Today is Friday and so RADIO JONES is back at 12pm GMT…..on talk radio europe


Today is Friday and so RADIO JONES is back at 12 pm GMT…..on talk radio Europe

Today we will start by looking at the ongoing FIFA scandal which seems to be so much darker then anybody could have imagined. ‪#‎JamesMDorsey‬, a journalist, and academic at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, smelled several rats many years ago and is unsurprised by the current bans imposed upon Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini. He will join me today to discuss the situation in detail, and in the light of the brilliant Panorama program broadcast last week.

And the love affairs that many an ex-patriot have had with Spain was first well-documented by the English author who wrote novels and travelogues based on his experiences traveling around Europe. His best-known work The Bible of Spain accounts his extensive travels in the country delivering the Scriptures to the Catholic masses, which quickly brought him into conflict with the Catholic Church and the conservative authorities. Borrow aficionado, Peter Missler, brings to life this colourful character.

‪#‎DrVinhChung‬ is an American doctor of pharmacology and theology who found himself in the USA as a young child having been one of the original Vietnamese Boat People. Several decades later he is passionately grateful for the opportunities that he was given by his adopted country and is very well-placed to comment on the issues in and around America´s attitudes to accepting refugees. He will answer the questions about whether all refugees are created equal?

And how can we let this week pass without a look at the unique and controversial Donald Trump. The brilliant author and campaigner ·‪#‎RaymondBechard‬ is the best person to bring us this analysis.
He writes: ¨Who else do you know who is a billionaire, real estate magnate, best-selling author, game show host, with a clothing line and a board game? It is the spirit of # DonaldTrump’s message that his supporters connect with, not the “facts” he states. His supporters aren’t really worried about facts, subtlety, complexity or nuance. He understands that the enormous, complex issues we face today are looked upon with suspicion by millions of Americans who want simple, broad answers. While this is not a terribly evolved way of thinking, it is their worldview and Trump, reflecting it masterfully, is their champion. Trump is the quintessential Public Relations Showman. He has been well known to Americans for over three decades. He times his headline-grabbing messages to capture the news media at least once a week. In fact, the pattern of his “stay in the news” messaging is about every six or seven days. The news media finds him irresistible because he gets ratings and reporting on him is very inexpensive. He dominates the coverage of the long Presidential process because he is and always has been an entertainer. And the only thing Americans love more than being entertained is the entertainers themselves. (Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sonny Bono are some examples of Republicans who were elected President, Governor and Congressman respectively). This all has to be very frustrating to the other Republican candidates because they are boring and seem oddly out of touch in comparison to Trump. All of this being said, his biggest supporter has to be Hillary Clinton. This is because Trump is destroying the Republican’s process of finding a nominee for the general election AND the fact that he could never win the general election in November 2016.¨

Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.
Pippa Jones's photo.

Richie Allen cutting edge radio.

Richie Allen radio 20/10/2015
tomie jones says -talk radio europe part company with Richie after 6 months free , they will not pay him, that is pirate radio stations for you. or owner, management dirty tricks . I shall be posting program info as and when i can .

Jordan Maxwell joins me tonight for the second in a series of monthly specials dealing with specific topics. Tonight, the great man will be talking about the worlds three great religions, what they have in common and their deepest darkest secrets. Thanks t for sponsoring Jordan. Don’t miss it. here are the links:

FULL Documentary BANNED by the McCanns (Overturned) Truth of the Lie – Gonçalo Amaral – YouTube

FULL Documentary BANNED by the McCanns (Overturned) Truth of the Lie – Gonçalo Amaral – YouTube.

From Kikorattan
A very interesting twist to this story …
“So far: the Naylor child was entered into the Ocean Club creche SIX times in Gerry ‪#‎McCann‬‘s writing. Naylor didn’t deny it when I spoke to him. Maddie goes missing, only cadaver odour left behind. Should we connect these events? I say we should. I conclude that McCann took Elizabeth Naylor to creche to enable him to take at the same time her then-and-now friend Madalene. I deduce that, for respectability and practical purposes, they would have been accompanied by a female – probably Madalene’s mother. Before we consider Madalene, a little background about Robert Naylor. His most recent CV, since at least 2005, is as an investment banker. First with the corrupt and ultimately disgraced Landsbanki, with whom he worked In Edinburgh and later in London. As the bank collapsed, he and about a dozen others jumped ship to form the Matrix Investment Bank, also in London. But is there any evidence that he ever knew Gerry? No. Did he ever live or work near Rothley? Here, it becomes interesting. I have seen and put in a safe place a copy of Companies House Form 288a dated 2002, on which *a* Robert Naylor declares himself director or secretary of a small Leicestershire firm. This Robert Naylor gives his business address as Bradgate Hill, Groby. That’s about 4 miles from Gerry’s Golf Club (Rothley Park), another mile from Rothley, and about a further three miles from Queniborough, where the McCanns previously lived. Is this “our” Robert Naylor? Only if we had his signature on a statement from PdL, or from his current occupation, would we know. And we haven’t. But what we have got, is Gerry’s feeble attempt to replicate Naylor’s initialised signature on the attendance records of the Ocean Club creche.”

So what were the McCann relationships with the other members of the Tapas group ? The first two to we hear about are Fiona and David Payne. Kate tells us on P33 of her book she first became friends with Fiona in December 2000 at Leicester General ICU, so I suppose that David came as part of the package in that friendship. If I read her book correctly Russell O’Brien, Jane Tanner, and Matthew and Rachael Oldfield were closer friends of the Paynes, but known acquaintances of her and Gerry (P59). It was the first time the McCanns would holiday with the ‘acquaintances’. With no deep foundation to their relationship it was going to be unlikely this lot could stick together under the circumstances of 3rd May on any meaningful level.
So if not friendship, what else might bind then together? A blog to read is Textusas, who believes the group were swingers. This suggestion may have its roots in the fact that Mark Warner holidays cater for ‘adults only’ holidays; there is a link from steel magnolia here:…/113-day…
Also from the Jane Tanner rogatory appears this bolt from the blue:
“078 “Okay. Is there anything else that you need to speak about”?
Reply “Erm no I don’t think so, don’t think anything else is”.
4078 “What about your personal opinions Jane”?
Reply “Yeah erm, well obviously I, I mean I was almost gonna say this at the very, very end of anything but I just, I’d just really like to say to the Portuguese Police you know, I think there’s been a lot said but from a, you know we’re not a bunch of swingers that went out there for a swinging holiday, I can’t think of anything to be worse to be honest but yeah, we didn’t go out there on a swingers holiday to dump our kids in the kids club while we got pissed and shagged each other you know, that’s not what we did.”
Kate says in her book P59, they had been away with Dave and Fiona several times and always enjoyed themselves; Dave was an avid organiser of holidays it seems. It was he who instigated the infamous timeline lists handed to the PJ, and he was at the Rothley meeting that Clarence Mitchell tells us was for ‘operational reasons’ on 17th November 2007, that caused such indignation within the PJ, just 10 days after the Telegraph reported that two of the Tapas wanted to change their story and had consulted their solicitors..
Maybe it’s something altogether more sinister. David’s odd, almost casual conversations with Gerry in front of the Gaspars can only add to the consternation.. I have no doubt just that there was than just swinging going on. . Payne is at the centre of the holiday soirées, surrounding himself with friends, and someone, with his prepared timelines, who needs to try and control what the PJ think when in reality he should just be a bystander letting them get on with their job. The other’s eagerness to comply with his actions on 3rd May is complete,. So what does he have over them that they feel powerless to confront?
Maybe it’s a secret that can’t be revealed; a bond they have above friendship born out of mutual embarrassment in the event of exposure. While swinging, or some other nefarious activity, might suggest a stronger kind of cement than just friendship to hold the group .
Whatever happened David Payne was in the thick of it.
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  • A really weird looking bunch  The first two people on the top line are both evil and ugly inside and out!
     Looking at them all, I would say they all look quite normal, apart from G&K and DP
     It has been questioned about Kate & David Payne as apparently on May 3rd (?) she answered the door to him in a towel after showering – already odd, but then showered or bathed again when he left 30 minutes later?? Although she says he only stayed for 30 seconds….
     Another indictment of KM’s lack of mothering instincts if she’d put being outed as a swinger above the safety of her child. Personally I wouldn’t give a flying one if people knew I was a swinger. I’d only be concerned about getting my child back!
     Something worse than a swinger I am afraid.


Having got outed from the viewpoint chair (talk radio europe program) for being “too left wing in her views”,so stated an unknown representative to pippa jones. You now have a panel of ageing geriatrics whose viewpoint is so far to the right that they can only be described as daily mail readers . Who will become chair person  we don,t know but it is quite obvious that they will have to be jewish and of right wing opinion.

whether Pippa Jones will survive with her excellent current affairs program on a friday is yet to be seen , I think they will wind it up after a few more broadcasts .A shame really as it really does tackle the controversial subjects, it is a shining light amongst the total dross that is broadcast by the other presenters(excluding stephen ritson ,howard brereton,dave raven , and Minnie rivel, perhaps giles )lets face it the stations owner is Jewish and is further right than gengis khan!He claims not to interfere in the stations policies but i have been told by previous management that this is far from the reality.

talk radio europe is talk radio with a gag on it, i used to complain about maurice boland,s censorship be this out classes him a thousand fold.It is quickly becoming a george orwellian situation at radio big brother so you all will have to watch your backs down there, with what you say and dave loveable , likeable dave dodgsonyou best not state any of your religous beliefs(apart from on sunday ) as lets face it they somewhat conflict with the jewish faith .!

Well bill padley is off again on hols so it was Pippa jones standing in and will be till he returns . STRANGELY ENOUGH if you go off on hols at TRE for more than a few days you get back and find your jobs gone ,the rug has been pulled out from underneath you. Bill Padley is having another rest after his alledged face lift wrinkle removing, (see interview on marbella tv  marbella now with Mr MARBELLA .BILL HAS NOT GOT A WRINKLE IN SIght, great job, I cannot work out if you,re wearing a rug or not,  if you are it,s excellent cannot see the join ).well earned with his partner, i hope they are having a good time as Pippa is doing a great job and on your return you may wish to consider handing over your spot to Pippa .You could deal with the admin of the station and maybe do a musical feature on a friday your speciality much more your cup of tea  well your show is becoming a little bit stale, IS IT NOT.Always get out when your on top eh!

now. celtic socks and no wrinkles,    before ooooh ducky it,s fabuloso now, that sagging chin, droopy cheeks,bags under the eyes, and the hair oooh the hair it,s like a forest deff. up for round the horne you are, bona , bona ,bona! A POSITIVE WORK OF ART i bet your partner is over the moon.

bill padly 2015billpadleyIf you want to see the interview with Mr MARBELLA I HAVE POSTED THE LINK .iT IS AN INTERESTING INTERVIEW ,not sure who came out on top in the witty repartee stakes they both were somewhat desperate to get their 5 pence worth .Still i enjoyed it and Mr Marbella was his usual witty twitty self .

So two weeks of PIPPA JONES great stuff, while billy pad has some more rejuvanal work perhaps a tummy tuck ,to make the spare tyre become a 6 pac, or man boob removal , two weeks ,that,s too long , let,s see if he comesback or decides to make a comeback in britain, what with rereleasal of his songs , back in the green green grass of home we shall see .