Why tax-avoiding billionaires want Britain outside the EU?


To protect their wealth from tax authorities, Britain’s tax avoiding media tycoons wanted you to leave the EU.

Ahead of the EU referendum, pro-Brexit media blamed the EU for increasing the increasing number of migrants, accused Angela Merkel of bullying Britain, condemned High Court judges as “Enemies of the people”, influencing British people to vote to leave the EU.

Just like politicians that work together around a common policy, there is a common conviction that distinguishes a particular news agency. Regarding the pro-Brexit mass communication campaigners, most of them are owned by wealthy tax-avoiding billionaires. Rupert Murdoch owns The Sun, Barclay Brothers own The Telegraph, Richard Desmond owns Daily Express, and Lord Rothermere owns Daily Mail.

Richard Desmond’s Tax Profile

“New Express owner Richard Desmond’s huge publishing and TV sex empire has paid just £200,000 in corporation tax since it was established eight years ago, The Observer can reveal… His two main holding companies – Northern & Shell Group Ltd and Portland Investments Ltd – are owned by trusts in Guernsey, the Channel Islands tax haven.”


Lord Rothermere’s Tax Profile

“Sonia Sinclair remembers sitting next to Rothermere at a party for Imelda Marcos at the Philippines embassy. ‘Vere turned to me towards the end of dinner and said: ‘I’m leaving this country tomorrow for good. It’s absolutely essential, otherwise I’ll be virtually ruined by taxation, and I feel terribly strongly about keeping the empire together.”


Rupert Murdoch’s Tax Profile

“Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate News Corp. lobbied in favor of the new Panama free trade pact, according to federal lobbying disclosure forms — a pact that will make it more difficult for the U.S. government to crack down on Panama-related tax abuses. Panama is a notorious tax haven, and News Corp. also operates a subsidiary there.


Sirs David and Frederick Barclay Tax Profile

“London’s high-end Ritz hotel has not paid any corporation tax in the 17 years since it was taken over by the reclusive Barclay twins…The accounts show that the profitable hotel has used a series of tax reliefs to reduce its corporation tax to zero.”


To comprehend UK’s pro-Brexit press sudden change of hearts regarding the EU, one has to review the proposed regulations Brussels intends to enact that might threaten the owners of the Sun, the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express.

Unaware of the cunning aptitude of the Sun, the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express to deceive the British voters, the EU decided to crack down on tax-evaders of its member states.

“The new EU listing process is part of the EU’s campaign to clamp down on tax evasion and avoidance and promote fairer taxation, within the EU and globally. It was proposed by the Commission in the External Strategy for Effective Taxation in January 2016 and endorsed by EU Finance Ministers in May. The European Parliament has also repeatedly expressed support for an EU listing process.”


Once the referendum was announced, to protect their offshore accounts and trusts, wealthy British individuals with offshore accounts and trusts, ignited their propaganda engines through the Sun, the Telegraph, Daily Mail and Daily Express to persuade British voters to leave the EU.

Mr. Farage himself confirmed that the EU should keep their hands off British businesses. At the end of his BBC interview reflecting on the Supreme Court’s decision, Mr. Farage revealed the real intention of his BREXIT campaign, stating:

“Well, we would be half-Brexiting is my guess – is that legally we may get out of some aspects of EU membership, but if we stay in the single market, we finish up with all our businesses being regulated somewhere else and indeed a court in Luxembourg that can overrule our own Supreme Court and if that happens it will a supreme act of betrayal.”


Mr. Farage emphasized that: “if we stay in the single market, we finish up with all our businesses being regulated somewhere else”, singling it out as a supreme act betrayal. Apparently, Mr. Farage also tried to avoid paying his taxes by opening an offshore trust fund.


Thanks to UKIP and Tories, wealthy tax-evading individuals will continue to enjoy their tax havens, free from EU regulations, while Britain’s little people will be subjected to either higher taxes or extreme austerity measures.


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