[1] Ty Mawr Childrens Home

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[1] Ty Mawr Childrens Home – Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Police Operations, Ty Mawr Report


The Report into Community Home, Ty Mawr was either completely incompetent or a cover up of child sexual abuse. Police investigations a few years later showed up how totally inadequate it was.

There were two authors of the Ty Mawr report John McCreadie and Gareth Williams QC

John McCreadie had been Sedbury Park School Headmaster and was not only violent himself but presided at a time when there was massive child sexual abuse.

The other, Gareth Williams was a QC who, before he carried out the Ty Mawr Report  defended a man who conspired with child abuser Jeremy Thorpe to murder a man, and then the barrister went on to represent notorious child rapist Policeman Gordon Anglesea in his libel trial after he was called out for being a child sexual abuser. The QC…

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