Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception

cathy fox blog on child abuse

To understand the Luciferians who are in charge of the world and the child trafficking rings see The Five Child trafficking Networks of the Illuminati[2], we need to study what they believe and why they believe it.

I learned more of what the illuminati actually believe and how it relates to and explains to what they do, from this video by Chuck Swindoll, so pass it on. After the introduction, this video of slides can be watched, or just click on a slide and stop and read it.

I have included a useful but obviously imperfect autotranscription, which I  do not have time to reformat, below my further comments after the video.

Chuck Swindoll Lucifer and Luciferians –  Masters of Deception [1]

or if you want free from CIA/google/youtube watch on bitchute, butwordpress does not seem to embed bitchute (if anyone knows how to please tell me)

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