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BBC Reporter Liz MacKean Who Sought To Expose BBC Pedophilia Ring Found Dead

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This is yet another example that clearly indicates how the greatest gangsters of the planet are in control & why the world now teeters on the edge of the precipice. It’s as if we’ve got everything upside down. Doing the right thing at best can drastically jeopardise one’s career; at worst, it can result in one’s untimely death! Doing the wrong thing though often means you’ll do just fine. Media whores who blatantly lie to the public, indulge in the cover up of murders & election fraud are, at the very least, guaranteed extremely well paid jobs for life.

However, it all but seems the greater the crimes one commits, the more one has to gain. War-mongers, pedophiles, gargantuan fraudsters are testament to this. Even when there’s mountains of irrefutable evidence stacked against them, all it requires is one word to the chief of police & suddenly open & shut cases are put to bed. Tony Blair & Larry Silverstein are just two who are living proof of how this is indeed the case. Long gone are the days where bent courts give out ‘not guilty’ verdicts to ginormous crooks. Why, after all, should they offer so much adverse publicity?

I came across this particular story only recently. On the one hand you have Liz MacKean; on the other you have Mark Thompson. The former was an award winning investigative reporter who helped expose Jimmy Savile & the fact the BBC was a safe haven for a rampant Pedophile ring. The latter was the Director General of the BBC from 2004-2012 at the very time Savile & his evil cohorts were indulging in a reign of terror upon children. There’s a wealth of information in this article….

What happens? Liz MacKean is left with no option but to resign after the BBC big-wigs refused to air her ground-breaking investigation into Jimmy Savile & the pedophile ring which included a string of high profile politicians, even royalty. To add insult to injury MacKean was branded mad & dangerous by the so-called establishment but lo & behold, we then discover she was right all the time. Was she reinstated? Were there any apologies? Hell no. Instead, perhaps to send a chilling message to all would-be whistle-blowers, in 2017 MacKean was found dead. I would like to bet every penny this brave woman was murdered.

But what of the Director General of the BBC, this evil little wretch Mark Thompson? All this occurred under his watch yet even though it is unequivocal at the very least he was involved in the cover up of the pedophile ring that festered under his nose, zero pressure was applied by the rest of the media. Incredible that even the BBC’s competitors weren’t sticking the boot in. Of course privately he was probably told his position at the BBC had become untenable. What happens? Only an even greater lucrative position as the CEO of the New York Times. It should be enough to make you sick!

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