David Ferrie US Child Trafficking and Abuse Network 1960/1


cathy fox blog on child abuse

This child abuse and trafficking network in about 1960-61 involved David Ferrie taking abused children to Cuba, Guatemala and Honduras.

I shall refer to it as “The Ferrie Trafficking Network” but Ferrie may have been a low level patsy and the operation may well have been controlled by the CIA, or other sinister forces.

This Ferrie trafficking network is information that I have seen nowhere else, and requires a deep dive by other researcherss to unearth some more information on it, as I just pass on the basics here.

It is yet another network in the US that that involves

  • child trafficking
  • child abuse
  • CIA
  • ritual abuse
  • MK Ultra mind control
  • a dodgy Church
  • and an untimely “suicide” of the alleged main perpetrator, David Ferrie

Other networks in the US off the top of my head which also have many of these factors, and may be interlinked with each other

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