Jennifer’s Story of Child Abuse and Sex Trafficking

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I came across Jennifer’s story on twitter, ChesterfieldSurvivor @CFieldSurvivor [1]

She has a brief version of her story on her pinned tweet, and it is a powerful piece of writing and so with her permission I reproduce it here.

These gangs are wrongly referred to, in my opinion, as grooming gangs. That tends to give the wrong impression as to extent of violence and harm they inflict. They are nothing less than child rape gangs of which grooming is a part.

They deliberately pick on vulnerable children without much support, like those in children’s homes. They are also child trafficking gangs, and sex trafficking gangs. Authorities will call abuse like this child sexual exploitation (CSE)

These survivors were horrendously let down by social services and the Police, and there must be further investigation into the people that failed, the system that failed and any organisations that were involved.

It never…

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