How come these refuges don’t matter? How come only one country comes to their aid? How come an Israeli solder arresting a Palestinian who tried to murder him is more important to thousands starving to death? Unfortunately I’ll never see this on any of the hate pages and certainly not on the ‘Truthers’ unless that is they can blame Israel?

ABOVE A POSTING ON A TROLL BLOG . let us dissect it, bit by bit, the truth will out. The first sentence.” how come these refuges don,t matter.”It gets your attention .”How come only one country comes to their aid .” Oh which country is this?now comes the sucker punch . “how come  an ISRAELI SOLDER( REMEMBER MR G. HE SPELLS SOLDIER THE SAME AS MAURICE BOLAND SOLDER)ARRESTING A PALESTINIAN WHO TRIED TO MURDER HIM IS more important to thousands  starving to death.” We are now talking about the HARD DONE BY ISRAELI I.D.F. (DISTRACTION).we should be posting about the refugees not the ISRAELI I D F MURDERING PALESTINIANS .”Unfortunately you will not see this on any of the HATE pages and certainly not on THE TRUTHERS”,(DISCREDITING), WHO THE HELL ARE “the truthers”(final punch bringing the poor hard done by Israelis back into the conversation)unless that is they can blame Israel”. If you want to read the rest go to maurice boland italkfm blogspot. we have been distracted , discredited ,in the rest of the post we are given the full monty ,get you to disagree ,divide ,the opinions,TRYS TOdestroy your argument . i call it the 5 ds. whether Maurice boland is an unpaid troll or paid one is of no importance though I have a suspicion if he can get paid he will.

Do not take my word for this go on “you tube” there is a video of these trolls telling the interviewer that they are paid to troll internet and engage any anti Israel postings, they have even infiltrated the flat earth society and bombard their subjects with long winded distractions about the earth being FLAT!!!!! THIS IS STANDARD PRACTICE OF MOSSAD . If you do not know who mossad are they are the dirty tricks brigade( and i mean stop at nothing, murder ,false flag ops mass slaughter(twin towers ) you name it oh let us not forget assassination of public figures , controlling isis conning 40 billion out of the u s a .Just stop and think if the u s a did not give billions of dollars to Israel on a yearly basis. The u s a could support a healthcare service without charge,have prescriptions for medicine free or subsidised. Israel IS THE MILLSTONE ROUND THE NECK OF THE AVERAGE HARD WORKING MAN AND WOMAN OF AMERICA.ANSWER THIS QUESTION MAURICE BOLAND,.Why should the u s a give Israel this vast amount of money . When the sick , needy ,unemployed,go without in the u s a .This money is not a loan it is a free gift to Israel but it is paid for with the lives of the average american who cannot afford healthcare or get a job by no fault of their own.It is blood money, enjoy Israel because soon the plug will be pulled ,then what are you Zionist Jew buoys going to do¿ grovel squeal oink ,oink  elsewhere or accept and return the rights and land to the Palestinians .two equal states ,the money divided equally between Israel and Palestine .live and let live side by side ?If you are wondering why I am always asking Maurice boland questions or mention subject matter relating to his good self ,it is because he not I asked for people to debate  ask him questions on subjects that are relevant to today’s world . I have posted on his site on the comments section but he ignores and refuses to approve them so you cannot see them . If I post them on my blog at least I know he has seen them, though he still refuses to acknowledge them .I know when he has been on my site at what time day month year and what postings he has viewed. It is a system used by hackers to view almost any info .I am not a hacker but I know one or two who have showed me how to do it there is a way to block this but that you might say is a trade secret.


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