Palestinian Struggles for Rights and a Political End-Game

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

The status quo in Palestine & Israel is an interminable nightmare for Palestinians living under military occupation for 70+ years, and a shameful failure of the human rights framework adopted and promoted during that same time.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

The Israeli declaration of independence in May 1948 was the Palestinians’ Nakba (disaster, catastrophe).

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 1948) was (is?) the world’s beacon of hope, an aspiration for a better life for every person.

Our failure (the international community’s failure) to secure a just and lasting resolution in Palestine & Israel cannot be swept under the rug and forgotten. It’s an indictment upon all of us.

Sam Bahour, a Palestinian American living in Ramallah, in the occupied West Bank, captured a succinct history of the military occupation and the current struggle when he spoke with his daughter. (He shares that beginning at 18:50).


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Greta Garbage… Illuminati Puppet

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cathy fox blog on child abuse

In computer science, garbage in, garbage out (GIGO) is the concept that flawed, or nonsense input data produces nonsense output or “garbage”.

Poor Greta is merely a puppet of the Illuminati, being used to advance the agenda of the Illuminati’s New World Order. She has been programmed and fed false information (garbage in) to speak on climate change (garbage out).

You may notice the similarities in the Illuminati climate change PR project with the Illuminati Coronavirus PR project. Spread panic, fear and urgency, blame the people and the “solutions” proposed by authority take rights away from the people, for authorities to take action over the people…

2003 Jan 3 Greta Thunberg was born in Sweden as Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg[4]

Unfortunately for Greta, she shows signs of mind control programming similar to MK Ultra. As so often the abused child didn’t have much of a chance.

Her day…

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Two deaths

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

Peace cranes 1 Origami Peace Cranes

My family and friends know I’m a prolific letter writer. I must send several notes to elected officials each week about one issue or another. Yesterday I realized I’m now sending more condolence cards than my standard fare of political action notes, a sign of the new Covid-19 times we live in.

Two deaths this week hit me hard, not because of who had died (I didn’t know either man personally), but my heart is broken for their families left behind. Both deaths seem so unfair.

One was a young healthy man who died of COVID-19 in NYC. Very successful in business with a tremendous future in front of him, he left behind a wife and young daughter and parents who are all grieving his loss.  A ZOOM memorial can’t cover the distance the hearts must travel to make any sense of the senseless.

The second death…

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Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception

cathy fox blog on child abuse

To understand the Luciferians who are in charge of the world and the child trafficking rings see The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati[2], we need to study what they believe and why they believe it.

I learned more of what the illuminati actually believe and how it relates to and explains to what they do, from this video by Chuck Swindoll, so pass it on. After the introduction, this video of slides can be watched, or just click on a slide and stop and read it.

I have included a useful but obviously imperfect autotranscription, which I  do not have time to reformat, below my further comments after the video.

Chuck Swindoll Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception [1]

or if you want free from CIA/google/youtube watch on bitchute, butwordpress does not seem to embed bitchute (if anyone knows how to please tell me)

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Mothers Who Allege Abuse More Likely To Lose Custody of Their Children – Researching Reform

cathy fox blog on child abuse

This is cut and pasted from Researching Reform blog as for some reason the reblog button did not work for me, several times. Please check her blog out as it is excellent. Mothers Who Allege Abuse More Likely To Lose Custody of Their Children [1]

It is hugely important as it shows that if a mother is in court alleging abuse then the children are MORE likely to be taken from her and given to the father who can be the abuser.

It could be a variety of factors of which institutional “accidental” bias is perhaps the most benign of them, but still needs fixing. However deliberately bias, gender bias and corruption could also be factors as could freemasonry and organised ritual abuse and blackmail.

Recently I highlighted one case Child Kidnapping by the (Deep) State – Example Sara Ybarra Johnson[2], which also included a summary of all the…

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Operation Gladio and Gladio B

you are a martyr to the cause Cathy

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I have reblogged this article of Fiona’s as

  • Operation Gladio is important to show that there are hidden terrorist forces at work, supposedly on behalf of Government but seem to work to another globalist / NATO satanic agenda
  • Gladio in Britain is difficult or impossible to get information on from official sources as we don’t know the actual name of the British Operation
  • Gladio B is in play now, using false flags and blaming Muslims for terrorist events
  • I had collected links for an article on Gladio but not yet used them, so I have put that research at the end of Fiona’s article, in their rough form, for people to use
  • I would not be at all surprised if the secret Gladio operatives were involved in child trafficking and other nefarious activities like drug and arms trafficking

GLADIO and the NWO

This article is by Fiona Barnett, and is…

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Child Kidnapping by the (Deep) State – Example Sara Ybarra Johnson

cathy fox blog on child abuse


Make no mistake the institutions of the state are used to steal children, in various countries, the extent of which I am not yet sure, but it is widespread.

This happens in Britain where it is done by what is commonly known as forced adoption and other methods, under the cover of the Social Services. It is done in the family court, on the balance of probabilities ie 51% decided by one judge. This can result in your children being taken away with no crime having been committed, yet for a crime it is determined by beyond reasonable doubt. This must be wrong.

In the US it is the CPS (Child Protective Services) and it also happens in Australia but probably happens in many other countries as well. Feel free to leave examples in the comments, of different countries, and to your stories.

They mainly pick on vulnerable…

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Vaccinations. Are They Child Abuse?

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Doctors learn very little about vaccinations. They are told they are safe and and effective and they learn the schedule…

Doctors are indoctrinated.

My Doctor lied to me.

When I asked him if he had watched Vaxxed 1, he said “Yes”

I asked what he thought. He said “It was antivaccination.”

He obviously did not watch the video, as Vaxxed made pains to make clear throughout the film, that they were pro safe vaccinations. He lied.

I was shocked.

My learning curve now included the fact that a Doctor was willing to lie to his patient… quite blatantly.

I could no longer trust my doctor…

People trust Doctors, because they assume that the system has ensured that they know about the products they are recommending, especially when they are supposed to improve the patients health.

Doctors are given a special trust as they are dealing with the health, and life…

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Intolerance for the other

does the means justify the end?

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

A brief message to myself more than anyone else.

Recent events and communications have focused my attention on “the other” and the world’s intolerance for “the other”.

Some concrete examples might help.

ApeirogonA Palestinian-American author condemned an Irish-American author’s book about Palestine. Colum McCann‘s novel (Apeirogon) is about two families (a Palestinian family in the occupied West Bank and an Israeli family in Jerusalem) who each suffer the death of a child due to the violence perpetrated by the other side.  The Palestinian-American author criticizes the book:

Along comes a novelist, who is so moved by this unusual friendship, the story behind it, and what he feels it represents of hope for the future of the nation that he decides to write a book about them. It is a kind of amplifying-the-voice-of-peace endeavour (sic), born from the stubborn belief that anything can be solved by the benevolent enthusiasm…

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Report on Child Abuse in Schools, Cornwall County Council

cathy fox blog on child abuse

In 2015 Cornwall Council released a Report “The Report of a Working party on Child Abuse in Schools under an independent chairman Dr DPB Miles.”  This was the Councils reponse in 1987 to a headmaster of a Primary School being found guilty of child sexual abuse. Copies of the Report are available on this blog [1a] and WDTK [1b]. It was released in response to a FOI request [2]

The Report was commissioned by the Cornwall Area Review Committee, for Cornwall County Councils Education; Schools sub committee. It was previously published originally in October 1987 and Reprinted in 1994, presumably as it had bearing on the 1994 case of child abuse by Michael Johnson and Azimuth Trust, about which I posted here [3] and more of which later. See also update Michael Johnson Azimuth Trust Update[6]

1987reportcorwall (2)The Report is in two parts

  • Part A Introduction and Recommendations…

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