Maurice Boland ITALKFM BLOG DEAD AND soon to be forgotten.

Well, it finally has happened and it has taken 9 years. Italk fm Blogspot has finished. He in the past has claimed to shut down my facebook page, threatened me with lawyers,  the wrath of god, from his blog, pro zionist, pro-Israel, PRO Bibi Netanyahu, pro-Trump,  pro-boris johnson. He is further right wing than all these people.he has been defrocked from his faith sacked from his radio station and deserted by his audience for what he did back in 2010. His family suffered, his career suffered and now his efforts are restricted to his very small band of followers on Facebook.  Sad really He has tried several times to remarket himself since 2010 but shit sticks least this kind of shit. He is 70 years old and is working as a commission estate agent. He seems to be quite successful at it yet this possible is because his clients do not know his checkered past. let us face facts 70-year-old estate agent, it is a very aggressive young person game. dog eat dog, the survival of the youngest and fittest. Still, this is where his faith steps in, faith in God the old testament god. I say no more than this Maurice and you can take solace in this, better to be a has been than never to have been a been at all.THOUGH you never became famous your final escapade sure as hell made you infamous.

SO goodnight italk,good night Maurice, will you be missed? I will let you answer that. It is rather apt that your last posting on the 30th of December 2018 is of a sunset, you are in your twilight years, the sunset of your life, it is lonely but soon the loneliness will go away and oblivion will be your peace.   I wish you happiness, contentment, and that you regain and are forgiven by least your family and that God will judge you on your merits not just your misdemeanours.

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