WitchHunt: The new film exposing the terrifying threat confronting our democracy


If my life was on the line I’d have no hesitation – JEREMY CORBYN!

Thanks so much to Jan Holbrook for sending me this amazing new film which features the much maligned Black, Jewish anti-racist activist Jackie Walker. I think she’s just great but what this lady has had to endure is nothing short of criminal. I’d flog every politician & media whore who’s been involved in slandering her good name. We can ill-afford to lose people like this.

Now I don’t say this often because I hate pushing people into doing anything but bloody well share this post or at least keep this video link & post the damn thing everywhere you can. Needless to say, every dirty trick is being utilised in order to hinder its release & stop people seeing it. No surprise because it highlights the crux of our problem.

So on the one hand I’d bet my life he’s the least racist MP in parliament. On the other we have a media hell bent on convincing it’s readers & listeners he’s the No.1 racist! So what we have here is a ginormous paradoxical conflict – either I have a death wish or the brains of a rocking horse, or the media is lying through every orifice. Let’s analyze this –

  1. In a career spanning 36 years, try & name an MP, either side of the House, just one who even gets close to JC as a campaigner for justice, equality & human rights. I’m afraid to say, this is nigh on impossible BECAUSE THERE HASN’T BEEN ONE!
  2. But just to get the record straight in case any bozo out there wants to mix it by saying I’m bound to say that because I’m a stalwart Labour supporter….. here, stick this one in your pipe – I’VE NEVER VOTED LABOUR IN MY LIFE!
  3. Right, so what’s the media got to say on the credibility front? Well, one can actually go on forever here but for now…..

i: Covered up the JFK assassination.

ii: Kept schtum about the bogus Gulf of Tonkin incident which led to the Vietnam war resulting in 4 million deaths.

iii: Kept schtum about the Israeli attack on the USS liberty which killed 34 US sailors.

iv: Lied about the 6 day Arab/Israeli war. No. Israel wasn’t attacked from all sides. It in fact STARTED THE WAR!

v: Lied about 9/11 & Bin Laden. Never mentioned how 9/11 was a Mossad/dual national Zionist act of terror.

vi: Lied about Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – at least another 2 million deaths, not to mention the incalculable level of pain & suffering.

vii: Never applied pressure on Israel for all their land theft & mass-murder, incarceration of children without due process.

viii: Protected serial pedophiles in Westminster.

ix: Covered up the blatant fraud of the banksters.

x: Continually lied about the fictitious war on terror & all the false flag events.


Note all these are major historical events & on each every one we were lied to to the max. I would also like to point out one more thing. Even though nearly everyone today accepts Saddam did not possess WMDs, the fact media lies led to the destruction of an entire nation & the death of nearly 2 million innocent folk, nevertheless……. THE MEDIA HAS YET TO OFFER AN APOLOGY!

What kind of vermin are we dealing with here? This is why I will never refrain from saying the media is the most contemptible institution in the history of mankind. It has so much to answer for but going back to the original question, honestly, I wouldn’t even break sweat. The last thing JC is is a racist. It’s all bullshit. However, now I’m going to stick the boot in because boy, JC has made one horrendous miscalculation. Allow me –

I don’t know if many of you remember but just after JC became Labour leader I wrote a piece in Jan 6 2016. The title should tell you everything.

Much to my disappointment it was clear JC intended to adopt a softly, softly approach. In normal circumstances this would have been understandable but I believed this was a grave error because of the nature of the beast he faced. So I wrote to his HQ outlining the tactical approach he should adopt. My main theme was that he should take the attack to the media & not stand for any nonsense. Here was the huge miscalculation –


Why you may ask? One reason only – because these people cannot be appeased WHATEVER YOU DO! JC should have known this. Zionists never compromise. JFK even once said of them –

What’s so sickening too is the fact everyone who is being suspended IS TELLING THE TRUTH! Ken Livingstone told the truth. In August 1933 Hitler DID sign the Haavara Agreement which effectively allowed Jews safe access from Germany to Palestine. Even more incredible, the last person in the world who’d come to Livingstone’s rescue inadvertently confirmed him to be correct. Speaking before the World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem on Oct 21, 2015 Benjamin Netanyahu said – “Hitler Didn’t Want to Exterminate the Jews.” Here’s the article if you don’t believe me –

What saddens me so is the way the media has managed to keep the public oblivious of the fact JC has strong Jewish support. I really do feel JC & his supporters should have done more to make this common knowledge. Attack them where it hurts god-damn-it!

The other thing JC should have done is tell his party ‘it’s my way or the highway.’ Get rid of these traitors who belong to the group Labour Friends of Israel. This is an illegal pressure group whose allegiance is to a foreign entity & THEY’RE THE ONES CAUSING HIM ALL THE GRIEF! Why pander to such liars in the media? JC should have let them spout their bile & in the end people would have got sick of it. Instruct local constituencies to rid themselves of these traitors! By caving in to this pressure JC was only inviting more distress. Here’s the piece I wrote which included my letter to Corbyn HQ over two years ago.

Make no mistake – it’s the same story for every major media outlet…..


  • Jan Holbrook

    Your in depth analysis of the dreadful and undemocratic way Jackie Walker has been treated is spot on. Thank you, Michael.

  • Fredi Hazeem

    Very informative for someone like me who is ignorant on UK politics. The media must be stopped. I am inclined to say the the media is the most destructive force out their. Certainly in the top ten – a one of the most damaging when it comes to the needed resistance.

    I do not see why so many people still believe liars. Even admitted liars. People refuse to listen to reason. People who experience pain, and physical break down when their false core beliefs are challenged.

    Keep spreading the word brother. My friend and activist Trish just got blocked again on facistbook for calling zios terrorists. Ugh

    PS: ginormous paradoxical conflict (good one, you sent me to the dictionary, and taught me a new word)!

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