The Secret Side of Halloween

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Halloween maybe thought by some to be a fun event with dressing up and sweets but there is a sinister side to this day.

Halloween is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

In the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts.

The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1.

This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October…

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Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Here is Fiona Barnetts latest on unpicking Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-Ultra programming and integrating with the core personaility. Her original can be found here 2018 Nov 8 Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked[1]

Her twitter account also says recently she is facing new death threats from the Australian Luciferian Cult and asks for prayers

Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz MK-ULTRA Programming Unpacked

English cricketer Greg Thomas [Welsh cricketer playing for England] was bowling against West Indies batsman Viv Richards. After Viv missed a few balls, Thomas taunted him with: “It’s red, it’s round, and it’s fast.” Viv responded by smashing the cricket ball out of the ground, and telling Thomas: “You know what it looks like, now you go and find it!” At that moment, Thomas learned what other cricketers knew – don’t sledge Viv Richards because he…

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Hampshire Police Corruption and “Lost” Paedophile Investigation Files

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Hampshire is a well known county for child abuse and many authorities in Hampshire covering it up.

Hampshire Police have managed to lose an important file relating to an allegation of police corruption concerning a paedophile investigation known as “Operation Bondfield”.

The file related to the conduct of former Detective Chief Inspector Dave Stewart from the Professional Standards Department who is now leader of the Isle of Wight Council and Chair of the Police and Crime Panel!

The following Press Release is from the Independent Police Support Group.


Police Whistleblowing Case – Southampton Employment Tribunal 5 March 2019

Further timely revelations following today’s disclosures in the press concerning racism in Hampshire police which is to feature again in the above whistleblowing case concerning former Detective Sergeant Julian King and Hampshire Constabulary.

A total of 21 employees under investigation.



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Operation Spanner Dissected, by Grimstock

excellent post glad to see you are still out there

cathy fox blog on child abuse

I posted two articles about Operation Spanner last year.

  • Operation Spanner -Michael Hames Dirty Squad [2]
  • Glasgow Herald 10 Oct 1989 Fifteen charged after Operation Spanner[3]

I also posted several relevant court appeals

1992 Feb 21 Times Law Reports  Brown, Laskey, Jaggard, Lucas, Carter, Cadman – Court of Appeal (Spanner)[6]

1993 Mar 12 Times Law Reports Brown, Lucas, Jaggard, Laskey, Carter – House of Lords (Spanner) [7]

1997 Feb 20 Times Law Report Laskey, Jaggard and Brown v UK ECHR (Operation Spanner) [4]

1997 Times Law Report Laskey, Jaggard and Brown v UK – EHCR (Spanner) [5]

Grimstock left many comments on the articles providing more fascinating information.

I asked him if he would like to write an article for this blog. He accepted and after much delay due to me and backlog of work, here it is.

Interesting points I found in the article were the links to Bryn Alyn, the…

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Comment posted on tre facebook page.

Low quality, unimaginative programs. For some reason, they offer BBC Africa news at times. Presenters are mostly fatuous and boring with the distinct exceptions of Stephen Ritson and Howard Brereton. If you listen via your radio you will suffer technical glitches for half hour lengths at a time. Coverage when driving is patchy, to say the least, and the web site is a total waste of space.

Harsh words, not mine but I agree, as I say an end of an era. When the pirate king mobo was in charge it was not perfect but it sure as hell was more interesting, unpredictable. From the cereal breakfast show hosted by Russ Kane and Barry Mitchell who always seemed to give a very laid back attitude at 8 am in the morning, you could have thought he was under the influence no matter though it enhanced the show, not like the stale Blane rubbish you have now. the morning magazine show would take us over to Corte Ingles in Marbella, with its guests and hosts doing the interviews live from there, climaxing with the shopping trolley prize draw. dangerous stuff and it often had its breakdown in connections but it was always good radio, the punters loved it. THEN THERE WAS MOBOS QUIZ PROGRAM A SORT OF WHAT’S MY LINE. LOCAL GUEST PANELLISTS CORNY AS HELL BUT AGAIN GREAT RADIO, IT LIVED OFF ITS MISTAKES AND THE PANELS EGO. Oh missed the afternoon show hosted by the late great ROY silver Thorne as I WOULD CALL HIM WHEN I FREQUENTLY WOULD PHONE IN. From his pet transexual caller who had such a crush on him to the religious extremists telling him he was going to hell .his phone was always hot with callers. You see that was what talk radio was all about, not now bland safe interviews no interruptions from phone-ins giving awkward questions to the interviewees .come 8pm it was mobo and sid Oliveria phoning the celebs live and taking callers to speak to the said stars of stage screen and infamous characters like Ronnie Biggs aka the great train robber. Ok, most were a bit faded but it again was spontaneous radio, Sid would handle the tech stuff and reign mobo in when needed and mobo would wing it which was ok unless his ego got the better of him. I always remember chubby checker giving mobo a bollocking when he brought up the subject of the Irish show bands and their cover versions of chubby’s twist records chubby tore a new arsehole for mobo and told him in no uncertain terms that he thought they were a load of thieving Irishmen for stealing his music. It was the first and last time I ever heard or not heard mobo speechless. H e recover and glazed over the matter and was saved by an opportune phone in, yours truly who felt sorry for mobo and proceeded to complement chubby on his music. Still, I digress. that would take us through to the graveyard shift which was controlled in his unique way by Craig James, to me he was perfect for the time and balanced the evening through to the witching hour with music and phone in chats, sadly he died from cancer and left a gaping hole in the program schedule. This slot was filled by Steve the alienist Gilmour who went on to become the station manager, still, I am getting ahead of myself. mad doctors to alien lizard people were his guests sometimes in the studio mostly on the phone I always believe mobo gave him this spot so he would fail and die A death, boy was mobo wrong, the phone lines were jammed with loonie listeners trying to get on air, he would interrupt the interviewee or the piece of music that was playing for his listening public to have their say. No holes barred, boy oh boy it used to get pretty dam heated and one listener would take on another in a debate. The graveyard became the most listened to show on TRE.last but not least the famous or infamous FRANCIS BUTLER  AND HIS SUNDAY EARLY MORNING CLASSICAL MUSIC PROGRAM . It became the program to listen to,  camp full of double inuendoes, great classical music brought to the masses by Francis Butler short-lived but great, beautiful while it lasted and ironically took the later spot off the 7-day evangelists that put out their crazy religious claptrap. that God made the world in 7 days and nothing existed before 5000years ago. stop Tomie this is about the downfall of tre not the downfall of religion.

The beginning of the end started on the 28th of september2010 Maurice Boland ran off in the middle of his morning show literally chased by an angry father of a 16-year-old daughter. I say no more about that, another time another story, which I hasten to add you will not read about in mobo’s sanitized memoirs which are posted on his blog.

We now have a period of reajustment, new owner, new station manager, because that was what mobo was at the end having sold tre to a fellow Jewish businessman and I believe an ardent supporter of the Zionists in Israel. I MENTION THIS BECAUSE IT IS RELEVANT TO THE CHANGING OF THE STATION’S STYLE  AND THE LEAVING OF ITS STATION MANAGER STEVE GILMOUR BECAUSE OF THE CENSORSHIP THAT HAS BEEN APPLIED TO ITS PRESENTERS. Again I am getting in front of myself and to be fair and honest it is my opinion alone.

So enter stage left Steve Gilmour who took on the job with paranoia that reflected the Shakespeare play Julius Cesar. He felt everybody was out to get him and he decided that he would get them first, again, this was totally my opinion of the situation. He lasted a fair length of time and ran the station quite well considering the restraints that were coming from above. The mutiny that took place when mobo decided to start off a clone of tre called italk radio only helped to weed out the radical presenters who went over to italk because their freedom of speech was being censored. They were replaced with the likes of what you have today sheep bleeting to each other bland yes figures some slipped through the net but did not last long they made the crucial mistake of mentioning the words Zionist Jews in a critical sense and post haste was taken off the host position of the Tuesday debate program banished to a single Friday morning spot and then quickly disposed of.This took place after Steve Gilmour left and the rot had truly set in.

Talk radio Europe the station we all loved to complain about had become the bland weak station that nobody could be bothered to bother about, its listening public a shadow of what it was, complacent,  apathetic, gagga,. Bill Padley being the perfect final station manager who follows the owners’ instructions to the letter, so creating the bland middle of the road radio station that you have today.

They are moving premises, they give no information about the move apart from bill Padley’s bleeting comments about how much work he is going to have to do to complete the downsizing. Talk radio Europe is a radio station without a licence a pirate radio station but now without balls. It is in its final death throws and I believe that the government of Spain are about to restart their program of fining and closing unlicensed radio stations down. They have in the past shut down several all being English speaking, Maurice Boland’s italkfm being one, they threaten them with fines of 250.000,00euros if the station carries on broadcasting. They will not give a licence and they only target English speaking radio stations. So we shall see if this is the death of talk radio Europe. do not expect to get any answers to your questions from talk radio, the best I could get was we are moving and if you require any more official information we will be posting on our web page updates.



Censorship is a road that leads to Tyranny

The moment anyone imposes any kind of restriction on what you can or cannot say, the loudest alarm bells should ring. Reaction should be no different than if someone suddenly pulled a gun out in front of you. Of course, the immediate act of censorship feels nothing like the threat & the very real fear one encounters when confronted by a firearm. Yet I can assure you – turning a blind eye to the censorship we’re witnessing today, WILL RESULT IN SOMEONE ONE DAY POINTING A GUN AT YOU… …….. which conveniently leads me to another moot point – WHY DO YOU THINK THEY DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE TO HAVE GUNS?

Soon after Theresa May became Prime Minister she wasted no time making all the wrong noises. I immediately got the feeling she, like Cameron, was going to be the perfect Zionist puppet. Of course, unlike Corbyn no one voted for her. At the time I couldn’t believe she was even a minister. I know it may sound daft but she has no major achievements to her name. Her finest quality is being as slippery as an eel, so two-faced she’s well on her way to establishing a third front! So I wrote this letter to her –

Questioning is a cornerstone of democracy. Questioning is essential. Questioning is to learn & advance. Questioning is everything! Not that it will make any difference to you but a great man of English ancestry once said something very profound. He was America’s 3rd President & one of the Founding Fathers. His name Thomas Jefferson. He said ‘dissent is the highest form of patriotism.’

If God exists, he, she or it gave us the right to think. We asked for no such favours. This was a gift Nature bestowed upon us. It therefore goes without saying – no one has any right or justification to declare, ‘what we do or say cannot be challenged.’ As well as being the ultimate insult, to compound this diabolical monstrosity, ‘anyone who defies us will be breaking the law & punished accordingly’ is tantamount to saying ‘we can behave exactly like Mafiosi gangsters & there’s nothing you can do about it.’

You are a mere puppet who’s selling your country & the people you’re supposed represent down the river, all to a bunch of Zionist banker psychopaths who are hell bent on establishing a New World Order. How on earth do you people sleep? Maybe it’s because you know the majority of UK citizens have no idea your despicable Tory government has all but declared war on them & I have to admit, nothing angers me more than the deceitful manner in which you & the media con the public. I hope I live to see the day where traitors like you get their just rewards. I feel this is more than likely to be wishful thinking because I for one have no intention of holding back. It is a fundamental right to question & I will question anything I so choose. To hell with you!


In 1986 I was working for my Uncle in Geneva Switzerland. We were having a chat about general things & I said – “FOR THE WORLD IT SEEMS WERE GOING BACK TO THE DAYS OF JULIUS CAESAR!”

At the end of 2015 I wrote an article explaining why I said this. It’s the first time I’ve read it since & it’s pretty interesting. (Check out the last two paragraphs especially).

And the bad news is this: Ask anyone who’s followed me over 7 years on social media. Many will say good, entertaining writer. Others will say fine judge on several topics but ask about my record when it comes to making predictions? On the one side I’m fortunate having a well-functioning brain. However, in my case there’s a terrible downside – I’m a Chronic Insomniac. The specialist at the sleep clinic said he’s never seen a case like this. My brain never seems to switch off. For 40 years it’s been driving me round the bend.

But then there’s a downside if you don’t exercise your brain. It’s like a muscle & therefore, if you don’t use it, you lose it! This is why so many people out there are seemingly brain dead. Is it their fault? I think not. More a product of the society we’ve been brought up in. Most people have a devils own job worrying about ‘normal’ day to day activities. This is entirely deliberate for the last thing the elite need are people who think & thus ask questions. They much prefer slaves & I’m afraid to say we’re pretty much there. Most people are oblivious so it’s a tall order trying to alert folk to the very real dangers facing us. The truth is all the skulduggery occurring today can be equated to the elite trying to rid themselves of the one problem they have. What’s that you may ask? US! You see the one thing they do not possess is the one thing we have – strength in numbers. It’s the only threat that faces them.

I feel I know what they’re up to & why. This is my forte – analytical prowess & I’ll tell you now, I’ve met many that leave me behind on the academic front. However, even these people readily admit I have a unique ability to unravel the truth. If you prefer to think ‘what a bighead’ then more fool you. This is not about giving it the big I am. This is all about self-preservation. Only morons lacking common sense have big egos.This is merely a demonic side-effect of human nature so let’s drop all that shit now because there’s zero doubt in my mind – censorship is bad enough but when it’s being utilised by the greatest gangsters ever then you can bet your life, it’s a precursor to tyranny, may I add, the worst kind of tyranny imaginable.


  • Roy G

    Another good and true piece Michael…
    The world is moving closer with great similarities to all the futuristic films i used to watch in the 70s and 80s.
    Our world been controlled by policing and loud speakers commanding us to follow lines etc etc.. and ofcourse our zombie population falling for it..
    And the latest futuristic is ” Hanger Games ” ,where the people are fighting in arenas for survival and entertaining the wealthy like they did in the old Roman arenas..
    God ( if there’s one up there ) bless us…

    • Thanks Roy. I must admit when I said that to my uncle back in 86 he didn’t think I was mad because he already knew I was one for making bold predictions. A year before that when Ayrton Senna was driving for Ted Toleman, I told him this guy is phenomenal – he won’t just become a multiple world champion but also be regarding as one of the greatest drivers ever.
      I still think we’ve got them worried though I wish to hell we were more organised.

  • Censorship, Austro turf, shadow banning, corrupt search engines, fake news, propaganda are at epic proportions, and only going to get worse.

    Platforms like FB, blocking people, an purging accounts is horrific. Accounts like The Free Thought Project, millions of followers, just purged. Years, thousands of hours, families, workers, destroyed at a whim. Wrapping barb wire around out tongues, and no means of address, or relief. I would love to see a class action law suit for billions in damages filed. But the courts are as corrupt and dirty as the corporate media.

    Not a single politician is standing up against the war against truth.

    • That’s right Fredi. This is why I forever telling people to follow this rule of thumb – ‘WHATEVER THE MEDIA SAYS IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!’ If every activist just opened the eyes of one person, it would make a huge difference. I’m telling you – I convert at least 3 people every week with my media line. It’s something that’s very easy to back up.

  • Linda

    Love the letter to May, absolutely brilliant! I had a nice image of her sat reading it and choking to death. Roll on the next election, sooner the better.

    • Indeed Linda. That’s exactly what I thought. How would she feel reading (if she ever did) & at that moment I added ‘TO HELL WITH YOU!’
      I’m convinced they’re going to cheat big time in the election.

  • neil unwin

    Your opinions are exactly right Michael. But please,dont forget that n0-one is allowed to criticise the terrorist criminal Israeli regime. Unless they are prepared to be labelled an Anti-semite of course- a term that is fast approaching being (if not already) past its sell by date, with regards to criticism of Israel.. The re-defining of Anti-semitism just to enable the demonising of critics of Israel is so bloody obvious to some of us- but not to the majority of the brainwashed masses unfortunately..

    • Thanks Neil – I think the good news is more people are realising the Zionists have way too much power. I think here in England the demonising of Jeremy Corbyn was just way over the top. They are getting desperate.


This is what a ‘False Flag’ is.

There are few people who are better qualified to tell you precisely what a False Flag is than Robert David Steele. This is not the first time I’ve featured him for he worked as a former spy for the Central Intelligence agency. He also explains the term ‘red flag.’ Now while this may sound as if it’s elementary Sunday school material as far as I’m concerned if this clears the air for but a handful of folk then I feel it’s worth it. Judging by how so many of my esteemed friends were so quick to jump to the wrong conclusions regarding the obvious ‘false flag’ event in New Zealand, I feel something like this is long overdue.

I’d like to first say that I’m in the process of writing an article which explains exactly why whenever an event such as this occurs, we inevitably end up arguing with each other. Here’s a little snippet –

Since when did a false flag event preclude the eventuality of death? Heard of 9/11?’

Here’s an excerpt from Robert David Steele –

The term (false flag) originated in maritime warfare, where pirates as well as countries such as Spain and France, would fly the flag of their prey so they could sail closer and mount a surprise attack.  The term today means nothing more or less than “not as it appears.” This means that the event did not happen the way the government says it did; it was not carried out for the reasons the government says it was; and both the attacker and the victims are not as they appear.  In the USA most attackers are patsies, some mind-controlled, and most victims are crisis actors or paid locals who are then sworn to secrecy using national security warrants that threaten them with life in prison if they tell the truth about the event.

Zionist Provocation to Disarm US White Nationalists and Start World War III? WHO ARE THE BIGGEST GROUP OF ZIONISTS? The Zionist Jews of Israel and their American counterparts in the U S zealand is the latest staged attack by this group and i believe this blog site were the first to make this fact known.For what good it will do us as MY FOLLOWERS ARE LOYAL BUT FEW IN NUMBERS .5TTOMIE JONES

New Zealand False Flag Event

March 20, 2019

TEHRAN – Robert David Steele, a former Marine Corps infantry officer and CIA spy as well as an activist for Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), regularly answers questions for Tehran Times.

Q. You are well known as a former spy, and you have also said many times on the public record that you managed a false flag operation for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). You have also written three books and two chapters on specific false flag operations –False Flag Attacks – Tool of the Deep State, 9/11 TruthSandy Hook Truth,  Orlando Atrocity, and Paris 11/13. In brief, what is a false flag attack?

A. The term originated in maritime warfare, where pirates as well as countries such as Spain and France, would fly the flag of their prey so they could sail closer and mount a surprise attack.  The term today means nothing more or less than “not as it appears.” This means that the event did not happen the way the government says it did; it was not carried out for the reasons the government says it was; and both the attacker and the victims are not as they appear.  In the USA most attackers are patsies, some mind-controlled, and most victims are crisis actors or paid locals who are then sworn to secrecy using national security warrants that threaten them with life in prison if they tell the truth about the event.

Q. The attack on a mosque in New Zealand by an alleged white supremacist appears to have many questionable aspects. In broad terms, what do you think happened?

A. A careful analysis of all available information, including a complete technical as well as military analytic review of the full video tape, suggests that this was a false flag event. We need Muslim and US white nationalist investigators on the ground to determine if anyone actually died, all indications are that no one died, this appears to have been a completely staged event managed by the Mossad in complicity with corrupt New Zealand police and national authorities, and corrupt Freemasons. Let me point out that most Freemasons are honest decent people.  I believe the Chinese Freemasons particularly are intent on the future of Freemasonry to be about the good of all, and this apparent crime against humanity by New Zealand Freemasons should see them cast out of the international order.

Q. Before I ask for specific reasons why you challenge the official narrative – that a lone white man killed at least fifty Muslims and wounded at least 50 more mostly Muslims – let me ask about motive. Assuming you are correct and this was a staged event followed by immediate global censorship to block common sense challenges, what was the purpose of this event?

A. I am so glad you asked that, because my answer could help to unite Muslims everywhere with white nationalists in the USA and perhaps in other countries. This event was designed with two objectives. The first is to demonize white nationalists who support President Donald Trump, and to set the stage for disarming them in violation of the US Constitution by using a flood of new “red flag” laws that the Deep State is attempting to push through in the USA. Just as the Zionists assassinated John F. Kennedy Junior to clear the way for Hillary Clinton to buy her Senate seat in New York, they are seeking here to help the Democrats defeat President Trump in 2020. My colleague Scott Bennett, a former US Army psychological warfare officer, has published a useful analysis of objectives and tactics for this event.

In New Zealand, where the government is a mix of good – criticizing Zionist Israel – and bad – seeking to confiscate weapons – this false flag event is clearly being used as a deception to justify the disarming of the public.

The second objective is to set the stage for World War III. I will predict right now that at least two Muslim mind-control patsies will murder – for real – at least 20 kindergarten children in the USA immediately before Syria launches its promised attack to remove the Zionists from the Golan Heights where oil has been discovered.  The Zionists are desperate to keep the Golan Heights and to draw the USA into a Middle Eastern general war. False flag operations as well as the bribery and blackmail of most US Members of Congress and key Senior Executive Service officials is how they get their way.

Let me say very clearly that I believe that this event, for the first time in modern history, gives white nationalists in the USA, and Muslims world-wide, a foundation for coming together against Zionist Israel. I want to see a Muslim investigative team in New Zealand immediately, and I want the exposure of this atrocity to bring down the government of New Zealand and force President Donald Trump to honor his campaign promise to fully disclose the who, how, what, and why of 9/11, which will end the reign of terror by Zionists in the USA. If invited, I would be honored to donate my time and join the team, I am quite certain I can extract the truth from the alleged shooter within 24 hours. Sadly, I would not be surprised to see the alleged shooter die in the next few days, allegedly by his own hand, to silence him forever.

Q. What is a “red flag” law?

A.  Thank you for asking. A “red flag” law is a very unconstitutional law that is being passed by US states that do not believe in the US Constitution and the right to bear arms. In Maryland a man was assassinated by police recently when they went to confiscate his weapons without notice.  A red flag law allows anyone – someone you owe money to, for example – to tell the police that they feel “threatened” by you, and this – without due process, without a judge, without a hearing – allows the police to demand your guns. If someone wanted to assassinate me, arranging for a “red flag” report so that I am disarmed first by the police, without actual just cause, would be the perfect preamble.

Q. Isn’t it far-fetched to think that Muslims themselves would participate in a false flag event desecrating their own mosque?

A. You raise a very important point, and this is one of the reasons I want a Muslim investigative team on the ground as soon as possible.  In my experience most Muslims are very eager to accommodate the authorities and demonstrate that they have assimilated and are loyal to their adopted country. I strongly suspect the participants were given incentives they could not refuse and their participation was demanded as a condition of their continuing to enjoy unencumbered residency in New Zealand.

Q. List for us the anomalies – the clear indications that this was a false flag event.

A. My list is drawn from both my own viewing of the movie, which is clearly full of special effects such as bullet casings that “disappear” and do not hit the ground, and the works of Gordon DuffKevin Barrett,  James Fetzer as well as Baldrmedia and William Craddick.  I will divide my list into event anomalies and contextual anomalies.

Event Anomalies

1. These are clearly toy guns firing air and not ejecting casings or firing real bullets. In the video the bullet casings were added after the fact as a special effect.

2. With the exception of the alleged dead by the front door, who appear to have been staged beforehand, none of those allegedly killed in the video fall in spastic shock as real wounded do, and there are no blood splatters. Some of those lying dead are not actually shot in the video. Indeed, the shooter exits the mosque and then returns, this time we see some rather amateurish blood evidence, as if he had to leave so the special effects crew could come in.

3. The piles of bodies appear to have been there prior to the gunman entering. They are all in very unnatural positions, and interestingly, not a single one is face up, useful if you want to conceal all their identities.

4. Shots fired from a shotgun inside the car do not blow out the front windshield.

5. All traffic is blocked from the street during the event, as if the police had roadblocks set up.

6. The police do not arrive officially until 36 minutes after the first shot, never mind that their nearest station is two minutes away from the first mosque.

7. The video shows clear signs of having been technically altered, including the addition of bullet casings, after the fact, never mind the reality that the shooter was quickly arrested and had no time to edit anything.

Contextual Anomalies

1. The individual either is not who they say he is, or he is much older than they claim. Gordon Duff has documented his family history and it leads back to Zionist Israel in multiple ways.

2. The individual received an “inheritance” when he lost his family, a common Mossad technique for picking up promising orphaned males for mind-control projects, and spent years traveling including North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Syria and in training in Zionist Israel.

3. The shooter allegedly drove past at least two police stations enroute from the first to the second mosque.

4. Video exists of at least two others shooters, and evidence exists of at least four women in a tour group that appear to have been a Mossad support cell.

5. Government claims that this individual was not on their radar are a clear lie.  He was a known shooter in the Brice Rifle Club catering to military shooters and is known to have visited countries of concern including North Korea.

6. He is known by Turkey to have entered that country intent on carry out an assassination or some form of terror attack. Alone among all Muslim nations, Turkey has a team on the way to New Zealand where I expect they will be denied access to the prisoner and the mosques in fear of their quickly seeing this for what it is – a false flag provocation.

7. The government of New Zealand has entered into a censorship panic, and in the USA the Zionist- controlled social media notably Facebook and Twitter, are actively censoring the video particularly, and skeptical comments generally. The video, intended by its originators to defame white nationalists and anger Muslims, has clearly become a liability because watching it one is quickly convinced this is a false flag event – not what the government claims it to be.

If 50 people prove to be dead and another 50 wounded, which I do not believe, this makes it certain that there were multiple shooters and raises the possibility of dead being brought in from morgues around the country to build up the body count. One man with several magazines cannot, under any possible circumstances, do the claimed damages.

Q. You speak of mind control as if it were a routine matter. What can you tell us about this as it relates to terrorist incidents and assassination?

A. Let me first say that although I was a spy for the CIA, most of what I have learned about the evil associated with the CIA and also the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) – the two places where the Nazis took up residence after WWII – comes from non-fiction reading and debriefing others after I left CIA.  Nothing I have ever said in public violates my lifetime oath of secrecy as a spy.

Mind-control at CIA and NASA started with hypnosis and drugs and has advanced to electromagnetic “tuning” and early childhood pedophilic trauma leading to the creation of multiple personalities in a single body, and the ability to train people to do extraordinary things not normally expected – for example a chubby housewife able to crush a man’s throat when walking past him – and to wipe their minds clean after the fact.  The ability to convert totally innocent people into unwitting spies and on command assassins has long been the Holy Grail of the Mossad as well as the CIA.  I was surprised to learn NASA was so heavily engaged in this atrocity, it appears to be a result of their Nazi transplants combined with the desire to train super humans for long-range space missions.  Being evil comes easily when you have a great deal of money and no oversight.

I have about 40 posts on mind-control at my blog, and particularly recommend my review of TRANCE: Formation of America.

I am quite certain that most “active shooter” events are either staged or using a mind-controlled patsy who sometimes dies as part of the deal. I am especially troubled by law enforcement personnel being engaged in crimes against humanity and then being ordered to lie on the pretext of national security and with the threat to them of losing their pensions or going to prison for life.

Mind control – as with geoengineering, 5G genocide and ecocide communications, and legalized sterilization through vaccinations and other means – is out of control. There is no Western government I know of that is a genuine democracy. While I have high hopes for President Donald Trump, at this time he is fighting for his life against the Deep State and its Zionist under-belly, and we could still see the death of America the Beautiful.

Q. You are a Christian, a white nationalist but also a Latino of a Colombian mother, who has lived all over the world as the son of an oil engineer, as a Marine Corps infantry officer, and as a spy. You only became an anti-Zionist when they destroyed your #UNRIG election reform program co-founded with the great Dr. Cynthia McKinney. What is your final word to all Muslims on this matter?

A. In your last interview with me, “Is Zionism in the USA Over?” I ended my final answer to you by saying this:

I support our President, and I support Ilhan Omar. Each in their own way embodies all this is good within America the Beautiful.

The America that most Muslims have experienced is not America the Beautiful, the land of the free, where faith in God and loyalty to the Constitution – including the rights of free speech and freedom of religion – are core values. Most Muslims see the Deep State America in which virtual colonialism, predatory capitalism, and unilateral militarism are the norm.

I would say this to all Muslims: we white nationalists embrace Latinos and blacks and Muslims who are committed to God and country, to freedom and tolerance. We also share with all Muslims one big challenge: it is impossible to learn the truth from the US Government, from any government, or from the media, because all of the channels of communications are controlled.  I am reminded that the Prime Minister of Malaysia some years ago called for a Muslim Press Service because the Zionists control the world press and demonize Muslims.  Now they are demonizing white nationalists.

We all need a truth channel – a global to local network for sharing information that cannot be censored, a network where voices for the truth cannot be digitally assassinated, a network that can help educate the billions who wish to live in peace and prosperity together, a network that can achieve the sustainability goals within twenty years by using Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) at ten to twenty percent the cost of the failed Western model.

This event in New Zealand is well-suited to bringing together US white nationalists and Muslim activists, against the Zionists, against the censored controlled media, against governments that believe they can deceive their citizens and the world with false flag events intended to disarm individual citizens on the one hand, and justify organized state-level violence on the other.

The truth at any cost lowers all others costs.  That is what I stand for.  I would be honored to be invited to join a Truth Commission, perhaps led by Indonesia and including representatives from India, Iran, and Turkey as well as Malaysia, focused on the atrocity in New Zealand. The truth can unite, the truth can heal, the truth can triumph.  May God bless all those who honor him with the truth.

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Accountability for War Crimes – USA vs ICC

James O’Neill

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is an international tribunal that sits in The Hague in the Netherlands. It began its jurisdictional life on 1 July 2002, the date when the Rome Statute (the ICC’s fundamental and governing document) came into force.

As of March 2019 there are 124 member States. They include all of South America, most of Europe, about half of Africa, and Oceania, including Australia and New Zealand. There are some notable non-members, including China, Israel, Russia and the United States.

The Rome Statute is an important element in the structure of international law given that it has the power to investigate and prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity, and breaches of the Geneva Conventions applicable to armed conflicts. It does not have the power to prosecute crimes of aggression.

A further limitation is that the courts will only prosecute an individual if the State of which he or she is a citizen is unable or unwilling to prosecute. Not being a member State does not exonerate that State from an obligation to cooperate with the ICC in some cases. For example, when the United Nations Security Council refers a case to the ICC, all UN member States are obliged to cooperate.

There are further obligations to cooperate under general principles of humanitarian law arising from the Geneva Conventions and Protocols.

A criticism of the ICC has been that it has been willing to investigate and prosecute individuals from poor countries, notably in Africa, while the misdeeds of individuals from more powerful countries have largely escaped investigation and prosecution. In recent years there has been some movement away from this emphasis on African dictators to encompass a broader range of countries.

Although as noted above there are some significant non-members, most maintain a low profile and have within their own jurisdictions significant legislation to punish people acting in violation of international legal principles. Very few countries have displayed the overt hostility to the ICC more than the United States.

In 2002 the US Congress passed the American Service Members Protection Act (ASPA). It has been nicknamed the “Hague Invasion Act” because it authorises the president of United States to use “all means necessary” to bring about the release of any “US or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the ICC.” “All means necessary” implies the use of military force.

That hostility was further exemplified by the United States national security adviser John Bolton, when on 10th of September 2018, in his first major address as national security adviser called the ICC “superfluous” and that the United States would do everything necessary to protect US servicemen, should the ICC attempt to prosecute US servicemen over the commission of war crimes within the I CC’s jurisdiction pertaining to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan ratified its accession to the Rome Statute in 2003, which was after the October 2001 invasion and occupation of that country by the United States and its allies. That invasion was purportedly in response to the events of 11 September 2001, although it is now established that the decision to invade Afghanistan was taken in July of the year.

The ICC made its decision to investigate allegations of war crimes in 2017 and Bolton’s speech was in response to that decision. The ICC has in fact received over 1 million statements from Afghan citizens and organisations in the country, alleging the commission of war crimes. Those allegations were not confined to the actions of American citizens, but encompassed American allies, the Afghan government forces and the Taliban. No other group or country affected by the ICC decision to investigate has made a response similar to that of the Americans.

A separate investigation has been opened by the Australian Federal Police following receipt of allegations of war crimes involving Australian military personnel in June 2018. The details of that investigation have not been released, and there is a suspicion that at least part of the motivation was to demonstrate that Australia was “willing and able” to investigate alleged war crimes by its military personnel and therefore pre-empt any possible adverse finding by the ICC.

In March 2019 a former Australian military lawyer was charged with leaking documents to the ABC, which related to alleged war crimes committed by Australian Special Forces between 2009 in 2013. The AFP investigation is ongoing. The government’s prosecution of the alleged leaker of documents suggests a considerable sensitivity about the allegations.

There is little doubt that crimes within the ICC’s jurisdiction have been committed in Afghanistan. There is equally little doubt that all of the combatant forces have been responsible at one time or another for the commission of war crimes. That much is well documented.

What is notable is that the United States has again up the ante against the ICC for having the temerity to continue investigation, notwithstanding the ASPA and Bolton’s threats in September 2018.

In March 2019 United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States had imposed visa restrictions on ICC investigators preventing them from entering the United States. The visa restrictions were not the end of the matter. Pompeo said “we are prepared to take any additional steps, including economic sanctions, if the ICC does not change its course.”

Pompeo’s announcement has been widely criticized. The American Civil Liberties Union called it “an unprecedented attempt to skirt international accountability for well documented war crimes.” Amnesty International said that “impeding the work of I CC investigators disrupts its vital function … it risks setting a dangerous precedent.”

The director of the Open Society Justice Initiative (OSJI) said that Pompeo’s statement reflected the Trump administration’s view “that international law matters only when it is aligned with US national interests.”

The ICC itself issued a statement (ss it had done the previous September reacting to Bolton’s threats) that “the ICC as a court of law, will continue to do its independent work, undeterred, in accordance with its mandate and the overarching principle of the rule of law.”

These quoted reactions are exactly on point. The United States is one of the loudest proclaimers of its self-appointed role as the upholder of the “rules based international order.” As the director of the OSJI noted however, the “rules” and the “order” purportedly upheld is when those rules and order are aligned with the US national interest. The hypocrisy of the US position is glaringly obvious.

The ICC, notwithstanding its imperfections, is accepted by the vast majority of the world’s nations as fulfilling an important role in holding accountable the perpetrators of the most serious violations of the standards of international law and decency.

If powerful nations are free to ignore the ICC’s work and the findings, to actively threaten them in the conduct of their investigations, and obstruct their capacity to do so, then any claim to be upholding legal principles and standards is no more than a hollow sham.


James O’Neill is a barrister at law and geopolitical analyst. He may be contacted at

Cognitive dissonance at the United Nations

لماذا غزة؟ Why Gaza?

Cognitive dissonance — “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change.”

Cognitive dissonance refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. … For example, when people smoke (behavior) and they know that smoking causes cancer (cognition), they are in a state of cognitive dissonance.

I may have a couple of examples of cognitive dissonance from today’s (3/18/2019) UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva.


Legal experts and delegates from around the world all said in unison “Israel must be held accountable for its gross human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territory”(behavior) but they know that Israel has never been held accountable in the past 51 years of occupation (cognition) despite annual demands for accountability. Furthermore, there are no discernible plans to hold Israel accountable at the international level.

Another example might be the Israeli…

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