More Reports on child sexual abuse from Lambeth released

I have in the past been accused of being an abuser solely on the fact that I cover child abuse and paedophilia in my postings on facebook and on wordpress .They use the old adage “it takes one to know one”THIS PARTICULAR PERSON WAS ACCUSSED AND ADMITTED TO GROMING AND HAVING SEDUCED AND HAD SEXUAL INCOURSE WITH THIS GIRL FOR THE PROMISE OF FAME AND FORTUNE . OH SHE WAS 16 YEARS OLD SO HE SAID NOTHING ILLEGAL TOOK PLACE50 YEARS PLUS HE IS OLDER THAN HER.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I am not sure why I never got round to posting this draft a couple of years ago – illness or lack of internet, but it appears just about complete. I only noticed when posting a twitter thread on Lambeth today.

There is some follow up work required to get them less redacted and other reports- if others interested could do that. If anyone could do summaries that would be fantastic.

Lambeth Council have released 8 Reports on child sexual abuse. 2017 Oct WDTK Child Abuse Reports Lambeth  [13]

I thank the people responsible for the disclosures. The decision to release documents was certainly not agreed by others…

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