Prince Andrew Interview Transcript about Epstein

The royals are totally immune to any legal action, in the past, present, and future. undemocratic, elitist, corrupt, archaic, perverted, and they firmly believe they are above the law.

cathy fox blog on child abuse

BBC Newsnight transcript: from  2019 Nov 11 Daily Express Archive Prince Andrew BBC: Newsnight interview – FULL TRANSCRIPT [1]


 Your Royal Highness, we’ve come to Buckingham Place in highly unusual circumstances. Normally, we’d be discussing your work, your duty and we’ll come onto that but today you’ve chosen to speak out for the first time. Why have you decided to talk now?

Prince Andrew:

 Because there is no good time to talk about Mr Epstein and all things associated and we’ve been talking to Newsnight for about six months about doing something around the work that I was doing and unfortunately we’ve just not been able to fit it into either your schedule or my schedule until now. And actually it’s a very good opportunity and I’m delighted to be able to see you today.


 As you say, all of this goes back to your…

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