Dr Raymond Colin Birt

cathy fox blog on child abuse

In 1986 Geoffrey Dickens, MP for Huddersfield exposed Dr Raymond Colin Birt as a possible paedophile in the House of Commons [5].

According to Hansard

Mr. Dickens asked the Attorney-General if he will now prosecute Dr. Raymond Colin Birt in respect of sexual offences involving an eight-year-old girl in Chelmsford.

However the Attorney General was none other than notorious gatekeeper for paedophiles  Michael Havers [8] who also failed to prosecute Peter Hayman, Geoffrey Prime or anyone for Elm Guest House. So with hindsight it was no surprise that Michael Havers refused to prosecute.[5]

The Attorney-General

No. The file prepared by the Essex police was first considered by the county prosecuting solicitor who, having had the benefit of counsel, advised the chief constable that the evidence was insufficient to justify the institution of criminal proceedings. Following an expression of intent by the mother of the child concerned to institute…

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