Operation Gladio and Gladio B

you are a martyr to the cause Cathy

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I have reblogged this article of Fiona’s as

  • Operation Gladio is important to show that there are hidden terrorist forces at work, supposedly on behalf of Government but seem to work to another globalist / NATO satanic agenda
  • Gladio in Britain is difficult or impossible to get information on from official sources as we don’t know the actual name of the British Operation
  • Gladio B is in play now, using false flags and blaming Muslims for terrorist events
  • I had collected links for an article on Gladio but not yet used them, so I have put that research at the end of Fiona’s article, in their rough form, for people to use
  • I would not be at all surprised if the secret Gladio operatives were involved in child trafficking and other nefarious activities like drug and arms trafficking

GLADIO and the NWO

This article is by Fiona Barnett, and is…

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