Breastfeeding Method this is regarded as sick and disgusting why? Breast feeding is the most natural normal thing to do

I am called a sicko , disgusting , for posting photos  of women breast feeding, it is not me who is sick narrow minded and frankly ,well he is religious and a hypocrite .THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN VIEWED BY 2  MILLION , SO ALL THOSE PEOPLE THAT HAVE WATCHED THIS ACCORDING TO OUR LEARNED FRIEND ARE sickos ,perverts, in his book breast feeding should be done in private hidden away so as not to embarrass the likes of them .So more articles about breastfeeding to come . we up hold the right for mothers to breast feed when and where they like.long live human rights for mothers.HIS posting and many more rants about me is posted here oh ,and I SWEAR TO GOD I HAVE NOT TOUCHED CAROL VODEMANN or retouched her! Go to his site read his postings make your own mind up .his blogger address is posted here maurice boland.

One last point , he accuses me of stalking him being a troll, now yes I have  made comments in the past where I disagree but it is I who have been stalked, threatened with legal action,a friend of mine when we had a facebook page was threatened as well for having made true statements to the point that my friend became ill he has crones disease and he had a bad attack which related directly to the stress , as opposed from fighting these threats I decided to close my facebook page and move to another site so eliminating the stress being brought onto my friend. After a short while he followed me to this site I was on  and continued where he had left off, I moved again to here, yet as you can see he persists in his obsessional persecution.I have had mossad dirty tricks applied and always slagging off my opinions and verbal abuse. HE SEEMS TO THINK HE HAS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO JUDGE .If you have an opinion which does not agree 100%with him he attacks with vitriolic language and detrimental expressions with regards ones character.

Yet he does this from a secondary position he will not debate a subject I have offered to debate the matters on his site or mine but no .Mind you what can one expect from someone who deletes his facebook friends if they dare to disagree with him i believe, still that is not my business. let us hope he will give us some peace and quite though I doubt it.

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