A Bunch of Religious morons Think Stephen Hawking Is Currently Burning in Hell – Friendly Atheist

A Bunch of Religious morons Think Stephen Hawking Is Currently Burning in Hell MARCH 14, 2018 BY HEMANT MEHTA 660 COMMENTS39368

With the death of the brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, you knew there would be religious people eager to use the tragedy to promote their own beliefs. What’s surprising is that it’s not just random trolls doing it.Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain offered his condolences, but not before one final jab at Hawking’s life.He didn’t take it back when a local reporter asked about it, either, insisting that his goal was to remind everybody about eternal hellfire.Asked about the etiquette of trolling the recently deceased, Cain told the American-Statesman, “I am sympathetic for his family’s loss. Losing a loved one is difficult for everyone. My prayers are with them.”But, Cain continued, “While many see him as one of the greatest public intellectuals of the last century, and no one disputes that he was brilliant, the fact remains that God exists. My tweet was to show the gravity of the Gospel and what happens when we die, namely, that we all will one day meet the Creator of the universe face to face.”He’s not alone. Here’s a sampling of what some religious people were saying:Just saw the news that Stephen Hawking died. This is sad because now he will meet the God he denied. It is sad because he will spend eternity without God. And it is sad because there are millions more just like him that need Jesus. Let this spur us on to share the gospel.— Todd Tucker (@ToddLTucker) March 14, 2018It’s a sad day. A brilliant mind discovered how wrong he was about many things. Stephen Hawking is no longer an atheist.— Lindsey Fescoe (@LindseyFescoe) March 14, 2018Stephen Hawking is burning in Hell. Funny, his final thoughts were that he was going to enter eternal darkness. But when he woke up, he found himself before the Lord, his soul judged by him to be tortured for all eternity in the realm of Satan. pic.twitter.com/5lbPVAn0o7— Alexander Layko (@alexlayko) March 14, 2018Sadly, Stephen Hawking is now burning in a fiery hell according to his own testimony.Don’t follow his path Friend!John 3:16-17For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.~BIBLE— BAPTIST SOCIETY 1 (@BAPTISTTOURS) March 14, 2018Let’s call this the Stephen Hawking Number: It’s the amount of time between your death and how quickly religious people have to tell people on social media that you’re burning in Hell.May we all live as Hawking did and strive to make that number as small as possible.

Source: A Bunch of Religious People Think Stephen Hawking Is Currently Burning in Hell – Friendly Atheist

not so friendly atheist here .you religious arrogant morons are just so stupid .there is no god and so there is no hell or heavan ,end of story.


In landslide vote, Denmark excludes settlements from agreements with Israel – Israel News – Haaretz.com

Home   >   Israel NewsIn Landslide Vote, Denmark Excludes Settlements From Agreements With IsraelDenmark strengthens government guidelines against investing in projects over the Green Line, thereby adopting a UN resolution defining West Bank settlements as a violation of international lawNoa Landau Jan 26, 2018 6:03 PM  12comments   Zen Subscribe now  2793share on facebook  Tweet send via email reddit stumbleuponA woman reaches for an AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetic product manufactured in the Israeli Kibbutz settlement of Mitzpe Shalem, in the occupied West Bank.AFPWhy there’s no chance Europe will solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflictDenmark says will tighten conditions for financial aid to Palestinian NGOsKnesset legal adviser: Boycott is legitimate part of freedom of expression

The Danish parliament voted this week to exclude Jewish settlements in the West Bank from bilateral agreements with Israel. In addition, it was decided that government guidelines against investing in projects over the Green Line by both public and private bodies would be strengthened.   The resolution passed by a majority of 81-22, with all parties in the Danish parliament voting in favor, except for the far-right Danish People’s Party. The move saw Denmark adopt UN Resolution 2334, wherein settlements are defined as a violation of international law, and a distinction is made between Israel within the Green Line, and Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The same view is held by the European Union in all multilateral agreements with Israel.To really understand Israel and the Middle East – subscribe to HaaretzIn addition, the resolution expresses support for a “black list” of Israeli companies operating in the territories being formulated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. The decision was raised in a formal query to the Danish Foreign Ministry last November, after a number Danish pension funds were forced to withdraw their investments in Israel following a public outcry and a report by the DanWatch independent research center last January, which dealt with ties between Danish companies and Israeli settlements. Sampension, Denmark’s third-largest pension fund with assets of $43.5 billion, announced its divestment of Israeli companies operating in the territories as a result. According to reports at the time, Israeli companies affected by the divestment included two of Israel’s major banks, Bank Hapoalim and Bank Leumi, and Israeli telecoms giant, Bezeq.Sampension had already forbidden investments in dozens of other Israeli companies, including many in military industries such as Elbit. According to the Foreign Ministry, Israel and Denmark currently have 13 direct bilateral agreements in the fields of aviation, culture, education, law, industry, taxes and visas. The latest resolution will affect future agreements between the two countries, with regard to their implementation in the territories, whether with institutions or private citizens. Existing agreements might be effected pending updates. Last month, Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen announced that his country would toughen the terms of support for Palestinian NGOs, reduce the number of NGOs supported and tighten supervision. The statement followed Israeli pressure to stop Danish funding of Palestinian organizations and associations allegedly involved in incitement of violence, as well as those involved in the Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions Movement. In May, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had forwarded a list of Palestinian and Israeli organizations receiving Danish funding to the foreign minister and which Israel claims are involved with BDS efforts. A few months after receiving the list, Samuelson announced that his ministry decided to freeze the remainder of the support for 2017 and to formulate more stringent criteria for the future. However, it was stressed that Denmark would continue to support organizations focusing on human rights in Palestine, calling it a “high priority.” It was also stressed that Denmark supports the two-state solution and the role of Israeli and Palestinian civil society organizations in promoting it.Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan at the time called the move the right step and described it as praiseworthy and necessary. “European countries fund Palestinian organizations with ties to terrorism, who promote a boycott against Israel. I call upon additional European states to implement similar steps,” Erdan added.Keep updated: Sign up to our newsletterEmail*Sign upHowever, the celebrations may have been too early. In recent months, Samuelsen’s statement that he intends to look into reducing funding has encountered fierce domestic opposition. Parliament and the press in Denmark are attacking it and by the end of this month a debate is expected on the subject.

Source: In landslide vote, Denmark excludes settlements from agreements with Israel – Israel News – Haaretz.com

Trump must recognize that US created ISIL’

ISIL was created by US, Israel, Saudi Arabia: AnalystFri Nov 3, 2017 06:22PMHomeUSInterviews00:0002:33HDSHARETwitterEmbedCLOSED CAPTIONSNo subtitlesQUALITYAuto480p (244k)480p (444k)720p (844k)1080p (2244k)

[US President Donald] Trump needs to understand the United States, along with Israel, and Saudi Arabia created ISIL, says analyst. Embed DownloadUS

President Donald Trump must recognize that the United States, along with Israel and Saudi Arabia, created the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group in the Middle East to wreak havoc in the region, just as they created al-Qaida in an earlier era, a former US Senate candidate says.“The CIA needs to spend more time investigating terrorists and a lot less time recruiting them and financing them. The United States and Israel, and secondarily Saudi Arabia, have created the very monsters that they are decrying,” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump said ISIL will pay a “big price” for every attack it carries out in the United States, following the New York truck attack by an alleged ISIL loyalist.”They will pay a big price for every attack on us!” he wrote on Twitter.On Tuesday, a 29-year-old Uzbek man rammed a truck into cyclists and pedestrians in New York City, killing at least eight people and injuring 12 others. Authorities swiftly branded the attack an “act of terrorism.”The US claims to be fighting ISIL in several countries but critics say the American government and its allies have encouraged the spread of Daesh in the Middle East to create a perpetual war in the region and advance the US military-industrial complex.

Trump should stop following the directives of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and discontinue supporting Wahhabi-inspired extremist groups in the region, Dankof said.“The Unites States that can essentially pull the rug out of the extremist groups and stopping the supporting for them logistically, militarily and financially supporting stable governments in the Middle East, getting out of the regime change business, getting out of the arms-selling business and first and foremost insisting that Netanyahu has to come to a legitimate agreement with the Palestinians as a prelude to any significant peace,”

Dankof added.“Until Trump does those things, and leads the American government and the American people in that direction, there is going to be nothing but death and destruction ahead keeping in mind once again that the United States has created the very monster of now claims to be destroyed,” he concluded.

Source: PressTV-‘Trump must recognize that US created ISIL’


RT: The UK suddenly feels sorry for spies while the US is just gagging to add Syria to the list of nations Israel wants destroyed | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian

RT: The UK suddenly feels sorry for spies while the US is just gagging to add Syria to the list of nations Israel wants destroyed March 14, 2018 Michael Aydinian NewsWhen Israel commits targeted assassinations, media & politicians alike not only unconditionally accept Israel’s pathetic explanation but they fall over themselves to say Israel has the right! OH BUT WHEN RUSSIA ALLEGEDLY ASSASSINATES A SPY & THEREFORE SOMEONE WHO’S COMMITTED TREASON, AN OFFENCE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH BY OUR LAWS…. all hell breaks loose. Anyone would think the West gives spies 5 star treatment! No. We torture them. Oh but when we’re caught with our pants down & shown to be in open violation of the Geneva Convention with a catalogue of war crimes & torture, all of a sudden the media goes into clam up mode!

One can no longer refer to this as chronic double standards because the absolute piss is being taken out of us! Sure enough, as per usual, you could have a ton of Swiss cheese with less holes in it than the official account! Why would Putin want to whack this guy? If they wanted him that bad they could have ironed him out while he was in a Russian jail. And then there’s the ridiculous manner in which this ‘hit’ was carried out. I can’t believe the media is trying this on – so we’re back to the days of Georgi Markov when the KGB utilised umbrella guns with poisoned pellets to rid themselves of agitators? Do me a favour. That was over 40 years ago! Poison my arse! It’s so obvious this guy was taken out, most probably on the orders of Mossad ie the Rothschilds, in order for the media to be able to stage this particular soap opera.

I guarantee you one thing – if the media was independent, it wouldn’t just be shock/horror at the very thought of Russia, America & the UK locking horns militarily – THERE WOULD BE PANDEMONIA! The media would be going to town on Theresa May, her party & indeed any MP who has been hell bent on seeking to further alienate Russia. From day one the media would demand –

WHERE’S YOUR EVIDENCE & don’t give us all that in the interests of national security bollocks &WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS?

– and then when it’s patently obvious it’s merely being fobbed off by a bunch of treacherous toe-rags who deserve nothing less than a firing squad, the media would dig its heels in justifiably stating – ‘since the West’s claims against Russia are flimsy to say the very least & since there’s nothing to gain & everything to lose, the only conclusion one can draw is our politicians have to be in the pockets of warmongering lunatics who are hell bent on establishing a New World Order.’

This being the case, no doubt the direct consequence of the media doing its job would inevitably result in such public fury Theresa May would find herself under intolerable pressure. Almost immediately this outrageous demonising of Russia would be brought to a halt. May would have to resign & then hope & pray charges of Treason aren’t levelled against her. Since she is needlessly endangering all our lives – THEY SHE BLOODY WELL SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT!


Sadly this is not the case. Worse still, even though explaining how, who & why all that’s occurring today is as simple as putting two & two together, it nevertheless remains a tall order trying to convince the masses. It’s as if the very real danger isn’t there! Of course if there was no censorship more folk would be aware but the real problem lies in how the Zionist controlled media is conning us blind. To simply say we’re being lied to on a colossal scale hardly cuts it. While I struggle to find words to describe the very nightmare facing us, what makes matters infinitely worse is it should be obvious to all but the greatest dumbos….

1) Russia has done nothing untoward. All the grief is being initiated by Western politicians who are strictly under the Zionist thumb.

2) In fact, if anything Russia’s actions in Syria have brought about at least some calm in war-torn Syria. They have successfully neutralised the treat of ISIS – NOT THE WEST!

3) In fact, to all but the most brainless morons on the planet, it should be as clear as daylight the West is encouraging & financing terrorism; not fighting it!

4) In fact if by now you’re not aware all this grief, not just in Syria but the entire Middle East, is all part of Oded Yinon’s plan for the creation of Greater Israel then you may as well go back to sleep!

5) And of course, this perfectly explains why the media has adopted this inexplicable stance. Instead of raising the almightiest alarm bells about the prospect of WWIII, it’s doing everything it can to promote the crazed rantings of vermin like Nikki Haley – a woman who deserves far worse than a firing squad.

6). Why isn’t this bitch being taken to task? She’s trying to kill us all. She should be the most despised woman on the planet. She should be in fear of her life! Again, this is all down to the media & the fact she’s on the Zionist payroll.

Conclusions: Is this complete madness? Yes but since it’s all happening then how can anyone in their right mind not agree that all I’ve just said is 100% correct? So one must ask, why is all this happening? Why are Western politicians gagging for military confrontation with Russia?

Firstly, this is all part of the Zionist Rothschild plan to create a NWO. And yes, they don’t give a shit even if Israel along with the rest of us is vaporised. These multi-billionaire bastards will be in their luxury, self-sustaining underground bunkers. If it all goes off, you can be certain those responsible will be safely tucked away! 

For the Zionists they know this is the last resort. The thing is they also know they’ve been found out. So on the one hand they’re trying to use all their influential muscle in the West to get what they want ie Greater Israel with the destruction of all Arab/Muslim nations who will not bow to them, as well as total control in countries they’ve effectively occupied ie the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia etc. So you may ask, what’s happening in these countries? ONLY THE SYSTEMATIC EROSION OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES & FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS…… & all on the bullshit premise, the very terrorist ‘threat’ Mossad & the Zionists created! “By deception thou shalt do war!” Boy, have they just!


So while we’re hearing talk of RT being closed down, so much for freedom of speech, here are a few articles relating to this post….


‘May’s crackdown on Russia aimed at boosting poor ratings at home’ – ex-London mayor to RT


May dodges Corbyn’s Skripal questions, slams Labour leader for not blaming Russia (VIDEOS)


Corbyn challenges May’s ‘evidence’ of Russian ‘culpability’ in ex-spy poisoning


We’ll respond if lives of our military, incl. from strikes on Damascus, are endangered – Russian MoD







Source: RT: The UK suddenly feels sorry for spies while the US is just gagging to add Syria to the list of nations Israel wants destroyed | GMMuk – Michael Aydinian


  • louis semaan

    Excellent insight as usual

  • Esther Sch

    Thank you for spelling it out. Michael. Are you aware of a connection to Hillary on the side of our poisoned friend? As in a covert Hillary Clinton expose?

    • You’re most welcome Esther. No. I was not aware of that but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. The Clintons in my opinion are without doubt one of the most vile families in history. I’ve often posted the fabulous documentary CLINTONS: THEIR SECRET LIVES. Needless to say it outlines the catalogue of crimes including countless murders, fraud on a massive scale & drug-running. It really takes some believing how bad they are.


Earth is Flat Confirms Cretinman After Watching YouTube Video – The Rochdale Herald

Earth is Flat Confirms Cretin After Watching YouTube VideoBy ThomasThomas – March 15, 2018302Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Our foreign correspondent Miffy Bigboobs reports from South London

.A man at a loose end over the weekend changed his opinion on virtually everything after watching 13 hrs of YouTube videos.Village idiot Boris Moeland,  from Israel, previously had an open mind on most things, but after being a little bored on a Saturday morning decided to have a look at ‘what all this YouTube business was about.

’Initially preferring to watch videos of cats, people falling over or being hit in the head by soccer balls, he grew tired of that and started watching videos with people who ‘had opinions on stuff.’“It blew my mind!” exclaimed Boris“Cat videos are funny and all but, this ‘the truth is out there’ stuff, that’s real that is.

Take the first truth video I watched, thought it’d be a laugh, boy, was I wrong. They’ve cobbled together a few segments from movies, got videos of the horizon and baths full of water, and over the top of that they have this really dramatic music.“I had goosebumps I don’t mind saying.”

Asked about some other videos, Boris went on, “holy rabbi, there’s loads, and not from lunatics either. One bloke was a member of Moss ad, like an actual gardener but of dirty tricks assassinations, false flag terrorist business.

“I saw one about Satellite Navigation in the car. Turns out that Israel is using it to spy on where I go to work, where I do my shopping and what time I go to sleep so I’ve ripped that out. It maps for me now, and don’t get me started on Smart Phones I am not smart enough to operate a wind up  kindegarten phone.

“Then there’s gravity. Turns out there’s no such thing, aeroplanes prove that. My mate Andy GB Ping, an alleged engineer OF THE TRUTH, told me it’s actually speeding and the shape of the wings which generates a difference in air pressure between the top and bottom of the wings generating lift which allows the plane to overcome its weight and stay in the sky.“That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Plus Andy hasn’t got his own YouTube channel, so it can’t be true.”

Informing us of his plan to launch his own YouTube channel now that he knows things most people were blissfully ignorant of, Boris, who has since left his job as a landscape gardener because of commtrails stains on his carpet, also plans to build a spaceship to get to Mars to save all the children who have been taken as slaves BY THE IDF and now work for the ZIONIST alien overlords.

“That’s the easy part,” exclaimed Boris.“Now I know that space isn’t a vacuum and gravity doesn’t exist, I should be able to get to Mars pretty quickly. The only downside is that I won’t be able to take my peepod as Lizard people use them for subliminal messes.”Editor’s note: We have sent Miffy to be screened just in case this kind of stupid is infectious.

Source: Earth is Flat Confirms Cretinman


Moron who called moron a moron fired by moron – The Rochdale Herald

Moron who called moron a moron fired by moronBy Thag Simmons – March 13, 2018490Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter

In a completely expected turn of events, a moron has fired the moron who called him a moron and replaced him with, presumably, another moron.The former Oil executive who was the entire US State Department and a slightly less moronic moron than the moron who fired him, had reportedly called the other moron a ‘fucking moron’ after observing him trying to tie his own shoe laces.The sacking comes a day after he had offered his support to beleaguered industrial grade moron and UK Prime Minister over the attempted murder, with military grade nerve gas, of the former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal, which is widely believed to have been orchestrated by Moscow.“Obviously we don’t need a state department with a huge summit with North Korea and an investigation into Russian election tampering looming.” A spokesmoron for The White House told The Rochdale Herald.“It’s also a complete coincidence that Mr Tillerson implicated the Russians in the poisoning of that bloke in the UK.”Rex Tillerson was unavailable for comment, Trump on the other hand won’t shut up.

Source: Moron who called moron a moron fired by moron – The Rochdale Herald


Jim Bowen obituary

Jim Bowen obituary Bruce DessauThe Guardian14 March 2018View photos‘Have a look at what you would have won’: Jim Bowen was known for his catchphrases on Bullseye. Photograph: ITV/Rex FeaturesMore

Jim Bowen, who has died aged 80, claimed he was the fifth choice to host the long-running TV gameshow Bullseye, but the friendly northern comedian proved to be the perfect fit for the role. After a slow start in 1981, shuttling around the schedules, Bullseye’s unsophisticated mix of darts and trivia attracted early Sunday evening audiences of 17 million. For 14 years, accompanied by the show’s mascot, Bully, Bowen delivered the catchphrases: “Keep out of the black, and in the red; there’s nothing in this game for two in a bed” and “Have a look at what you would have won”.The ITV show brought its host a Rolls-Royce, a house in the country and enduring fame, thanks in part to a catchphrase – “Super, smashing, great” – that he claimed he never actually said. (Although, when one contestant explained that he was unemployed, Bowen did instinctively reply, “Smashing”.) At his 1980s peak, Bowen earned more than £500,000 a year from Bullseye and his standup bookings.He was born Peter Williams in Heswall, Cheshire. His mother was unmarried and soon after her son was born put him up for adoption. His adoptive parents, Joe and Annie Whittaker, changed his name to James. He gained a place at Accrington grammar school, but was easily distracted and failed eight of his nine O-levels before becoming a bin man in Burnley.His headteacher saw that Jim had underperformed and encouraged him to retake his exams. He was keen on amateur dramatics but, after doing his national service in the bomb disposal unit, he opted instead for the security of teaching, completing his studies at the Chester Diocesan Training College (now the University of Chester).It was seeing Ken Dodd making the audience in a packed Blackpool theatre laugh in the late 1950s that changed everything. He realised the power of standup and started performing under the new name of Bowen, adding a B from his mother’s maiden name, Brown, to the maiden name, Owen, of his wife, Phyllis, whom he had married in 1959. He thought that a shorter name than Whittaker would save time when signing autographs. While he was establishing himself as a standup he continued to teach, and became deputy head of Caton primary school near Lancaster.View photosJim Bowen with the darts star Jocky Wilson on Bullseye, 1984. Photograph: ITV/Rex/ShutterstockMoreIn 1970, Bowen was booked to appear at the Dolphin Bar in Cleveleys, near Blackpool. His residency had not been going well, but he hit his stride on the night that Frank Carson was in. Carson recommended him for a new TV series, The Comedians, in which Bowen appeared alongside Mike Reid and Duggie Brown in the 1970s. The quickfire gag show enabled Bowen to concentrate on stage work full-time. Later that decade, he appeared on the variety series The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club.In 1981 he was asked to present Bullseye. Bowen’s neighbourly approach was a refreshing contrast to the urbane style of hosts such as Bob Monkhouse and Bruce Forsyth. Many viewers took the programme seriously, while others watched ironically, relishing Bowen’s unashamedly old-school patter. He gained a devoted student following and, in 1992, he addressed the Oxford Union.Bullseye was cancelled in 1995 (although it returned to digital TV a decade later with Dave Spikey as host). In 2002, the comedian Peter Kay, who built a routine out of the fact that council-estate contestants miles from the sea kept winning speedboats on the gameshow, cast Bowen as the bewigged Blackpool club boss Frank “Hoss” Cartwright in his TV series Phoenix Nights. Bowen also appeared in the video for Kay’s 2005 Comic Relief single with Tony Christie, (Is This the Way to) Amarillo?Bowen had appeared on Last of the Summer Wine, playing a library attendant, in 1992, and had a long-running role as a barman in adverts for Tetley’s bitter, but he also took straight acting gigs, appearing in TV dramas such as Muck and Brass (1982) and Jonathan Creek (1999). He was a jazz fan and for many years he played the trumpet with the Hot Rhythm Orchestra, entertaining guests on the QE2.From 1999 he presented a BBC Radio Lancashire show, The Happy Daft Farm, from which he resigned in 2002 after using a racist term on air. Bowen apologised immediately for his remarks and then released a 15-certificate DVD of his material, You Can’t Tell These Anymore!Gradually the job offers returned. Bowen won two celebrity editions of The Weakest Link and was employed by another radio station, Indigo FM, in Cumbria, near to his home in the Lune Valley. He cannily capitalised on his postmodern youth following and performed at the Edinburgh festival in 2005. He frequently returned to the fringe and made a good living on the after-dinner speaking circuit, where he would jokingly describe Bullseye as “bloody crap”.

Source: Jim Bowen obituary