Israeli-backed terrorists reverse all Syrian Army advances in West Ghouta

Israeli-backed terrorists reverse all Syrian Army advances in West GhoutaBy Andrew Illingworth – 20/10/20172BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:45 P.M.) – Al-Qaeda-linked militants have repelled a major offensive push by Syrian pro-government forces in the countryside of West Ghouta following a recent breakthrough by the latter.Two days ago, the Syrian pro-government forces scored a major operational victory against Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists of the Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham jihadist group near the strategic town of Beit Jinn in western Rif Dimashq (Damascus) province, capturing the key hilltop of Tal Bard’ayyah.However, within 24 hours, jihadist militants near Beit Jinn re-grouped and launched a powerful counter-attack employing anti-tank guided missiles and receiving air support from Israeli warplanes.AdvertisementAfter heavy clashes, Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham managed to drive Syrian forces from Tal Bard’ayyah, effectively reversing all army gains in the region.Having been so firmly rebuffed and after having endured significant losses in armor, it remains unclear if Syrian pro-government forces will attempt another push on Tal Bard’ayyah which is key to liberating Beit Jinn.

Source: Israeli-backed terrorists reverse all Syrian Army advances in West Ghouta.    

israel are back in the forefront supporting the terrorists against Syria they want Syria lock stock and barrel to become part of greater Israel let us hope the Russians who support Syria, makes moves to stop Israel,s intervention,destablizion tactics.


People are claiming a fracking company contaminated their drinking water. So Dennis Skinner just waded in. [VIDEO] | The Canary

People are claiming a fracking company contaminated their drinking water. So Dennis Skinner just waded in. [VIDEO]OCTOBER 19TH, 2017 Residents in a Derbyshire smallholding settlement have accused a fracking company of contaminating their drinking water. And thanks to a veteran Labour MP, the issue just went very public.The Beast is not happy Immediately after PMQs on Wednesday 18 October, Labour MP for Bolsover Dennis Skinner asked Theresa May if she was:aware that Ineos, the fracking company, have been accused… of creating a massive deterioration in the water supply run by Severn Trent?Skinner’s question related to an exploratory fracking site in his constituency. Since 5 October, residents of the Oxcroft Estate in Bolsover have claimed their drinking water is contaminated. And many of them blame a fracking company which is working in the area:Petrochemical company Ineos has applied for planning permission to do exploratory work near Bramleymoor Lane between the villages of Apperknowle and Marsh Lane, in north Derbyshire. If the council grants permission, Ineos would be allowed to carry out “underground drilling and investigation but not the process of fracking”.Seismic surveyingCurrently, Ineos is carrying out 3D seismic surveying across 35 square miles of Derbyshire, which it can do without planning permission [pdf, p4]. This involves two main techniques. One is using ‘vibroseis’ trucks, which sweep the area sending out simultaneous vibrations into the earth. The vibrations bounce back and are recorded to give an indication of the type of rock, minerals etc below the ground. The other way is ‘shotholing’, which uses small amounts of dynamite to create the same vibration effect as the vibroseis trucks. The holes for the dynamite to be put in are created using “lightweight 6WD Polaris quad bike or small tractor”, according to Ineos [pdf, p16]:Ineos planned to use both in Derbyshire [pdf, p24]. And as its Notification Report for Seismic Surveys says [pdf, p26,28]:Protection of utilities… will involve ensuring utilities service providers are aware of the survey… Vibration could also affect utilities such as buried pipelines…And it’s this seismic surveying which residents are blaming for their contaminated water.Severn Trent WaterSevern Trent Water, responsible for the supply in the Oxcroft area, has said it reviewed Ineos’s proposals. A Freedom of Information request (FOI) from April, though, shows that Severn Trent has had “no correspondence” regarding the main site on Bramleymoor Lane as of July 2017. And residents were told by Severn Trent Water on 6 October that it was “unaware” of any seismic surveying being done in the Oxcroft/Bolsover area.Residents have also spoken of the history [pdf] of the Oxcroft Estate, claiming that their water pipes run between the houses, through, and adjacent to, the fields, and beneath Oxcroft Lane and the private roads. But residents say they believe Severn Trent Water and Ineos are unaware of this.Ineos claims that its seismic surveying was being carried out “more than” 3km from the leak. But residents disagree, citing this map they have produced (nb. the houses coloured pink are those where drinking water has been discoloured, and the dashed black lines are the routes taken by the trucks carrying out the survey; all based on eyewitness accounts):Where are the leaks?Originally, Severn Trent Water told residents on 6 October that a leak at Mooracre Lane in Bolsover was causing the water discolouration. But this is just under two miles away from the Oxcroft Estate, and residents told The Canary that eyewitnesses claim there were no water works, or leaks, on Mooracre Lane; and also, that this leak never showed up on Severn Trent Water’s interactive mapping app.Eventually, on 13 October, Severn Trent Water identified the location of a leak in the Oxcroft Estate, which residents claim is 300m away from a survey area, and which has sections of pipework within 150m of a survey area:But residents have told The Canary that, on 16 October, Severn Trent identified a second leak, in a field where Ineos was actually surveying on 5 October. And they also claim an engineer told them he was “fully convinced” that seismic surveying could have caused the water disruption.Ineos ShaleResidents claim that the ‘vibroseis’ trucks which do the surveying were seen on the Oxcroft Estate just before the water discolouration began, around 5 October:And around the same time, residents claim shotholing tractors were also in operation; again in the Oxcroft Estate area:A spokesperson for Ineos Shale told The Derbyshire Times:Ineos takes its responsibility for all its works very seriously and takes into account all relevant environment and infrastructure before working on site. Undergr

Source: People are claiming a fracking company contaminated their drinking water. So Dennis Skinner just waded in. [VIDEO] | The Canary


Breaking: Israel bombs Syrian Army in Golan Heights amid new advance against Al-Qaeda


BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:05 P.M.) – The Israeli Air Force bombed the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) inside the Golan Heights this evening after accusing them of shelling the occupied areas.

According to the Syrian Army’s 90th Brigade, an Israeli warplane bombed the SAA’s positions at the town of Qaws Al-Sandiyanah, which is located approximately 1km south of Harfah.

As a result of the Israeli airstrike, the Syrian Army’s 130mm field artilley gun was destroyed – no casualties reported

The Israeli airstrike comes just hours after the Syrian Army advanced against the Al-Qaeda linked Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group in the Beit Jinn pocket of the Golan Heights.


Donald Trump Accuses ‘Fake Media’ Of Not Reporting An Actual Fake News Story | HuffPost UK

Donald Trump Accuses ‘Fake Media’ Of Not Reporting An Actual Fake News StoryAgain.19/10/2017 15:14 | Updated 23 minutes agoChris York Senior Editor, HuffPost UKDonald Trump has once again asserted that Hillary Clinton sold uranium to Russia in exchange for donations to a charitable foundation bearing her name.Despite the story being widely debunked when it surfaced last year, the President of the United States attacked the “fake media” for not reporting it.- ADVERTISEMENT -In brief, the original accusation – in a book written by a Breitbart editor-at-large – is that as Secretary of State under President Obama, Clinton green-lighted the purchase of mining company, Uranium One, by Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, at the same time as the Clinton Foundation received $145 million in donations from nine people associated with company.This, allegedly, gave Russia 20 per cent of the US’s uranium whilst simultaneously lining the pockets of the Clinton.REUTERS STAFF / REUTERSTrump and Clinton are not exactly friends.Only it didn’t.The falsehood remains a favourite of right-wing and conspiratorial websites who conveniently ignore that:Clinton did not have veto power over the deal as she was one of nine people involved on the panel that deals with such decisionsClinton may not have even been involved in the decision-making process has she “never intervened” on such mattersAny uranium could not and has not been exported or given to Russia as it remains under the control of American subsidiaries, as stated by the Nuclear Regulatory CommissionOf the $145 million, most of it, $131.3 million, came from Frank Giustra who sold of his entire stake in Uranium One in 2007, 18 months before Clinton became Secretary of State and three years before the Russia dealThe Clinton Administration has been justifiably criticised for not disclosing donationsTrump has often made the claim but his latest outburst may well have been prompted by further details recently published in The Hill, which obtained evidence that Rosatom was being investigated for corruption by numerous US agencies at the time of the deal.It also reports:“They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the US designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favourable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill.”Again, this is being seized upon by conspiracy websites – and the President of the United States.But the piece details nothing new to suggest Clinton received money to green-light the deal or that any American uranium is now in the possession of Russia.It is in fact more an expose of the “bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering” used by Russian, state-owned organisations.Trump continued the fake news theme shortly after his tweet about Clinton when he retweeted this:Trump may well be simply trying to deflect attention from a number of controversies he has found himself embroiled in this week.He has been forced to hastily send a cheque for $25,000 to the father of a slain US Army sergeant after it emerged the US President had personally promised the money and not followed through with the offer.On Wednesday, Trump denied an account by Representative Frederica Wilson of Florida that he had told the widow of Sergeant La David T. Johnson, who was killed in a firefight in Niger, that the man knew “what he signed up for.”“I didn’t say what that congresswoman said,” Trump told reporters earlier in the day. “I had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who … sounded like a lovely woman,” he said.Sergeant Johnson’s mother, Cowanda Jones-Johnson, told The Washington Post on Wednesday that she was present during Trump’s call to her son’s widow and she supported the congresswoman’s account of Trump’s comment.“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband,” Jones-Johnson said.

Source: Donald Trump Accuses ‘Fake Media’ Of Not Reporting An Actual Fake News Story | HuffPost UK

Here’s what you need to know about the Melania Trump body double conspiracy theory

Here’s what you need to know about the Melania Trump body double conspiracy theory Rob Waugh,Yahoo News UK 6 hours ago Reactions Like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet EmailMelania RexDonald Trump is fond of a good conspiracy theory – remember all that stuff about Barack Obama’s birth certificate? – but he may be less happy about the latest one.People on Twitter have become fixated on the idea that Melania Trump has been replaced by a crude body double (possibly cloned in a Russian lab).The evidence? It’s down to something strange Trump said, plus video grabs showing Melania looking rather unlike herself – heavily made up, in large sunglasses, and looking like she’s got a false nose.In the CNN video, recorded last week, President Trump said, loudly, ‘My wife, Melania, who happens to be right here.’Most popular on Yahoo News UK:Couple caught on CCTV having sex in Domino’s takeaway spared jail Congresswoman says Donald Trump told dead soldier’s widow: ‘He knew what he signed up for’ North Korea warns US military allies they face nuclear attack NHS bans some obese and smokers from surgery ‘indefinitely’Conspiracy theorists (naturally) believe that he’s protesting too much – and said this to cover up for the fact that the Melania on display was a fake.For the record, there is no evidence whatsoever that Melania uses a body double (and it’s worth noting that there have been several previous versions of this conspiracy theory, including the idea that Hillary Clinton had also been replaced).The video is from a CNN broadcast, and appears unclear, as if shot through a window, as the first lady and President Trump prepared to leave for Maryland – hence Melania’s strange appearance.The idea that Melania is a ‘fake’ was first floated by Guardian writer Marina Hyde in a Tweet at the weekend.But it turned into purest viral gold when Joe Vargas, a self-styled ‘cannapreneur’ going by the Twitter name BuyLegalMeds (charming) started pushing his own screenshots.Vargas has since gained international fame, saying that Trump may have invented ‘Fake News’ but he invented ‘Fake Melania’.Naturally, the Twitter humour machine has taken the idea and run with it, with many Twitter wags suggesting different back stories for the ‘fake’ Melania.

Source: Here’s what you need to know about the Melania Trump body double conspiracy theory

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say he would honour Brexit deal struck by Theresa May

Jeremy Corbyn has declined to say that he would honour the terms of a Brexit deal struck by Theresa May, if he succeeded her at Number 10.He also defended dismissing “no deal” as a viable outcome to the Brexit negotiation, saying it would be “catastrophic for manufacturing”.He told Sky News: “It depends what the deal is and what is achieved, if it was before 2019 then obviously we’d have to look at it very carefully.”We’ve demanded all along that parliament be involved in this and the Government give regular votable updates on the negotiations. The problem is there’s been no votable update; there’s been no negotiations.”:: LIVE: Corbyn and May in rival Brexit talks with EUMr Corbyn was in Brussels at a pre-summit of centre-left European leaders and MEPs in Brussels, meeting three EU Prime Ministers and chief EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier.The Labour leader was met with a rapturous applause by the meeting of European left-wing politicians.The end of his speech was attended by the Prime Ministers of Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Malta and by European Commissioners, as they joined him on stage for the family photo of the Party of European Socialists pre-Summit meeting.He told the audience that “the British Labour Party does not see anyone in Europe as our enemies – you are our friends, colleagues & comrades”.He told Sky News: “We’re here to discuss with other prime ministers and Mr Barnier the lack of progress with Mrs May and say that we want jobs and services for Britain”We want a serious and constructive relationship with Europe and we recognise the result of the referendum and we have to move forward.”Asked if he was offering a back channel for the EU to easier Brexit negotiations with them he said: “We’ve said all along our priority is economic questions protecting jobs and employment.”No deal means go off the cliff edge. What happens to jobs in Sunderland? Jobs in Bridgend?”What happens to jobs where there are export to Europe? What happens to the food processing industry?”He said that no deal would be catastrophic for manufacturing, and that he was not talking down British prospects.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say he would honour Brexit deal struck by Theresa May SO IF YOU WANT TO STAY IN THE EU VOTE THE LABOUR PARTY INTO POWER YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE .

Brexit news: UK airlines warn passengers they will not be able to fly after Brexit | London Evening Standard

UK airlines warn passengers they will not be able to fly after Brexit.   cancelled without compensation.British airlines are drawing up contingency plans, amid Brexit talks, which could see passengers lose consumer rights held under EU law, including their right to compensation if flights are grounded.Airlines are preparing to notify passengers purchasing advance tickets after March 2019, the scheduled date for the UK to leave the EU, that their bookings cannot be guaranteed.Thomas Cook has already updated its guidelines to say that it will not compensate passengers for cancelled holidays after the Brexit date. It said it urgently needed clarity from the Government.UK airlines have warned passengers that they will not receive compensation after Brexit (EPA)If Brexit talks remain in deadlock, the move will be introduced next spring. It would apply to tickets sold to EU destinations and up to 17 other countries, including the United States, where British airlines’ legal flight rights are overseen by Europe-wide agreements.READ MOREMEPs: we’ll vote down Brexit deal that strips rights from EU citizensAirlines say they will refund customers the cost of their tickets, however, they will not pay compensation for other costs – they are currently obligated under EU law to do so.Under current laws, EU citizens can claim compensation for situations including if their flight is delayed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.However, with Britain scheduled to leave the EU in March 2019, these rights will no longer apply to UK citizens. An aviation deal to replace current rights is yet to be settled.The industry is said to be “optimistic” that a deal will be reached, but many airlines have responded with plans to allow for changes. There are concerns that negotiations could be delayed if the EU insists the UK continue to follow aviation rulings from the European Court of Justice.Tour operator Thomas Cook has already tightened its terms and conditions, adding a clause that says it will not be liable to pay compensation, and has started selling holidays for its “Winter Sun 2018/2019” programme, which extends to April 2019, the period after Brexit. Thomas Cook has already updated its guidelines to say that it will not compensate passengers for cancelled holidays after Brexit .A spokesman from Thomas Cook said: “We are already selling holidays for the post-Brexit world, so we are preparing the business to operate in that environment.“We do expect some form of agreement on aviation but we now need urgent clarity from government.”To clarify why the tour operator has updated its terms, another spokesman from Thomas Cook said: “We’re already selling holidays for the period after brexit – for our Winter ’19 programme which includes April 2019, so we have to look ahead. “The reason is that there isn’t an agreement now and we are already selling holidays for that period.”The move comes after Chris Grayling, the transport secretary, clashed with Philip Hammond, the chancellor, over the impact Brexit could have on the aviation industry. Mr Hammond warned that an EU exit could lead to grounded flights, which Mr Grayling told the transport select committee was “inconceivable”.Virgin Atlantic was more optimistic of a deal, issuing a statement that said: “We are working closely with the Government to achieve the best possible outcome for the UK, the aviation industry and our customers.“We’re confident that a new bilateral deal between the UK and USA to replace existing arrangements will be agreed in good time before the UK’s exit from the EU.”

Source: Brexit news: UK airlines warn passengers they may not be able to fly after Brexit | London Evening Standard. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE END OF BRITAINS EXPAT COMMUINITY IN EUROPE .ALSO THE HOUSING MARKET WILL JUST DRY UP AND DIE AS FAR AS THE SALE OF PROPERTIES BEING BOUGHT BY THE BRITISH.I mean to say would you purchase a property in a country which has not got  access to airlines to fly you there.