Beecholme Survivors Interim Report

cathy fox blog on child abuse

It is with mixed emotions that I blog the Report into child abuse at Beecholme Childrens Home.

Horror of course at so many people in trusted positions abusing vulnerable innocent children.

However I am heartened that a group of survivors have managed to form a survivors group, hold it together, take on the authorities that abused them and publish a Report outlining and documenting that abuse.

They have revealed truths that no one can deny.

They have exposed this abuse in the face of obstruction from the Councils and Police involved, notably unhelpful and hence named and shamed are Surrey Police and Wandsworth Council.

The Report is a huge achievement by Beecholme survivors.

It is hard to even set up a survivors group for an area or place of abuse and very  few groups have written a report, so huge congratulations to Beecholme survivors.

The link to the report is…

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