[#ScoutsAbuse 10] Scouts and Child Sexual Abuse

once again Cathy great work. , it is not only prevalent in the scout movement. in Spain costa del sol it is a hotbed of corruption and crime but show biz the likes of the music profession DJs several have committed acts of child abuse, grooming 15 /16-year-olds with promises of fame and fortune.max Clifford convicted child abuser was one of them one of many it would seem in marbella and all other parts of the costa del sol or to give it its correct title the costa del crime .

cathy fox blog on child abuse

#ScoutsAbuse10 Scouts and Child Sexual Abuse Timeline and Links

This is an unfinished post that contains research and many links on Scouts abuse, mostly UK, a few Irish and a few US. It’s better published than not, even in an unfinished state. It contains a partial timeline to the end of 2017 and links, which may be useful to others researching child abuse in the scouts.

Links to cathyfoxblog posts on #ScoutsAbuse

  • [252] 2018 Feb 6  [Scouts 1] KCR v Scout Association High Court 18th March 2016
  • [253] 2018 Feb 6  [#ScoutsAbuse 2] John Anthony Coghlan 2006 Jun 19 Court of Appeal
  • [254] 2018 Feb 6[#ScoutsAbuse 3] Andrew Lee Clark 2000 Jun 13 Court of Appeal
  • [255] 2018 Feb 6 [#ScoutsAbuse 4] John Oliver Bentley Court of Appeal 29 Jul 1999
  • [256] 2018 Feb [#ScoutsAbuse 5] Derek Lewis Foster 22nd October 1987 Court of Appeal
  • [257] 2018 Feb 9 [#ScoutsAbuse 6]

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