one of us have to act, for our politicians & the entire corporate media are controlled by a handful of warmongering Zionist banksters who couldn’t give a damn about ordinary people!  JEREMY CORBYN DOES THOUGH…… but what perhaps folk should bear in mind is for 34 years JC has always stood by his principles supporting the elderly, the infirm, the exploited & the victimised. He’s always believed in having decent public services in order to have a fairer society. He’s always been staunchly anti-war. In all this time the media pretty much ignored him. Strange too when you think at the height of the MP’s expenses scandal, JC expenses were the lowest in Parliament yet this wasn’t worth a mention. Only since JC became the unlikely leader of the Labour Party & THEREFORE WAS NOW SOMEBODY WHO COULD DEFY THE WISHES OF THE RULING ELITE has the media sought to character assassinate him. So the media tear apart a man who hasn’t yet tasted power while no scrutiny whatsoever is afforded to how our unbelievably inept leader Theresa May desperately, almost embarrassingly clings to power while her party remains in a state of disarray.  Check out JC’s brilliant response to the MSM’s latest slur on him. Of course this is their Modus Operandi – they lie their arse off & then give zero media coverage to any response you may have…..  Some earlier Corbyn articles –

Source: Watch it here! Mainstream media refuses airtime to Corbyn’s anti-press rant (RANT INCLUDED) | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

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