Bill Clintons Illegal Dirt Gathering and Blackmail Operation

this information was too hot to handle but not for you Cathy you go where lesser mortals fear to tread.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

In the late 1990s the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Bill Clinton White House ran a huge illegal covert investigation intended to find information with which they could use against Republicans by blackmail or other means.

The White House held meetings and got what they needed, including cover and justification, with Attorney General Janet Reno and FBI’s Director Louis Freeh, both their own hand-picked and appointed people.

They found incriminating information on not just Republicans but Democrats, officials and Judges amongst others. Some of this was sexual scandals and some was child sexual abuse.  Some of this information was used for partisan purposes but with criminality across the political divide it proved too hot to handle and was dropped as quietly as possible.

This Cointelpro II (COunter INTelligence PROgram) does not appear to be widespread knowledge.  Nor is it widely known that there is much intelligence that should…

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