According to her parents, Madeleine McCann was abducted on May 3rd 2007.

That is simply not true.

Madeleine was not abducted at all.

She was brutally raped and tortured in a vile and bloody Satanic ritual two days earlier.

Her death was the culmination of many months of horrific, sadistic abuse.

You see, Madeleine McCann was no ordinary girl.

She was being raped regularly by several members of a high-level paedophile ring and her abuse was being shared with many on the internet.

Madeleine McCann was used in vile pornography along with many other children.

For the sick bastards using her, she was something special though.

You could say she was the “star of the show “.

In fact, the only thing that would give the twisted fuckers any more pleasure than they had already experienced, was for Madeleine to be killed.

Right in front of their eyes.

A snuff film to beat all others.

Beautiful, blond haired Madeleine had the ‘X-Factor’ and plenty of people were already paying big money to see her being vilified.

The next step was the ultimate one.

She was literally going to be sacrificed.

That’s why Gerry stated so clearly on video that he was not in Praia de Luz for a holiday.

That’s why the Tapas 7 so firmly claimed they would never talk because they had taken a “pact”.

That’s why Dr David Payne spoke so graphically about his sexual feelings towards Madeleine.

That’s why Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge’s nephew was staying at the Warner resort at the same time as the McCanns.

That’s why paedophiles,Tony Blair and Gordon Brown .so fervently supported the McCanns.

That’s why Gerry’s paedophile past was wiped from the CATS sex-abuse register.

That’s why Clarence Mitchell, who had already covered-up Jill Dando’s murder, was called in to cover-up Madeleine’s.

That’s why Gerry and many of his friends were allowed to escape, scot-free, from Operation Ore when police were about to expose high-ranking, child-raping scum.

That’s why heart surgeon Gerry is a Freemason in the same Leicestershire vicinity as paedophile peer Greville Janner and his sicko- sidekick Keith Vaz.

That’s why everybody gathered at Mark Warner’s to have their pick of young children to rape and also to witness the death of Madeleine.

That’s why Gerry and Kate were feted by the world’s elite- a special way of saying thank-you for giving us Madeleine.

That’s why highly trained sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keeler, picked up the scent of Madeleine’s blood in 10 locations.

That’s why the UK media has persistently failed to report on the conflicting police reports about the case.

That’s why the McCann’s have spent millions trying to shut-up their critics and pay off their cronies.

That’s why many parents like to rape their children along with their friends and sell images of the abuse.

That’s why many UK doctors like to combine murdering children with organ trafficking to wealthy clients.

That’s why Madeleine was also raped after her death ( necrophilia- just like Jimmy Savile ).

That’s why blood splatter patterns found in the apartment were consistent with a neck being slit.

That’s why a photo of a dead Madeleine was posted around the world.

That’s why a clue was deliberately left , hidden in plain sight , for us by pretending to call Madeleine, Maddie ( anagram :I’M DEAD).

That’s why the UK Intelligence services are doing everything within their power to prevent the truth about Madeleine’s sacrificial murder coming out.

That’s why these are the exact tactics used in the case of Alisa and Gabriel the Hampstead Whistleblower kids.

That’s why they want a total media shutdown and cover-up.

Well we’ve got news for you baby-raping, pieces of filth.

It’s way too late now.

The game is up and the truth is out.

Madeleine McCann is dead.

And here’s a word of warning.

To her murderers, and those who were complicit in her abuse, you might think you’ve  managed to escape justice after all these years.

You’re wrong.

Keep watching your backs you fucking, psychopathic scum.

You’ll all get what’s coming to you.

It’s only a matter of time.


Children Born For Sacrifice

The Real Truth

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